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Motorola Responds to Moto 360 $249 Pricing

Yesterday, we noticed that Motorola, through a contest, had placed an approximate retail value on their upcoming smartwatch, the Moto 360. At $249, most of us considered the price to be quite consumer-friendly and had already begun shuffling cash aside for the minute Motorola told us we could buy one.

But is $249 an accurate price? Motorola took to Google+ to suggest that we should not consider $249 to be the suggested retail price, even though the number is the “approximate retail value.”

Here is the quote:

Thanks for your excitement around our Moto 360 Design Face-Off contest! We want to make clear that the “Approximate Retail Value” (ARV) indicated in our rules is included for tax purposes only and should not be interpreted as the suggested retail price of the Moto 360 when it becomes available for purchase.

I’ll just say this – when you hold a contest, you have to give an approximate value to your prize by law. You can’t just make up a random price, especially when you consider the fact that the price is listed for tax purposes. We mentioned this yesterday, but the price is certainly in the ballpark of where it will be at the time of launch. In other words, the Moto 360 could be slightly lower or higher when it hits retail shops.

Will it be $199? Maybe. Will it be $299? Maybe. Will it end up at $249. Potentially. Just keep in mind that Motorola isn’t going to give the Moto 360 a value of $249 if they do not plan on setting the suggested retail price with the vicinity.

For reference, in past contests involving Motorola devices, we saw ARVs for the DROID X and BIONIC at $569.99 and $589.99, respectively. The BIONIC ended up being $699 off-contract, which is completely ridiculous and outside of the norm. The DROID X was actually $569 off-contract when it launched.

How much would you pay at max, for the Moto 360?

Via:  +Michal Tajchert | reddit
  • jcorf

    I’ll pay $199 & no more

  • Steven Jaworski

    I would pay up to $300 for it… but at $300 I would be teetering on already having buyers remorse… and I find very few times does that feeling develop into a positive outcome. For example, I have a pair of Beat Wireless headphones that I won. They are amazing. But paying $279 rp? No thanks… but then again I once bought a pair of earbuds at an airport giftshop for $35 because I needed them. I think the Moto 360 would be a great addition to my Moto X… I would probably go for 250-300 max. $200 or less might make me suspicious that it was too good of a deal to be a good product.

  • Sean Bello

    I’d pay 325 max if it’s got full Google Now integration. I wouldn’t pay 350 because that’s just too much for me for a watch when I don’t really wear watches. It’d be more of an accessory than anything

  • jdon285

    I think 250 is reasonable that would be about what I would be willing to spend on it.

  • 147Keys

    I’ve certainly paid way more for watches that do way less! So I would definitely consider it at $249.

  • Joel Gautraud

    Man, thank God I was in no position to purchase a Bionic when it came out…

  • ckeegan

    I’ve been saying from the beginning, it’s going to be $360. People would pay it.

  • Vanquishgc

    I’d actually be just fine with $250. With the way it looks, plus what seems to be strong functionality, that number seems reasonable. I could see them going lower though, and if that’s the case, hey, that’s just bonus.

  • santy83

    Wild thought – We saw Moto x+1 page for $400 . They might bundle this with X+1 for 649 – 400 + 249 . Without bundle might end up being as high as 349

  • Jar

    I will get one on craigslist for under $150 when a fanboy makes a rash purchase!

    • needa

      unless they sell out and are in demand. i made a substantial profit on my nexus 4, once i realized three weeks later that it was a hunk of junk.

  • Marsg

    300 for sure, final answer

  • TheScientists

    $199…I’d consider it. $149…insta-buy.

  • as much as i wanna say more…you cant…its still a smartwatch despite the craftsmanship…you can get a tissot for around 500 and thats a nice swedish made watch…you really cant compare a smart watch and a hand crafted watch which is intricately built with many tiny parts…smart watch mass produced once they got the design down packed…yes make it high quality and beautiful like the images we’ve seen and its worth 300 bucks…but not more…it should be priced a little more then the other smartwatches(except samsung whos just insane)…u wanna feel u pay for quality(just not that much more)…been working for apple for years

    • needa

      sorry. pet peeve. it’s ‘down pat’.

  • 299 is fair but 249 be great

  • Pakmann2k

    Moto has been dropping some devices onto the market pretty recently with some cheap prices. I wouldn’t bet my money that this thing might not drop at $99 just to flood the market. Then they can sell faceplates (screens) for .99 and customizations that are only sold by Moto and people will pay into it. That’s would be a better strategy. IMO

    • Pakmann2k

      Think 1980s Swatches, not Rolex. People paid more money for bands and guards than they ever did for the watches.

    • Dustin Kear

      Won’t happen

  • Pakmann2k

    I don’t mind shelling out bucks for a nice watch and this is poised to be a pretty sharp looking watch. If I have to charge it daily though, no deal at any price.

  • John

    $249 could be the cost to manufacture the thing. The smaller the tech is, usually it costs more to produce requiring more engineering and development costs that needs to be amortized, plus its probably true the round face is more wasteful. It’s similar to how is it that a 7inch tab can only cost around $250 to $300 yet a phone will the same components cost $600 or so retail? Sure the tab may not have a radio, but that shouldn’t account for the huge cost differential.

  • Dan Churco

    $199 – Will Buy 100%
    $249 – Will Buy 60%
    $299 – Will Buy 20%

  • Cathrine Jhones

    I don’t think you could get this on a contract if it has no cellular radios. Unless they bundle it with a Moto X on contract somehow http://bit.ly/twsiu2x

  • John Davids

    $199 and down I am a player. Anything above that and you have lost me (and most of the general public).

  • Patrick Crumpler

    $249 and I can give it some leeway in not being fully baked on the software side. $300 and more and it better be perfect and get great reviews. Only a fifty dollar difference to be sure but it better work on multiple levels.

  • Willie D

    I think $250 is enough for a “watch” that is mooching off your devices connection anyway. Anything more better be SIM activated.

    • Big EZ

      Not many people would add a line to their plan for notifications on a watch.

      • seriously lol

        • Big EZ

          Yes, seriously. Most will have a hard enough time swallowing the $250-350 price of a smart watch. How many of them do you think would be willing to pay another $200+* a year just to get notifications.

          *$200+ is based on Verizon’s pricing, $10 for the line and over $7 in taxes and fees.

  • Swoops

    Three fiddy

  • jbdan

    ThreeHundredfortyNine it will be (I’d bet)

  • mcdonsco

    I vote for $199! Come on Moto!

  • epps720

    To me, the big question with these watches is how long will they last. Is the battery going to die after a years use or how quickly will the tech in it be outdated? Really hope there’s a way you can replace the battery in this watch, though it is unlikely.

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    $250 has always been the max I said I would pay on launch. Anything more and I will wait for a price drop. $200 is preferred, but $250 sounds about right. Plus, it would be nice if it is offered with free financing like the X was with moto credit.

    • kashtrey

      I believe the deal for moto credit is any purchase above 549 you have 18 months no down/interest. I believe you could technically just buy 549 worth of accessories and still be good. In addition, they have 12/6 month no interest plans that apply to any purchase amount based on credit.

  • T4rd

    I hope it is $250, just so it forces the Pebble steel down to $150 or so. Been wanting one, but not for $250.

  • MichaelFranz

    people are complaining about $250 for a smartwatch yet will pay hundred and even thousands for higher end watches that wont nearly do as much. The worst thing about this one is you have to charge it…

    In defense, i guess when you consider it a mobile device and not so much an everyday wearable, $250 is a lot more then a 2 year phone price. The average person would think that before they thing $250 watch vs $699 retail phone. Most people only think 2 year contract price when they think phone (average consumer). Us here think $250 might be to high. If the quality and specs meet expectation then i think $250 is probably very fairly priced.

    • scotch1337

      There is a huge difference between a hand made watch for several thousand dollars and a smart watch which will be replaced 3 years later because it isn’t supported

  • coolsilver

    AKA Promo price is really $199 but only for limited time for non-steel banded version. Steel band is $299

  • M3D1T8R

    I’m going to guess it will launch at $300, drop to $250 within a couple months. If I have the money I might buy it when it drops to around $200-$250 max depending on the final specs/features.

  • $350-$400 wanna bet..

  • Foramex

    I said it once and I’ll say it again…
    Moto 360, take my money!

  • shamatuu

    Thank god!. 249 is a big mistake. Make it 199 than it will sell like hot cakes.

    • I’m sure they wanna turn a profit not just sell at a loss or break even.

  • jim

    to much for to little , not worth 249 , doubt id go 150

  • Orion

    I figured that $249 price point would be too good to be true. The maximum I’m paying is $249. If it ends up being 299 or even more, I’m going to have to pass. But damn it’s too sexy that I might just get it anyway. We’ll see.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      So what you are saying is, if it is more than $249, you have to pass, but you will still get it anyway. Makes sense.

      • Orion

        Reading is fundamental.

        • Dustin Kear

          No bro that’s what you said

    • r0l

      I would call that undecided.

  • RoadsterHD1

    is there any video on how it looks and works?

    • cizzlen


  • d-rock

    $250 max…it’s a watch that does some things my $600 phone does already…convenience isn’t THAT valuable!

    • trixnkix637

      Or if you bought a Moto X it does what your $350 phone does already.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Depends on the battery life. 2-3 days $300. 7 days $400

  • Ray

    $300 is my max just because it will only be the newest one for less then a year

    • droidify

      Yep. All I can think of is the poor souls that dropped 250 on the original galaxy gear. You can’t give them away now.

  • Ian

    mmmmm Whiskey and a moto 360 🙂

  • LiterofCola

    200 max.

  • TSY87

    250 is a fair price, but that is assuming the device works well. I like the look of this watch but I probably wont jump on the first gen model. I’m done beta testing new tech stuff, not to say the following iterations will come out perfect, but it will have at least gone through most of its growing pains.

    • SamBoy

      As am I I love the looks for this but I refuse to buy it then they come out with the 360 max a week later

  • 80am

    Free on contact is my ceiling

    • 80am


    • I don’t think you could get this on a contract if it has no cellular radios. Unless they bundle it with a Moto X on contract somehow.

      • Ian

        Right, they did it with Galaxy Gear. However, it was far from free.

  • Guy Pierce

    I’d Pay $300 max!
    Edit: On second thought, the thing is so beautiful I might just pay whatever for it!

    • The Narrator


      • The Copycat


  • Maxim∑

    since they responded I assume its more expensive

    • Justin Foster

      Lol good point

    • Ian

      Or it could be lower and they don’t want people to be turned off by $249

    • WAldenIV


      • michael arazan

        I’ll bid $1 Drew

        I’t’s how much it’ll be worth after 2+ years anyway, like most mobile devices

    • Cael

      Of course when tax is added :3
      It’s gonna be $249.99 before tax. LBR. Then add tax and shipping = $300.

    • Miguel

      That’s probably the most I’ll pay (250.00) specially since this is going to be a year thing as phones are. Also it’s the first release of the product.

      • sluke

        No’one said it’s going to be a ” year thing” as phones are.

        Maybe it’s 2 years, or even 3.. it depends on if it lacks stuff or not.

  • The Narrator
    • supremekizzle

      Do you live on this site?

      • The Narrator

        It’s 10am, calm your tits brah

        • supremekizzle

          It’s actually 12pm. You know…. Timezones and all….(obligatorily) brah

          • The Narrator

            Good thing the world doesn’t share the same timezone.

          • Demazzi Design

            Why does he/she even care?? Some ppl need to pick up a hobby or something..

      • XboxOne

        Yeah he always commenting on Droid-Life.

        • Zoloft_User