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Verizon Announces XLTE

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Verizon has announced its new XLTE, a beefed up version of its massive 4G LTE network that we told you was coming today.

So what is XLTE?

XLTE is basically how Verizon has taken the AWS (Band 4) LTE spectrum that they own and deployed it in cities to strengthen the data experience for customers. We are talker faster peak data speeds and a minimum of double the bandwidth in high traffic areas. And that is basically it. Verizon has finally put to use their AWS spectrum to help make their LTE network better for all of its customers.

Nearly all devices that Verizon currently sells already work with XLTE, so customers see the benefit automatically. More than 35% of devices running on Verizon’s network can take advantage. There is no separate plan or service to activate. If you have a supported phone, many of which we have detailed here, you can experience XLTE today.

Here is the full list of XLTE Cities.

Via:  Verizon

  • ok dumb question time. Anyone confirm use of XLTE / band 4 and has unlimited data still? I’m waiting for the “gotcha”

    • Sundedo

      There is no change to your account when they activate these new frequencies. The only thing that changes if you have a phone capable of using Band 4 is you gain access to a 20 MHz pipe instead of 10, hence the faster speed.

      There is no “gotcha”.

  • Oooh yeah, witness the power of XLTE on my GNote3 and cower in fear at its…oh wait, jk…

  • Lonnie Brownell

    San Diego: Ping 43ms, DL 64.58mbps, UL 21.63mbps. Nice.

  • BillySuede

    <—– lives in williamsburg, brooklyn with a note 3. anyone know if i'm up and how to verify? thanks in advance and sorry if it's been addressed already in some fashion.

  • James Newton

    Florida Keys

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I find it funny that wireless speeds are eclipsing wired speeds offered by ISPs.

  • Allyn K C

    Believe it or not, this is an improvement (and yes, the LTE icon is active): ping 107ms, download: 1.19Mbps, upload: 0.25Mbps …

    That’s at my office during a work day. In the evenings and weekends it bounces back to more respectable levels at the same location – but during the day, total crap. I think there’s just too many users trying to access not enough towers during the day.

    On the upside, this is better than what I was seeing a couple months ago when I last tested it.

    • Sundedo

      The area you’re in may have some signal pollution along with some capacity issues. If you’re signal level looks good but the signal quality if poor, you can see those kinds of results.

      Sitting at my desk in our office, my phone shows around a -90 RSRP. But my RSRQ is terrible because I’m seeing 6-8 sites, which limits my speeds to around 3-5Mbps.

      Same location using a device on AWS gets me around 80Mbps 🙂

  • EvelynBen

    Unfortunately,, this timetable isn’t right… For flawless course of action of cities and for further brief detail of XLTE visit here http://goo.gl/uxVE7A

    • annaarron

      nice sharing..

  • rob281

    Screen shot of the sweet speeds I’m seeing

  • rob281

    Kicking ass in Houston

  • Jason K

    63.35 download, 20.57 upload…burbank, ca

  • jgemberton

    Is this going to help them with rolling out VoLTE any quicker?

    • Sundedo

      Not really. AWS is being overlaid with the 700MHz LTE spectrum. This will help with speed and capacity.

      VoLTE is more dependent on 1-to-1 coverage parity with the legacy 1x network.

      • jgemberton

        That’s too bad, because VoLTE is what I’m really looking towards – get rid of the proprietary CDMA radios and open everything up. Not to mention less radios to provide power to and switch between.

        • Sundedo

          I agree, the power savings will be pretty significant. But there won’t be any VoLTE-only devices for some time. I would say it will be a couple years.

          Trust me, VZW wants to light up VoLTE as much as anyone. The CDMA licensing is a large chunck of money. But VoLTE isn’t launching until the coverage and the core network can provide the same reliability as the legacy network. It’s getting close, but there are still issues being worked.

  • Synacks

    Nothing here in Atlanta yet

    • nomar

      thank god you are here to tell us.

      • Synacks

        I see your trolling tactics are in full effect. I’m so proud that you took my advice!

    • Jesus Christ

      What?? Atlanta has had Band 4 AWS for months now. Been using it on my Note 3 in various places, one being McDonough,Georgia which is about 25-30 minutes south of Atlanta. Have a Note 3. Use this number in the dialer for Note 3 phones to see which band you are on. *#0011#
      Even before the OTA updates for the Note 3 on Verizon that automatically turned on Band 4, I was able to manually change my settings to allow it.

      • James Newton

        That number doesn’t work

      • Synacks

        Nothing on my GS5 and like James said that number doesn’t work. Sitting outside my apartment in full coverage in Buckhead. Should be able to get it unless there is a setting that hasn’t been updated on the phone.

      • This *#0011#, this is exactly what I was looking for to see if I was on Band 13 or 4.

        Thank you sir.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I don’t get it, was anything announced that is new that we didn’t already know about / haven’t been using already for the last 6 months? As far as I can tell this whole thing was just them giving it a new name “XLTE” instead of “AWS Band 4” we’ve all been calling it.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    Is anyone aware of any app (non-root) that can check what band your device is connected to?

  • Sundedo

    The real advantage to the AWS spectrum is the deployment of 20MHz channels. This is where the bulk of the speed is coming from. In areas that don’t have 20MHz contiguous they’ll use carrier aggregation to get the bandwidth. This of course is dependent on the cell hardware vendor supporting it. Most do, through upgraded software.

  • Sporttster

    Still nothing in South Bend, IN area….54ms ping, 21.15 mbps down, 3.42 up

  • fritzo2162

    Wow, getting 50MB on my M8, but people in my same office on a Windows phone and Moto X are only getting 20Mb. What gives?

  • AmazinglyStupid

    Bakersfield, Modesto, San Luis Obispo….WTF! Half the cities listed in California are empty. Meanwhile i’m pulling up to 5.0mbps in the Inland Empire. Great work Verizon./s

  • Rysh

    Doubled my speed here in Columbus, OH. Went from mid 20s down to mid 40s down. Upload was about the same around 13.

  • mcdonsco

    On the outskirts of Portland Oregon here…no improvement…fairly certain its because I’m in a rural area though, but at least I get 4g here.

  • Jeremiah Hawkins

    2x bandwidth… So are they bringing back unlimited data? One can only wish.

  • Justin Duncan

    Done a speed test used up almost my data

    • Justin Duncan

      Not kidding

      • rob281

        Holy crap lol

  • Swoops
  • Mike Cantalupo

    Here are my results for the Detroit area. Ping = 56ms, Down = 63.54Mbps, Up = 35.35Mbps
    Not bad.

    • Pretty solid!

      • Ryan N

        how will I know if I am connected to XLTE? Does it display differently in my notification bar? Or will I have to look in About Phone > Status > Mobile Network Type?

        • Jacob Dagenais

          You won’t know because its just LTE using different bands. The only way you will know is if Verizon was to install software on your phone to tell you your using that LTE band which they probably won’t do because then they’ll get calls of people asking what’s xlte or why don’t I have xlte when you said I would.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    In the back of mind I’m still on Verizon…..so my interest is always piqued when I see verizon news…….Then I’m back to reality on my much cheaper GoPhone plan.

  • Mike

    20 down and 2 up here West of DFW airport. No improvement yet.

  • EdLessard

    Follow the link to VZW. They have a PDF listing all the cities.

  • The Narrator

    I’m ready for faster speeds that won’t use data faster!

  • hfoster52

    7.22Mbps Down 7.80Mbps Up. In Charlotte, NC. (Note 3 on 4.4.2)

    • hfoster52

      Rebooted my Phone 54ms 11.94Mbps down and 6.38Mbps. So not using AWS.

  • tony

    Hitting almost 80MB’s download. Pretty nice.

  • Any way to find out if you’re currently using band 4? BESIDES a speed test

    • mcdonsco

      I was wondering the same; will we see “xlte” instead of 4glte by our signal bars or something?

      • Jacob Dagenais

        Not unless Verizon pushes out an update to add a way for you to know because xlte is just LTE…

        • rexRUGER3030

          The app LTE discovery will detect which network your phone is currently on. Unfortunately in Albuquerque i’m still on band 13. Time to play the waiting game

          • Jacob Dagenais

            I dont think that app is correct because I’m on LTE band 4 but it claims I’m on 10 which is just a subset of 4. Also when on HSPA+ it still claims I’m on 10 even though my carrier only uses bands 5 and 2. It appears that the number in the brackets refers to the number of groupings of information under the network info header.

    • Found the answer above. *#0011# will show you what band you are on.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Fastest I’ve seen in downtown Indy.

    edit: this could be perfectly normal. I don’t usually test the connection unless I’m at home which is far outside of town. I only get around 9mb dl there.

  • Aj Bastedo

    Non xlte city in upstate NY …30 Mbps down 10 up ….what speeds do everyone else see on vzw? Or any network

    • burkett375

      I’m the cuse and haven’t seen anything speedier….in fact it dropped from around 10mbps to about 5 this morning

    • mcdonsco

      10mb down 5 up

    • James Newton

      What city?

      • Aj Bastedo

        Little falls, NY

  • DC_Guy

    I’ve been enjoying around 70 Mbps down since then flipped the switch on the AWS spectrum in my area. I know that both the Note 3 (and presumably the S5) and the iPhone 5s can take advantage of AWS. That coupled with my unlimited data is pretty sweet indeed.

    • rbuilta

      Where in DC are you?

      • DC_Guy

        Fairfax County

        • rbuilta

          Oh I thought you were in DC proper. thx

    • Adam S.

      I’m in Bethesda and am only getting 2.5-5 Mbps.

  • Jeff Creemer

    Here’s the list of cities where it’s available now. I live in one of the cities, though, and my S4 doesn’t show any improvement, yet.

    • burkett375

      Thanks! I’ve been looking for this.

    • tony

      That list isn’t totally accurate. I live in a city that is not on that last and we have XLTE.

      • It’s like their initial rollout, here in NH they said they had Manchester/Nashua covered, when in reality it was the majority of the state.

        • Marikel

          I haven’t noticed any difference here in Manchester.

          • This was taken a few weeks ago on 93 by 101. I get these results on 293/101, 101/South Willow, and in the 30’s-40’s downtown.

          • Guest


    • davidtb

      Wow.. Alba Knee thx

  • Greg

    Will this speed up LTE for non band 4 phones ie Galaxy SIII?

    • mrjackson

      It might some just because some people will be using the XLTE and lessen the load for those that can’t.

    • besweeet

      Possibly, due to their existing bands being freed up a little.

    • tony

      A VZW tech told me that the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have the antenna to use XLTE so I would say no.

      • The antenna is just used to transmit/receive, he meant it doesn’t have the radio to support that radio band. Technicalities 😉

    • The Narrator

      Don’t get your hopes up/s

    • Technically in a round-about way. Since phones with AWS support will be able to utilize AWS, non AWS phones will then see a network with a lighter load.

  • jb

    Any idea what areas will be supported specifically?

  • htowngtr

    Is that all over the LTE network or just in certain cities for now?