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Verizon HTC One M7 Set to Receive Sense 6.0 Update This Week

HTC might have moved on to this year’s One (M8), and maybe even a more “Prime” device, but HTC still has promises to keep. In addition to pledging to update some of their older devices to Android 4.4 Kit Kat, it also said that Sense 6.0 was a priority as well. Today, we have gotten word that Verizon’s One (M7) should be receiving that update later on this week. 

When this initiative was first announced, “end of May” was given as  a timetable for when we could expect to see these upgrades finished. After this update, only the AT&T and Sprint versions of the M7 will remain without. However, it is good to see HTC sticking to their word and trying to update these phones as soon as possible.

This update brings a lot of new features and fixes to your phone. Blinkfeed changes, new personalization options, font changing abilities and a power saving mode have all been worked into the T-Mobile and International M7 already. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more about this update.

If you need a reminder of what Sense 6.0 will look like, check out our video overview.

verizon m7 sense update

Via: @Leigh Momii
  • Brolic .

    Problems I’ve noticed since upgrading m M7: (1) Phone runs hotter than before. (2) The white background of the stock weather app (white during the day, black during night) is ugly and clashes with many wallpapers. (3) My previous wallpapers and custom ringtones/notification sounds disappeared during the upgrade. (4) The brighter and flat colors wouldn’t be my aesthetic choice and wish I could turn them off. (5) Many apps now have a superfluous “settings” button at the bottom of the app that takes up screen space–it’s like sense 6.0 was built for the longer screen on the M8 rather than the M7. I wish I hadn’t upgraded b/c I don’t see the improvements, and was happy with how it was before.

  • eagletrippin

    I just checked now (9am PDT), folks — IT’S LIVE!!!

    weighing in at 33 MB …

    • eagletrippin

      Looks like it is still Android 4.4.2, though :-/
      I thought I had read somewhere that the OS would be upgraded 4.4.3 …

  • hjr9890

    are there any videos of sense 6 on the m7?

  • Cathrine Jhones

    I’m not agreeing this review because http://goo.gl/QVImks

  • Cathrine Jhones

    I know this phone is still less than a year old but I get really happy every time I see updates like this pushed to last year’s flagships…http://goo.gl/QVImks

  • eagletrippin

    Do disabled apps (non-rooted) need to be re-enabled to receive this update?

  • See The Narrator, some older phones continue to get the new phones UI.

  • aQuickBit

    Well you’ve made my day Eric for sharing this info. Now my M7 will feel up to par again. Thanks!

  • paul_cus

    Your move, AT&T.

  • Mike Aurin

    I know this phone is still less than a year old but I get really happy every time I see updates like this pushed to last year’s flagships…

  • Maxim∑

    Will the LG G2 get the G3 ROM? because if it does i’m not upgrading….

    • LiterofCola

      Wrong article

      • Maxim∑


        this website has been temporarily transformed to LG-life

        • Mike Aurin


          Wrong article.

        • Blue Sun

          Just imagine all the down votes you got…

    • The Narrator

      No, it probably won’t. I hope it doesn’t ever get it. There’s new phones for a reason.

  • Ray

    Misspelling in the title “LG G3 Day” is missing