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Contest: Toast Wood Covers Now Available for Galaxy S5, We Have Two to Give Away

Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - Header

Wood fiends who own a Galaxy S5 can finally get their fix, thanks to the latest release from Portland, OR-based company, Toast. We have talked about this company plenty of times (and have held giveaways), posted up a complete inside look into their factory here in Portland, and just yesterday, they released their newest creation – hand-made wood covers for Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5. 

The wood covers start at $29 for plain back covers, but potential buyers can choose to be creative if they want. Toast allows for custom text branding to be burnt into the wood, plus they offer a variety of different materials for your cover to be made out of. Toast currently offers the Galaxy S5 cover in Walnut, Ebony, Bamboo, and White-washed Ash.

After applying the cover to my Galaxy S5, you can rest assured that all functionality of the device remains intact. While the fingerprint scanner took a bit of work to get going, it does work. All sensors are still exposed, and of course, they left the heart rate monitor intact for all of you health nuts.

Fan of wood? Who isn’t? You can buy one by following the link below, or better yet, enter for your chance to win one for completely free. Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Buy. (Covers start at $29)

Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 2 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 3 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 4 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 5

Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 6 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 7 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 8 Galaxy S5 Toast Cover - 9



One of two ( 1x Ebony and 1x Walnut) Galaxy S5 wood covers from Toast.

How to enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our two winners will be selected randomly tomorrow morning (May 22) at 10am PST.

  • blkghost

    were the winners listed?

  • blkghost22

    and the winners?
    when will they be announced?

  • MichaelFranz

    Who won??

  • Iskandar

    Lets Do This!

  • James Thomas

    Very nice…

  • disqus_1pTx3Q7IAC

    I wouid love an ebony one for my S5!

  • dirtytofu00


  • Mike Story

    The Ebony cover would look awesome

  • boardindude

    Definitely Ebony, looks aweome!

  • jdon285

    These covers are sweet and feel really nice in your hand. However getting them off cleanly is quite a challenge!

  • Huy Bui

    The Ebony is nice.

  • Contest: Toast Wood Covers Now Available for Galaxy S5. Front covers as well.

    Leave a comment to enter. 3 up for the grabs. Includes the front covers as well.

    Ash, Walnut and Bamboo.

    Will announce winners 5/23 @ 2PM EST

    Visit idle0095.com

  • Naibas

    I entered, but I don’t know why I entered. I don’t have an S5, but my wife does, but i’m not sure she would use a wood case, but I entered any way bc I just can’t help myself.

  • DanThompson87

    wow that case looks amazing

  • Larry Anderson

    I would be happy to get any of these! They look great!

  • walnut

  • DeAnna Sowder

    I think the ebony case would better suit me. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Joey

    That looks awesome!

  • @rrie

    i don’t have an s5 but i’ll try for no reason at all

  • kazulk

    me please!

  • David Nguyen

    Man… I don’t know why Toast won’t make one for the Note 3. I even ask their facebook page to of why they won’t. They mentioned that it was too hard because of the backing of the Note 3 comes off. What about the S5?? What’s your excuse? You guys would make tons of money with making one for the Note 3 too..

  • Ben

    This would be great for my wife’s gs5!

  • Eric Cuellar


  • Li lei

    Hope I get one. Would be bad ass to show off to friends with s5.

  • KT

    Sweeet! ebony!

  • Randy McCamman

    Ebony would be beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Connell


  • JP

    My comment is hard…like wood.