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Goodbye, Aio: Cricket Wireless Takes Over With New Plans, Pricing, and Phones

Back in March, AT&T announced that Cricket Wireless and Aio Wireless would soon merge, leaving Cricket as the name of their prepaid wireless service. That day has come, meaning Aio Wireless is no more. Well, all of the Aio plans seem to have carried over under the Cricket name, but the Aio color scheme (which T-Mobile hated) and website are a part of wireless history. Oh, the little “Aio” mentions on your lock screen and notification pull down now say “Cricket” as well.

So what does Cricket Wireless now offer? Again, the Aio package, just under the Cricket name. 


Smartphone packages run $40, $50, and $60 per month, but if you sign-up for autopay, you will receive a $5 per month discount, leaving you with $35, $45, and $55 plans. All plans include unlimited talk and text, but each differs in terms of data package. The $40 plan includes 500MB of high-speed data per month; $50 plan ups that to 2.5GB of high-speed data per month; $60 plan maxes at 5GB of high-speed data per month. All of those plans will see throttled/reduced data speeds once their caps are reached until the next billing cycle begins.


The new Cricket Wireless plans can connect to AT&T’s ever-expanding 4G LTE network. We should point out that these plans do not offer full 4G LTE data speeds, though. Download speeds are always capped at 8Mbps. Should you reach your high-speed data allotment for the month, they decrease from there.

Group Discounts

If you want to add a group of people to your Cricket Wireless account, you could see significant savings of up to $90 on up to 5 lines. The 2nd lines gives you a $10 discount, 3rd line a $20 discount, and lines four and five can save you an additional $30 each.

Aio Customers

If you were an Aio Wireless customer, it doesn’t look like anything is changing for you other than the name that will show up on your phone’s notification and lock screens and the website you will visit to pay your bill. If you head to cricketwireless.com today, you can login with your Aio account username and password. Actually, the website looks identical to Aio’s, just with a different color scheme. Again, nothing is really changing other than the name of your wireless provider. Your bill and plan are not changing, from what I can tell.

Other Notes

  • For a limited time, new Cricket customers can receive $50 off most smartphones after a mail-in-rebate.
  • To thank customers, Cricket will give you $50 credits to spend towards new phones after 12 months of on-time payments.
  • The Cricket phone line-up includes the Moto G, Galaxy S4, Lumia 520, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s.
  • Nearly 3,000 redesigned and rebranded Cricket stores are open now and ready for business.

Any questions?

cricket wireless logo

Via:  Cricket
  • Leslie

    I bought a Window phone a couple months ago with Aio.
    know that it’s with Cricket I’m unable to send pictures or videos to certain phones with other cell companies… Is any body else having that issue? For some reason there not receiving,or my self

  • John Backer

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  • John Backer

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  • Luis Hernandez Lopez

    Anyone know if APN & MMS settings are correct when an unlocked iPhone 4S from AT&T goes on Cricket? When I was on Straight Talk I HATED doing the T-Mobile SIM swap!!

  • TylerCameron

    Why are MVNO’s such a big thing in the US? Bigger question, Why would a carrier operate their own MVNO on their network? Makes more sense to just market it under their name, especially in this case.
    Cricket has history, and they’re known as a crappy regional carrier. It makes a hell of a lot more sense to change AT&T’s prepaid plans to be what Cricket’s plans are and kill off the Cricket brand.

  • Thank god I still pay $60 for unlimited 4G late from verizon on my rooted g2

  • Bman4000

    You folks complaining about “Oh, it’s just 8MB down.. lame”, what in the world are you doing on your phones that requires such speeds? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Justin W

      Hoping reddit doesn’t take a year to load a gif.

      I just want decent speeds – like being on WiFi – anywhere I don’t have WiFi.

  • Disqus_n00b

    How is ping on Cricket vs AT&T gophone? same towers, just throttled speed?

  • sdrrr

    Does anyone have google voice working as visual voicemail? This worked well with the GNex.

    With the N5, I have been using the AIO VM and now Cricket VM and get double notifications.

  • epps720

    Another thing to note with AIO/Cricket is that you pay the flat $45/month. Taxes and fees are already included. I switched to AIO from Net10 (before the 3GB bump) and saved close to $4 per month due to the taxes and fees. May not seem like much but it’s essentially 1 free month per year. The other benefit to Cricket is that they actually have apps that tell you how much data you’ve used, good luck finding that on Net10. Free Visual Voicemail is also a plus. Losing on the extra 0.5 GB data hurts but I really don’t use it, hoping Cricket follows suit

  • MustWarnOthers

    I’m on AIO (now Cricket) but my carrier branding in my notification shade says AT&T and not cricket.

  • Kim R Leonard

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  • Teaser38

    I wonder if there is any chance AT&T will push its firmware to Cricket Galaxy S4 owners when the time come…

  • Zikaeroh

    Unfortunately, for us Aio users, the new website hasn’t been working. Thankfully I have auto-pay setup, but I can’t login (it tries to forward me to some Aio address which doesn’t exist since everything got moved over to the Cricket name).

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    8Mbps Down is pretty terrible tbh

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    $60 plan maxes at 5GB of high-speed data per month.

    At&t just bumped goPhone plans to 3GB for the same $60. I’m not sure why they still even have gophone if that’s the case.

    • Hothfox

      Because the GoPhone data plans are not throttled at 8mbps download speeds. The GoPhone plans are the same priority traffic as post paid AT&T plans and get the same speed.

    • ROB

      2.5 gb for $60

  • ragnarok180

    I just got a text from Straight Talk saying that I now have 3 GBs of 4G data speed. Could that be related this?

    • Santino Raimondi

      I just received the same text this weekend.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So looks like I should dump my go phone plan and switch to Cricket. It’ll save me $5/month.

  • Trysta

    Seems like a dumb move to me. AIO had much more positive branding associated with it than Cricket (which I, and I’m sure others have actively avoided in the past). Question: Does this new Cricket allow you to bring your own phone or does it only work with the phones listed in the post? That was always my main issue with AT&T and Verizon and Sprint’s old pay as you go plans. You could only use them with crappy phones.

    EDIT: nevermind. Answered my own question.

  • Chris Doerman

    It’s worth noting that the auto-pay discount does NOT apply to multi-line accounts. It only applies to single line accounts. In other words, you need to have 3 or more lines on an account before you will see a discount over having two separate accounts with auto-pay on each one.

    • Chris Hannan

      But if you could get 5 people, it’d be $32/person. That’s pretty good for unlimited everything with the first 2.5GB of data at 8Mbps on AT&T.

      • middlehead

        That’s not how it works, it’s $30 for the 4th & 5th lines with total discounting capped at $90. That’s $18 per line.

        • Chris Hannan


          $10 discount for second person
          $20 discount for third person
          $30 discount for fourth person
          $30 discount for fifth person

          =$90 discount total

          5 lines @ $50 each = $250

          -$90 discount = $160

          $160 / 5 people = $32 per person

          • middlehead

            Doerman was talking about the discounts, so I assumed you were still talking about discounts per person. The discounting comes to $18 per person, so yes, you’re right if you meant that the line cost becomes $32 per person.

          • Chris Hannan

            Yeah. It doesn’t really matter how much you get off if the original price is already high. 😛 I was saying paying $32 per line for 2.5GB of fast data and unlimited everything else on AT&T is a really good deal.

      • John Backer

        On the service I use – unlimited talk, text, and data starts at $39/month – they take $5 off per month for every additional line I refer – so 5 lines would reduce my bill ($25) to $14/month as long as those I referred remained customers. No contract, no credit check, no activation fees, no termination fees, bring your own compatible phone, bring your existing phone number, 14 day money back guarantee – what is not to like – http://SmartPhones39.com

  • Buur

    With the $5 autopay discount the $40 plan is basically the reverse of the $30 T-Mobile plan. If you are always on wifi and need to talk a lot it’s not that bad of a deal. Ya capped speeds suck but again if you are on wifi it isn’t too bad.

  • Guest

    So does this mean all Cricket stores should be supplied with the new network phones and sim cards? Before I would have to drive two hours to the nearest AIO store.

    • acejavelin

      Wouldn’t it make sense to call first?!?! Only 2 hours though, nice… for me the closest Cricket store is 700 miles, and the closest Aio store is 1350 miles. 🙂

      • Romius T.

        Wow there are like ten within a few miles of me, I’d just order online.


          too lazy to drive those few miles?

          • Romius T.

            For me it’s worth driving, I meant to imply that acejavelin should just order online Lolz

  • acejavelin

    The two phones we have in Aio Wireless are still showing “aio” as the carrier branding as of noon today… perhaps it takes some time to roll out? DId notice the “My Aio” app updated to “My Cricket” overnight though.

    • Jared Denman

      Maybe new APN settings? Mine still shows aio but my wife’s iPhone says cricket.

      • acejavelin

        Carrier branding doesn’t come from APN settings… shouldn’t matter and I don’t think APN info changed anyway. Just rebooted both my Nexus 4 and Moto G and they still show AIO as carrier branding. Oh well, as long everything works I guess it doesn’t matter.

      • acejavelin

        Sometime between 5pm and 5:30pm it switched to Cricket… I didn’t do anything.

  • The Gooch

    Goodbye, Ahole.

  • Straight Talk is looking pretty good now. $45 for 3GB LTE on AT&T or T-Mobile. And they don’t cap download speeds at 8Mbps.

    • p0k3y

      I seem to get a discount for auto-pay as well, paying $43.23/mo after tax. Not sure if that’s intentional or some sort of anomaly. But I won’t complain to them. 🙂

      • Justin W

        They had a promo going on a while ago where you sign up for Autopay and your refills were only $42.50. I’m sure jealous of your tax rate though – mine ends up around $48 after taxes including the $2.50 discount.

        • p0k3y

          One of the few benefits of living in Oregon – no sales tax. But we pay plenty in income and property taxes. So don’t pack up and move here just yet. 🙂

    • Justin W

      Just as a heads up, they don’t say they cap data speeds, but I’m pretty sure we’re at a low priority to current subscribers for AT&T’s prepaid services. You can tell the difference between AT&T post-paid and StraightTalk plans in speeds (though the difference isn’t worth $30+ dollars for a post-paid plan IMO).

  • The Narrator

    Capped speeds, lame

    • Chris Knepper

      $60+ per month for an uncapped smartphone plan is lame. Aio/Cricket isn’t the fastest, but 8mbps isn’t that bad in practice. I’m paying about half of what I’d pay with just AT&T, which I can’t afford as a college student. It’s a decent compromise.

      Also, can confirm name change. RIP Aio :'(

      • Justin W

        $60 per month for a capped-speed smartphone plan is lame. I’m on AT&T’s HSPA+ network (through StraightTalk, no LTE in my area yet) and hitting 8mbps+ (on good days), so why would I “upgrade” to this plan to be limited at 8mbps even on LTE, especially when I pay almost $20 less?

        • acejavelin

          Your lucky… I tried Straight Talk for a few months, average speed was around 2-3Mbps, think I hit 4 once, but could never get MMS to work, could send but never receive, and their tech support was virtually non-existent… Switched to Aio and get 7-8Mbps consistently, and MMS (and everything else) worked. But carriers are like beer or music, everybody has their own favorites… 🙂

          • DoctorJB

            Had problems with MMS on ST (ended up using an app to make it work) but with the new hangouts app it’s all gotten sorted and MMS works everytime. My LTE on ST ranges from 4-30Mbps but the latency is always in the 200ms range.

          • Justin W

            Until recently, my MMS was messed up also. I had some random weird settings I had to set up in the APN settings that I’ve never had to set up before (I’ve had a few different devices on StraightTalk) to get MMS to work, and now they work. I’m still thinking about switching to get the 5GB of data, but I either want uncapped speeds or uncapped data, I’m not going to switch to something with both (and yes, I expect I’m currently being throttled on AT&T’s network by default anyway).

      • Rob

        RIP Aio, I hardly knew thee.

      • Jared Denman

        Did you change your APN settings yet? All my stuff says aio still.

        • Chris Knepper

          Nope, I woke up today and it was like this. Didn’t notice until I saw the DL story though. I like “Aio” better than “Cricket” as a provider name.

      • Big Daddy

        You sure an idiot for not knowing anything about phone service!

    • Jared Denman

      Look how much data I get every month! they still haven’t caught on yet. I get 33.5GB of uncapped speeds every month!

      • Ray

        those blue icons scare me what phone is that?

        • Jared Denman

          Its a nexus 5 stock rooted with exposed framework and gravity box installed.

          • Rashad

            It almost looks like the button layout of the HTC First except the multitask button is a line on the HTC First. For you all that don’t remember the HTC First was the most recent Facebook phone to flop.

          • Ray

            Gotcha just reminds me of old ICS

      • Nexoduss

        How’s their coverage compared to Verizon. I just graduated college and am looking for a reliable network that’s cheaper than Verizon.

        • Jared Denman

          Its At&t’s network which is better for me here in Indy.

      • Incredible_Culp

        Uncapped and that much data?? How??

        • Jared Denman

          I found a bug in their system. PM me for details. Not sharing publicly due to them finding out and fixing it.

          • Incredible_Culp

            PM sent via Facebook 🙂

          • Ruvim

            pm sent via facebook for bug details if its not too much trouble. Thanks.

          • Ichi

            sorry I’m brand new to this commenting system, but how do I PM Jared Denman via Facebook? Would love to know the details of the bug too. If possible can you please pm me the details since I don’t know how to contact him through facebook private message.

        • Guest

          sorry I’m brand new to this commenting system, but how do I PM Jared Denman via Facebook? Would love to know the details of the bug too. If possible can you please pm me the details since I don’t know how to contact him through pm.

    • Jared Denman

      Look how much data I get every month! they still haven’t caught on yet. I get 33.5GB of uncapped speeds every month!!

    • What’s also lame is that AIO and most likely the new Cricket has insane ping times, usually in the couple hundred ms range.

      • Sqube

        I think the ping time is also intentional… seems to be around 250ms or so.

      • Jared Denman

        What’s awesome though is that I am saving $100/month from when I was on Verizon for my wife and I. $190 for share everything plan with 10GB data, and now I’m at $90 and get plenty of data!

    • creed

      I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw 8 mbs download speeds in Verizon wireless. I’d be he earful to be capped at 8, just to get 8.