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The Walking Dead Season Two Comes to Kindle Fire HDX and Fire TV

The Walking Dead Season Two, a continuation of the fantastic The Walking Dead saga by developer Telltale Games, is now playable on the Kindle Fire HDX and Fire TV.

Available for download from the Amazon Appstore for owners of the aforementioned devices, The Walking Dead Season Two follows a young girl named Clementine, in her attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.  The first episode is free, but the season pass is $15.  

Telltale set a frustrating precedent by releasing The Walking Dead Season One on Kindle devices first and Android months afterward, and that trend continues with Season Two. Hopefully Amazon’s exclusivity period is a lot shorter this time around, but I’m not holding my breath. Of course, sideloading is always an option for the impatient.

A recommendation: Season Two stands alone fine,  but I highly recommend playing Season One first. The decisions you make will carry over, and you will have a much better context going in.

Appstore Link

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  • Krisman333

    I want to know when episode 3 will come out for the kindle fire.

  • mchenryjason

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  • mat123VA

    I like the game, but I’m not a fan of waiting for episodes to come out every few months. Just give us the ENTIRE game when we purchase it.

    • Anon

      That would be rather hard when the entire game is not completed. How can they release episodes that haven’t been drawn or voiced?

      • mat123VA

        How about completing the game and putting it up for sale?

  • Droid Ronin

    Who has a Fire TV? How do you like it? Worth it?

    • My gf dad has one and its a pretty cool box. The interface is very clean, the voice control is nice, I’m not sure content wise. But you can buy a joy stick for it to play games. He said that you can’t turn it off though you have to wait until it times out. Plus it’s only a $100, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try but I’m waiting on Chrome Box

    • Brent Cooper

      I have had one for a few weeks now. I’d only recommend one if your a prime member though. Or have Hulu or Netflix. I have all 3 and it seems to have practically replaced my cable box and dvr. If you get one, get one with the game controller while you can still get 1000 coins with the controller and then use some of those coins to buy GTA San Andreas for an extra 2000 coins. So $30 worth of games is pretty good. Plus those free apps mentioned in a Dl post yesterday gets you an extra $10 worth of coins. So pretty much $40 in free coins. Plus the game controller comes with a free copy of Sev Zero. Pretty good game. There are other descent games too. I think as long as you have Hulu plus, Netflix, or prime it’s definitely worth it. Hope this helped 🙂

  • I’m getting more and more interested in this Fire TV deal. My girlfriends dad has one and its pretty cool but I’m waiting on Droid-Life articles on the new Chrome box that’s supposed to be released in June.

  • Menger40

    Touch control on the first episode was pretty meh. I think this works much better on PC with a mouse.

  • JSo

    Exclusive? Lol. This is Android we are talking about. Sideload all the things!!

  • Eddie Coronado

    Just finished season 1. This exclusive deal sucks. Thank god for GLtool leting me run this on my note 2

    • deviantartjr

      Mind to share the apk of walking dead season 2?

      • How dare you ask for a paid app for free.. The Nerve!!!

        • JSo

          The app is free. The episodes within the app are not.

          • Oh my bad.. Speaking before knowing is bad.

          • deviantartjr

            no,i know apps is free,just want to get the apk,so i can play on my phone