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Post Your Verizon XLTE Speed Test!

verizon xlte speedtest

With Verizon XLTE now official in over 200 markets across the US, we thought we would do something that hasn’t been done around these parts in quite some time. A speed test post! Verizon XLTE is doubling bandwidth in heavily trafficked areas, but should also give us greater peak data speeds. In other words, you may be able to show off impressive data speeds once again on Verizon’s network! 

So let’s do this – download the Speedtest.net app, run it, and then post the a screenshot of your results to the comments. That’s it! This is really just a, “Hey, look how awesome (or not awesome) my speeds are! Praise me!” type of post.

To make this open to everyone, we will ask for speed tests from all readers, but try to note in your post if you are in an XLTE city or not. And be aware that even if you are in an XLTE city, you may not be in a part that’s covered all of the time. Take for example my speed test above. I’m in Portland, OR, yet I’m also in a terrible area for Verizon service just south of downtown and am likely not covered by AWS. We really just want to see how Verizon’s network is holding up these days.

Here is a list of Verizon XLTE cities. Here is a list of Verizon XLTE devices.

Show us what you got!

  • al brown

    note 3

  • Jorge Tuna


  • Jorge Tuna


  • Chris Everson

    I don’t even think Jacksonviile , FL was on the launch list. This what I got just today!

  • Stella Tyler

    I think we will request rate tests from all book fans, however attempt to note in your post on the off chance that you are in a XLTE city or not. Furthermore be mindful that regardless of the possibility that you are in a XLTE city, you may not be in a part that is secured constantly.
    Test Your Internet Speed

  • Fedoraboy

    Samsung S5 at 14:37PM PST in Redding California 3 bars
    3 test average
    Download – 18.73Mb
    Upload – 6.22

  • pman5k

    This is during peak usage hours with three bars… used to only get 25-30 mbps. May not be double at thos time but at 2AM with full signal I can get 95.6 down and over double up stream

  • pman5k

    I’m getting 95.6 down and 24.7 up in jeff city mo which is XLTE market. Thank god I still have unlimited…. this was with GS4

  • Djembeman

    Wow! Some of your speeds are insane. Colorado Springs, CO. 30-45 Mbps down. Samsung GS4. My wife’s HTC One M7 isn’t getting XLTE. I hope they can eventually connect to XLTE!

    • Djembeman

      It’s killing my wifi connection apparently. On the same 5Ghz wifi network my computer can hit 50 Mbps down on a good day, but today is only getting 25/11. XLTE is killing my wifi home network. Glad I’m still on Unlimited data!

  • colemanjj616

    Chicago, been seeing these speeds for the last two months though.

  • eddie7

    44/17 here in Phoenix.

  • Lucas

    I must say that is amazing the speed you guys are getting.

    It makes me a little jealous…

  • AndySamberg

    I’m doing just fine with my 43$ 3gb straight-talk bill

  • AndySamberg

    I’m doing just fine with my 43$ 3gb straight-talk bill.

  • bassman418