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T-Mobile Announces Contest for LG G3, Win a “Beta Model” Before Official Release

As expected, T-Mobile will be one of four major US carriers to sell LG’s G3 when it launches in the US later this year. Uniquely, though, the carrier announced a contest for entrants to win a G3 before its official release.

T-Mobile will give away an advanced release “Beta model” every day through June 29. Much like the carrier’s Galaxy S5 promotion, registration for the contest will require pre-registering for the G3 (i.e., providing an e-mail address and contact details) through the carrier’s website.

You can sign up beginning today. The contest is not limited to T-Mobile customers.

Contest Sign Up

Via: T-Mobile


  • Jenni Barreca

    I hope win..I really need new phone 🙁

  • Манчевски С.

    Is this only for USA?

  • Sam_K

    Did anyone besides me read the contest rules which are linked at the bottom of the T-Mobile contest entry page? There are 5 entry periods. The first entry period is from May 27-June 2 with the drawing on June 3 for 7 total winners. The 2nd entry period is from June 3-9 with the drawing on June 10 for 7 total winners. The 3rd entry period is from June 10-16 with the drawing on June 17 for 7 total winners. The 4th entry period is from June 17-23 with the drawing on June 24 for 7 total winners. The 5th (and final) entry period is from June 24-29 with the drawing on June 30 for 6 (not 7) total winners.

  • coolsilver

    T-Mobile… If you can boost your coverage. This is mine and I’ll jump. Please get those 4G upgrades done soon.

    • Justin W

      If you win, you’ll either suffer or you’ll sell it and buy one elsewhere.

  • Adam

    It really annoys me that the “get promotional material from t-mobile” box is checked by default but you have to manually check “enter me into the contest for which I am specifically filling out this contact form.” Maybe it is a legal thing, but I can imagine people filling out this form without checking the box and imagining they signed up for more than just promotional emails.

  • Carlos

    Does it have G Glass or similar?

  • Brandon Nicholson

    AHAHAHA, They call the G3 a “Smartphone Phablet” on the contest page….

    • rawr

      Kellen shall lose the Phablet vocab war.

      Also ffox, opera, etc > chrome.

      • Brandon Nicholson

        Hold your tongue!

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Soooooooo…. LG G3 release date June 30th.

    • Ray

      or at least near that date a month away 🙁

    • The Narrator

      Good stuff. Only a month away.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      From Tmobile maybe. I’m expecting the carriers to all have different dates in the US.

      • Justin W

        I don’t understand the difficulty of May 28th. Not like Korea’s having any issues with it.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


          • Justin W

            Should have planned. HTC didn’t find it too difficult, and LG has a larger supply chain than does HTC.

          • superg05

            qhd panels are still new and rare

          • Justin W


            They make them.

          • superg05

            doesn’t mean the have perfected mass scale production so building inventory takes time unless there are other suppliers you could purchase them from and there are very very few hints rare

    • Alec

      Yeah, I saw a case on Amazon for the G3 and it said it would ship on June 30th

      • rawr

        Amazon dates are never to be taken seriously on unreleased products. Pretty much every preorder says Dec 31st 2014 right now.

  • The Narrator

    I don’t have T Mobile, but free is free lol

    • Well it turns out, we both were right! lol Can’t believe they went with two separate RAM sku’s.

      • Justin W

        I look at it this way… You were both wrong. @disqus_YiSsbJ7b9F:disqus and you said there would be one or the other. Now there’s both.

  • YEMan0443

    The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of each prize is six-hundred fifty dollars ($650.00)

  • jvader2012


  • keepinghopealive

    Beta model? So the one to be released in the US will have the SD 805 awesome!

    • The Narrator

      Doesn’t need it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Not sure how you come to that conclusion

    • Paul Hansen

      Stop asking for the 805… it doesn’t have an on-board modem which means horrendous battery live. Think HTC Thunderbolt if you need a reference of what not having it on board is like. The 810 is what you want.

      • Justin W

        I think we all know the 810 isn’t happening, at least, not for the next few months. Possibly with end of the year smart phones, but not anything immediate.

      • superg05
        • Paul Hansen

          It has a data modem but no voice modem. Until VoLTE is mainstream this won’t help.