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Buy an HTC One (M8) at AT&T, Save $50 on FitBit One or Flex

Starting today, if you pick up a One (M8) from HTC at an AT&T retail location, you could walk away with either a FitBit One or FitBit Flex for $50 off of its suggested retail price. Apparently, AT&T is the only carrier to pre-install the FitBit app as bloatware on its version of the One (M8), a fact we were unaware of.

Without the $50 discount, both FitBit devices retail for $99, so bringing them to $49 sounds like quite the bargain. 

Here is an excerpt from the presser.

Starting Friday, May 23rd, AT&T customers can save $50 on a Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex with the purchase of a HTC One (M8). In addition to this offer being available exclusively to AT&T customers, AT&T is the only U.S. carrier with the Fitbit app pre-loaded on HTC One (M8). Fitbit achievements are integrated directly into the experiences of the HTC One (M8) with results displayed in HTC BlinkFeed™ and the Fitbit dashboard, which makes it quick and easy to check progress.

HTC One (M8) is available for zero down or no commitment, or $199.99 with a two-year agreement. With AT&T NextSM there is no down payment, no activation fee, no upgrade fee and no financing fee. The device comes in Gunmetal Gray and Glacial Silver.

Ready to get your fitness on? Head to AT&T to grab the deal.

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  • aQuickBit

    Bloatware for your phone that actually is useful. Keeps the bloat off of your belly. I’m ok if OEMs are trying to promote active lifestyles.

  • br_hermon

    So… requires a contract commitment? No full retail?

  • Alexander Anteneh

    might as well wait for moto 360 and lg’s smart watch

  • iwanttheg3

    How does this get me a LG G3 next week on Verizon?

  • Alec

    The fact that it’s bloatware is bue shiz. They are trying to compete with Samsung’s stupid s health crap.

  • jmevee

    the FitBit app came preloaded on my Rogers HTC ONE M8

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Only carrier deals that interest me is when the “And” = Something free.

  • Razor Nabu.

  • Nathan Borup

    Why did you post a picture of the fitbit force?

    • 213ninja

      how dare you question Droid Life??? somewhere someone wants to flame you right now.

      (but i was thinking the exact same thing)

      • Nathan Borup

        I’m not questioning Droid Life… just trying to help out 😉

        • 213ninja

          you definitely asked the author a direct question, but it’s cool because i was going to post the exact same thing. i was being maaaaad sarcastic, some people on here flame you as an ingrate if you question the author…and it’s never the author doing said flaming……..