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Google Camera Update Adds 16:9 Photos and a Timer (Updated)

Google Camera received an update today to build 2.2.024. The update isn’t massive, but it does give users the choice to shoot photos in 16:9 versus the traditional 4:3. Google also tossed in a timer that can be set to take photos in either 3 or 10 seconds. We are pretty sure that is it. You can download it below. 

Update:  The update also includes a couple of crazy new panorama modes, one of which is a fish-eye mode.

Play Link | Download Link [Mirror]

google camera panorama

Cheers Ryan!
  • Akashshr

    Am I the only one who thinks since the new UI update to the google camera is terrible, Not just UI wise but picture quality as well! My nexus 4 camera is unusable!

    • Guest

      For all non believers I guess

    • Arthur Dent

      Maybe its because Nexus 4. The quality from the new Google Camera app on my N5 is great!

  • Higher_Ground

    Google’s progress with the camera app reminds me of the progress with the Maps app. Namely that it had more functionality a year ago (aside from this update with the fish eye). Or for me at least. I find it even more unintuitive than before, and the settings are harder to access. Hopefully it matures a little more with the next OS update.

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  • StargateNH

    This new version still crashes the whole phone when I try the front camera. Ugg. I love the interface! But cant use the camera due to crashes. GS3 VZW LiquidSmooth 4.4.2 Official Release

  • Dt Bell

    If they raise the price anymore, they may as well come out with “DeadBeats”

    • Arthur Dent

      Yeah, that Google Camera app sure is expensive!!!!

  • pyro74boy .

    Is there going to be a D.L podcast tonight?

  • envoy510

    Is there now a way to mute the darn shutter sound??

    • enrico

      Turn the system volume down… mute!

  • JaronDW

    I want this on my VZW S3 so bad! Come on Verizon!

  • Bionicman

    i dont know…i used the google camera for a couple of days inside and outside and i wasn’t impressed compared to the stock note 3 camera. even the blur effect was pretty awful. maybe there are some optimizations samsung included in their stock camera to make it look better.

  • JeffColorado

    Heh, people are such crybabies. Just use the damn 4:3 sensor. You can crop it later.

    • Allyn K C

      In theory, I agree, you can crop it later. But, choose the format that matches the camera sensor in your phone, which isn’t always 4:3.

      For HTC M7, the 16:9 is not cropped, while the 4:3 is the cropped version. So just go with the format with the highest megapixel count, that will usually be the uncropped size.

      • NahSon

        Pretty much. With digital cameras it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go for any particular aesthetic at the time of taking the image, as any modifications would be done in software anyway – something that can be done at any point later.

  • evan brown

    when I was in Australia, I continuously to impress my friends (iphone users with better cameras) with my photography using photosphere…and I was only using a moto x. They eventually just let me take pictures for them instead of taking them themselves. Keep it coming google, love the fisheye effect too

    • Colton

      Fisheye effect, what? In Google camera?

      • IrishSid

        Did you even read the article? :/

        • Colton

          err, my apologies. read it before the update on the post and then just came back to comments. thanks!

          • IrishSid

            Oh, didn’t realise it was an edited post.

  • Sam

    Any mirrors? Mediafire is blocked on my network. Can someone upload to Mega?

  • Silky Johnson

    add 1080p 60fps recording and then we’ll talk. That’s literally the only thing stopping me from using an aosp rom on my g2

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Isn’t that more hardware dependent?

      • Silky Johnson

        i believe so. What i mean is that i can shoot 1080p 60fps on lgs stock app, but if I use the google camera its 30fps

    • Arthur Dent

      Hell, I’d rather have 720p 120fps or 480p 240fps for slow mo.

  • Cool but when you switch to 16:9 you also have to lower the resolution.. Which makes it not cool.

    • Dustin Wood

      Its a numbers thing. Its an optical illusion. Its still technically the same resolution, you’re just missing the rows of pixels that were cropped from the top and bottom of the photo. So you can’t really have a 16:9 photo and still use the same Megapixels if the camera has a limit to what it can shoot.

      • OF

        Good explanation 🙂

      • Oh ok I kinda get what you’re saying. Good way to put it.

  • Jason Kahn

    I know a lot of the camera Focus issues on the Nexus 5 are a result of Android 4.2.2, 4.3.3 is supposed to fix that, but the New Camera exacerbated my issues to the point where the camera was unusable. I rolled back to the original camera which seems to work better with both the OIS and Autofocus, although not by much.

    Has anyone who has gotten the update yet noticed any improvements in AutoFocus on the Nexus 5?

  • JRomeo

    whatever happened to the setting which let you pick different light settings? fluorescent/incandescent/etc ?

  • Qbancelli

    Google updating, innovating on the daily.

    Meanwhile Apple just sits there, releasing nothing, collecting $ from the iSheep.

    • Sam Del Valle

      WWDC Next Week:

      Apple: Introducting iOS 8….we added 200+ features that we’re already on Android and/or you really dont care about.

      • Dustin Wood

        Usually when they say 200+ features, only 1 or 2 of them are useful. The rest are fixes to their current software. I don’t think I’ve used any new features on OSX since like 10.1. But I am forced to continue to upgrade, because it renders previous software useless. At least they aren’t charging for software fixes any more.

      • Mike Aurin

        Is that next week already? Time sure does fly when it’s something you give zero shits about…

        • Sam Del Valle

          Hey at least its something to pass the time til the REAL DEAL. Google’s I/O

      • John Davids

        Enjoy your more expensive iPhone because Tim Cook thinks Beats Audio is worth $3 Billion. Lol, yet another thing Android had first. 🙂


        • Sam Del Valle

          My iPhone? I don’t know what you’re talking about


          • John Davids

            My usage of the word “your” is invoking pluralis maiestatis. I trust this clears up the misunderstanding, friend 🙂

          • Emily Johnson

            So you can’t really have a 16:9 photo and still use the same Megapixels if the camera has a limit to what it can shoot.

        • Dt Bell

          Raise the price, and they’ll be Deadbeats

      • Maxim∑

        hate hate hate

        • Sam Del Valle

          truth truth truth

          • Maxim∑

            opinion opinion opinion

    • shamatuu

      Thank god someone else thinks so. Every time i say that people think i am a fool.

    • Tony Byatt

      What are you talking about?

      Apple just officially bought Beats…

      Oh wait, nevermind…

      • michael arazan

        Now they can charge $1000 for an iPhone with beats headphones included

  • jim

    you would think google could do a lot better with their camera , pitiful

  • B T

    I like the app a lot. Better than my S4’s standard camera app. BUT, as I’m sure many others have said before, I won’t switch until it has the option to save to SD card.

    • moelsen8

      so, never, huh. i’m with you on sd cards, but google clearly is not.

      • B T

        Haha. Yeah, probably. The photospheres are cool, so at the very least, I’ll use it for those!

    • DanSan

      xposed installer. then install a module called Pictures2sd. It basically simlinks the folder and makes all your camera apps store photos on the sd card folder instead of internal.

      • B T

        Thanks for the info! But I never rooted the S4. After coming from the Galaxy Nexus, I decided that it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. Sounds like a perfect plan to fix it for anyone that is, though.

  • stabone

    Anyway to make the pictures save to SD card? Am I missing some setting on it?

    • cadtek91


    • DanSan

      xposed installer. then install a module called Pictures2sd.

  • Cael

    Google is now putting Motorola to shame…

  • Sam Del Valle

    Finally! I’ve missed the Timer from the old version!

  • Willie D

    Still lacks time lapse or half the awesome settings from before. Passing on this update still. This is the low point for Google app updates lately.

  • Colton

    16:9, I am a happy(er) camper!

    • Mike Aurin

      May be a dumb question but what is the difference between the aspect ratio from before and what was just added with this update? I just point and click so I don’t know what the big whoopdee is…

      • Colton

        honestly it’s not a huge deal. I personally like it because I have the s4 so a 16:9 ratio means the viewfinder (and final image) fill my entire screen rather than leaving black space because it’s closer to a square shape (4:3) if that makes sense.

        • Mike Aurin

          Rectangular images opposed to square images….is that what I’m going to chalk this up to?

          • Colton

            …….. yes basically.

          • Mike Aurin

            Haha thank you!

    • abqnm

      I already had 16:9 before the update. I have an M7 GPE though, so its funky sensor size probably dictated that. Now I have the 4:3 options too.

  • dannyWHITE

    “We are pretty sure that is it.” Gotta love the honesty!