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After Deal Falls Through, Facebook Readies Snapchat Competitor Codenamed Slingshot

At the end of last year, the public was made aware of a deal-gone-south between Facebook and Snapchat, which had Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg offering a reported $3 billion for control of the company. As we all now know, that deal never transpired, leaving Facebook to work tirelessly on a rival application, codenamed Slingshot

According to sources of Financial Times, Slingshot is being overseen directly by Zuckerberg, who may still scrap the entire project before it ever sees the light of day. However, if Slingshot does go live, it could be launched “this month.”

The application, much like Snapchat, would allow users to send short videos to friends by only pressing a couple of buttons which can only be viewed once. It would be fast, sleek, extremely easy to use, and would be a standalone offering much like Facebook Messenger according to sources.

There is no doubting Snapchat’s popularity among the younger crowd, as even my 10-year old niece with an iPod Touch won’t stop talking about it; even though her mother refuses to let her create an account. After the unveiling of live video between users in the app’s latest update, it seems Facebook will have a lot of catching up to do if they plan on stealing any users away from Snapchat.

When and if more information is made available, we will post it up.

Via: Financial Times
  • lye

    Didn’t they already try this with “Poke”?!

    lol @ nobody trusting facebook to actually delete the messages.

    • Joe Butler

      Very true.



  • Dan

    “After Deal Falls Through, Facebook Readies Snapchat Copy Codenamed Slingshot”

    Fixed it for you.

  • Zuckerdick

    Your friends can view your sling once, but it is our intellectual property…. forever.

  • OnyxSkies

    Nothing makes me feel older than the fact that I don’t understand the point or appeal of Snapchat

    • Me neither guy, me neither..

    • I’m 25, but I use it with a few close friends also 25-26. It’s just a fun alternative to texting, take a picture of yourself with something hilarious for instance, it’s easier than typing out the situation to explain to a friend. It’s also hilarious to capture photos of your friends with awkward expressions on their face and send it to other friends at the table 😛

      • MKader17

        I’d rather have the pictures to go back and look through later. I enjoy going through my hangout group messages and seeing what pictures we took through out the year.

    • James Briano

      For one thing, content on Snapchat demands attention. Kids mindlessly scroll through Twitter and Instagram posts all day.

      A Snapchat message is ephemeral: Look at it RIGHT NOW, because this is your only chance.

    • flosserelli

      I have never used it, but my guess is its #1 use is for sexting.

    • Keg Man

      Great for sexting which was sadly way after my day. It’s great when your wife asks you for a password to a site. It’s great when you want to make an unpopular (off color etc.) comment. I guess it’s great for cheating on your spouse or kids sneaking around on their parents, but I never downloaded it. Third party texting in America really isn’t really needed and too much of a pain to get ppl to use

  • Shawn John

    What an Oxymoron, a company who makes profit from peoples personal information, wants to make an app that allows you send private information that supposedly self destructs…until you read the small disclaimer that says all your private messages are stored on their servers and is property of facebook once message is sent. Facebook will then scan these message for purchasing data and to sell to their business partners…HAHAHAH Sounds like a Win for FB and the idiots that will use that app.


      Oh big brother

    • Keg Man

      lol, why am I getting ads for handcuffs and vibrators on my FB page?

  • alarson83

    Wasnt facebook ‘poke’ supposed to be the snapchat competitor, then they barely supported it and only launched it on iOS (assuring it would never gain broad audience)?

  • Raven65

    Nobody is going to trust Facebook to provide the privacy people require to use an app like this the way it was intended.

    • You’d be surprised

    • Keg Man

      snapchat was just in the news for not deleting the texts. I think they were being sued. Everyone should realize that all texts are in some server somewhere

  • Inspector Butters

    i can’t wait for the faceback app to fully release. you take a picture of anyones face, and it automatically shows what the back of their head looks like!

  • Snapchat makes me feel old. Lol.

  • Brian

    “It would be fast, sleek, extremely easy to use…”

    And created by Facebook? That can’t be right.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I hate Facebook so much. I wish I could get rid of it 🙁

    • chris kilps

      I would, but no one uses on google+ or any other service as much as they use facebook.


        Because Google plus is S H I t t y a d a sad excuse for a service


      I hate google Plus. I wish they would get rid of it

      • Akiih

        Explain why you hate it.

        • Keg Man

          I dont like the fact that anyone can add you to their circle. You either can’t stop them from doing it or I haven’t figured out how, nor have I figured out how to delete them. I can stop them from seeing my stuff but its an uncomfortable feeling to have strangers just add me to circles. I like the way FB groups work, I dont like the way circles are done. Lastly, I dont have anyone on G+. Other than that, I like G+ but wont use it

          • MKader17

            If they add you to their circle, but you don’t ever share anything with them it really doesn’t matter. Circles work like following on twitter, but with the privacy of selectively sharing. It’s great to me, since you don’t even have to care about people sending you a friend request that you don’t care for. You don’t even have to add them to your circle, or you can throw them in a “People I Don’t Care About” or “Public” Circle and be done with it. Or you don’t have to put them in a circle at all.

          • Keg Man

            i have done that, but It’s just an uneasy feeling. Have you ever noticed that if you have like 2000 ppl circle you, I can toggle g+ phone numbers on my phone and have 2000 contacts show up? I have that privacy option turned off for me, but thats not cool to me and how many ppl dont know this? And what happens if I dont keep up with the tech news and google changes something in an update? I”m pro google all the way, but I’d rather google have access to all this and not everyone.

    • NessOwenfcy

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      • siddude11

        Can i get a Bazooka and lock it on your face?

  • coolsilver

    Thank you lord for that. I don’t need FaceSnapBook

  • chris kilps

    why can’t they just entailment this feature in like fb messenger or whatsapp?