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Gold Galaxy S5 Coming to All Carriers May 30, Not Just T-Mobile

Earlier today, Samsung put out a press release for all of the “tastemakers” out there. If you tastemakers were jealous that T-Mobile was the only one getting the Band-Aid Gold Galaxy S5, today is your lucky day. Samsung announced the new colorway will be available to more people on more carriers around the globe.

On May 30, T-Mobile will not be the exclusive carrier to offer the phone. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon (through select indirect retailers), and even U.S. Cellular will be offering up the Gold Galaxy S5 option for its customers. 

Other than the new color of the backplate, this is the same device that we reviewed a few weeks back. However, Samsung was quick to point out that Father’s day is coming up, and this would be the perfect gift to help add a little “swagger to his wardrobe.”

Would you ever enhance your or someone you love’s wardrobe with this new Galaxy S5 color?

Via: Samsung
  • nina

    needs a bedazzled back cover, and that guy needs a flannel shirt.


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  • thunder_jayhawk35

    I’m sorry but…..T-mobile sucks!!! I live in panama city florida and I kid you not..had FULL bars 4G….and couldn’t download a damn picture….oh and don’t get me started on the wireless calling gimmick that unknowingly blocks signal to towers so texts and pics can’t be received or sent lmao I left verizon because they were expensive but at least the signal was CRACKTASTICLY phenomenal

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Why are you sorry?

  • Jprime

    Why does he carry his phone like that if he can just check his watch?

  • 213ninja

    if the prime is coming stateside any time soon, this delayed release of a specific color option seems pretty dumb…

  • moew

    Looks like a BMW 2002 model in the pic, which was produced in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s. Yeah, I owned about a dozen of them over time.

  • trwb

    Why is the lead singer for Smash Mouth holding a gold s5?

  • HarvesterX

    Hahahahahahahaaa… Laughing more at the picture above over the watch but there may be some laughs directed that way too 😉

    I love the guy with sleeved arms left and right with a tie on. There is not a company 50 miles around from where I live that would have fired hired him. I know from experience and feel rather sad about that fact, but at least that picture shows us what audience they are targeting there.

    • LiterofCola

      Congrats for living in the middle of nowhere.

    • ThunderJayHawk35

      yea the T-Mobile and Verizon store around me have employees with full sleeves. and they’re both their respective store’s top salesman….don’t assume what you don’t know

  • jer85008

    I don’t always make comments on designs since they are entirely based on my own opinions, but when I do – I prefer to say the gold GS5 in this pic is the most hideous looking phone I’ve seen in a LONG time.

  • peter
  • hustor

    Here in saudi they sell both gold and blue 32 gb phones. The plus really looks nice

    • hustor

      I meant the blue not plus


    That guy has tattoos. He must have stolen the phone


  • jeff manning

    From the photo, it must be the hipster phone

  • JOhn

    A reminder of how to get yourself demoted

  • Matt G

    Good I have been looking for a new band aid brand

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Looks like Band-Aid is up next to sue….

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Blue would have been better

  • Looks like I will be scrapping my white S5 and getting the Gold one.

  • jvader2012

    BAller time

  • Thomas

    Who cares about another color, when is the 32GB model coming ??????

    • Eric R.



      Samsung is sacking google dick. 16 GB only so you can use Google drive

      • WallBreaker

        um its called an sd card.

  • OnlyNexus

    Nothing women love more than a guy with a gold phone :/

    • jvader2012

      true that


      I figured it was abs, money or a fancy job

  • chris kilps

    why don’t they just sell the back separately and every one can be happy?

    • Ray

      ebay has them

      • jvader2012

        no way. thats well you know im going to say…..

  • The Narrator

    Now everybody can patch up their wounds from being an early adopter.