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LG G3 Promo Video Hypes Laser Auto Focus, Quad HD, Metallic Skin

Does anyone else feel like they have an LG G3 hangover after the lengthy press festivities of yesterday? Or do you need more G3? If so, LG has uploaded a “product movie” to highlight all of the device’s new stand-out features, like laser auto focus in the 13MP camera, the massive amount of pixels in the 5.5-inch Quad HD display, the metallic skin on the backside atop the “floating arc design,” its 1-watt speaker, 3,000mAh battery, and new flat LG UI.

I’m curious, do you have any new thoughts on the G3 now that everything has soaked in a bit? Worried about the GPU powering all those pixels? Excited to see how good the camera can be? Wondering why the delay in shipping to US carriers?

Let us know.ย 

  • wtd2009

    not sure why we’re making a big deal out of the 801/QHD pairing, why would anyone worry about the 801’s capability?. did we all forget that the kindle fire hdx came out with an ABOVE QHD resolution, and the 800 handled it completely fine?

  • JoeTi

    Curious about battery life after going to a 6 hour Gnex to the more than a day and a half Maxx. Really liking the G3 though.

  • mcdonsco

    Depends on initial full retail pricing and how long it takes them to release it…if its end of summer on Verizon; then fail.

    Next month (which I suspect will be the case) then I’ll be getting it as long as the 32gb/3gb version is at/under $600.

    Here’s to hoping this is another lg flagship priced at $449 on Verizon (though I doubt that).

    • pyro74boy .

      I would test the performance of the G3 before spending any amount of money on it because the 801 was not made to be used with QHD displays so expect it to lag and have very bad battery life regardless of what the LG fan-punks claim. I was also thinking that the G3 was going to be my next phone but the lack of the 805 is a huge deal in my opinion.But I will try it out myself and if I’m wrong about the performance of the G3 I will be the very first to admit to it.

      • mcdonsco

        Well that’s what I love about my 45 day return policy with best buy…if it proves to not be a significant upgrade over the g2 I’m typing this on then I can return it and I’ll have well over a month with it to decide.

        Normally I would sell the g2 within a week or so of getting a new phone, but I’m considering keeping it as a spare anyway…well see.

        • pyro74boy .

          Great point on your part because I had that happen to me already when I got the Note3 thinking it was going to be better in terms of performance vs the Note2 but returned it after a few days because there was noticeable lag on the N3 when compared to the N2. I was thinking that maybe I got a bad N3 but nope the display model in the store acted the same exact way. I was able to return the N3 back to the store and get most of my money back because there was a restocking fee but that was only like $30 bucks.

          • mcdonsco

            Yet another reason to buy it from best buy NOT Verizon (Verizon charges the restocking fee, best buy doesnt).

            The ONLY way I would ever buy a phone from Verizon again is if somehow I reign in my mobile tech addiction and get a phone I know I will be keeping for a year or more (so if there is a problem down the road with it Verizon will replace it)…otherwise, Verizon doesn’t get my mobile phone money; best buy does.

            Only issue with best buy is you need to find someone in their mobile department not dumb enough to stick to their new no price matching policy as they always have theirs $100+ more than Verizon at full retail. But the mobile manager at my local best buy takes care of that for me…just make sure she’s working and get it.

            Plus, Verizon is a 14 day return policy…best buy; depending on your rewards level (and with my tech addiction its easy for me to stay elite plus) has up to a 45 day return policy.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not worried over $30 bucks when I paid over $800 full retail for it to begin with.

            Best Buy had a chance to take my money but they where not going to give me even half of what my less then 6 month old device was truly worth and it was hardly ever even used and perfect shape with the sitcker still on the display with everything that it came with, I would have lost hundreds of dollars if I would have did that.

            $30 bucks won’t even give me a full tank of gas in today,s world so I’m not going to cry over such a non issue.

          • mcdonsco

            Seriously? You were actually concerning yourself with the absolutely RIP OFF trade in values (best buy, Verizon, doesn’t matter they are ALL A COMPLETE RIP OFF)???

            Ever hear of eBay or Swappa? Jesus; wish I had money like you to burn on trade ins and restocking fees and apparently paying $800 full retail for what, an n3 that’s $699 full retail?

          • pyro74boy .

            I got a bunch of stuff to go with it so I was including that in the price of the phone my bad.

            I’m also not trying to down Best Buy they are a great company but I’m not going to be insulted by anyone trying to tell me that my devices are where less then they truly are.

            Yes I have sold many things before on Ebay and what’s nice about ebay is that you get what your device is truly worth and don’t have to be insulted by low ball offers.

            I’m not in the market to lose mega amounts of money by ANYONE.

          • mcdonsco

            So wait a second here…you walked into a verizon store with an n2 (sounds like?), traded it in and got the n3 for full retail (so, likely lost $200 or so right there with the trade in), then decided against the n3, returned it and paid $30 in restocking fees (now $230), then what, turned around and rebought the n2 again (now what, like at least $600+?)?

            So you paid over $600+ to Verizon for….nothing; I mean, really…nothing? And you want/expect anyone here to listen to your expectations that the g3 is going to be a dog due to the cpu it has; which is the latest any phone will currently have for at least the next 1-3 months?

            Wow…what are you doing here on DL? A Samsung paid shill or something?

          • pyro74boy .

            I NEVER traded my Note2 in at the Verizon store I ended up keeping it and am still using it to this very day and being that I NEVER claimed this in the first place makes you look stupid, LOL Just because I went to a feel places around town to see how much they where willing to give me for my device does not mean that I was obligate to sell my phone to anyone. You assumed way to much, LOL

            I don’t expect anyone to listen to me on DL since it’s full of Fan-punks of all kinds. I’m just someone giving out my honest opinions about how I feel. It’s to bad that people like you can’t respect this.

            Sorry to hurt your feelings but I don’t get paid to post my honest opinions about anything that would be very miss leading on my part and I’m not about being fake.

            Also before you try to call me out on things again let me make one thing clear I hope that LG sells a record amount of G3.s and that it’s not underpowered and does not lag but in my opinion it’s going to be underpowered and seeing as how this is my opinion and not yours then you can’t claim I’m wrong at least not until all of us have had a chance to use it. I hope I’m wrong because the G3 looks like an amazing device, But to each their own.

          • mcdonsco

            You never specifically stated it sure, as I said as well: “(sounds like?)”. based on your comment of “Best Buy had a chance to take my money but they where not going to give me even half of what my less then 6 month old device was truly worth” in your explanation of why you bought the n3 and presumably then traded the n2 in, at Verizon instead of Best Buy. Not a real big jump there bubs, pretty much all but specifically stated. Don’t get pissed at me; you’re the one writing your posts, not me.

            And by the way, you never specifically stated you bought it from Verizon either, but the $30 restocking fee being a dead give away made it, apparently, a correct assumption. Care to comment further on assumptions?

            “I hope that LG sells a record amount of G3.s and that it’s not underpowered and does not lag but in my opinion it’s going to be underpowered”

            And you have absolutely ZERO evidence to support your opinion while we have LG’s stated spec from yesterday I believe quoting an additional 20% increase in battery life…So, hmmm…who to believe? LG, or this troll that can’t seem to even comprehend what his own posts are stating? I think I’ll believe LG…thanks.

            Oh and, just because “LOL” somehow has become the “gotcha” comment with some in combination with an insult…

            Your spelling and grammar sucks, LOL

          • pyro74boy .

            WOW you worked extra hard on your last post do you want a cookie? LOL And being that I’m not denying ANYTHING that I said or how I said it there was no need for you to quote me saying anything you moron.Long story short you assumed way to much. LOL

            Really you should learn to not get so worked up over other people’s opinions [ME]

            DL is a great site but it’s full of all kinds of haters like yourself.

            Also for the record I don’t take anyone’s word for anything on how good or bad any of these phones our regardless of who made it [LG, HTC, Samsung ect.] I have made this mistake before by getting something without doing my own homework [NEVER AGAIN] before hand and should have done my homework ahead of time because the product that I ended up with was not as good as the so called expert said it was. Just because a company like LG claims something does not mean it’s true regardless of what you think. Actual use of the G3 will only tell the truth about this claim on LG,s part and any smart buyer can’t argue this.

            If the G3 is good I will buy if it’s not I won’t, Why do you seem to take issue with my opinion,

            Really grow up it’s just my opinion like ir or not.

          • mcdonsco

            “WOW you worked extra hard on your last post do you want a cookie? LOL”

            “you moron.Long story short you assumed way to much. LOL”

            Point proven.

            -Not a hater, just don’t care for idiots such as yourself…”LOL”

          • pyro74boy .

            Point proven that you don’t like anyone who does not agree with you. YES INDEED. LOL

            You do know that just because a company [ANY COMPANY] claims something does not automatically mean it’s true right? A companies claim is just a claim and not a fact until someone outside of LG has a chance to use it and see if the claim is true or not. So you can’t defend this without testing it for yourself. If the performance on the G3 is better vs the G2 I will admit it but not until I test it for myself. Now quit your crying. LOL

            Come on not even you can be dumb enough to take any companies word for anything until you the phone user has a chance to use it to see how true of a claim this actually is. And did you really think that LG is going to claim that it has worse battery life? LOL

            HTC claims to have the best smartphone [THE M8] but does that mean that this is a fact? NO WAY IN HELL. LOL

          • mcdonsco

            I’m officially bored with you

          • pyro74boy .

            LOL that was funny.

      • wtd2009

        just fyi, the snap 800 runs on the kind fire hdx with a 2560 x 1600 resolution just fine. i expect an 801 with an already a higher clock speed to handle a QHD, which is actually lower than the resolution on the hdx, just fine. also, battery does not drain on the hdx when running the display.

  • pyro74boy .

    I bet the battery life is going to suck with the 801 CPU LOL FAIL ON LG for not waiting on the 805. Also LG should have did what HTC did with the M8 and make it so you can buy the thing today not 2 or 3 months from now. The G3 sales will show this in my opinion.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    i wonder how hard will it be to root this device and add a custom rom?

  • Clint O

    I wish they would just release it already so i can sell my note 2 and move on. Or give us date. IMO its the best phone out there now so get it out while theres not alot of competition. If they wait till the rumored s5 prime and m8 primes are announced or confimed leak specs poeple might pass it up. Come’on LG!!!

    • pyro74boy .

      Are you still liking your Note2 in terms of performance? I’m still loving mine but am just like you I’m ready to move on to something newer. I will say that the Note2 is the smoothest running phone I have ever owned to this point with amazing battery life.

      • Clint O

        My note 2 is great. Just ready for something new. Don’t need it but I want it lol. And the note 2 still has a good resale value to pay for the new phone and maybe an otterbox

  • Chippah

    The Iron Shiek Just called me,
    He said Austrian Boys Choir are Jabronis and sound like 50 dead dogs or sumphin.

  • InclusiontoInnovation

    Kudos to LG …. LG set a bar that the Samsung Galaxy 5 simply didn’t … LG doesn’t need to re-do their phone and create a premium edition …. it is the premium edition …

    • pyro74boy .

      Samsung must being doing something right because they are the largest handset maker in the world. LOL Also phones like the Note4 won’t be underpowered unlike the G3 because they will most likely have the 805 CPU. LG had a chance to take my money but nope I will pass on an underpowered phone using the snapdragon 801 processor,

      • Kris

        The only thing “right” that samsung is doing is spending billions on advertising. Otherwise the Samsung phones including the GS5 don’t stand a chance!. They are a laggy piece of crap.

        • pyro74boy .

          I don’t listen to any of the advertising of any of these phones so you can’t be talking about me. LOLI also know many people who are not fooled into advertising and make up their own minds. Samsung is hated because they are making the most amount of money vs EVERYONE ELSE. They are not perfect but NO company is.

      • mcdonsco

        You do realize right no phone can use an 805 and that’s likely to remain the case for at least another month or two.

        Additionally from what I’ve read on it its also possible NO PHONE will EVER use it as it was / is a tablet specific proc…the 810+ is what will probably be the next gen proc for phones.

        All speculative right now; except the fact that no phone now can use an 805; that’s just fact.

        • pyro74boy .

          I will be very surprised if no phone ever uses the 805 because the performance of the 805 is nothing short of amazing and it’s made to power devices using QHD displays.

          Really LG should have just waited on the announcement of the G3 until they where ready to release it just like HTC did with the M8 because I had such high hopes for the G3 thinking that it might have the 805 CPU and that I could buy the thing today.

          Sorry but having to wait for a phone that will be under powered is going to be a huge deal breaker for some people including myself.

          • mcdonsco

            Sooooo…when it becomes available in a few weeks, what would you buy instead that has better specs causing the g3 to be a deal breaker?

            Oh; that’s right…nothing will have better specs…got it.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not buying any of these phones until I have a chance to test them because I don’t buy anything based on hype alone.

            If I’m wrong about the G3 being underpowered I will be the very first to admit it.

            I think anyone who buys a phone based only on hype without using it and testing it before hand is a fool.

          • mcdonsco

            Ever hear of a return policy?

            I VERY HIGHLY DOUBT lg would release a dog; as you insist the g3 will be, to follow up their MASSIVELY successful g2.

            IMHO you sir are the fool for insisting this phone will have battery and performance issues without ever having seen or touched the device for yourself.

          • pyro74boy .

            Like I said If I’m wrong about this then I will admit to it but not until I have the G3 in my hands.

          • joejoe5709

            I hate to feed the trolls…

            But if you reserve your right to a final opinion until you personally use the device in person, then please stop spouting so much unfounded hate when you really have no idea how the phone will perform. We don’t even have a single full review to go by yet. We literally have no information other than spec numbers which is only half the story. You’re not doing the tech world any favors with your crusade.

          • pyro74boy .

            Learn to tell the difference between someone hating on something and something giving their honest opinion about something it’s not the same thing.

            Also if you had a brain and could read LOL you wound have known that I have been quoted saying that if I’m wrong about the G3,s performance I will be the first to admit it.

            Quit hating on others just because they don’t have the same exact opinion as you. I have just as much right to my opinions as you or anyone else posting comments and if you don’t like it the guess what you don’t have to read the comments. So who is being the real troll here?

            Go cash your payroll check from LG you earned your money today.LOL

          • mcdonsco

            I fed em a lot…stopped now…suggest you do the same, this one is HUNGRY

          • pyro74boy .

            You can’t be talking about me. LOL

          • Frettfreak

            so the g3 is “under powered” because its using the absolute fastest processor available in any phone right now??? got it. heard the new lambo was so outdated too…. ass hat!

          • pyro74boy .

            My point was and still is that the 805 was made to handle QHD displays the 801 is not. It’s sad that people like you can’t expect other people,s opinions. Someones always got something to say. Oh and BTW If it turns out that I’m wrong about the performance of the G3 I will admit to it and I also love the G3 I just think it’s going to be underpowered. Learn to tell the difference between someone like me who is giving his honest opinion about something and someone hating on something It’s not the same thing.

  • cizzlen

    For anyone wondering about battery life, this is taken from car phone warehouse. “All day battery lifeโ€ฆand the next day too!

    The previous LG G2 was one of the best phones we’ve tested for battery life ever. And the LG G3 is better. Special software makes sure that power isn’t being wasted,”


    • Chippah

      Special software makes sure that power isn’t being wasted, THAT WILL ALSO RUN ON THE G2 WITH LESS PIXELS TO PUSH HA HA!

  • CaptM

    I just hope that in a month – month+ that the hype on this phone is still there. It would have been great if it was available on announcement day like the One (M8), and I think that would have also been a great boost for LG, but you all know how fickle the mobile community is, what’s the next big thing, think I’ll wait to see what’s coming out, will there be a GPE, etc. etc. etc.
    I think the phone is absolutely gorgeous, and you can say all you want about battery, processor, GPU, but this is the latest technology that is currently available and I think they really make it all work (my personal opinion). Everyone is such a critic and can say that this configuration sucks till their blue in the face but I don’t see any of the naysayers being experts in technology and have no idea how the semi-conductor industry works. I am in this industry and these phone’s just don’t “POP UP”, the entire process starts more than a year ago for a phone that comes out today, and you just can’t put in something that is still on the drawing board into a phone that is still in the planning stage. Every single new chip, processor, memory, etc, has to go through a certification process, and if there are any bumps in that process, it can screw up and delay a new technology like you would not believe.
    OK, my rant is done.

    • OF

      Yea, but that lack of 805 tho…..:p

  • Chippah

    G3 Launcher running TITZ on the G2 right now.
    Rest of the apps just need to be resized from xxx to xx and we are good to go.
    Roms will be on the way shortly as well, they finally fixed the ugly folders, YIPPEEE!

  • Zap Zap

    Not so sure about benefits of that laser focusing based on reviews…

    “I’m also cautious about the phone’s vaunted laser autofocus,
    though. The G3 has a 13-megapixel camera which is supposed to be
    super-duper fast to focus. When I was handling it, though, it didn’t
    seem to be instantaneous by any means; focusing took a noticeable time
    like on any “normal” smartphone.”

    • The Narrator

      That’s one article. They sound like a bunch of incompetent idiots.

      • Melissa

        Narrator, you should see if they have any openings. But don’t get your hopes up, you may be over qualified.

        • SerenityNow

          Two things:

          1. Totally agree
          2. In 2 years of following this site (almost exclusively reading but never posting), I don’t think I’ve seen a single poster as rabidly attached to a single phone as Narrator is to the G3. The best part is that I’m not sure what his basis would be yet for such unbridled passion. Just as people are nuts to automatically write off this phone’s potential battery life or performance until the reviews come out and they start using it for themselves, I don’t see how someone who has never used this phone can automatically assume it will be the best thing since sliced bread.

          • The End All Be All

            You have to cut him some slack. He’s been stuck in his mom’s basement for years.

          • SerenityNow

            “MOM! THE MEATLOAF!! WE WANT IT!!!!”

    • The Listener

      So it took as long as other smartphones meaning there is still nothing better? Why are you spreading your propaganda on multiple posts? Just put them all together so there is only 1 post we have to ignore.

      • L Henederson

        “Listeners” definition of propaganda: Any factual statement that goes against his unsubstantiated fangirl beliefs.

  • duke69111

    If only the camera could expand like that.

  • WCM3

    Kellen or Tim, can I ask what the “metallic skin” felt like? Did it feel plasticiky or more aluminum?

    • Chippah

      Dosent matter the G2 and G3 need cases to protect those corners!

    • joejoe5709

      The reviews I read said it’s definitely plastic and there’s no hiding that fact, but it’s much grippier than the G2 and has a much more premium feel. Sure looks great too… I’d take the black with the gunmetal looking finish. It looks nearly as nice as the M8. That’s a huge compliment!

  • Ray

    Droid Life should implement no gurst accounts I’m sick of getting trolled by ppl name calling and sayng racist things its really ridiculous.

    • Fred Gurst

      What is a gurst account.

      • Ray


        • Fred Gurst

          np, I do it all for the nurstkie.

    • PoisonApple31

      Somebody call the wambulance!

      • Dr. Apartment

        I’m here, give me 50 CCs of QQream STAT!

        • Chippah

          French crys or sumphin tss tss

          • joejoe5709

            How about a nice cold Weineken beer? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Wambulance

        “You’ve reached the Wambulance. We are currently busy with other whiners like you. Current wait time is until you quit being a bit**.”

    • K

      Does this only happen to you? I’ve been reading DL for a while and the bad comments only started to regularly appear recently and usually towards you so I guess you must have pissed someone off. I for one prefer posting via a guest account.

      • Ray

        No it doesn’t only happen to me usually they delete comments like that before you see them but i still get the notification.People with guest accounts get really brave to say anything but wouldn’t say it if their account was verified because then their account would be permanently blocked.

  • Paul Hansen

    Holding out to see what moto announces but this is my favorite so far.

    • LiterofCola

      Especially after the Moto device leak this morning.

      • rawr


        • The Narrator



          • rawr

            Uh oh indeed.

            Kellen has officially lost the Phablet war. PHABLETS FOR ALL!

          • LosttsoL

            That thing obviously has some kind of case around it. It’s definitely no phablet.

          • Bryan Mills

            Obviously. Its still huge when you don’t look at the case. C’mon now, buddy.

          • DanielMena9

            Isn’t rumored to sport a 5.2″

            That’s why I am Sony Xperia Z1 Compact all day everyday.

          • cizzlen

            I can see the ugly from here.

          • LiterofCola

            You mean the case they use to hide the design?

      • Matt G

        These companies release these leaks on purpose. Its no coincidence that a Motorola leak takes place the day after the G3 launch

  • Jim890

    Now that I’m up to date on the LG G3 from yesterday’s event, (I wished I didn’t missed the live event, too busy at work) I think I will wait for a real honest review, than go from there.

  • The Narrator

    Waiting for that Prime version!

  • lensgrabber

    meh don’t need a video. I need a unlocked 32gb in my hands like right now. Not tomorrow. Today. :p

  • AngryBadger

    Hmm… there is always something to nitpick but I really like the look. I’ll have to hold it first and see the feel of it though. This should be a really crazy year for phones now that all the companies are full steam ahead. Also, awaiting the whole Nexus/Silver thing.

  • Ben Murphy

    Take all my money! Take my first born too!

    • ChudoYudo

      People always talk about fancy cars that get them laid…Let me put this into perspective for you. If you are willing to spend that much money on getting laid… you might as well hire someone on a salary ๐Ÿ™‚
      Let’s do some simple math here: Bugatti Veyron costs about $2000000 so let’s divide that by 20 years for an Expensive professional on a salary taking care of all your needs and wants ;). that would give them a salary of 100k. That’s right… I’m sure they would plenty of takers at that level of compensation!
      I am not suggesting or promoting anything here.. just putting things in perspective for you!

      • LiterofCola

        If you could afford a Bugatti, im pretty sure you could hire a personal assistant for much less :/

        • Bryan Mills

          The Bugatti is impractical for anybody to own unless they’re extremely wealthy.

          • LiterofCola

            …..your point?

  • cheezer88

    Life is Good!

  • Raphael Uduhiri

    There is no perfect phone but they sure did check off a lot of boxes on people’s list especially with the addition of a removable battery and sd card while keeping a slim form factor

    • Ouch

      “…we ran the device through a quick AnTuTu test while on LTE to see how it stood up to the rest of the field.

      All told, the G3 is impressive. While not a world beater in these tests,
      it does hold up just as expected. A score of 29,156 puts it just ahead
      of other powerful devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4. It also sits
      well behind the Note 3, and a sub-30,000 score is a bit of a surprise.”

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    I’m interested in how powerful the speaker in the Galaxy S5 is in comparison to LG’s.

    • The Narrator

      I wish speakers and loudness would die. So many obnoxious people out there playing their shytty music. Really irritating.
      Unless you’re deaf and need it for calls*

      • Shane Redman

        What about when we’re home alone in the shower and our bluetooth shower speaker hasn’t come in the mail yet because those h*es are taking forever….what about us, huh?!

        • The Narrator

          bros before hoes

        • NotJeffBezos

          Should have used Amazon Prime.

          • Shane Redman

            I’ll teach that woman one day that all birthday presents should come through prime….silly women.

      • SerenityNow

        It’s good to see that once again you can think for all of us who don’t agree with your opinion on a smart phone or how it should be used. I happen to like the M8’s speakers not because I play them in a public place, but because when I’m chilling in my house or am at my office with the door closed they’re nice to listen to when I’m playing music or watching a video.

  • Droid Ronin

    This really is the no-compromise phone. Huge bezel-less QHD display, snappy processor, removable 3000 mAh battery, SD card support, latest Android version.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Unless you’re one of those people who don’t want a massive device.

      • Droid Ronin

        Well, I don’t know. Even @kellex:disqus likes this one and we all know how he feels about massive phones. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Lol put me in that category too. I’m not a fan either of massive devices.

        • Kayungjoo

          Well if Kellex likes the phone. Why is anyone even reading this anymore BUY NAO!

      • rawr

        Some people didn’t want a phone without a physical keyboard and we all know how that went.

        • Rudy

          Still one of those people ๐Ÿ™ I miss my keyboard…

      • Daniel Russell

        My problem with huge phones is not using it one handed, but rather putting it in my jean pocket. It’s such a hassle to get out a huge phone when you are in a sitting position. My droid maxx is a pain as it is, so I can only imagine it would be worse with a slightly bigger phone.

    • Slo

      Snappy processor?

      PC Mag: “Smart Notice and home screen transitions went a little more
      slowly than expected; I can’t tell if that was timed on purpose, though,
      or if processing complex 4K-resolution transitions is really dragging
      down the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.”

      • The Narrator

        They can’t even get the resolution right so I wouldn’t put much into what they have to say.

      • SloLorris

        Quoting PC Mag on anything tech related is like quoting TMZ on anything Hollywood related.

        • Colin Huber

          TMZ actually breaks a lot of celebrity stories, per sources.

          • SloLorris

            Yeah like, what did Justin Bieber eat and how many weddings Kim will have… BrECKN NEWZ

          • Colin Huber

            Bieber doesn’t eat. He works out and drinks sizzurp.

          • BillySuede

            yeah. tmz is actually on point with their stories.

        • mcdonsco

          Quoting PC mag or CNET on anything tech is pretty stupid.

          Sites like that left the realm of relevance about a decade or so ago…maybe more.

          • ChristianPasquariello

            Really? They can’t hire some geek to review the device? Tim-0-tato or whoeverthefvck got it on lockdown…..dog. Lol.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        “Typical Android lag”

        -The Verge on Nexus 5.

        Take all these early hands on with a grain of salt.

      • kentholio

        Why would the g3 be producing 4K resolution transitions on the screen? If this is a direct quote, you can discredit anything else they might have to say.

      • Ray

        The article is instantly a fail because they said the phone had a 4k-resolution.. Oh really?

      • michael arazan

        It’s slow because of the stupid skin UI they use on top of android.

      • ImmaDroid

        Its a frigging 2.5ghz quad-core processor, really slow? Cmon.. Theres nothing slow about processors in phones nowadays. Because they don’t hit 40000 on Antutu doesn’t make them slow, and guy from PC mag testing a phone for 2 mins doesn’t get a good grasp as to whats going on

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wonder how they came up with “Metallic Skin” ..pretty BS terminology.

    • LiterofCola

      I was hoping for a metal casing to be honest :/

      • mcdonsco

        Not me…that would have meant no wireless charging and almost certainly no removable battery either.

        I’ll take plastic over metal any day for those two reasons alone.

    • The Narrator

      Whatever it is, it looks gorgeous.

    • Jeppito

      You mean like what Moto did with “Wood Finish”?


      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It is Wood Finish.

        • Jeppito

          And this is Metallic Skin

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            This, is plastic.

    • cizzlen

      Yeah I really don’t care and am past all the metal hype. It worked well on the first HTC One now it’s just more about design and feel than materials used. LG seems to have nailed it in that aspect.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Doesn’t matter much either way. As long as it isn’t typical chintzy samsung plastic.

      • MarcuzXD

        I completely agree, and I’m glad someone brought up the One X. I STILL own this phone, bought it the day it released. I’ve never once felt I was holding a cheap device, plastic is the best phone material IMO when used right. The One X and from what I’ve heard, the G3 both have a matte feel. It just holds up so much better tbh, and there isn’t a big need to get a case for your phone either.