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Complete 360 Degree Render of HTC M8 “Prime” Leaked

htc logo 18k gold

This morning, a small portion of what now appears to be a full 360 degree render hit the web, which was reported to show off the backside and Duo Camera layout of the rumored M8 “Prime” from HTC. Now, @evleaks is at it again, this time posting the full circling render of the device. 

As we can see, this could be quite the premium device. It clearly features BoomSound speakers, a power button on the side of the device instead of the top, front-facing shooter, sensors right above the display, black bar across the front with the HTC logo, un-flush Duo Camera on the back, dual flash, and an overall sleek Black and Silver color combo.

Of course, if more information shows up, we will post it up.



Via: @evleaks
  • Noel

    I have to start by stressing my love for HTC, but seriously guys…I have a serious issue with HTCs affinity to pronounced bezels. Looking at the render of the One M8 Prime…why Do I see such bezels after all the rants from multiple sectors decrying the huge bezels of the One M8. Why couldn’t they just put the BoomSound style speakers of the Desire 816 with minimal bezels. Yes the internals sound great…but the look is just as important and seeing how LG is slashing bezels to give an almost all screen face, u will think HTC will take notice.

  • mikeym0p

    This looks awesome, however it seems like it’s going to be way to big. Like more then 5.5″ big. The buttons on the side however are a welcome addition.

  • abhi098


  • mooretammyr

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  • lonestaroc

    that’s a Samsung sized mess.. ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoeTi

    She’s pretty. Still, this like the Samsung G5 prime seems just like a delayed response to the LG3. Good move LG. You might just get my money for the next upgrade.

  • I don’t understand why they want that much bezels for just a logo…. they should put it on top of the speakers or something that would make me drop my note 3 and go out and get this…

  • David Li

    That looks huge but I am still excited to see it’s release.

  • Daniel Walsh

    Looks the same with the useless bezels, fail

  • So they fixed the bottom bezel by adding a top bezel??

  • Artem Pervenyonok

    OMG! Side power button!! Can’t believe HTC did it!

  • dizel123

    looks pretty slick except for the evleaks logo. Not sure why HTC would put that on there

  • JoshHenry

    It looks like they’re going to release it in October for Halloween.

  • jvader2012

    its like the same thing as M8, with highlights. Dont know why people are not liking this, jeez. People have some super duper high expectations, next everyone is going to complain it cant decrypt china’s security becuase its not running the latest cpu A57^5 /A61^5. Its just a phone not IBMS Watson. and its just a phone. Just saying

  • this isnt prime…its a stem backwards in terms of design…looks like a cheap HTC knockoff

  • WallBreaker

    Oh boy…. I thought Prime was to suggest Premium with top of the line looks and specs…if this is What OEM’s are calling Prime I might be worried…

    Google’s Android Silver couldn’t come soon enough.

  • M3D1T8R

    Looks pretty good. But what’s with that apparent headphone jack at the top? And hopefully it’s still got SD slot, on the left side. Still, 5.5″ devices are a little big to my liking.

  • shamatuu

    i have to see this person before i buy it bit so far those bezels and that black bar at the button are such a turn off. Why do we need two logos front and back?. like really get rid of the front logo and move the circuits around to the back HTC!. The engineers at HTC are lazy and slacking off and not putting in 110% of work. I’m willing to learn on design if i have to.

    • M3D1T8R

      I’d be happy with 100%, since 110% is impossible.

  • greyhulk

    This can’t be real. HTC would never move the power button to the side. It’s inconceivable!

  • Cael


  • Bigwavedave25

    Wow, so the evleaks dude made a quick cad model of the leaked info?? That’s kind of impressive, just to get your logo on there. He did miss a few HTC signature details… power button /IR goes at the top man.

  • TheWenger

    Un-flush == “proud”. Use that word if you want to sound smart 😉


    it looks ok. lets wait till the final product comes out before passing any jugement

  • confused

    so they took a step back…..what

  • gambit07

    Haha, I’m having deja vu with these leaks