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T-Mobile Holding Uncarrier 5.0 Event on June 18

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T-Mobile announced this afternoon that they will hold Uncarrier 5.0 on June 18 at an event in Los Angeles. The only wording included in the invite says “We don’t play it safe and sound.” To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that is hinting at.

In the past, we have seen T-Mobile eliminate contracts, move to monthly payment device plans, change how often you can upgrade phonespay early termination fees (ETF) for customers who leave current carriers to join their network, hand out free tablet data for life, give plans free international data, and more. 

The Uncarrier moves have worked in terms of gaining new subscribers. Now, T-Mobile has to work to become profitable.

Any guesses for Uncarrier 5.0?

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  • dm33

    Too early to worry about being profitable. Why don’t you ask Twitter about being profitable.
    Tmobile needs to grow the network and customer base while they can. They need to focus on revenue, not profit.
    They are only not profitable because they’re spending so much to expand the network. If they stopped, they’d instantly be very profitable. But customers would leave too. Once they get the network better filled out, they can keep attracting more customers, eventually be serious competition to the duopoly.

  • socalrailroader

    I say it’s an announcement that the Sprint deal has been finalized-


  • Emilio Figueroa

    “Don’t play it safe and sound.”

    My guess is that it has to do with HD voice/VoLTE coming to all phones that support the wifi calling and 4G. They could push an update to all phones simultaneously. That would be pretty awesome.