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Moto X+1 Reportedly Pictured in Chicago Subway, Could Sport 5″+ Display

motorola logo bamboo

A purported picture of the Moto X+1 has hit the web, said to be taken recently in a Chicago subway. The device, whatever it may be exactly, is clearly being used inside of a dummy box, which OEMs often use when an unreleased device is out for field testing.

The only true sign that points to it being Motorola property is the company’s logo which is spotted, albeit a bit blurry, in the top left corner of the device. We have seen this mark on all leaked images from Motorola for the past year.

According to the tipster who sent it in to @evleaks, we could be looking at a display size of 5″ or more, but that’s all we know at this point for hardware. We can also see that there are on-screen buttons, it appears to be running Kit Kat, and lastly, this user is skimming through Google+.

If the next Moto flagship comes featuring a 5″+ display, are you still interested?


Via: @evleaks
  • morgan boyle

    if its a 5″ phone with a super thin bezel, i wont complain. lets just keep it easy to use one handed.

  • I anxiously await the modular options of Project Ara.

  • kayrule

    what’s the fuss with more than 5 inch screen? what few months and they’ll give you Moto X+1 mini.

    • kayrule


  • D

    If the screen is larger than 5 inch, I’ll get the original moto x…

    • kayrule

      or Nexus 5.

  • joshua christanis

    Hell no! I got my moto x for its PERFECT size. 4.7 is perfect just right.

    • Orion

      In YOUR opinion.

  • Sirabhat Artroom

    I want 6″ display

    • Orion

      Same here!!

  • Wall Breaker

    If you can’t hold a 5 inch display by now YOUR HOLDING IT WRONG!

    Sheesh when will people learn you can’t hold a screen in the 4 inch range the same way you would hold a 5 + phone just adjust your grip and have your pinking sit under the chin supporting the device and loosen your grip you dong have to wrap your fingers all the way around the device to use it one handed.

  • B!

    If it doesn’t come with micro SD support & a bangin camera I’m still NOT interested.

  • Andrew Davila

    stupid… it has the metal moto logo at top… so 2012.

  • chris125

    Well we know kellen won’t since it will be too large for his hands

  • Godzilla

    That was me on the train. So here’s what we have.

    – 5 inch QHD screen
    – 32GB is the new low option, replaces 16GB pricing
    – 3GB RAM
    – 3200mah battery
    – Snapdragon 801 with X10 architecture
    – Same form factor as original X
    – 99% stock just like the original X

    * $499 for the 32GB, $549 for 64GB. OFF CONTRACT
    * Purchased via moto website under zero percent payment plan for one year
    * all carriers supported again

    • Jeremy Gross

      i wish you were actually the real thing
      Godzilla • 5 hours ago
      5 inch screen with a G3 like bezel would certainly get mine and other’s attention.

    • Orion

      How about a phablet version? lol

  • Godzilla

    5 inch screen with a G3 like bezel would certainly get mine and other’s attention.

  • Trevor

    I’m more interested to know more about that coffee mug. It looks a little big, but he seems to be one-handing it fine. Hopefully there are different color options upon release.

  • NorCalGuy

    Man this is going to upset everyone who said the moto x was the best because it was under the 5″ mark, not looking so hot for the x+1 now.

    • Godzilla

      who’s to say they wont make two options?

  • Eric Blackman

    I’m hoping for something in the five inch range with the curves/body shape of the original. Would be perfect in my opinion.

    • Godzilla

      totally agree, keep the form factor and take away more bezel if you can and you’d really have something

  • raptorfactor

    5″+ would count me out.

    • Godzilla


  • Jprime

    Looks like a rooted g2

    • Godzilla

      how does a phone “look rooted?”

      • Jprime

        Different software keys than stock, brah

        • Godzilla


  • Sequence of Sound…

    “A rare Moto X+1 was spotted in the wild!”

    I wonder if it’s someone’s job to look for people holding unfamiliar looking phones in public.

    • Godzilla

      it was that crazy bionic guy

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I like the 5″ size of the Maxx. Once you exceed the 5″ territory, you are getting into S5/G3 region. I hope continues to fill the niche rather than try to copy what everyone else is doing. Dream X+1

    Active 1080P Gorilla Glass 5″ Display
    13 MP F2.0 OIs Rear
    2 MP Front
    3500 mah
    Quad Speakers

  • Ambitiouz Ridah

    i use to say 4.7 was perfect but its not the screen size its the phone size so if lenovo can pull of a nexus 4 size at 5 inches it would be perfect

  • jcorf

    No no no no no no!!!!!!!

  • Bob Kersting

    Doesn’t look like any Chicago subway car I’ve ever seen. Maybe a Metra car.

    • Godzilla

      yeah i agree. I grew up in chicago.

  • MikeSaver

    i thought there were gonna be difff sizes thoughhh

  • Rob Watkins

    I prefer the 4.7″ screen, but if they can fit a 5″ or 5.2″ screen in a really compact form factor, I’m game.

    • Justin Merithew

      This, after seeing what LG has accomplished with the G3, I think Motorola still has some room to boost the screen size a bit, but still make a phone that feels great in the hand.