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LG Allegedly Confirms G3 Specs at Secret Event in South Korea

LG G3 Specs

Regarding the G3, LG has dropped all pretenses of secrecy. Korean forum users report that during an event at a South Korea-based retailer, the smartphone manufacturer revealed the highly anticipated flagship’s specifications in full. 

LG reiterated details about the G3’s display, like its 5.5-inch footprint and impressive Quad HD (1440 x 2560) resolution, but the company said the increased size does not come at the expense of a much larger device. Instead, its dimensions measure 145.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm, which is mere millimeters taller and wider than its predecessor (the G2 was 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm).  That’s partly thanks to a shrink in bezel length from 2.65mm to 1.15mm.

As predicted, the G3 packs a number of improvements on the camera front. The 13 MP camera has OIS+ technology, just like LG’s G Pro 2, plus an integrated laser beam will assist with autofocus, speeding up camera focus considerably.

Somewhat disappointingly, a Snapdragon 801 processor will power the G3 instead of an 805, but the smartphone will sport 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 3000 mAh battery which is a bit of consolation.

All in all, the G3 is shaping up to be a blockbuster phone. I may have written it a hundred different ways this month, but May 27 really can’t come soon enough.

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Via: Clien [2] | Seeko
  • Razball

    Don’t know if you guys remember in the battery size the g2 Korea had a 2609 removeable and 3000 us so we could be looking at a 3200-3400 area non-removeable

  • Jay

    HMMMZ… Looks like they toned it down a bit on the battery capacity. boo! but everything else is awesome

  • RXG9

    Droid life why are you not mentioning that the battery is removable

  • Db0y505

    Damn… This one was a let down. Maybe if it has a micro SD card slot would I consider it. But even then I’m more than likely just keeping my S4.

  • Dave

    I’d have to hold off and see what a Note 4 has in store before I bought this. Even with TW and likely plastic.

  • Reaserched

    CPU 2.36-2.45 GHz quad core Krait 400
    CPU 578 Adreno 330
    Memory 933 MHz (14.9GB/s)

    CPU 2.7 GHz quad core Krait 450
    GPU 718 MHz
    Memory 2x 800/933MHz (25.6-30GB/s)

    So why wouldn’t I want the 805? Also the 805 was built with 1080+ resolution in mind. It was built for improved thermal management which also leads to better energy efficiency. So while you may not notice a speed difference anyways between them the added benifits still justify wanting the upgraded 805. Also with the 805 it supports up to 55mp over the previous versions 21 mp, also it will have the first 1 giga-pixel per second. Yes were not going to get anything in 55 mp from the phone I know but this gives more advanced post-processing. And also lets not forget the 805 also has CAT 6 not Cat 4 modem which doubles the speed from 150mbps to 300mbps. 805 also comes with HEVC which offers better battery life during video consumption.

    So were all still crazy for wanting the 805?

  • Jprime

    I got my moto x (for free on an upgrade) early in April. I was nervous I should have waited. I’m glad I didn’t. I still think this phone looks great, but it doesn’t make me regret my decision.

  • Guy Pierce

    It could just be the South Korean version getting the 801 the US version may still be getting the 805. Just chill until we have final/actual/real/stated/press event specs.

  • grayson360

    🙁 this makes me so sad. I have the G2 and was really hoping for an upgrade, not a tweak. I was hoping for the 805 and a smaller bezel. The bezel looks the same size, or actually a bit larger than the G2.

  • jvader2012

    the short answer or long answer

  • koreans are so tiny…why do they make such large phones…..jp…

  • moto x

  • Nw_adventure

    USB 2.0 ? No beuno –

    • Jon

      Says the one guy who still apparently plugs his phone into his PC to transfer files.

      • Nw_adventure

        Same guy also says- It’s nice to NOT have to wait until the year 2050 for a 3000mah battery to accept a full charge- Move on tool-box.

  • Dave
  • jvader2012

    will anyone buy me. i have tatoo that says 805

    • Suman Gandham

      Pics? It depends how thin your bezels are, tbh.

  • Frankiie

    This bad, I was expecting a better soc, and camera

    • jvader2012

      explain this to us

  • G3_PRIME

    metallic black
    silk white


    brushed plastic
    home-appliance-alike plastic
    90s plastic

    • jvader2012

      wow like everybody likes that seems samsung can do no wrong. wierd, like your translation but it seems off

  • Blue Sun

    Kyle, In your update: “Also, the G2 will launch in metallic black, silk white, gold.” G2 should be G3, correct?

  • Korean version of LG G2 also have removable battery (although smaller at 2610mAh) and micro SD slot: http://www.amazon.com/LG-G2-Snapdragon-Unlocked-Smartphone/dp/B00FP4W9S2
    So I think that same can happen with G3, sadly…

  • maxx1987

    hope they’ve found a way to provide equal battery life to the g2

  • d-rock

    Also remember that the G2 in Korea had a removeable battery and SD slot…so any specs we see on their variant regarding those, doesn’t mean we’ll get it too.

  • d-rock

    “Also, the G2 will launch in metallic black, silk white, gold.” G3 you mean!

  • annaarron

    Looks so much like the OnePlus One specs list see this http://goo.gl/bSvcXH

  • Chris Lee

    Any news on what Digital to Analog (DAC) converter this device will have? LG G2 had Wolfson M5110 which sounded very clear.

  • jvader2012

    please upvote me i want to beat Geoff j. OR downvote me what ever floats yourboat

  • Matt G

    Wow peoples mood about this phone sure changed pretty quick

    • jvader2012

      yes way too high expectations. just sit and watch the trainwreck have fun with it like me.

    • joe23521

      Tell me about it. Love turned to hate almost immediately here.

    • Jon

      Not at all I think. Just a few naysayers that were never going to buy the G3 anyway. I’m still going to get the G3 on day one. I’ve seen the G2 perform and highly regretted getting my S4 and then Note 3 instead of going with the G2. S4 had crappy battery life. Note 3 has great battery life but the damn phone is just too freaking big.

      I’m buying the G3 site unseen if that’s what it comes down to. But I suspect there will be plenty of reviews and hands on before I can get this thing on T-Mobile.

  • Danmheadache

    Kellen, you don’t need the help from Android police for the “update”
    You need a Korean translator!! the picture on top says the battery is removable,
    the color, and the front camera 🙂

  • abhele

    No phone every year will be perfect 🙁 was hoping for 805 at least

    • Me

      Exactly and people wonder why Samsung is king of Android. These other OEM’s just seem to shoot themselves in the foot whenever they get a chance to make some noise or build on a successful device.

      • jvader2012

        I must have missed this ceremony where they crowned them. My bad guys send me the link so I can Hail to my OVERLORD

        • Me

          -_______- Good one sparky

    • jvader2012

      amen brother

  • Me

    Really don’t see how this is an improvement over the G2. Might as well be the G2.5 :

    • Jon

      So all things being the same…it’s the 805 processor that makes you say that? What about Quad HD, screen tech that is more than just higher resolution improvement, removable battery, SD card slot, improved processor, improved styling, improved UI, improved camera with laser focus assist. None of that allows you to see an improvement? I don’t know what else they could have thrown in this phone other than an 805 processor to make it any more of an “improvement.”

      • Me

        Outside of screen,styling, camera, and removable battery, I really don’t see the need for an “upgrade”. Especially when more than likely the G2 will be receiving the improved UI in a couple months. Also the SD card slot hasn’t been announced yet so I’ll leave that one out. It’s also the fact that this phone is releasing right around the 2 “prime” flagships doesn’t help either.

        • Jon

          I don’t know what’s left to improve in a phone other than screen, styling, camera, and battery!

          OK so LG officially unveiled the phone covers with the open circle on the front. Those are replacement covers attaching to the back, meaning this phone is confirmed for removable back. There are leaked photos of removable back (now confirmed) that show a removable SD card slot underneath, as well as a removable battery. So those are practically confirmed specs at this point.

          The 2 Prime flagships are RUMORED only and probably no where near shipping yet. I’m sure we will see the Note 4 before we see a Prime S5.

          The G3 will be available likely to all within 30 days if not much sooner.

          And what exactly do you get out of the PRIME phones? They are RUMORED to have basically the same specs you can get in a few weeks with the G3. So why wait for a “PRIME” phone when you can get one in a few weeks?

          I get it if you don’t feel the G3 a worthy upgrade, but I don’t get that you would feel a RUMORED and unsubstantiated phone coming months away with basically the same specs as G3, would somehow be worth it while the G3 is not.

          • Me

            Im not reading this whole thing so enjoy your G3 my friend 🙂

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    If you’re on VZW and disappointed by this, get the LG G2 instead (for free now with 2 yr. activation), sell it on swappa and buy yourself the phone you want later for a much better markdown.

  • Me

    Moto X+1 come through for me or I’ll just ride w/ my N4 for the rest of the year :

    • rawr

      If a normal company doesn’t put the 805 in their flagship, why would budget brand Motorola?

      • Me

        I’m not a big spec guy myself but I like Moto’s build and their user experience. Plus I don’t like to do contracts and they’re no phones right now that would make me want to sign one. I thought the G3 would do it but this news is a lil disappointing.

  • John

    LG G3 Prime it is! Can’t imagine there won’t be a Prime version when everyone else is doing it.

    • jvader2012

      hey never say never.