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Moto X+1 Reportedly Pictured in Chicago Subway, Could Sport 5″+ Display

A purported picture of the Moto X+1 has hit the web, said to be taken recently in a Chicago subway. The device, whatever it may be exactly, is clearly being used inside of a dummy box, which OEMs often use when an unreleased device is out for field testing.

The only true sign that points to it being Motorola property is the company’s logo which is spotted, albeit a bit blurry, in the top left corner of the device. We have seen this mark on all leaked images from Motorola for the past year.

According to the tipster who sent it in to @evleaks, we could be looking at a display size of 5″ or more, but that’s all we know at this point for hardware. We can also see that there are on-screen buttons, it appears to be running Kit Kat, and lastly, this user is skimming through Google+.

If the next Moto flagship comes featuring a 5″+ display, are you still interested?


Via: @evleaks
  • morgan boyle

    if its a 5″ phone with a super thin bezel, i wont complain. lets just keep it easy to use one handed.

  • I anxiously await the modular options of Project Ara.

  • kayrule

    what’s the fuss with more than 5 inch screen? what few months and they’ll give you Moto X+1 mini.

    • kayrule


  • D

    If the screen is larger than 5 inch, I’ll get the original moto x…

    • kayrule

      or Nexus 5.

  • joshua christanis

    Hell no! I got my moto x for its PERFECT size. 4.7 is perfect just right.

    • Orion

      In YOUR opinion.

  • Sirabhat Artroom

    I want 6″ display

    • Orion

      Same here!!

  • Wall Breaker

    If you can’t hold a 5 inch display by now YOUR HOLDING IT WRONG!

    Sheesh when will people learn you can’t hold a screen in the 4 inch range the same way you would hold a 5 + phone just adjust your grip and have your pinking sit under the chin supporting the device and loosen your grip you dong have to wrap your fingers all the way around the device to use it one handed.

  • B!

    If it doesn’t come with micro SD support & a bangin camera I’m still NOT interested.

  • Andrew Davila

    stupid… it has the metal moto logo at top… so 2012.

  • chris125

    Well we know kellen won’t since it will be too large for his hands

  • Godzilla

    That was me on the train. So here’s what we have.

    – 5 inch QHD screen
    – 32GB is the new low option, replaces 16GB pricing
    – 3GB RAM
    – 3200mah battery
    – Snapdragon 801 with X10 architecture
    – Same form factor as original X
    – 99% stock just like the original X

    * $499 for the 32GB, $549 for 64GB. OFF CONTRACT
    * Purchased via moto website under zero percent payment plan for one year
    * all carriers supported again

    • Jeremy Gross

      i wish you were actually the real thing
      Godzilla • 5 hours ago
      5 inch screen with a G3 like bezel would certainly get mine and other’s attention.

    • Orion

      How about a phablet version? lol

  • Godzilla

    5 inch screen with a G3 like bezel would certainly get mine and other’s attention.

  • Trevor

    I’m more interested to know more about that coffee mug. It looks a little big, but he seems to be one-handing it fine. Hopefully there are different color options upon release.

  • NorCalGuy

    Man this is going to upset everyone who said the moto x was the best because it was under the 5″ mark, not looking so hot for the x+1 now.

    • Godzilla

      who’s to say they wont make two options?

  • Eric Blackman

    I’m hoping for something in the five inch range with the curves/body shape of the original. Would be perfect in my opinion.

    • Godzilla

      totally agree, keep the form factor and take away more bezel if you can and you’d really have something

  • raptorfactor

    5″+ would count me out.

    • Godzilla


  • Jprime

    Looks like a rooted g2

    • Godzilla

      how does a phone “look rooted?”

      • Jprime

        Different software keys than stock, brah

        • Godzilla


  • Sequence of Sound…

    “A rare Moto X+1 was spotted in the wild!”

    I wonder if it’s someone’s job to look for people holding unfamiliar looking phones in public.

    • Godzilla

      it was that crazy bionic guy

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I like the 5″ size of the Maxx. Once you exceed the 5″ territory, you are getting into S5/G3 region. I hope continues to fill the niche rather than try to copy what everyone else is doing. Dream X+1

    Active 1080P Gorilla Glass 5″ Display
    13 MP F2.0 OIs Rear
    2 MP Front
    3500 mah
    Quad Speakers

  • Ambitiouz Ridah

    i use to say 4.7 was perfect but its not the screen size its the phone size so if lenovo can pull of a nexus 4 size at 5 inches it would be perfect

  • jcorf

    No no no no no no!!!!!!!

  • Bob Kersting

    Doesn’t look like any Chicago subway car I’ve ever seen. Maybe a Metra car.

    • Godzilla

      yeah i agree. I grew up in chicago.

  • MikeSaver

    i thought there were gonna be difff sizes thoughhh

  • Rob Watkins

    I prefer the 4.7″ screen, but if they can fit a 5″ or 5.2″ screen in a really compact form factor, I’m game.

    • Justin Merithew

      This, after seeing what LG has accomplished with the G3, I think Motorola still has some room to boost the screen size a bit, but still make a phone that feels great in the hand.

  • hoosiercub88

    Can’t wait 🙂 Love my Moto X always wish it was a little bigger though.

  • Nextus

    There is no way this is in Chicago! We don’t have a “subway”! Or was this pictured in the restaurant?

    • fillyo75

      This may have been taken on the upper level of a Metra train

      • Godzilla


    • MikeKorby

      Based on the “top-down” angle of the shot, the fact that it looks like you could see the knee of the person sitting across from the user, and the fact that you could see the safety bar/footrest, I think this has to be a Metra car. I could forgive someone that isn’t from Chicago for not knowing the names of our mass transit lines (knowing that the hell an “El” is), but calling it a subway is disgraceful!

  • enaybee

    how come this blurry photo tells us that this could be X+1 ???

    • Kelly OBrien

      I was going to say the same thing but you beat me to it I agree why is it everytime there is a blurry photo the hyper beasting start notice how it always starts with a blurry photo

    • M3D1T8R

      People with more patience and perception than yourself looked into it.

  • Cesar


    Moto pls, no

  • mustbepbs

    If they can keep the ergonomic design with a larger screen, I’m all for it. The Moto X screen isn’t too small for me, but something a little bigger wouldn’t hurt.

  • sincityjohn44

    Nice. Kellen is going to cry himself to sleep every night

  • Jeff

    “If the next Moto flagship comes featuring a 5″+ display, are you still interested?” Nope.

    • creed

      I’m not interested in it unless the screen is 5″

  • Michael Shorey

    too blurry and low res to tell what that is.

  • Ahku Droid

    This is just getting silly. Not everyone wants a phone sized for senior citizens with bad eyesight that you need a satchel to carry.

    4.7″ 1080 AMOLED (maybe 5″ only if absolutely no bezel), quad core, 3000+ mAh battery, microSD card slot, 2-3 GB RAM, only 32-64 GB options at 16-32 GB pricing (it’s not like storage is expensive anymore), NFC, wireless charging, a back camera that doesn’t suck, a front camera with higher resolution, developer editions that are also customizable (don’t look like golf balls), and guaranteed software updates for 2.5 years (no matter what VZW says).

    • PoisonApple31

      Not from Motorola

    • hoosiercub88

      I had my Note II in my pockets every single day I used it, much larger than this would be. You don’t need a satchel, I have perfectly good eyesight, and I have smaller than average hands and I never felt the phone was unwieldy or uncomfortable despite it’s lack of ergonomics in being quite a wide/thin phone.

      You can’t have a small phone with a monster battery like that and expect it not to be a brick. That’s the original reason phones started getting taller and wider.

      • M3D1T8R

        Thickness has never been the problem for me, but width is (and height to a lesser extent). I’d gladly take a 4.8 – 5″ phone that’s 2 or 3mm thicker if it has a 3.2Ah battery, vs a thinner phone with a 2.6Ah battery. Easy trade.

      • creed

        I used to think the S3 was a big phone. Now that I’ve had N2 for a year, when I pick up my wife’s S3, it seems tiny. I do think a 5″-5.3″ would be perfect as long as the bezels were as small as possible.

      • Ahku Droid

        When you are hitting it hard at the gym, running, or on a long bike ride, you have the risk of pushing the phone out of your pocket depending on your pants size. I’ve run into that problem with my 4.3″ (plus buttons) in certain basketball shorts. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is on every stride.

        I currently have the nearly indestructible 2 year old OG RAZR MAXX and have been trying to wait for this upcoming phone. Keep it the same footprint as the one I have and whatever screen without a bezel or capacitive buttons is fine.

        And, as many have suggested, depending on the activity, an armband is not the correct solution for me.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yes! Add front facing speaker (even if it’s not dual stereo), great antenna/reception/call quality, and headphone jack on the bottom, and that’s pretty much exactly my desired check list going on two years now.
      The M8 got close but is a little too bulky. Hoping the new moto x gets closer.

      • Ahku Droid

        You are right! I stick with Motorola because they have been the undisputed king of signal strength for radios since the company started. I live in the suburbs with hills all around. Friends with iPhails, Samsung, HTC, and LG can drop calls while my RAZR MAXX and even my OG Droid hold/held strong.

      • trixnkix637

        Give me one that craps out money too while we’re at it.

        • M3D1T8R

          Would be nice..

    • Godzilla

      moto isnt goint to randomly go back to SD slots.

      • LiterofCola

        Tell that to the Moto E

    • LiterofCola

      Too small.

  • NahSon

    Hoping it remains small. Been holding onto my S3, but figured it’s a tad late to get the X at this point

  • joe23521

    At this point, I care more about release date than anything else. I really need a new phone very soon and nothing on ATT is appealing enough right now.

    • M3D1T8R

      If you’re on GSM like ATT or T-Mo, lucky you, you can import a Z2 or One+ (or Z1 compact if you want a great smaller device) or pretty much anything you want. Unless you’re talking only on-contract carrier branded [email protected]

  • paul_cus

    We call it the El in Chicago.

    • MikeKorby

      I scrolled through the comments to see if I was the only one bothered by that. Glad to see I was not alone.

  • sagisarius

    I’m not super fond of a 5+ display. But I’m wondering if there will be an updated X and the X+1 (gonna take a wild guess and say 5.7 inches). Similar to the moto G getting LTE, maybe an updated X will just have a micro sd card, a slight processor bump.

  • gintoddic

    This is dumb. For all we know that’s a new friggin iPhone.

    • M3D1T8R

      Nope. Explain why a new Iphone would have Motorola’s logo on it, android keys, etc. Perhaps you might consider that it may be you who are dumb, rather than “this”.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Actually I’d like a 5″ display but with a Snapdragon 805 Quad core in an X8 computing system and 3GB RAM, called X10 computing system. Until then all others are just basic smartphones.

    • hoosiercub88

      Why would you want an 805? No internal modems on the 805 = excess power drain and more space taken up inside the device.

      • RoadsterHD1

        my bad, ok then the good one. 801? 804?

  • AxemRed

    The phone in the picture is big and looks like it has a folding case. I have my doubts that Moto would go from the smallest flagship to one of the largest. It’s probably a new Droid or some other new model that isn’t meant to directly replace the Moto X.

  • MichaelFranz

    could be a new Droid…the squared off look kinda of makes it look like the droid ultra/maxx from last year. could be a newer model of that

    • Only squared off because of the dummy box. Hard to tell exactly, but that’s why they use them.

      • rawr

        Call Dennis!

  • Falafal

    You can barely tell that’s a phone, let alone the X+1. This is dubious at best.

  • Ant

    Oh No Kellen…… The Moto X is getting a bIgger screen… what will you do??? I know..write an article about why it makes sense for the moto x to get a bigger screen lol.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Hell yeah! Murica

  • enigmaco

    Perfect size

  • hyperbeatser

    that image looks to have been taken with a Moto X….ZING!

  • rickneworleansla

    Only if it’s 5.2″-5.7″. I dont want to go down in size and don’t want to go over 5.7″

  • Such

    That screen looks ATLEAST 5.2′ guess most of you won’t be getting it

  • hyperbeatser

    someone analyze the photo and try to scale the screen size based on the diameter of that coffee mug 😉

  • lensgrabber

    I love my Moto X but the G3 has everything i could possibly want (minus active display). I’m not sure Lenovo is going to change my mind this year.

  • Asa Thomas

    If it comes in at a size like the Nexus 5, fine. But then I fear 2015 will bring a 5.2″+ Moto phone.

  • Pam Oakea

    I’ve read 5.2 inch with 800 Snapdragon processor, 2 GB ram and 32 GB storage with a 12 MP camera. Sounds like a great phone.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, sounds good, for maybe six-eight months ago. Should be 3GB ram standard now in flagships.

      • cns2007

        Serious question. Why does a phone need to have 3GB or RAM?

        • M3D1T8R

          For example, I typically have between 6 – 10 open browser tabs running, many with long pages of constantly updating text/commentary. Add perhaps a music app going, other background processes, and 2GB is barely keeping up. That’s hiw it is on my 2013 Nexus 7 now (2GB), or my DNA (2GB flagship from late 2012). My old 2012 Nexus 7 (1GB) was getting almost unusable with this kind of usage. The better processor obviously helps some too but double the RAM was the main reason I upgraded. It’s a year later, I’m fine with mid range devices for non power users still only having 2GB, but any new flagship from this point on should have 3. DNA came out over a year and a half ago and many new devices are only now barely matching it in many areas.

          • SerenityNow

            I really think it varies by the phone and the efficiency built into the OEM’s software. For example, my GS4 had 2 GB of RAM and using some of the heavier multitasking you referred to above, this was significantly eating into my RAM allotment and causing the phone to lag at times. But the One M8, which also has 2 GB of RAM, has no problem running multiple apps and browsers without clearing 1 GB of RAM usage or causing any stutters.

            RAM alone is not the answer. If that’s the case, how do you explain the speed of an iPhone 5 or 5S when those things only come equipped with 1 GB? I don’t care how much RAM comes on the phone, I simply care about how it performs in real life usage. If that means I get a phone with 3 GB of RAM, then great. If it means I get a phone with 1 GB of RAM then that’s fine as well.

  • Mordecaidrake

    S4 is the biggest display I think I can handle. Please Motorola, don’t make it above 5″!

  • Ryan

    5″ screen is the only way that I would leave my Nexus 5 for a Moto.

    • That’s how I would feel, my N5 is not even ready to retire. 5 inch is perfect phone size. I already have a nexus 7 tablet so I don’t need a phablet. But I’m still waiting for a waterproof phone either made by Moto or LG, even Samsung and HTC….wait all phones from here on should be waterproof just for me!

  • Ryan N

    X+1 could indicate plus 1 inch… Screenwise. I wouldnt mind if the form factor was similar.

    • M3D1T8R

      No, it does not indicate +1 inch. At all. There’s been no indication of such whatsoever. Bigger maybe, sure. But you’re saying it’s going to be 5.7″? Highly doubtful. Probably 5-5.2 max.

      • Ryan N

        Didnt say it DID. Said Could… And it was an off the cuff comment. I didnt consider any screen size math. Its a disqus comment. Not a dissertation. Sorry for having offended your numbers. Haha

  • Cael

    Did they take the picture with a Moto X?

    • flosserelli

      Or a M8 then tried to zoom.

      • Cael


    • droidify

      Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Chase Chick

    I really feel like the play should be to introduce the phone in a variety of form factors with the same internals and software. Maybe a 4.3″, 4.7″, and 5.1″ would be pretty decent? I’d definitely sign up for the 4.7.

  • Dan

    5″+ is exactly what I want them to do!

  • LiterofCola

    What makes you think this is the x+1 specifically? Couldn’t it be one of the new Droids?

    • rawr

      Could be, but if that is the case, that case, isn’t a case. Droids are ugly.

      • LiterofCola

        Tell that to my gorgeous Droid Maxx. Nice try.

        • rawr

          Hey LiterofCola’s Droid Maxx, you ugly.

          • LiterofCola

            Have to admit, you made me chuckle there.

  • gambit07

    The average hand size seems to be conducive to the 4.7-5 inch category. As long as they can reduce the bezel like LG there’s no reason a 5 inch phone wouldn’t be a good idea. It needs to be 1080P though.

  • droidify

    Just think….the new moto x will prolly have a S600 this year. Man the possibilities….
    Moto fanboy reply in

    • Dominic Powell

      I shouldn’t even justify this… But if you could read you would realize that the moto x essentially had a dual core S600. I expect they may go with a tri or quad-core S800 base this time around. My hope is they use a tri-core 801 for the ISP

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    5” is good if they can fit it in a small body like what the G3 did.

    • subiedude85

      They don’t have much room to work with, the current X is pretty slim in the bezel department.

      • joe23521

        So was the G2.

  • Chris King

    Yes I was hoping for a bigger display which is why I passed on the first one

  • subiedude85

    pass if it’s over 5″. If I want something bigger I’ll bust out the old DNA or get the Droid variant. The current Moto X size if perfect.

  • Alec

    They should just stick with 4.7″ and upgrade the specs. No harm done.

    • droidify

      Kinda like the droid x 2?

    • LiterofCola


    • sirmeili

      I agree with you. I think the size of the current MotoX is perfect. Of course, variety is the spice of life! I liked the idea that someone posted about offering same internals with different size screens (could even have the same resolution). That would be the best idea I think.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      4.7 is way to small. Sorry.

      • Alec

        It’s perfect for one handed use – not too big, not too small. The next iPhone will most likely have a 4.7″ display and millions will buy that, not to forget millions have bought the iPhone 5s. I don’t think the general public thinks the size is too small. I keep having to remind myself that people on Droid Life aren’t like the general public!!

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          Sure, because it’s an iPhone.

          If the next iPhone had a 5.2″ screen the same millions of people would be it too.

          Edit: buy

          • Exactly, the iPhone will sell regardless.

          • Alec

            You’re missing the point. I’m trying to say people won’t decide to not buy the phone because the screen size is too small.

          • Dave S.

            wait…you admit to editing your comment, but instead of fixing “be” to “buy”, you just say “Edit: buy”…?

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            That’s what I always do, so people know where I made the mistake

          • Dave S.

            But…that’s the whole idea of the Edit feature…so no one knows you made a mistake in the first place.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Now that’s not very honorable

          • Dave S.

            Honor has nothing to do with it…I just found it quite odd, that’s all. But, carry on, Comment Samurai.

          • Ubi2447

            Please stop nit picking the man. It hurts so much more to see that than misspellings.

          • EraserXIV

            Haha, comment Samurai, almost choked on my coffee!

          • michael arazan

            If you had changed your view or statement it wouldn’t be, but a simple grammatical/ spelling error to complete your thought and correct is just fine

          • michael arazan

            Half the reason I passed on the Moto X is because it is too small, my dad loves the one I got him though.

            I have the GS3 and its screen is bigger than my GNex and easily held in one hand. Media consumers want a bigger screen. Look at all those who passed on the X because the screen was too small.

        • Grizzly Atoms

          People don’t buy the iphone for specs, they buy it because they think they have to.

          • SerenityNow

            I think that’s a load of nonsense, especially in 2014. The average consumer goes into a large carrier store shopping for a top end smartphone and is likely being pitched several choices by the sales rep, the iPhone being just one of them. I know it’s blasphemous to say on a site like this, but the iPhone is a damn good phone. So is the Galaxy S/Note series, so is the One series, so is the G series, so is the Moto X and so on and so forth. This unhealthy obsession some of you guys have with Apple/iPhone is nuts. Just because it’s not what YOU are looking for in a smart phone doesn’t mean that it sucks.

          • Israel Ramirez

            The majority of people who decide on getting an iPhone have no idea why they picked it, or what benefits it has over other devices. Maybe its just the people I’ve encountered, but it seems most people just buy an iPhone just because their friend bought one or because everyone else has one and want to be a part of it.

          • Walker Citterman

            A lot of my friends buy an iPhoneiPhone because of the simple UI it’s a good phone that works and does what it says it does, but I like my customization and my tinkering so it’s the droid life for me

          • The majority of people who decide on getting an iPhone have no idea why they picked it, or what benefits it has over other devices

            How could you possibly know this? Have you surveyed a statistically significant sample of iPhone users to determine this? Or, more likely, are you basing it off the small handful of iPhone users you know personally and extrapolating to the global public?

            I suspect the latter.

            Lots of iPhone users LOVE their iPhones, and that love is good enough reason for them to keep buying iPhones. What’s it to you?

      • garrett

        well that’s an opinion and there’s already plenty of manufacturers tailoring to the 5+ inch market, and I don’t think there’s anyone besides moto with a current flagship under 5 inches, and some of us want to stay under 5 inches and we’re hoping moto realizes that

      • droidify

        EDIT: too
        Thought I would save you some time

      • M3D1T8R


      • Grahaman27

        I wish my moto x was smaller, perhaps 4.5″.

    • John

      Though I love the current size, I think 5″ will be the perfect balance between madly gigantic and one handed usability. Plus large phones tend to grab attention in a store in my opinion.

    • calculatorwatch

      I still think they’re gonna have 2 screen size options. 4.7″ and 5.2″. Moto was quite proud of their compact phone that strikes the perfect balance between the iPhone and the rest of the Android flagships. I guarantee they won’t be ditching it.

      • M3D1T8R

        Could be, too bad I want a phone exactly in between those two sizes: 4.9-5″.

        Could also be they just let the Moto G fill the 4.7″ space. (It’s 4.5 but very similar in size to the X). I hope not but we’ll see. I’d love to see an upgraded X in two sizes, same 4.7 and 5″ (just replace the Droids with a larger x option).

        • monkey god

          in between 4.9-5″ is a pretty specific size. Nexus 5 is the only phone I know that would fall in that range.

          • M3D1T8R

            I meant in between his suggested 4.7″ model, and 5.2″ model. So somewhere around 4.9″.

          • calculatorwatch

            I have to agree. I think a 4.85″ screen with small bezels would strike the most optimal balance between screen size and one-handed usability. (with LG-sized bezels it would be 4.9″)

            From Moto’s perspective though, I can see why it wouldn’t make sense to slightly bump the screen size. Especially since they are coming out with a bigger model a screen size bump would only make the smaller X less differentiated from the crowd.

          • moew

            Until the fat of your palm keeps pressing the lower corner of the screen… I have hardly any fat, and this keeps happening on large screen devices, or even the moto x, in landscape mode. Yes, I have a G2 and X right here.

            People need bezels, but NO BEZELS is the new fad!

        • kashtrey

          I kind of see the successor to the X being a full 5″ I think they can pull off one handed use with 5″ but it will be tough.

        • Wall Breaker

          Nexus 5 is 4.95 easy one handed use.

          • Aman Arora

            No it isn’t. I love my nexus but cant operate it with one hand easily it is slightly taller . i miss my galaxy s2 for this reason.

      • lgreg64

        Agreed. I don’t know why people think they will only have one size. Samsung, LG, HTC all have more then one size phone.

        • monkey god

          Because it’s Motorola, that’s why. All of their current phones are below 5″, with exception of the Droid Maxx which is 5″. Motorola is the only major phone company other than Apple that doesn’t have a large phone.

          • lgreg64

            this is true all the more reason to come out with a larger phone and keep the current phone.

      • Big EZ

        Next year they may add another size also. Maybe a 5.5-5.7″ max, or a 4.3″ mini. I love that they may be going this route, something for everyone. Or maybe they’ll add other options next year like battery size.

  • MatthewSimmons

    I think the current size of the Moto X is perfect there is no need to make it bigger.

    • rawr

      Unfortunately you aren’t going to buy a million phones so Moto will have to cater to what 1 million people who will buy 1 phone want.

    • K

      We need a DL poll to see how people feel about dem screen sizes

      • I need a big phone, the S4 was pushing it for me and it’s 5.0 or 5.1. I like 5.5+

      • gintoddic

        I’d love to know who the manufacturers are actually listening to when it comes to size.

        • rawr

          Probably listening to the finance department. Because you know, you need to make money to be a business for any amount of time.

          • Sudarshan

            I believe the size of Moto X is perfect. Coming to the spec’s people always crave for a better processor and RAM. Reason being they want to flaunt it. Anyways, Moto X+1 should build a computing system which has 12-14 cores. 4 cores for the processor, 4 for GPU, 2 for active listening and 2 for battery optimization. I understand its a far fetched idea, but this would definitely be a steal since this is a mobile timeline where people think spec’s is everything instead of understanding how well motorola optimizes its software.

        • PoisonApple31

          Samsung owners. They’re trying to take away market share.

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah DL should do the following poll:
        Assuming similar bezels, what I’d your preferred phone screen size:
        5.7″ or larger

        I’d vote for B. But I still think 4.9″ and super slim side bezels (like Moto x or G2) would be perfect. But we’ve never seen that.

        • SerenityNow

          In that poll, I’d vote for 4.7. I’ve been at 5 for my last 2 Android phones (GS4 and the One M8) and I have the iPhone 5 for work at 4 inches. I’ve gone back and forth on using the iPhone vs. the GS4/One M8 depending on the specific function. For some functions, the smaller form factor is more convenient; for others, the larger form factor is.

          I checked out the Moto X in the store before settling on the One M8 and have to agree that it felt superb in my hand. It was missing a couple of the features I was looking for which is why I passed on it, but I’m hoping that the next gen of the device comes out with some of the features I’m looking for while still maintaining its current size. If that happens, I’ll seriously consider selling the One M8 and jumping over to the Moto X.

          But this whole concept of limiting the specs/premium features on phones under 5 inches among the Android OEMs is really starting to annoy me as a consumer. As others have said, the iPhone and Moto X prove there’s clearly a healthy market for phones in the 4-5 inch range. Why the Android OEMs are choosing to ignore this market on the high end side is beyond me. There should be room for premium devices in both the 4-5 inch range and the 5-6 inch range.

          • M3D1T8R

            Well said. Yeah I think it comes down to big screens being an easy way to catch people’s eyes in stores. So manufacturers keep pushing this, instead of the more difficuly task of actually innovating in meaningful ways, and successfully marketing such innovations.
            I’m glad Motorola is trying, and hope they continue despite the pending Lenovo sale.

          • SerenityNow

            Me too. I think the irony is that Samsung made its bones in the market by selling phones in the 4.5-4.8 inch range (the first 3 versions of the Galaxy S line). 1-2 years ago, there was nothing wrong with making a high end phone in the 4.5-4.8 inch range. Now all of a sudden, these are considered mini and not worth the time. What happened – did the entire adult population on the planet have a second growth spurt and I just missed it?

            This is why I’m rooting hard for both the Moto X and the reported new 4.7 inch iPhone. I want customers to be drawn to phones at this type of form factor in order to get some of these OEMs to stop meaninglessly increasing size just to keep up with the Joneses. Let them get back to making good phones at different size points so that we as consumers have real quality options to choose from.

          • calculatorwatch

            The other aspect to it is that it’s easier to fit high end parts in a larger form factor. Just look at the giant Lenovo phone that was just announced. Of course it has awesome specs because the engineers had plenty of room to work with.

            Of course manufacturers can avoid the cycle by making phones thicker, but there’s a huge stigma against thick phones for some reason. Luckily Motorola figured out how to beat it with an ergonomically curved back.

          • M3D1T8R

            Well said. I think it comes down to big screens catching people’s eyes in stores. Easier for manufacturers to do this then actually innovate in meaningful ways and market those kinds if innovations.
            I’m glad Motorola is trying, and hope they continue to do so after the Lenovo purchase (if).

          • Wall Breaker

            Screen size doesn’t matter its the actual size of the device that’s the reason the m8 is bigger than the gs4 even though its the same screen size.

          • SerenityNow

            I understand that and recognize that the M8 is a larger physical device than the GS4 despite the same screen size. But take a look at the GS5 compared to the GS3. The GS5 is unnecessarily taller and wider than the GS3 and turned what had been a pretty comfortable to hold phone into something more awkard, just to go from a 4.8 inch screen to a 5.1 inch screen with a heart rate monitor. I mean seriously, that’s just unnecessary overkill. What would have been wrong with keeping the same screen size and dimensions of the GS3 while simply improving the screen quality and processor?

        • j

          B in my pocket, C in my hand.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      idk. i had a moto x. Now i’m on a g2. and now the moto x feels small. 5 inches is the sweet spot.

    • Zach B.

      I think with some refinement of the bezels and adding in a millimeter or so to the width that you can squeeze out a few more decimal points of screen with very little impact on the current Moto X size.

    • Wall Breaker

      Size of the device and screen size are 2 very different things.

  • Alex Boro

    Could be likely since Motorola is based in Chicago

    • WAldenIV

      So is Aiden Pierce, the protagonist of Watch_Dogs, which was released yesterday.

      *puts on foil hat*

      It must mean something!

  • Ray

    I use to love Motorola until they decided that removable batteries and micro sd card slots weren’t consumer friendly.

    • K

      *used to

      • Fred Gurst

        I gurst he is having issues typing today.

        • Wambulance

          Wambulance can’t help him with that.

    • Nikuliai

      that’s all google…

    • Kevin

      Then get a Moto E. Micro SD cards are for cheap phones with insufficient memory.

      • Ray

        No thanks too many other choices that are much better.

  • Orion

    And Kellen goes apeshit lol.

    • flosserelli

      Nah. 5″ is probably too big for him 😛

      • Grizzly Atoms

        Sounds like someone needs to go back to their iPhone.

      • M3D1T8R

        I’m pretty sure that was Orion’s point.
        In your world “going apeshit” is due to something good occurring?

    • Grizzly Atoms

      Kellen is weak. I am a short man, and I have been using a note 2 since it came out. I have never had an issue like kellen has with my phone, but I think he is just nitpicking and getting old and stuck in his ways.

  • Honestly I want to know what Lenovo is going to do with Motorola because if they’re making phone hardware like this you Moto fans may have a winner on your hands. I spotted these photos in an article yesterday. Metal body 13 or 16mp cam QHD display 4000mAH battery

    • notTheFtc

      With a trade war brewing, China banning American hardware from their banks, and US banning hackers from China I don’t think you will be seeing LenMoto stateside (that is, if Lenovo even gets approval which I doubt if the current climate doesn’t change).

      • Yea I heard about that. I haven’t been following the news enough lately to make a intelligent response but it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out and if it affects the deal and sell of Lenovo phones in the US. But making hardware like that could definitely win me over.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        So if it doesn’t happen then maybe motorola ownership will be a positive step. They are definitely on the right path.

    • NOTE4

      what’s WITH LENOVO SALES without Motorola?
      what’s the problem to sell such “amazing” specs under Lenovo name?

      • I’m not saying what Moto can’t do but it’s apparent Motorola isn’t participating in the spec wars so they wouldn’t be throwing out specs like mentioned above that’s why I said when/if the Lenovo deal goes thru.

    • Bryan Mills

      Lenovo doesn’t even own them yet.

  • Mike Aurin

    A Moto X with a 5 inch screen makes me happy. I’m a tall guy and when I had to choose between the S4 and X I had to go with the bigger of the two. I’m not sure the size of the screen on the X off hand but it seemed smaller than my GNex.

    • Jon

      Agreed. The Moto X should have been 5″ and 1080p. Just too tiny of a screen to go back to after all these years with larger screens. But honestly for me, I can’t even do 5″ screens anymore. 5.2″ is my basement.

      • garrett

        they specifically didn’t go 1080p for battery life, and because it’s 4.7inch its hard to tell the difference. its a niche market of people not looking for huge spec race phones, and i hope they continue in that vein

    • gambit07

      I believe it was the same size as the GNex (4.7), probably looked smaller because of smaller bezels.

    • M3D1T8R

      GNex 4.65″, Moto x 4.7″, so yeah basically the same but Moto x has much smaller bezels/body so feels a lot smaller in hand.

    • j

      Same.. only reason I didn’t go with the X it because it felt too similar to my GNex. I need change for the sake of change.

  • Shane Redman


    • Mark Aaron Collado

      i was gonna say that lol

      • Shane Redman

        You still can…just b/c one man says it, doesn’t mean another man can’t haha

  • Dr. Steve
  • BAoxymoron

    I’m more interested now…