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Friday App Sales: Gunship II, RAM Manager Pro, Weather Station, and More

Friday App Sales is a segment where we attempt to roundup all of the good app and game sales taking place on Google Play, which will hopefully allow you to get the most of your weekend.

This week lacks a bit of big titles, but there are still a few good productivity apps which should help you out. Let’s talk about a few of the apps up for grabs this week on Google Play. 

If you are somewhat obsessive over your current partner, then Couple Tracker might be the app for you. With this app, you can remotely track the GPS location of your loved ones, and even check their SMS and call history without needing to ask to see their phone. Hey, if they don’t have anything to hide, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. /s

As far as games go, Gunship II is available on sale for just $0.99. In this game, you command a helicopter during the Vietnam war. Run missions throughout the war, helping US troops battle the evil forces that inhabit the dense jungles. With rich 3D graphics, you should easily get your buck’s worth out of this one.

In addition, mobile gamers can grab Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy, Pirates! Showdown, and Mind Games Pro, all on sale through Google Play.

Check the full list below for the goods.

Friday app sales

Developers. They need you. Go support them.

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  • Blue Sun

    RAM Manager, seriously? For all those Froyo & Gingerbread devices out there?

  • WitnessG

    Has anyone used RAM Manager? My S3 is always using up a lot of ram and I was wondering if this actually works.

    • Nick

      You’re gonna do more harm than good…. Android doesn’t need it and does it’s own thing and very well. I had am S3 since the beginning and didn’t have any issues except with the gps. I switched to a Nexus 5 a week or two ago because I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and it was free…. So might as well upgrade

    • IrishSid

      Unused ram is wasted ram

      • WitnessG

        That’s true.

      • Big EZ

        Kinda. On my Droid X with 512 mb and Thunderbolt with 768 mb. They would both get really slow once the ram was down to 90 mb, start freezing at 70 mb free, and completely crash at 50 mb free. Once I changed to free ram settings to 110 mb free they ran great.

    • Anthony_Armando

      Android is designed to use most of the available RAM. This improves performance and battery life. You do NOT want to run a task/RAM manager. Just Google search something like “why not to use a ram manager with android” and you can get into the specific reasons why.

      Some general tips for anyone looking to improve Android performance:

      1. Solid state memory should not have more than 75% of its space used; it degrades read/write speeds. Google it.
      2. If rooted download something called SD Maid, it has a variety of tools which you can run periodically to free up space by clearing the cache, removing dead/unused files, and optimize databases. Pay version can have this stuff scheduled.
      2. if rooted and running any version of Android before 4.3 download an app called LagFix; this will mark delete data as actually being deleted and thus usable. Run it after deleting large amounts of stuff/periodically. Pay version can be scheduled.

      I still have my original Galaxy Nexus that I got on release day and it runs like a champ doing just those three things.