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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and LG Flex Get Updates That Turn on VoLTE

T-Mobile just announced that they are turning on VoLTE in Seattle. To make sure that they have phones which can take advantage of the new Voice-over-LTE feature, they are issuing updates to both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G Flex.

The updates appear to be minor, with each only listing that they are flipping the switch on VoLTE for Seattle.

The G Flex’s new software version will be D95920m. The Galaxy Note 3 will be on N900TUVUDNE6 following the update. 

Via:  T-Mobile [2]
  • bee

    well t-mobile should be first cause they the only ones with wifi-calling anyway lol

  • Hudu

    For free!? Wow. I remember Apple charging $1.99 to turn on 802.11n on MacBooks after their release. Something about supposed accounting issues. I guess T-Mobile has better accountants.

  • BoozeRob

    Is this a software enabled feature? Wondering if the M8 will get it eventually.

  • Dave

    And T-Mobile blows their wad first.

  • ki11ak3nn

    So I’m guessing the G2 doesn’t have VoLTE support??

  • Paul Hansen

    Update through Kies if out of Seattle market. Update is 195 megs

  • Paul Hansen

    Just checked for the update on my note 3. No dice. Might be region specific push as i’m in Chicago.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • The Narrator

    I knew T-Mobile would pull through to be first, lol

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I think this is more of a “We’re First!” from TMOB being that it’s only one city. Fully expect At&t and VZW to blow past them before end of year.

      • The Narrator

        That was my point. Although, I don’t see Verizon speeding up, they just finally got around to announcing it

      • michael arazan

        Expect one new city every month over the next 3 years, with limited cities

      • valoh

        VoLTE has since rolled out to many of T-Mobile’s primary markets. In just browing the Note 3 forum over at XDA, it is confirmed in the following metro areas: Atlanta, San Diego, LA, Orange County, Denver, Seattle, Lansing, DFW, Phoenix, Boston, South Florida, Minneapolis/St. Paul, NYC (at least Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn) and Chicago. It looks like they are implementing it very quickly.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      What phone do you currently use? I have no idea what some of the daily commenters use.