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Chrome for Android Sees Update to v35, Includes Undo Button and Chromecast Support

Back in April, Chrome Beta for Android received an update that introduced what has become one of my favorite features in the mobile browser – an undo button for closed tabs. That feature has finally made its way to Chrome stable, thanks to build 35.0.1916.122 that is rolling out today. Now, when you accidentally close a tab or close one before realizing that you need back into it, you can do so with a pop-up undo button.

The update also brings fullscreen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls, support for some multi-window devices, and support for casting “some” videos with Chromecast.

Grab it on Google Play. 

Play Link

  • EC8CH

    The new tab page loads crazy fast for me now too. Seems to be a bit snappier in other areas as well.

  • mooretammyr

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  • mmoreimi

    Any example site to try Chromecast on?

    • michael arazan


    • Find one yet?… try ESPN

  • Albert

    Apk please

  • jam12

    when are they going to make chrome 64bit for the desktop ?

  • Kyle Coppess

    Why isn’t the undo button on desktop Chrome?

    • rfranken


      • Eric R.

        They should have made it z instead of t

        • T4rd

          Ctrl+Shift+T works is pretty much the universal standard that works in all browsers.

          • Kyle Coppess

            Thanks guys.

    • michael arazan

      Right click an open tab, and select reopen closed tab, will work on any open tab, you can also reopen closed windows as well in chrome