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AllCast Receiver App Lets You Stream Music, Pictures, and Video to Any Android Device

Remember AllCast, Android developer Koushik Dutta’s AirPlay-like application that lets you cast content to different devices? The app’s streaming capabilities were previously limited to only players and set top boxes that Dutta implemented support for, but the release of AllCast Receiver, a companion app for AllCast, changes that. 

Install AllCast Receiver on any network-connected Android device, and that device instantly becomes a cast target for AllCast. You can sling local media like music, pictures, and videos seamlessly, just as if you were casting to Chromecast. Pretty much every Android device is supported, including popular set-top boxes like Fire TV, Ouya, and Google TVs.

AllCast Receiver is free, but requires AllCast to work. The full version of AllCast is $4.99.

AllCast Play Link | AllCast Receiver Play Link

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  • does this…give my og droid a job?!?

  • jimt

    What does this app do. I have allcast, why would I want to have this. The description doesn’t say what this does. Does it help my phone cast to a chromecast? I’m missing something here. Maybe it is to cast from a phone to another phone or tablet?

    • sski66

      I don’t get it either

      • guest

        Or just buy a chromecast, its only $30 now…super cheap…

        • sski66

          HAHA, bought [2] of them the minute it came out, just a great simple little product.

    • JSo

      The Allcast receiver lets an Android device act like chromecast would. If you have a tablet and a phone, you can have the receiver on the tablet and cast things to it with your phone. However, I dont really see the point when I probably would play whatever I needed to right on my tablet itself without casting. I can’t think of a benefit of this.

      • sski66

        I agree, most things I have on my tablet it’s already on my phone & vice versa. Maybe he should concentrate on making the original App better, there’s a lot of complaints in the comment section of his App. Thanks for explaining this better then the author.

      • Raven

        Like someone else mentioned, this would be good if you have an Android device like my old retired Droid 4 with HDMI out that you could than attach to a TV and have act like a Chromecast if it works. There were already a number of other apps like this out there such as CheapCast, but most have been pulled from the Play Store due to Google implementing some cryptographic signature checks to prevent such unofficial things. But, I would assume when going from AllCast to AllCast Receiver it would still work fine. You just won’t be able to cast official things like Play Movies and Netflix to it like you could at one time with CheapCast.

      • jimt

        I guess he is just trying to get back at google for making his app not work when he first released it. Thanks for the response.

    • Kiril Vatev

      The idea of the AllCast Receiver was to be able to cast to the Fire TV. Since Fire TV doesn’t have an equivalent function, a receiver app was required. And then, since the receiver app is just a regular Android application, Koush released it to the wild for any device. It still really only makes sense for the Fire TV though, or if you want to use an old phone with an HDMI/MHL/etc port as a dedicated cast target, I guess.

      • JSo

        Now THAT would make more sense and actually be a good use for it. If you dont own a Chromecast but you have a device with an HDMI output on it, theoretically, you can hook it up to a TV and cast to the device. The quality may or may not be the best but it could work.

        • Kiril Vatev

          Theoretically, the quality should be good. Koush was rambling on at one point that the Chromecast’s protocols do not allow for optimal throughput, and his Fire TV receiver does not have those limits, since it uses his protocol of choice. I have not tested it though, and I am not sure if care enough to.

      • jimt

        Thank you that. That clears it up for me.

  • Arnold

    Knowing Koush, this is littered with bugs and only works half the time. Continuously spits out half baked features while neglecting to make the existing stuff work correctly. Just read the reviews.

    • Ray

      exactly why i havent purchased the full version it works when it wants to

    • BTLS

      At first it was full of bugs, but over the last few months I have watched many hours of streaming content on the full version with no problems at all… Even with my Gnex! Maybe I’m just lucky.

    • Miguel

      At first it was but Allcast it’s pretty steady now, as long as you have enough bandwidth to stream you videos you won’t have a problem.

    • JRomeo

      Actually, it works VERY well compared to the alternatives.

      • dns2k

        i really like plex… and the server side with plex is very low impact my old prone to over heating mac is a champ. but even local media to random casts is piece of cake and fast.

  • charesa39

    Does AllCast still not work with DTS audio? I remember a couple months ago trying to stream mp4 and mkv files I have, but the audio didn’t work on some of them, and I believe it was due to the fact that they were DTS audio streams.

    • Miguel

      MKV, some AVI and most likely DTS don’t work yet, that’s some of the things that he needs to add.

  • DJyoSNOW


  • Snowbo13

    all cast still cant find my chromecast… finds my lg tv and apple tv fine but it only see my chromecast once in a great while