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Apple Acknowledges iMessage Bug That Affects Android Converts, Issues Partial Fix

A serious iMessage bug that has plagued Android converts for years, is now finally getting the attention it deserves. Today, Apple said it has issued a server-side fix for an issue that causes people who switch from an iPhone to any other phone, to miss SMS messages. 

The problem has long stemmed from iMessage’s behavior associating cell phone numbers, numbers the messaging service uses to identify iPhones. When an iPhone user texts an iMessage to another iPhone, the process works as intended – the message is identified as an iMessage and is sent through Apple’s servers to the recipient.

However, should the user ever switch to a non-iPhone, iMessage doesn’t always disassociate the user’s phone number, meaning texts from other iPhones are misidentified as iMessages, then lost in server limbo.

Apple says the bug hasn’t quite been solved completely, though. The company states it is working on a device-level fix that will come in a future software update, but that some former iMessages users should be able to receive texts from iPhone users without issue now.

Luckily, the company has plenty of motivation.

Via: Engadget 
  • Jeffroid

    And they probably patented this bug, too.

  • bwash30

    Really no such bug and I switched from a 5c to a note 3 today is

    • NahSon

      It seems to be intermittent – so not everyone is affected by it, which in a large system is entirely plausible

  • Justin Tierney

    Its about time the aknowledge this! I had this issue about 3 months ago, when I switched temporarily from an iPhone for a week. They told me that it was something that can’t be fixed, that I need to tell EVERY iPhone user that texts me, to have “Send as Text Message” enabled. Unfortunately, with a group message, where everyone has an iPhone except me, it doesn’t work.


      they knew. They just refused to respond as they want people to come back to their walled garden..

  • C2Cab95

    It’s not a bug… You imbeciles are holding the phone incorrectly!

    • TopXKiller


  • WallBreaker

    I know several people that had this exact them happen to them. They had to actually call apple and be on the phone forever wasting precious time just to fix an issue that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      The easiest way to fix this (and granted, Apple SHOULD BE fixing it) was to have the sender disable iMessage, send you a text and then have them turn iMessage back on. Fixed every time for me.

  • Bloo

    Mobsters break your kneecaps when you do wrong by them… Apple breaks your SMS.

  • kali bred

    Lol I just had a lady come in today because of this issue and switched back to her iPhone from her s4 active

    • WallBreaker

      ExactlyActually the people filing the lawsuit said they felt they were forced to have to switch back to an iphone for this every reason.

      • TopXKiller

        What other choice do they have? Seems like a problem Apple is happy to sweep under the rug.

  • K

    It took a lawsuit to finally get Apple to issue a fix.

    • rawr

      Legalese is the only language they speak.

    • flosserelli

      Shocking, isn’t it.

    • NahSon

      Let’s be fair – Google has 3+ year old tickets sitting around their bug queue as well

      • Chris Cain

        Let’s be fair – Google’s 3+ year old tickets don’t include “gmail stops working if you switch to using an iPhone or Windows phone.”

        • NahSon

          Google had a ticket open for years that a particular link pattern would kill GChat on mobile. Only way to remedy that was to log onto a desktop and type enough stuff to make that link scroll past the viewable area. Maybe not as bad, but it affected plenty of users

  • flosserelli

    Apple has never been in a rush to make it easy for users to change platforms, especially to android. They may promise a fix in a “future update”, but who knows when that will actually happen.

    • rawr

      Apparently changing your iTunes password and not updating it in iMessage can fix it too.

      Of course, I have never had iMessage and iTunes so Apple can’t steal my messages.

      • Maxim∑

        Apple loves to steal your messages, because thats how Apple makes money. Advertising right? yeah

        • pappy53

          Google steals more from you than Apple ever will.

          • Aaron

            But I am ok with this.

      • DanSan

        what ive seen, and its not scientific nor may it work for everyone but for people who I know are switching I have them disassociate their number with iMessage on their phone, turn it off and change the password.

        Seems to cover all bases.

        • jpxa

          Sucks but this will resolve in all cases.
          1: if you have the old phone, turn off imessage.
          2: login to supportprofile.apple.com, delete your previous ios device, remove your associated phone number from appleid.apple.com, change apple ID password.
          3: Send text to 48369 to revoke your imessage certificate.

          • Steven Jaworski

            I work for VZW Tech Support, and ^ that barely ever works. Just call Apple Care. They’ll charge you $29 just to talk to them, unless you actually have an Apple Care Warranty…but they can revoke the iMessage Token for you successfully.

          • jpxa

            I grade the calls you take… lol yes. it does work and that’s what you should do. Why would you suggest a consumer pay apple 29 bucks for a consultation when you have the ability to revoke the certificate yourself. This is why you probably get failing scores. lol

    • michael arazan

      I’m surprised Apple hasn’t figured out away to charge people to leave the Apple ecosphere,

  • Guy Pierce

    Apple: It’s not a bug, we don’t have those. This is in fact a new feature we are adding that revolutionizes the industry.

    • Guest

      O_O Steve Jobs, is that you?

      • Franco Colomba

        I just came here for the comments LOL

    • bogy25

      man I ate apple, aghem, I mean hate apple