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Top 5 Android Games: May 2014

Here we find ourselves on the eve of a brand new month. Let us commemorate the achievement of the passing of another 31 days with a list of the best Android games from last month. If your bank account has taken a hit after acquiring all of these games don’t worry, we are here to comfort you.

After April brought top titles like The Walking Dead and XCOM, May had a lot to live up to, but certainly did not disappoint. Below we have put together our list of the best games that this past month had to offer. Take a look and see if you missed any.

Tell us below in the comments if you think there were any games we missed or if you completely agree with everything we said (which never happens on the internet).

1. Monument Valley ($3.99)

By far and away the best game to be released this month, Monument Valley comes from the creators of Whale Trail, but couldn’t look or play any differently. The game will bring on memory of the indie console game Fez, which has you solving puzzles by literally spinning the world around to open up new pathways to get to your destination. Gameplay is smooth and responsive and fit for a mobile device’s touchscreen, which is more than a lot of games for Google Play can say.

And as if unique and fun gameplay wasn’t enough, the game looks gorgeous. This is the type of game that you want to play on those enormous high definition screens that Android has adopted. There is a story line, but its a subtle one that you aren’t presented with up front.

All things considered, this game is definitely worth the $3.99 price tag that it comes with. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

2. Trials Frontier (Free)

Trials Frontier is the expansion of the wildly successful Trials franchise available for mobile devices. Grabbing a motorcycle and getting from point A to point B has never been so difficult. Early levels in Trials games are deceptively easy, but then the difficulty starts ratcheting upwards very quickly. You will be begging for checkpoints in certain spots because some jumps and stretches of the game will take you over 50 tries to complete. But it is still amazingly addictive.

As if conquering each map for yourself wasn’t hard enough, Trials is known for its time challenges against your friends. Once you grab some buddies to play the game with, you can race each track against their ghost. Either you can blow past them and show them how bad they are, or realize that you might want to uninstall to hide the shame of your failures when compared to them.

The game is free and supported by in-app purchases that allow you to access new bikes and other goodies. If you are looking for a fun game to kill some time, this is definitely worth picking up for free. Just be careful to not get too addicted.

3. Half Life 2 ($9.99)

The reason these next two games are not 1 and 2 on this month’s list is because of their NVIDIA Shield exclusivity. Half Life 2 tops the list as my favorite game of all time. It is really that good. Debuting in 2004 as one of the bearers of the Source engine, HL2 just did everything right. It had a great story, amazing gameplay, broke new ground by using the Source engine’s physics and looked great throughout, although 10 years later the graphics may look a bit dated.

You play as Gordon Freeman, living in a futuristic world where the Combine rule everything with strict rules and even stricter punishments. The story unfolds in front of you as your task is to escape the dangerous City 17 and help to try and free the world from the “benefactors” control. Probably the most impressive feat of HL2 is the range of gameplay that it features. At points it is a First Person Shooter, but then it changes into a horror-survival game that encourages you to save your bullets. It can easily change into a physics-based puzzle game as well: all on the fly. It transitions between different gameplay styles so easily and effortlessly that the game is constantly engaging and fun.

Back in 2004 when I first purchased HL2, it came with 6 (yes, six) installation discs. But now we have advanced to the point where the entire game can be installed over WiFi onto your Shield device. This is the same game that has won so many awards throughout the years for being done so well. If you have a Shield and you haven’t played this game, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

4. Portal ($9.99)

What can I say about Portal that hasn’t already been said? Another amazing game that we are lucky has come to Android. If you have never played it, I suggest watching the video below as the gameplay can get rather tricky at times. You play as Chell, almost literally a lab rat stuck in a scientific testing center with the center’s artificial intelligence, GLaDOS. You are presented with a device that allows you to shoot an opening and exit to a portal that you or objects can travel through and, well like I said, the video explains it better.

Ask anyone who has played Portal and they will most likely be able to spout off a few lines that GLaDOS gives you throughout your time in the game. The dialogue is incredibly well written for just one speaking character and you will enjoy the comic relief as you struggle to figure out some of the later puzzles in the game. “Thinking with portals” is more than just a tagline in this instance, the game really does require you to think outside the box if you want to complete it. You will come out of Aperture Science thinking that you are a genius in physics, momentum and gravity.

Another must play game if you have an NVIDIA Shield, even at the $9.99 price.

5. Dark Lands (Free)

Last but not least we have Dark Lands. A new game in the side-scrolling genre, but with some new aspects. The central point of the game is still to get your warrior hero as far along his endless journey that he can, but it is more than just running and jumping over traps. You use your weapons to take down enemies and bosses while continuing to move forward until you die. And then load it up to try again. This time you can upgrade your weapons and armor to help you get past the guy that defeated you last time.

The art style of Dark Lands is what caught our eyes. The stylized black characters with a colored background makes it very clear what you are supposed to do and where you are supposed to go. At first glance it reminds me of Limbo, an indie platformer that you can find on consoles. This is definitely the type of game you will want to keep on your device for a while to see how high your score can get.

For the low price of free, how can you turn down this game?

Don’t forget to look back at all of the previous top 5 games of the month posts!

  • Lao Niu

    Now is July,I think the LOL Damn Game is the one of TOP 5


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  • prateeek

    Awesome games….. thanks for sharing the details of the games but try this game too its really awesome…. :-


  • Steven
  • Jeff B
  • ِمحب_اندرويد

    Monster Shooter is one of the best and addictive games


  • Martie

    I recently discovered the best game I’ve played recently- Rummi! I am totally addicted now. 🙂 Try it! You won’t be borred !


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  • Fadi Hassan
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  • Ross W

    Hi, I just released my first game for Android, it’s a free platform style game. I’d love it if you would install it and check it out!


    The later levels are pretty challenging. Thanks and let me know what you think 🙂

  • Renu Bisht

    Nice games, i would install them today in my android phone.


  • Jeffrey Fazal

    Dark Land seems impressive which is even free to install on my Nexus 5. I consider myself a gaming geek and will definitely download it on my device to explore
    all the levels. I am just waiting for my Smartphone getting fully charged that is right now place on qi wireless charger. Once the charging is completed, I will definitely download it.

  • GooseGoose

    Monument Valley needs some ARM support ASAP

  • g_what

    Puzzle & Dragons! I’m an addict…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i need something like portal to keep me on my toes.

  • BeLogical

    If only a new Nexus tablet would come out so i could buy it…

  • You can use all of those free amazon coins you should’ve picked up last week to get Monument Valley on the Amazon App Store. Just sayin’.

  • Pit

    I disagree, Mountain Valley doesn’t not worth the price. Unless they’re is a big levels update pretty soon.

    • Thomas O’Brien

      I wish there were more levels too…

    • People pay $12+ to go see a movie these days. Mountain Valley is a great experience for a fraction of that price. This is why app developers hate developing for Android. Y’all are cheap.

      • michael arazan

        For the same price for games in the PS or xbox market stores you can get amazing indie games for the same price with a ton of levels, I think that is what people are comparing too.

    • Dan

      it is very cool, but yes altogether too short for the price, however the time spent in creating it might justify the cost.

    • Symbiotx

      Mountain Valley doesn’t not worth the price? So it… IS worth the price? What about Monument Valley, is that worth the price?

      • Pit

        Okay guys I think you get me wrong there. The ONLY thing about Monument Valley that doesn’t worth the price is the amount of levels, that’s it.

        Monument Valley it’s a awesome game, has a great story and insanely good graphics, but the amount of levels is the only thing that stop me to recommend this game.

        • mustbepbs

          …I’m guessing English is not your native tongue.

          • Fictional Character

            …I’m guessing you’re a grammar nazi.. We are in the internet, fool.

          • Arnold

            When it’s done twice it’s just plain funny.

          • mustbepbs

            When your sentence has three negatives, it’s kind of hard to know what you’re trying to say. I’m not being a grammar Nazi, I’m just trying to understand your point.

    • mustbepbs

      “I disagree, Mountain Valley (???) doesn’t not worth the price.”


    • Pratik Holla

      Stop equating length of game to price of game. Its about 90 minutes long but every minute playing that game was enjoyable and that is what makes it worth the price.
      It is irritating to see people complain about a few dollars given to hard working devs EVEN when they do something innovative. Yet most dont have a problem spending 60 dollars year after year on the same COD rehash ……

    • Skandha Ch

      Haha! Yeah, “it’s not worth the price”.. *puts on the pirate’s hat*

  • JBartcaps

    I’ve been playing a lot of Make it Rain. It’s like Cookie Clicker for your phone but with a twist.


    Also, for a free game, Trials Frontier is a blast.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      i played Make it Rain for a while. until i relized it was the cause of my horrid battery drain.

      • Symbiotx

        Make it Drain?

    • I beat the game and was kinda disappointed when it just put me back at $0.00. Waste of time I will never get back. I’m done with games for awhile.