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T-Mobile Holding Uncarrier 5.0 Event on June 18

T-Mobile announced this afternoon that they will hold Uncarrier 5.0 on June 18 at an event in Los Angeles. The only wording included in the invite says “We don’t play it safe and sound.” To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what that is hinting at.

In the past, we have seen T-Mobile eliminate contracts, move to monthly payment device plans, change how often you can upgrade phonespay early termination fees (ETF) for customers who leave current carriers to join their network, hand out free tablet data for life, give plans free international data, and more. 

The Uncarrier moves have worked in terms of gaining new subscribers. Now, T-Mobile has to work to become profitable.

Any guesses for Uncarrier 5.0?

tmobile uncarrier

  • dm33

    Too early to worry about being profitable. Why don’t you ask Twitter about being profitable.
    Tmobile needs to grow the network and customer base while they can. They need to focus on revenue, not profit.
    They are only not profitable because they’re spending so much to expand the network. If they stopped, they’d instantly be very profitable. But customers would leave too. Once they get the network better filled out, they can keep attracting more customers, eventually be serious competition to the duopoly.

  • socalrailroader

    I say it’s an announcement that the Sprint deal has been finalized-


  • Emilio Figueroa

    “Don’t play it safe and sound.”

    My guess is that it has to do with HD voice/VoLTE coming to all phones that support the wifi calling and 4G. They could push an update to all phones simultaneously. That would be pretty awesome.

  • Adam Crawford

    Anyone in the bay area know how T-Mobile coverage is out here?

  • Jason

    T-Mobile phones will now be compatible with all other networks in America.

    • t3lancer2007

      T-Mobile bought Capital Cities

  • Daistaar

    Please let this be that they are doing away with insurance and have something better…

  • Safe to go over your data limit and the Sound of VoLTE calling

  • no more carrier bloats… plz… that would be the bigger uncarrier thing to do

  • Jeremy Gross

    what else could they do for more uncarrierness!! 😀

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  • My guess is an answer to Verizon’s XLTE with their very own TLTE network, extending Google’s TISP concept, virtually eliminating signal loss in your workplace bathroom. That’ll show Verizon.

    • jonzey231

      I go to a specific bathroom at work because I lose service completely in the one at the back of my building lol.

    • flosserelli

      I understand some people must be accessible every moment while at work. But for me, nothing is more important than taking care of personal business and calls wait during that time. If it’s important, they will leave a message.

  • shamatuu

    More coverage and better LTE speeds

  • Omar Amer

    first thing that comes to mind is music service as “safe and sound” is a song from capital cities. would be very much T-Mobile like to use that kind of play on words.

  • Shane Redman

    Announcement of a Sprint buyout

  • Joey Funk

    Assurion issues new devices as far as I’ve been told. Also, what insurance company gives you no deductible for your claim without charging giant premiums?

  • JoeTi

    My guess: Free phones until the collapse? 🙂 I hope they don’t collapse by the way. But I like their recent strategies.

  • Alex James Simon

    I’m liking the idea of a cheaper music subscription maybe a $5 or free plan of all-access google music. Don’t think they will partner up with Spotify, Sprint claimed them. AT&T has Beats music, so Google Play All-Access seems like a great partnership 😀

  • coolsilver

    I hope they secretly upgraded towers and with a switch flip it all bright Magenta 4G LTE

  • Jason Kahn

    My personal thought full roll out of VOLTE, for any capable phone. Possibly an agreement which get T-Mobile LTE rolled out to larger parts of the country.

  • shamatuu

    will be on the look at for this.

  • humidity

    I’m thinking it has to do with a music service. Maybe cheaper music subscriptions to Pandora, Google Play All Access, etc.

  • jimt

    Free loaner phones to try the network and free google all access. Plus doubling the 4g lte speed and more coverage from the 700mhz spectrum

  • Rodeojones000

    Maybe the announcent will be that they’ll actually do something to improve their coverage areas.

  • Garrett Sechelski

    I’ll be listening as we (my family) just decided to seriously look into switching carriers. Verizon is ridiculously expensive. We have 7 lines, and I don’t even know where to start regarding avoiding ETFs, who has the best service in my area (outside of VZW), etc. But I’ll be listening regardless. Win me over, and you gain 7 lines T-Mobile.

    • Nicholas Armondo Martinez

      They only do up to 5 lines last I checked.

    • Joey Funk

      Depending on your credit you can qualify for up to 15 lines. I work for T-Mobile, and we would be very happy to get you set up and your etfs paid.

      Checking coverage is very important, so I would recommend making sure you get 4g and lte in the areas you live and visit most.

      If you have any other questions about T-Mobile, our plans or anything else, feel free to reply to this and I will be glad to help you out.

      Thanks. Joey funk

      • Justin W

        Your off the clock, you shouldn’t be working. 😛

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          It’s known as job security 🙂

    • gokusimpson

      Depending on your credit, you can get a lot of lines….BUT only 5 at a time. So you can’t pay $50, $30, $10, $10, $10, $10…etc. You’re going to be paying $50, $30, $10, $10, $10, $50, $30 for 7 lines. Still much cheaper than Verizon, but kinda surprising in store.

      I just switched to T Mobile from Verizon and am loving it. I have 5 lines and everything has been super smooth with BYOP.

  • pyro74boy .

    To bring true unlimited data to the U.S.A with no gaps and turning down the speed to 2G speeds after you use 2GB,s worth of data. FAIL ON EVERYONE WHO DOES THIS.

    That might be a deal breaker for me if T-mobile would do something like this for me.

    Verizon always thanks me for being the best part of their wireless network but then they try to trick me into losing my unlimited data. These networks work for us not the other way around all of us smartphone users are the boss and we make the rules and that is why I’m glad that I’m not on contract with ANYONE.

  • master94

    Announces Surprise Mutha Fuker. We got 10G. Still less coverage than vz.

  • Bigsike

    The moment they release the G3 I’m switching to them. Leaving Evil Red and my unlimited data behind, there’s only so much I could take and now seems like the perfect time. Can’t wait!

    • Paul

      Sell the unlimited line

  • moelsen8

    Shakira porn?

  • pyro74boy .

    When T-mobile speaks pyro74boy listens. T-mobile has by far the best deals vs ALL OTHERS. I’m just waiting for Verizon to start playing games with me again and try to trick me into losing my unlimited data plan and once they do bye bye Verizon and Hello John Legere at T-mobile. If Verizon does not want to lose me then they better be good little boys and girls.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    I’m hoping that they will start selling the international versions of phones. Faster updates, no bloat, quicker new phone releases and no need for internal testing. It would be a win win.

    Or they could announce that everyone’s credit card information has been stolen.

    • jonzey231

      They need bloat for WiFi calling. It isn’t just an app you can install, it’s built into the framework of T-Mobile phones.

  • Eikast

    They’re going to regret all of this. They need to focus on more than just bringing customers in. They need to improve their coverage and their towers to make sure that customers can actually use the service in congested areas.

    • JetRanger

      You do realize that T-Mobile just bought $3.3 billion in 700MHz A block spectrum from Verizon, specifically to improve coverage; don’t you? They also committed to upgrading all EDGE towers to LTE by 2015. This is all in addition to them refarming towers for LTE. I converted to T-Mobile last July and let me tell you, the coverage has just gotten better and better without any signs of a slow down.

  • Hopefully this has to do with the 700MHz spectrum deal and strengthening their network. I’ve been here a year and saved over $1300 as compared to what I would have spent on Verizon. So, I’m happy but annoyed every time I travel or sit at my desk and my data is gone. It would only cost me $20/mo to switch to ATT, gaining better network and keeping GSM phone compatibility… albeit losing unlimited data.

    C’mon Tmo… make sure I want to stay by fixing you’re biggest blemish!!

  • Al-Burrit0

    T-Mobile really needs to up there coverage only real holding many people back.

    • mcdonsco

      And it’s not even entirely just voice/text coverage they need to improve, it’s DATA…I tried them just a few months back; REALLY want to ditch Verizon and save some money. Their voice/text coverage was fine, but I dropped in and out of LTE coverage (and down to 1x) constantly…if it weren’t for that I would have stayed with them.

      • Bob

        Uhhh t-mobile is CDMA? Are you sure you didn’t try the NOW Netowrk? Unlimited network with limited capability (Sprint).

        Edge must be what you mean?

        • Emily Johnson

          who has the best service in my area (outside of VZW), etc. But I’ll be listening regardless. Win me over, and you gain 7 lines T-Mobile.

        • nside1

          Probably meant GPRS…

      • Al-Burrit0

        Sadly in my area coverage is only at 2G or edge don’t really know anymore but its bad regardless. Verizon dominates in my area, but they are crooks so I went with At&t which is still good, got 4glte recently but still a lot of holes in LTE. At least its backed up with HSPA+.

    • Fiorta

      This. So badly

    • Just tested and got 35.62Mbps/13.08Mbps on T-Mobile LTE in the District of Columbia. Spread the love, T-Mobile!

  • jasenm

    The same week I’m switching back to Verizon. I honestly gave the unleash deal a good go, enjoyed my Nexus 5 but unfortunately we just do not get near the service we had when we had VZW…. and I live in the 5th largest city in California. Spotty at best. I loved the customer service and terms though.

  • hoosiercub88

    T-Mobile would like to announce coverage!


    Probably phone repair and replacement in store. That’s for the people that don’t play it “safe and sound” with cases and screen protectors

  • Jon

    I’m happy it’s in Los Angeles! Hopefully they are turning on LTE A or something of that magnitude.

  • frankyblike


  • trixnkix637

    Congrats on their campaign. They did just surpass Sprint to become the third largest carrier. Hats off to Legere and crew.

    • jonzey231

      No they didn’t. BGR was very misleading. They some more devices lady quarter than Sprint. They did not surpass them in total subscribers.

      • Joey Funk

        Tmobile activated way more than sprint last quarter, since sprint lost. 500k

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Activated yes, but they are still #4 by total subscribers, though by a significantly smaller margin than they used to be. The thing is, they look to be gaining the majority of those from Sprint, who isn’t really their primary target; AT&T is, as the only other GSM carrier, and the closest legitimate competitor.

  • Faster 2G > LTE upgrades?

  • Henry C

    Capital Cities as the entertainment for sure

  • monkeyboyep

    Maybe hastily installing and activating a bunch of unlicensed cell network towers? Really stick to big cell companies and the silly permit process…

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Free insurance plan with a purchase of new phone with T Mobile.

    • coolsilver


      Free insurance for 2 or 3 years with accidental damage. Lost device replacement with low deductible once every 6 months or Jump renewal.

  • John Davids

    Play on the word “sound” perhaps, free or reduced cost subscription music service bundled with their plans. Or something very dramatic that no carrier has moved on in a long time or ever, like nickel and diming people. Maybe T-Mobile moves to super simple pricing. No taxes, no fees, no anything. You pay X price and thats it. Period. Sounds very un-carrier to me.

    • bkosh84

      OI could see this. Metro PCS (their cheap prepaid arm) already does it.

    • Kevin

      Hopefully they partnered up with Google to give all customers free Music All Access.

      • Justin Foster

        Boooooooooooy would that be epic…..I’m drooling over here…I loved All Access during the trial; truly unique experience, but I’m not at a point where I can become a subscriber.

        • Kevin

          Was $8 too expensive or did you feel the service lacked something?

          • Justin Foster

            It’s 9.99 in my part of the world, but didn’t feel like I was willing to pay that much since I often use free internet radio apps. May change my mind though.

      • John Davids

        While that would be dope, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Like Kellex pointed out, T-Mobile has already won (or close to winning) the war of new subscribers and retaining old ones. T-Mobile’s growth is quite nuts actually. What they have yet to do is prove they can translate those subs into profits. Handing out a service that Google (notorious for selling products and services at a loss to get people to engage with an ecosystem) charges $10 monthly for doesn’t sound tenable.

    • Maybe HD Voice over LTE…?

    • Joey Funk

      I feel this is a very likely possibility, and really hope it’s true.

  • Ryan Chapman

    Not sure what it is, but I am switching from Verizon to T-Mobile as soon as I can get my hands on the LG G3, so whatever it is, I am sure it will be a bonus!

  • WitnessG

    Immediate updates straight from the manufacturer?! A guy can only wish.

    • Pedro

      I get those.
      It’s nice.

  • Jeff718

    Sounds like they might be doing a new free music service for their customers?

    • Pedro

      That’s my guess. Spotify, Google, or Beats.
      Just a couple bucks a month for the service on the UnCarrier pseudo-contract.

  • Droid Ronin

    Dump ISIS entirely for Google Wallet and free tethering for life!

    • TSY87

      Once the free smoothies end I’m ditching isis…

  • Kyle Miller

    Free phones with no monthly bills!!

    • pyro74boy .

      In a perfect world but as you know this world is anything but perfect.

  • grumpyfuzz

    Narrator gonna change back into John Legere? 😛

  • My prediction? They turn LTE on in every rural state on the PCS 1900 band Earlier than initially thought, so that every rural area currently on EDGE will have LTE and before 2015. Just a prediction tho, who knows. Could just have something to do with HD Voice.

    • I doubt it, but man do I hope this is the case.

    • Justin W

      I’m guessing HD Voice, but if I get T-Mo LTE overnight, I will switch yesterday!

  • Carlos Lopez

    I’m not sure what else they could do? Announce that they’re adding a lot more coverage faster then expected?

    • vikings football

      im waiting for unlimited data on tablets…i dont see why tmobile cant carry over the data plan for the smartphones and apply it to their tablets:

      – 10.00 per mobile device (a tablet)
      – 10.00 for first 5gb of 4g/lte data
      – or pay 20.00 and get unlimited data (thats what im paying for each smartphone i have in my account)
      – get rid of the tiered data plans for tablets please!!!

      im using the rate that im locked into since early 2014

  • cjohn4043

    There’s more?? o.O