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Join Us Tuesday Morning for the LG G3 Event!

As a quick reminder before we head into the long holiday weekend, we wanted to make sure you don’t forget that Tim and I will be on hand in San Francisco on Tuesday morning for the unveiling of the LG G3. That’s right, May 27 is almost upon us!

The event kicks off at 10:00AM Pacific in San Francisco and 1:00PM Eastern in New York. There is also a global launch happening at the same time in London. We are hoping that LG puts out a live stream for the world to watch as the event unfolds, but so far are without one. Should we get one, we will be sure to pass that information along.

Until then, we thought we should give you the opportunity to sign-up for our live blog (sign-up is below), so that you don’t miss anything from the event.

Expect plenty of hands-on time, comparisons, and general thoughts on LG’s new flagship. Also, if you have questions or something in particular you would like us to test out once we have the device in-hand, this would be a good place to ask. 

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  • Guest

    lol @ the Verizon logo

  • fritzo2162

    Maybe when this is done we can all stop hearing “such and such phone sucks because the G3 is coming out…”

  • Official LG G3 videos tease handset ahead of launch http://bit.ly/1hkCeVP

  • sophia Andres

    This is Serious For All http://bit.ly/1jOVHnc

  • catherinekylie

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  • John R

    Can’t wait!

  • gpaine

    I would love to know if holding it you accidentally get screen touches along the sides while in landscape. Often on my g2 just having one of my big fingers on the side of the phone triggers the screen.

  • skinja99

    If you have some hands on time, please lay it on a table and compare viewing angles with a few other phones. I am sure you will be focusing on the nice screen anyways, so the viewing angles would be great info to capture.
    So film it on a table next to a couple other phones as you move the camera down please.

    • skinja99

      this would be a great way to also compare relative brightness. By having a few phones on turn them all up to 100% brightness and quickly compare them on a table next to each other.

  • Manbearpig

    Is it plastic or metal?

    • LiterofCola

      Guess we’ll find out.

  • shamatuu

    I might skip this one not buying unless its running the 805 and not 801 because for one reason. You should all know what that reason is.

    • WallBreaker

      That your ignorant and think the 805 is going to make any difference?

      Yeah that sounds about Right. When will you spec heads realize this isn’t old android. KitKat makes specs less important. If anything an 805 would do more harm than good in this state.

      • shamatuu

        wow dude you don’t get it. You clearly don’t know what that reason is. You do know i read other people comment on the same reason.If you had a brain and actually think before you call me a fool you wouldn’t be saying that.

        • jabarri2

          ban him? for what, he’s right, read your comment and look how silly you come off, passing on the phone because of the 801, you’re always going to be chasing a faster or better spec, no sense in passing up the best thing at the moment because something better MAY or may not come out

  • I sense a contest coming up soon! 😀

  • Xavier_NYC

    Can you please do a side by side comparison with the G2 just to see how much bigger it is..

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  • Ben

    If this is right then Verizon isnt using the two tone color front bezel like the international model has. I guess its nice they left the rear buttons alone this time which will give more case options but why do they always have to mess with a good thing and make it worse.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I did notice that. Idk for me the all black front seems better.

  • Brandon Bunker

    Am I the only one who hates the buttons on the back on the LG G2? Quickly try to hit the middle button but end up turning the volume down. -.-

    • maxx1987

      how else are they suppose to get a bezel that small?

    • NorCalGuy

      Y wouldn’t you just double tap the screen? Knock knock turns the phone on and off with out touching any buttons

    • LiterofCola

      Thiiiiissss, that’s the biggest eye-sore on this phone. Why the hell would you want to use buttons on the back to lock/control the volume on your phone.

      • WallBreaker

        its seems dumb but trust me its better i used the G2 for a month and with knock on I barley used it.

    • HarvesterX

      Because after using the device that way for a few days it starts to make sense that it’s the perfect location for them. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus I was worried as well and now I reach to the back of every phone I’m using even if it’s not a G2 or G3.

      It makes taking screenshots a breeze and of they weren’t on the back LG wouldn’t have been able to squeeze such a huge display on to a device only millimeters larger than the G2. Having the buttons on the back is also a blessing for left handed users and no matter how you’re holding the phone they are always within easy reach.

      Not bashing your opinion as everyone has different views and thirties nothing wrong with you preferring side buttons. I’m just saying that if you used a phone with back buttons for a period of time (longer than an in store trial) I think your opinion might change.

      The way that Verizon changed the size and shape of the keys turned many off though and I’m one of them. The non Verizon versions have much better buttons which are a lot easier to find and I hope Verizon learns from it’s mistakes.

      Knock on / off is also a great feature and not just a gimmick which. As improved a great deal since the last update. I can now knock off or on with a success rate of nearly 100%. At first before the update it was very picky.

      But that’s the beauty, of you don’t care for them and don’t want to grab one and five it a try for a month then you can always trade it back for a (M8) or your choice. I think so many people are just unused to the bottom placement having the power and volume buttons on the sides that it’s a huge change to grasp. It’s also a great help when finding ways of placing such huge screens on to very small form factors. Last I heard the G3 will only be a few millimeters larger in size than the G2 with a screen fairly larger.

      If I may ask, what experience have you had with the G2 to put you off to the rear buttons? Nor bashing you at all. On the contrary I was wondering if you had just seen it in photos online, played with one briefly in store, or own one. I ask because of you a owned a G2 for some time and still feel that way then I’d like to hear a written review from your point of view regarding the rear button placement namesakes that kind of inside argument against the design backed yup with real world examples would go a long way.

      The buttons on the G3 from what I’ve sermon are looking far superior to the G2’s which is a wonderful thing. I’m comping from a VS989 though so it wouldn’t take much there to impress me

  • Quick_Question

    Post left me confused. Do I have to sign up to see the live blog come Tuesday? Or is it just going to remind me about it?

  • Sean Elliott

    I’m sure you were possibly gonna do it anyway but can you get a nice side by side shot with the Nexus 5. Just wanna get a good size comparison! Thank you

    • Christy Robert

      You know what I’ve noticed about the Samsung haters on this site?

      • Sean Elliott

        Umm I don’t see how my comment is Samsung hating and I don’t hate Samsung but what?

      • LiterofCola

        You’re an idiot.

    • NorCalGuy

      Same really hoping the first Google Silver phone is based on this would be a nice upgrade from my N5

      • LiterofCola

        Yeah, as much as I’d like to buy this on day one….I’m holding out a bit and see if they hopefully release a Silver edition.

  • aQuickBit

    I’m really hoping that it has speakers somewhat comparable to my M7. If it does, I’m getting my first LG.

  • Kregstrong

    Anyone heard when we might be able to snag one? Didn’t know if there was a rumored day it was gonna actually come out or not. Hopefully they do like the m8 and release the Vzw one on same day

  • Rodeojones000

    Only thing that matters to me now is whether root and custom recovery is possible with the G3. Otherwise I’ll pass on this one.

    • The Narrator

      The G2 takes 3min, I guarantee it won’t change with this.

      • Rodeojones000

        Guess I should have been more specific. I’m a G2 owner, I know what it takes. I also know that the Loki exploit was patched with the KitKat update and in order to get a custom recovery on that version some very talented developers had to use some workarounds with parts from pervious G2 builds – something that won’t be available with the G3. If the bootloader exploit doesn’t work out of the box I wonder what it will take to get a custom recovery – if it’ll ever be possible. Many don’t consider it important nowadays, but the ability to root and get a custom recovery on a device is still priority number one for me.

        • flosserelli

          I didn’t know G2 custom recovery had become such an ordeal. If the G3 does not get custom recovery, that will be a dealbreaker for me.

        • NorCalGuy

          Really hope that they release a silver/nexus version soon

  • P Wilson

    The G3 better come with the 805 to drive that QHD resolution. The last gen 801 will be a lag daaaawwwwwwgggggggg.

    At least it is a nice design, unlike Samsung with those cheesy backs and ugly camera squares.

    • The Narrator

      You guys are idiots. Find something else to cry about.

      • Billy Bob

        OK, I cry every time I read one of you comments or see the lame gifs you post.

        Feel better?

        P.S. Posting a gif response signifies agreement with my comment.

        • Tee

          Man, who isn’t tired of those .gifs and memes? If I wanted to see captioned photos I’d have a Facebook account.

          The use of .gifs and such on these article comments is ridiculous. I’d block them. They really do nothing to further conversation.

          • DainLaguna

            Holy uncool internet commenter batman.

    • That ugly camera you’re speaking of is killing any phone camera out.

      • The Narrator

        Samsung isn’t that great. Not sure why they praise subpar cameras. Oh, it focuses fast!

        • We will never agree which is fine. But I have a $700 Nikon D5100 and my S4 (stock) takes just as good pics as that thing.

          • anon

            Then you are blind or a horrible photographer. No way a d5100 is on par with an S4.

          • Not blind and I don’t get paid to photograph things so I don’t put that much work into taking them. But fact is its better than any phone camera out and when the Note 4 is released it’ll continue that lead. You know what I’ve noticed about the Samsung haters on this site? You guys are all insults and ZERO facts. I should stop entertaining stupidity.

          • NorCalGuy

            Yes while in your viewfinder and on you cell screen they might be “even” but as soon as you go to blow up the cell pic it will start to distort as opposed to you camera which should not, as long as you a decent shot 😉

          • LiterofCola



      • P Wilson

        I was not complaining about the camera quality. I don’t like the way they always put a rectangle around it on the back plate. I prefer a circle surround. I’m superficial like that.

        • Eric R.

          Does it matter, when you take a photo it’s a rectangle

          • P Wilson

            Forget it.

    • LiterofCola

      I’m not a Samsung fan, but you guys do know that you can buy aftermarket backplates to replace the band-aid ones, right?

  • Ray

    Can’t wait the S4 is going right on swappa

  • anon

    Ill be there to help launch it. hope to see you there K

    • Guest


      • guest

        is what you are

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That backside does look pretty sweet…….hmmm.

    • MistaButters

      dat ass tho

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    And if I refuse?