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5 Fresh Icon Packs: Ivory, Voxel, Luna, Banded, and Black Moonshine

It has been almost a month since we last gave you a handful of fresh icon packs to get busy with, so here are another five. You do need new packs to check out, right? In the Android customization game, a true pro never stays still for too long. A home screen change-up is necessary on an almost-weekly basis. OK, that might be overkill, but the icon addicts in the building know exactly what I am talking about.

In this month’s batch, we have some with long shadows (the trend still lives!), oneย with a round and colorful palette, another that is dark and simple, and others that are their own category.

Here they are, five fresh new icon packs to check out.ย 

ivory icons1


As you can see from the images above, Ivory does indeed include the popular long-shadow styling of so many icon packs before it. But I really like Ivory because of the combination of its white (or is it ivory?) base and colorful icon identifier. The white icons pop on almost any background, especially those muted with something like Muzei. There are over 1,700 icons in total, a handful of HD wallpapers to match the pack, and an icon mask that helps with icons that need theming on the fly.

Ivory supports all of your favorite launchers, has a well-built dashboard-like app for applying wallpapers or full themes, and lets you request missing icons.

Play Link ($1.99)



Voxel is another icon pack that shows love to the long-shadow, but its strong colors, simple white icon identifiers, and perfectly square styling makes it ideal for almost any setup. There are almost 700 icons in total, 11 HD wallpapers, and support for all of your favorite launchers.

Did I mention that it’s free?

Play Link



Moving out of the long-shadow realm, we have Luna, an extremely colorful set of round icons that all have a subtle glow. As the developer mentions, you won’t have any trouble finding an icon. The icons are also given a bitย of dimension, thanks to a lower bezel.

With almost 900 icons and five HD wallpapers, plus icon requests, you are looking at another icon pack worth exploring. As you can see from the image above, that glow goes beautifully with darker, softened photos. All of your favorite launchers are supported.

Play Link ($2.02)


Banded Dark

Banded comes to us from Alex Miller, the man behind other popular icon packs like Influx, which we have featured in the past. I really like Banded because of its simplicity. There aren’t complex colors or shadows or depth, it’s a simple dark icon identifier with a rounded square. They work beautifully on any light wallpaper or could give you a mysterious look if you kept it semi-dark.

The icon set comes with a dashboard app, custom HD wallpapers, Muzei and major launcher support, and a custom analog clock widget.

Play Linkย ($1.99)

black moonshine

Black Moonshine

The final icon pack on our list is called Black Moonshine. It’s different, that’s for sure. It’s colorful, yet plenty dark. There are shadows with some icons, but not with others. The icon set is actually based off an upcoming rumored Android icon overhaul which has reportedly been dubbed “Moonshine.” In other words, these are a take on what could be the next set of official icons, only they have a much darker tone to them.

There are over 500 custom designed “Moonshine” icons, multiple color options of individual icons, 56 custom HD wallpapers, a custom designed clock widget, an icon requester, and more.

Play Link ($1.00)

  • Antoine

    Discovered this icon pack today. It.Is.Great!


    Had a couple of icons that needed to be modded, requested them through the app, he responded almost instantly and created the icons for me.

    His name is Ralph, he’s very nice, if you want an icon pack just get this one.

    This is the free version, if you like it, consider the paid one that has so much more icons.

  • Sean

    This One ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sean

    Please!!!! Someone help me find this clock!!!!

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    For the ivory icon pack.. How do I set up my phone like that? I know how to get the pack but everything else.. Clock, wallpaper, etc.

  • Brian

    moonshine, middle picture. Where can i get that clock widget?

  • HarvesterX

    Just app drawer with Moonshine icons. Homepage is empty.

  • HarvesterX

    Just installed the Moonshine icon pack and it looks sweet. Sweet and free ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Off topic : I REALLY wish web developers would ditch pushing mobile version of sites by default. No let me point the finger in the right direction. Google Chrome REALLY need to give us an option to set our default user agent to whatever we’d prefer. Reason being is that desktop pages load much more quickly and also avoid the annoying ads pushed in mobile user’s faces and how pages render without jumping around as much when loading non mobile layouts. Every other browser worth anything has this feature why not [email protected] Chrome?

  • HarvesterX

    At first I was worried all these packs were going to be square icons which I’m getting sick of seeing. I’ve never cared for them though so may be a bit biased. I like the luna icon set but for icon sets that are all rounded or squared, ALL apps better have an icon or else your app drawer is gonna look odd.

    The icon pack GEL is great (also in the Play Store) because even though they are all rounded icons, it covers EVERYTHING. Well everything I could throw at it including Popcorn Time and Show Box, both of which aren’t even in the Play Store. It even covers the “Hibernate Now” shortcut from Greenify.

    Moonshine looks pretty cool too. I could find a use for each.. Cool stuff.. Thanks!

  • Raven

    I do not like uniform round or squared backgrounds on my icons and I like them dark. Black Moonshine is one of the few icon sets mentioned on here that I think I might just go buy and actually use. Please keep coming with more like it.

    • HarvesterX

      Same here I rarely like uniform designed icons. If they manage to have EVERY app icon that I use themed then I might use it, and only a small handful ever have everything I need themed.

      I went with Moonshine as well and here’s the best part… Moonshine is free unlike the others. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Patmw123

    My favorite pack is still Flatee.

  • GJV

    Voxel looks like a slightly flatter clone of Nox, with the shadows going to the left instead of the right. But at least it’s free. FREE!

  • mooretammyr

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  • Marko ล aric

    Google JFK icons since day one. (By cake bomb)

    • etchings13

      Where can I find those?

  • Guest


  • Guest
  • Guest


  • If anyone’s tired with the same old combination of bright colored background and long shadow, I do have something new. Check out Lumino Square HD.


  • Andrew Figueroa

    How is the lock screen set up in the top picture?

  • Brian

    Can anyone recommend a good icon set that’s similar to the ones Google used in their old Glass teaser? Flatcons White(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arandompackage.flatconswhite) are pretty good, actually very similar, but I was hoping for something more transparent if there’s a set out there.

  • Guest

    Moonshine is a great icon pack t0o, unfortunately its a new icon pack and doesn’t have very many icons yet.

  • Paul Schinider

    Nice themes & Icon but it is paid ๐Ÿ™ when it good free to use everyone …… !!! http://bit.ly/1oP24ZH

  • Trooper

    So many other good packs have been missed here.

  • Inspector Butters

    am i the only cheapass that loves new icon packs, but only use free ones?

    • Brian

      My credit from the Google Rewards app pretty much only goes to icons.

  • Black Moonshine

  • LivingInKaos

    Nice and all, but I love me some Grey Patches -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jayrod.greypatches

  • Al-Burrit0

    Lumos imo is still the best. All I really have to change is the clock widgets and wallpapers to refresh my screen.

    • I’ve gone around and around through several packs, but for some reason I always come back to Click UI.

      • Al-Burrit0

        Click UI is really nice too but I just prefer the squarish icon’s over the circular. Another pack that I’m thinking of purchasing w/ circular icons is velur.

        • Another great one. Squares are good too, as long as they have rounded edges e.g. Domo

  • Rodeojones000

    FYI… Banded also comes in a white version.

    • rodney11ride

      post wallpaper?

      • Rodeojones000

        I’d love to, but it’s a part of another icon pack – called Tondo – and there’s no download option. It’s from the free version though, so just search the Play Store for Tondo and have at it.

        • Dustin Kear


    • LiterofCola


    • Abhay

      i want that small circle icon button?

      link please

    • Allen Byrd

      This is beautiful.
      My new home screen:


      • HarvesterX

        Your navigation buttons at the bottom are awesome… I love em. As much as I hate the wallpaper though (he’s not my favorite in the world lol) those icons look great on it.

        • Allen Byrd

          Heh, thanks. Praise Cage. :] http://www.reddit.com/r/onetruegod
          I’ve also been using a bunch of the darker wallpapers from Domo by Kovdev and it looks incredible.

          • HarvesterX

            I’m a bit troubled here. I checked out the link above and for some reason I’m not on that list…


    • Dustin Kear

      How do you get your homepage setup like that? Is it zooper? I tried it but can’t get the icons to “clump” together like that

      • Rodeojones000

        I use Nova Launcher and change the desktop grid to 7×7.

        • Dustin Kear

          Thanks for the help. Rocking the Moonshine icons

    • HarvesterX

      In case anyone has issued finding it lol, it’s called “Banded Icons DEMO” by the same developer. If you’re interested in the Banded Dark set featured here but can’t pay the dollar or two it costs them this one may be suited more towards ya since it’s free.

    • Andrew Figueroa

      how is that lockscreen even set up? widgetlocker?

      • Rodeojones000

        Not a lockscreen. It’s my homescreen.

        • Andrew Figueroa

          Yeah I totally missed the onscreen buttons, I’ve just seen a lot of posts with that setup and I have no clue how ppl are doing it?

  • Mark Snider

    Digging the ivory pack, just installed it.

  • Daniel

    What app do you use to get your clock to look that way?

  • Scott Capodice

    Luxx Icons are still my fav pack

  • Suman Gandham

    Urgh, long shadows… [donotwant.jpg]

  • John Clausen

    Oooooo, those Black Moonshine are gorgeous. First pack to make me want to switch from Domo.

  • Scott H

    Since no one else has asked yet, what’s the clock widget in the top picture?

    • Detonation

      Seems like a pain in the ass to even read…but I suppose if you’re going for form over function

    • ^This.
      It looks awesome

    • Fahad Beg

      its called zooper by beard. zooper widget

  • Alex Boro

    Going to give luna a try

  • jbdan

    Thanks for these. I use the free ‘regular moonshine’ icons in the play store they’re great!

  • paul_cus

    On board with this now that I have Beautiful Icon Styler.