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Report: No Nexus 6, Android Silver is Coming in February With LG Leading the Charge

According to @evleaks, the Nexus program is essentially dead. According to information he has seen, there will be no Nexus 6. Instead, the rumored Android Silver program will become the future from Google, with arrival of the first devices happening in February of next year. One of the initial launch devices may be from LG as a device running a Qualcomm MSM8994, which is a next-level Snapdragon 810 with 64-bit architecture.

This isn’t the first time that we have heard about the end of the Nexus program as we know it – a report at the end of April said the same thing. That report mentioned that the Nexus line was indeed being killed off in favor of Android Silver, a program made up of high-end Android phones that have been hand-picked and heavily funded by Google, though still built by top tier manufacturers. LG and Motorola are thought to be some of the first to participate. 

Google will apparently take Android Silver into carrier stores, something that hasn’t happened with the Nexus program. They may also pay for heavy marketing and development costs to get the program up and running. Android Silver devices will run near-stock Android, receive updates in a hurry, and become the premium line of Android devices.

The whole program sounds a lot like Google Play Edition phones, but with more backing and promotion from Google.

I can’t help but admit that I’m disappointed by this news. I have been in this game since the birth of the Nexus line, so to think that it will no longer be around is quite saddening. Year after year, the Nexus phones continue to rank high in our lists. Let’s hope Android Silver can somehow manage to bring the same high-end package of technology with Google’s vision of Android at an amazingly reasonable price.


Via:  @evleaks [2] [3]
  • nori

    Well, I used to buy Nexus-Phones due to their good HW-package combined with early access to Android-updates, combined with AFFORDABLE PRICING.
    If Google decides to join Apples high-price-strategy (a strategy which cost them enormous market shares in the last years), they will loose a lot of customers (me being one of them).

    Well, there’s always Samsung, LG or Sony, which offer nice mid-range-phones so Googles apparent new strategy will promote their sales. Fine with me.

    • jalyst

      It seems don’t get how the new program’s meant to work, there’s actually more to it than what you seem to understand/appreciate.
      I’d recommend doing some more Googling –> reading-up on the full action plan…

  • Anthony Johnson

    It is quite interesting to know that Google may assign the task to manufacture its silver series Smartphone under LG. LG has great history of manufacturing the best ever Nexus device. Even I also have LG made Nexus 5 and could say that it is the best Smartphone at an affordable price. Although due to continuous use the battery of Nexus 5 get drained soon but not an issue as I recently installed qi car charger in order to keep the device fully charged while driving on expressways, highways or across countryside.

  • Raze SnowbunnyPlowking Norris

    Yeah, this seems like Google’s way of appeasing all of their manufacturers instead of alienating and competing against them with the Nexus line. Definitely one step closer to closing the Android Fragmentation gap, but still a crock unless Google somehow can contractually obligate these manufactures to continue supporting the devices for longer than 1 calendar year.*cough-HTC-cough*

  • nooo…what about the nexus 8? or new nexus7? those rumors true?…i need a new tablet!

  • TC Infantino

    “Let’s hope Android Silver can somehow manage to bring the same high-end package of technology with Google’s vision of Android at an amazingly reasonable price.”
    It will be all of that except the “amazingly reasonable price” most likely. If they are sold through carrier stores, they will probably be piced like the GPE phones currently offered.

  • creed

    If they wilhave phones that work on Verizons network, I’m all for it.

  • ugh… horrible. One of the reasons I loved my Nexus phones were that I could get one for $300~$400. Now it sounds like newish phones will be $600 like all the other thieves. They don’t need that much damn margin on their products.

  • Kim R Leonard

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  • Jim Foskett

    Terrible if true. I’m finally with a carrier that will offer a nexus phone, get a Nexus 5 and they kill off the line? Major bummer. If they keep a modest price point I’ll probably follow along. I just hate that “mostly stock” bit. Rather it be completely stock. Hate the extra crap the manufacturers and carriers pile on.

    • A.Miller

      I’m in the same boat. Felt great to ditch VZW and go ATT and save some money, plus get me and my wife Nexus 5’s. My plan was to able to get the new Nexus each year at a cost less than what it would have normally cost for a carrier phone.


  • what about the next best android tab by HTC – nexus 8.
    that is also rumor. ?

  • Bradleydanielelliot

    nice touch set!

  • Ben Edwards

    Wow, there are so many people complaining in the comments when you know literally nothing about the program, or the cost of the devices involved. Why don’t you all shut your traps until proper details have been announced, and then you can decide whether it’s a bad move or not? You sound like a bunch of pathetic fanboys.

  • Mvasquez

    What I’m wondering about if the fact that the nexus line of phones has always steered android in the way that Google wants it to go. For example when they wanted to stop using SD cards with Android their nexus phone was the first and did not allow a SD card slot.. When they wanted android to move to on screen keys the nexus is the first to do so.. So what about all these other phones that have parts that Google is trying to steer away from? I feel like the nexus phones are still needed because of this and am not buying into this until it’s confirmed

    • Ben Edwards

      There’s nothing to say Google won’t a) have a flag ship phone in the silver range or b) mandate certain things for the OEMs to meet silver requirements. No point complaining or worrying until official details are released about the program.

  • Both budget and high end handsets coming. Take your pick.

  • shooter50

    The Nexus line was a compromise. Great price, less than top tier phones. Personally, I’m glad they are gone. I’m happy to pay for a real TOP tier Google device

  • Santiago Hinojosa

    I think Google can still make a Nexus phone each year and release Android Silver phones. I don’t see why completely killing the Nexus line.

  • WallBreaker

    Its only a Rumor People, take a chill pill.

    • Matt G

      Coming from the person who put lies in all caps with a bunch of exclamation points in a post right below this

  • WallBreaker


    1. Silver Devices are “Near Stock” not pure stock as reported. Android Silver is an addition not a replacement.

    2. I won’t believe it until its Officially announced from Google’s Mouth themselves that the Nexus line is dying.

    3. The last 2 weeks has been nothing but Tech News Sites using this whole Nexus dying as click bait, when there is ZERO proof.

    4. The Nexus Line is a platform for Google to showcase the latest version of Android, they would be losing the only device that ships with Pure Stock.

    5. Developers Use these Devices and are 1/2 the Price of Developer edition devices.

    I refuse to believe this is true, use your brains people, don’t believe everything you read on the web.



      nerds are so senstive

  • Liderc

    There’s just no way this is true. The Nexus 5 was a brilliant device and it actually sold decent units compared to previous units.

    I swear if they kill the Nexus program I’m gonna buy 10 Nexus 5’s and just replace mine each time they die on me. If it had a better camera it would be the best thing ever. well maybe a bigger battery too.


      decent is sometimes not enough. and why should people be stuck on the nexus 5 for years. change it up.

      your money, but kind of sad you are that much invested in a stupid little program

  • Anthony Dunlap

    If I’m not mistaken, the Nexus A was sold in carrier stores and so was the Galaxy Nexus and, I bought my Nexus 5 from T-Mobile. So that statement is wrong.

    Secondly, Google will be shooting themselves in the foot if they sell Silver at a higher price. I personally wouldn’t buy one and know quite a few fans that won’t either. OnePlus and other Chinese manufactures will be getting a lot of business.

    • Matt G

      You are completely missing the point behind this program. First of all your talking about how Nexus phones are sold at carrier stores first of all. Yes some do sell them in store but most do not including Americas largest carrier which doesn’t sell them at all. Secondly you talked about the price point. Most Americans do not even realize what buying a phone off contract means. If they have chance to buy a $200 phone on contract and $349 phone off contract they will choose option 1 every time to save the money there. You need to stop thinking as a tech person like we are and get in the mind of an average consumer. This is a good idea


      maybe they will aimed at more then just nerds

  • Adela Jhon

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  • TechGeek

    Maybe android silver prove to be better than nexus!!


  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    If the phones aren’t cheap, google will make it worth it. I hope all of the devices are 1 solid price across the board, maybe with a standard deviation of ~$50. To hell with nexus, if i want a cheap phone with top tier specs, i’ll get a 1+ or whatever blu comes out with.Its a good business move. It makes sense to me. I’m embracing it.

  • StankyChikin

    They will be $500-$700 with Google experience software.. I can see everyone keeping their hopes up that this will be cheap like they did with the Moto X and then hate it because it isn’t the price point that they thought it would be.

  • Louis Smith

    Time for a Change.


      agreed. these nexus fans need to get a grip on reality

  • Marko Šaric

    If nothing else (apart from stock android) on these new phones, I would appreciate the all black, NO BRANDING ON THE FRONT OF THE PHONE nexus approach. That is all.

  • Madhav

    The whole point of nexus was brilliant phones at an affordable price line. This just defeats the purpose. I understand the business thinking with competing with Samsung but they just sort of gave up on a market which everyone was starting to adopt to after phones like oneplus one were announced. And here I was waiting to pre order a nexus 6.

  • Honestly. Meh. Ever since my Galaxy Nexus, I haven’t wanted another nexus. They cut too many corners. I want the best of the best and I’m willing to pay for it especially since… I’m on Verizon. If that were to change then price would be more important. I think this is a step in the right direction for sure. Near stock is crucial though.

    Why have one nexus anyway… Never understood that. Woulda been great to see what HTC or done. could have done

  • Dave

    I will hold on to my nexus 5 FOREVER! And 7 if this includes tablets which would be hard to believe

    • Liderc

      I know, I’m going to just buy a couple more Nexus 5’s and just replace my N5 with another one when/if it ever breaks.

      Wish the camera/battery were better, but no one can beat this design. Completely black front is just too good to give up.

      Not to mention if this 5.5” screen bullshiz continues then I don’t want a new phone, 5” is all I can handle (that’s what she said.).

  • Matt G

    Nexus devices were basically a prep for Android Silver. You saw multiple company’s make Nexus’s basically as there test run for this. Well I hate the possibility that the price on these devices could go way up, I am extremely happy about the possibilities this opens. It will allow more people to experience stock android. It will allow people to get updates in a timely fashion. Lastly it will more than likely allow stock android for the nations leading carrier in Verizon.

  • evltwn

    What does this mean for the tablets? Maybe they will still carry on the Nexus name. I hope so.

  • I’d actually be interested in a high end Google phone. That low budget Nexus crap they’ve been promoting for the past couple of years hasn’t caught my attention.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      May not have caught your attention but I hardly think “crap” even close to describes the Nexus 4 and 5.

      • Why cut corners when u can perfect them and price it for $100 more… Or at least give me that option!

        • Liderc

          Every phone is lacking something. The iPhone is a high end device but it’s software is limiting and the screen size is too small.

          The Galaxy S5 is too big and plastic feeling, but has a great screen and battery, but hideous software.

          LG…well they keep trying but they keep falling short too. The Flex is totally the wrong direction.

          HTC is the king of cutting corners and sacrificing. The size of the M8 is ridiculous and unusable as a phone, plus the camera is bad.

          The Nexus 5 has an amazing design, but its camera is mediocre at best and it could use a bigger battery but it has stock android which is perfect. Allows the user to add what they want to add.

          None of them are perfect, if I could get a N5 with the iphone’s camera and a Moto battery I’d be in heaven.

          • Right so with silver we get even more options to quench our never ending thirst of the perfect phone. Can’t hurt?

          • Liderc

            Just depends if they change too much. I don’t mind paying more at all to get the perfect phone, but no company has ever been able to make a perfect phone. Not sure why, doesn’t seem like it’s that hard to make a phone with a 1080p screen, iphone quality camera, stock android and Maxx battery with HTC/iPhone quality materials.

          • Yeah I can’t understand why they can’t either but I’m glad we get a choice. My biggest concern is hackability because I need my custom ROMs!!!

          • Ben Edwards

            So much wrong with your argument.
            – Size is relative, what you find too big or too small others find perfect – it’s never a stable point for an argument.
            – The LG G2 was a success by all means, I know several people who have traded their iPhone or Galaxy S phone for the G2 and haven’t looked back – I wouldn’t say LG are falling short at all.

            – I’ve recently picked up an M8 after getting fed up with the absolutely absymal battery life of my Nexus 5; the device is taller, yes but by no means unusable (it’s literally a speaker taller) and the camera is miles better than the Nexus 5 camera. Lol.
            – The Nexus 5 is great for what it is, but it is by no means the pinnacle of smartphone design or achievement. Stock Android, again, is a user preference. Just because you like it doesn’t mean someone else will.

            Android is all about choice, but so many people seem set in this notion that every phone should absolutely come with stock Android, or this size camera or battery, or have removable storage etc. With that kind of mindset, you’re not better than Apple and their walled garden approach. Don’t be so narrow minded and hypocritical.

          • ChrisNacca

            I don’t think that’s quite fair.. all he was suggesting was not every phone is perfect.. which is true.

            I do agree with Android being about choice, and its great that we have so many options too, different strokes for different folks and all that. It will be interesting to see what price point these Silver devices hit… its a huge factor in peoples buying decision … if its in the iPhone price range you might find a lot of people will choose the iPhone due to just being more popular ( kind of stupid, but you know its true )

            Apples marketing too.. especially in the UK is insane.. its pretty much the main phone advert around here.


        For nerds maybe

    • shooter50

      couldnt have said it better

    • Ben Edwards

      The Nexus 4 & 5 were great phones, not high end by any means but they were both very capable – I wouldn’t call them outright crap. I am looking forward to what Silver has to offer though, we should see some real quality devices produced which hopefully come out at a decent price point as well.

  • mickey4mice

    Not sure about I feel about axing Nexus line and replacing it with Silver, I’ve HTC One M7 GPe, but Google play edition devices just aren’t the same. I love my Nexus 5 but since I already made up my mind on getting OnePlus One, so I’m fine with lack of Nexus 6 but I was hoping the program to live on, it is a cool line.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I didn’t know about the Nexus line until the Nexus 4 was available. I bought that phone and eventually got the Nexus 5. The two best phones I’ve ever owned. I was looking forward to getting the next iteration.

  • Eddie Coronado

    Planned on skipping the N5 for this years model but think ima have to just take the plunge hoping that the battery is just not as bad as everyone seemed to make it out to be

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      The battery is okay and very inconsistent. Right now I’m at 63% with 1.5 hours of screen time and the phone on battery for approximately 10 hours. That’s fantastic. Other days I’m not as lucky.

      • Eddie Coronado

        That’s good I guess for moderate to light usage. Ima fell the change big time coming from my Note 2 which I get 6 hours of Sot. Just tired of the over sized phone now. Nexus 5 seems more 1 hand capable

    • WallBreaker

      its rough for a few weeks but then it works itself out i get through a full day moderate use, unless your flashing roms and constantly wiping which you would than have to wait another 2 weeks for the battery to adjust again.

    • Ben Edwards

      The battery on the N5 is average at best. I’ve kept mine stock apart from root from day 1 and it has been the most horribly inconsistent battery life you can imagine – it’s my biggest complaint about the phone. It got to a point where I was actually having to charge it twice a day some days.

  • Julio Reyes

    Just sad

  • jbdan

    Love my N5. Loved my N4. Loved my GNex although that love was short lived for obvious reasons (thank goodness I dropped big red). N5 is by far the best phone I’ve had the pleasure of owning (also owned moto x and GS3 & 4). Looking forward to this rumor as being just that. 😀

    • G2 > N5

      • jbdan

        I played with one for a while. I really liked it. The exterior aesthetics weren’t for me though. Still, a very nice device.

      • MJ

        Irrelevant comparison or you just don’t understand the reason for Nexus phones. People who bought the Nexus 5 would disagree…

        • Is it though? I’m running stock. Now what’s the difference besides the price at which I bought mine? ($450 off contract, 32 gb storage)

          And a better camera and battery?

  • wmsco1

    No more nexus, rumor new ui make over, no more app drawer and Google+ going possible out. Google makes friends with Apple. My going to be a exciting Google IO.


    Loved the fact that this has more shares on Facebook then google Plus

  • kamkid279

    If they get rid of the Nexus line how is Google going to showcase their new versions of Android? I thought new versions of Android is always released on new Nexus hardware. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But, more importantly how are new versions of Android going to be pushed. Maybe they’ll keep the tablet line of Nexus and just nix the phone portion? I guess I can cross Nexus 6 off my possible new phone of the year, now only 3 phones to look at. Sad panda 🙁


      With Google play editions.

      • Matthew Rebmann

        This is a fairly baseless opinion, but I’m willing to bet they kill of the GPE devices… why bother with them if they’re already making 3 handsets a year with basically “google experience” on them?

    • With android silver…

    • Ben Edwards

      You’ve got absolutely no details about the Silver program, so why are you jumping to conclusions? Nowhere has it been mentioned that OEMs will have control over release schedules, nowhere has it been stated that Google will not have a hand in designing the phones and nowhere has anyone said anything about anything to do with this program. Just be patient and wait for the official word from Google, I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing…

  • Damian

    If I can get a nexus-like experience with top notch hardware on Verizon, I’ll be happy. I liked the Nexus line, but the only Nexus I owned was the OG Nexus 7.


      good luck

      root or get over it

      • Damian

        I’ll wait for project Silver, if it actually pans out.

  • Hoosegow Flask

    One thing that bugs me about Google is their seeming fickleness.

  • Travillion

    I was floored when these rumors first began circulating. It seems so contrary to Google. From what I understood, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were their most popular handsets yet (but not too popular to threaten other OEMs), and it allowed Google to exert pressure for lower market prices (something that Motorola also seemed to embrace before their untimely sale). Now, my heart just breaks. No more off-contract for me 🙁


      Only popluar with the nerds

      • Liderc

        Not really, they were constantly sold out when I would ask around in stores. Obviously that doesn’t prove they were selling a lot of units, but people were buying the stock that was available for sure.


          maybe the nerds have gotten out of the basements or the fact that they never got many in to begin with….

  • interstellarmind

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have been the best smartphones I’ve owned (I’ve owned 6 smartphones before these two). Nexus 4 was the BEST looking one, Neus 5 the best overall package.

    Not looking forward to a hike in price and OEM updates. These were the biggest draws of the N4 and N5. So sad.

  • yummy

    Nexii been good to me.

    I am very disappointed Google sold Motorola, and if this is true, it will only deepen the wrinkles on my frowny face.

  • Tekneek

    I really hope that doesn’t mg mean higher pricing…

  • Jedi_Skote

    Here’s hoping for the same price point or there will be know “silver lining” for Android Silver.

  • Thoughts? My thought is that this sucks. Google doesn’t give a crap about customers. Its them bowing to the pressure of the carriers – they weren’t playing ball. Now they have decided to betray their loyal customers in favor of conforming to the price fixing schemes that the market is rife with. How sad… Going backwards. Looks like OnePlus might be the new Nexus anyway. Goodbye Google!


      What are you smoking?

      The average Joe doesn’t know or care about nexus. It’s all the nerds who are having a coniption fit

  • Godzilla

    In lighter news…

    • AMTrombley89

      I’m starting to like you, sir


    if any of you nexus fans are having thoughts of killing your self over this news, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255




  • Chaz

    I never was able to enjoy Nexus the way I wanted due to being on Verizon. Therefore I’m excited for “AS” as long as they can promise good prices, and fast updates. No way the nexus line could survive with 2 out of the top 3 carriers out of the equation.

    • Godzilla

      Well said. I am on verizon as well and i have my reasons for staying.

  • Conor Most

    Man, Android Silver better have that Nexus price tag. I don’t know what I’ll do without pure android and $349 for an off-contract flagship device.

    • Godzilla

      I dont think it’ll be that low. Perhaps 400-500 because these will be top tier devices. I am hoping for a zero percent payment plan myself. Like moto is doing with the X.


      you’ll get over it. life is full of more things then stock android…

      • grumpyfuzz

        Hi, Chris.


          this isn’t chris… as my name states, i’m a woman on menopause…… can’t you read?

    • hkklife

      Don’t worry, it won’t have Nexus-style pricing or updates. It will basically be (IMO) Moto X-style devices for the masses….but with GPE style exhorbitant pricing.

  • Eddy Edd

      you’ll get over it

  • Godzilla

    I am liking everything i hear about this so far. Let’s just hope google is smart enough not to price these premium devices too high. And it would be great if they could offer a zero percent payment plan via google play or otherwise just like moto has been doing with the X. If they could do that im sure a ton of people would jump at the chance for fast updates direct from google and a sweet payment plan for the device itself.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I am HAPPY to see the NEXUS LINE DEAD that’s a great thing. Nexus products meant bargain basement price break products with poor battery life, crappy camera, and putrid storage options.

    Now Nexus throbs will have to find another bandwagon to hop on as soon as possible that bring joy to me.

    Holier than thou Nexus users must be feeling sick today I hear frogs on the Internet that’s a great sign


      many nexus fans are ourtaged. some have sucideal thoughts

    • Matthew Rebmann

      I’d call this post “hollier than thou” lol. Get over yourself. The Nexus program did great things, maybe you didn’t like it but it was still good. Camera quality is the only thing I think ever really sucked hard. That and the Vzw Galaxy Nexus

      • He has fair points though. With that cost cutting price, it turned a lot of people (me) off. Hopefully silver gives more options than just one phone or one manufacturer!

    • shooter50

      I actually thought NEXUS meant cheap!

  • Alan Paone

    EV just says there’s no nexus 6. If you’re aware of Phillip K Dick, that’s been obvious from the get go. This year’s nexus needed to have a different name.

  • Christopher Garofalo

    Rebranding works and a lot of the times not.. they need to come up with a better name though. Womp womp


      Nexus wasn’t that good of a name anyways. It’s either a brand of shampoo or a typo of a luxury car maker.

  • Mark Aaron Collado
  • Willie D

    No Nexus product? Guess I’ll be moving myself to the iPhone line. .

    • Godzilla

      I dont know if you naive or just stupid. This new program is NEXUS rebranded and hopefully BETTER.


      why? android is about choice and if you really wanted to, get a flagship phone and root the sucker…

  • Mordecaidrake

    If it comes to Verizon, I’m all for it.

    • I’m on Verizon so I can care less about Nexus. Nexus line isn’t touched by the largest network so silver may have a huge new market

  • MikeSaver

    remember that time Ron said Nexus was irrelevant and everyone got real butthurt about it.


    • Nexoduss

      I mean this still doesn’t make it irrelevant, but I’ve always had the mindset that I’d pay more for a nexus without any faults (camera, battery, etc) and I think that’s what the silver program is gonna do.

      • Yes exactly…its my phone I use every day for several hours. I don’t mind paying $150 over that year or two!

    • Liderc

      Don’t see how the Nexus is irrelevant considering the phones have been some of the best over the last few years.

      The Nexus 5 is an amazing device and at an incredible price point. Plus it lets you choose your own carrier, they were ahead of their time. I don’t call that being irrelevant.

  • buckley101

    Windows Phone is starting to look appealing…especially if this doesn’t go well


      rooting isn’t an option?

      • buckley101

        I guess I never thought about that. I just like their OS

  • As much as I love the Nexus line, it servers nothing more than the most affordable way to get my hands on a near top-tier spec’ed device. From the perspective of a general consumer, it basically does nothing to change the market. The only exception is the Nexus 7, which gathers quite a bit of fan support beyond the hard core Android users.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    Everyone is complaining about price, but there is 3 things carriers will demand that make android silver unusable (at least for me, and likely you if you are reading this) and NOT like a nexus. Bootloader locked, Bloat (even the verizon nexus had contact backup, iPhone doesnt have that) and day 1 updates (there will be delays because Carriers like att and verizon will never allow google to push out an update straight to devices without carrier certification, apple and the nexus devices get day 1 updates.


    Oh and the code for a silver device will SURELY not be open sourced like nexus devices have every bit of their code done.

    A silver device can never be a replacement to a developer phone. even if google kills the nexus line.

  • TheRealCBONE

    Hard to believe because the name is so terrible. “Android silver”? Chrome, Platinum, Gold, Titanium were all rejected for making more sense?

    • dizel123

      They should have used Chrome. Its not like Google is using that for anything else…

  • Julian Coronado

    They should at least release a Nexus 6, then discontinue the line. One final Nexus device for all the screaming Android fan-people.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah and with this new trend of 5.5″ flagship devices, it would make sense to have a 5.5 inch “Nexus 6”, even if I personally would rather see more high end <5" devices.


        No. Nexus needs to die a painful death

    • Godzilla



      No. Those people who read a harsh lesson in life.

      S H I T happens. You can’t always get what you want….

    • It’ll leave out the biggest market again: verizon

  • LiterofCola

    More closer to stock Android phones on all the carriers? I’m in.



      keep dreaming bud

  • Eric Hare

    Really becoming disenchanted with Google. They never support their products – News of one product killing after another. They kill Reader, Latitude, Voice, Nexus…. many of which were done because Google+ “deprecated” them. Now, they are slowly killing off Google+. It’s just hard to trust them anymore. I’ll be looking to transition to other services. Some will be easier (i.e., dropbox instead of Google Drive). Others will be more difficult… but Google has really lost all my trust.


      cry me a river

    • miri

      Latitude is now G+ Locations as it’s a better fit with their social efforts, Voice is being merged into Hangouts because it’s redundant and G+ is [rumored to] being separated from Google ID to reduce friction. None of them are dead or dying, just re-branded/re-implemented.

      Reader’s still dead, though it was hardly a mission-critical service anyway. If developing a workable strategy and strengthening their brands makes you lose trust in them, then I wonder what it was based on in the first place.

    • WallBreaker

      I partly agree. Although I think this is still just rumor and speculation. I might consider switching platforms.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Hopefully Silver devices will be supported in AOSP and this is not a way to close off supporting devices through AOSP.

  • RoyD77

    “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;” – Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare

    IF (pure speculation but it fits) Google were to start the Android Silver line in Feb, and in the 1st wave, include an LG made device co-designed with Google, featuring great (but not quite S5/M8/etc) hardware, stock software + Now Launcher, sold in carriers for $99 on contract, and unlocked on Play Store for $399, would it be ANY less sweet because it was called the “Android S1” instead of the Nexus 6?

    The program has always been rumored to feature about 5 phones at any time. Why couldn’t they be

    1 & 2) High end / flagships a.k.a. the GPE GalaxyS# / One M# / LG G#
    3) A mid priced high tier a.k.a. the current Nexus Line
    4) A phablet a.k.a. the GPE Sony Z Ultra type
    5) An ultra low cost a.k.a the GPE Moto G – maybe even the LTE version

    The Nexus + the GPE already look a lot like Android Silver. Just because they add carrier presence, marketing, and branding DOESN’T exclude them still selling unlocked & unrestricted versions on the Play Store. They could still make the same phone at the same price, and just change the name.

    • Ryan

      The major thing though about the GPE program is that the devices there are still way high in the price range (Moto G is the exception to this). All the other phones are at $600 or more off contract, which not a lot of people are willing to dump at any given time.

      What I like about the Nexus program is that they showcase and highlight the biggest change in Android (usually) with very good hardware to keep you happy.

      Grant it, I do like your idea on how to split up the device pipeline. Maybe they might allow for more devices if the OEM goes along with it and not totally restricted to 5 devices at any given time, but I guess time will tell.

      • RoyD77

        Good point. Think of my point this way. What if tomorrow, the Nexus 5 was no longer for sale. In it’s place, Google sold the “LG G2-g” Google Play Edition for $350-399 off contract with the same hardware. Same exact device, same software, updates, unlocked for same price. What changed, besides the name? The GPE never had a device in that same price b/c why would it? They’d just be stealing sales from themselves. They created pricing tiers. The Nexus was always kind of a GPE, and the GPE’s were always kind of Nexus (Nexuses? Nexii?)

        • If Google tries to sell GPE phones at lower price than their normal versions then there will be a problem. But Android Silver devices are specifically made with Google just like Nexus. I think Google will keep a Nexus like device around. What’s the point of multiple devices if they don’t differentiate on price and specs?

          • stuart binning

            What we have to remember is, those of us that follow tech buy nexii phones or the new silver line, 98% of the population have no idea what a nexus is, or that you can buy a phone from play store, they’re eoitjer on contract or buy a cheap off contract phone. Hence nexus was never meant to make a profit, but to display android possibilities and give the tech community a good phone at a reasonable price.
            With the new silver program, we do hope the phones will be cheaper than the flagship edition, the difference being near stock? Android as opposed to what the manufacturers bloatware, enhancements?. I do tyhjink silver phones sold from play store will still be a small percentage of sales, so will Google help push these devices to be boought outrigjt off contract, as well as via carrier contract.
            If so they may not have ASD much power to set the playsyore price, as they won’t be able to undercut they’re new 2nd tier customers, the carriers.
            Now, is Google taking on Samsung and other flagships, putting their branded phones into carriers in direct competition,and in the play store at fair prices, or will all mainstream manufacturers join oin with silver and offer stock android versions of their phones at lower prices than their bloated ones?
            Let the price wars begin!

    • Kenton Douglas

      Unlocked at $399 might be the problem. That said, the Chinese might help to keep the traditional OEMs honest (eg. Oppo/1+1). We’ll see.

      • Godzilla

        You just used chinese and honest in the same sentence.

        • Nexoduss

          Just because the movie came out doesn’t mean people are gonna like you all of a sudden loser

          • Godzilla

            Ok thanks for the heads up.

          • Nexoduss

            Welcome phagboy

    • I hope it’s true!!!

    • Godzilla

      Let’s hope the non contract price is no where near that high. I am hoping for 500 or less and a zero percent payment plan like moto is doing.

      • AMTrombley89

        I still can’t BELIEVE nobody else is doing that financing like Moto is. I mean, especially Samsung, whose site sells much more than just phones. I thought for sure you could go on their site, finance anything and get interest free for x-months depending on price at checkout. I got my last phone off contract with a credit card. If I decide the Moto X follow-up is the one for me, I’m doing it through them for SURE

        • Godzilla

          Hopefully google see’s the success moto is having with the finance program. Heck even if they only gave you 3 months I think a lot of people would do it.

          • AMTrombley89

            I think this is the most “free,” aka non-carrier-committing way to do it because of you buy a phone like this, you avoid the up front costs of $600+, but to the carrier, you OWN the phone. With T-mobile’s plans or any of the financing through other carriers, you have to pay it off before you can unlock it or leave. But If you financed it through the manufacturer, then if it’s compatible, then I can jump between carriers all I like so long as I keep paying my INTEREST FREE line to Moto.

            Don’t know if I explained that as well as it makes sense in my head, lol

          • Godzilla

            Makes total sense.

          • AMTrombley89

            By the way, loved your movie this weekend, lol

          • Godzilla

            Yup i thought it was really good. 4 out of 5 stars.


            Better than the ’98 one?

            Yes kids there is more then one godzilla movie….. Much like how Titanic was a real ship and not just a movie….

          • JoeN

            Much much better, actually a good monster movie

          • Liderc

            lol if you think the 98 Godzilla is the only godzilla, you might be the dumbest person I’ve met online.

            Not to mention it being a terrible film.

            Plus, what kind of loser trolls a Nexus article’s comments? You must have the saddest life on the planet, I honestly feel bad for you.

    • Because we already have those options. The nexus line of devices is a different tier. The Nexus brand didn’t support this on contract off contract BS that people like you buy into. I can’t even believe you are leading your reasoning with “on contract” pricing. On contract pricing is totally irrelevant.

      • RoyD77

        You are mistaken or uninformed. The Nexus S was available on contract, in addition to off, from TMO & Sprint. The Galaxy Nexus famously was introduced on contract via VZW in addition to the off contract AT&T TMO version. The Nexus 5 is still available on contract, for $99 from Sprint. It may be irrelevant to you, but it isn’t to Google, and the people they want to sell it to.

        • I said the Nexus Brand didn’t support this on contract off contract BS. Your examples are of CDMA phones that are made specifically for two carriers in the US.

          Whether they are subsidize by a couple of US carriers or not, an “on contract price” is NOT a price. And I really can’t stand when I see prices advertised that have no relation to the actual cost of the phone to the consumer. Every phone on the planet is available from sprint for $99 or less from – as long as it’s bundled with over $2,000 in sercixe costs. You can shift the “price” of the phone anywhere. What does that really have to do with the cost of the phone?

          What if they sold you a Nexus 5 for $2400 and included two years of “free” unlimited everything? Does that mean the price of the phone is $2400? Use your head. What people REALLY want to know is “what am I PAYING FOR THE PHONE?”

    • You make a very good point. I’ve always talked bad about the Nexus program but if they offered these options I’d be all over the Nexus/Silver line.

    • envoy510

      “Near stock” and unlockable are two things which I care about deeply, in addition to a reasonable price. I worry that all three are going to be under pressure, now that the Nexus program is dead.

  • Josh B

    The stars had finally aligned for me to buy a Nexus phone this fall. Now they are taking it away? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Rodeojones000

    I’m waiting for more info before I form an opinion here. Part of me is disappointed, but I’m also excited for the possibility of more Nexus-like devices – possibly even available on Verizon.

    • RoyD77

      That’s something that gets lost in the discussion on here. This change could make the “Nexus” experience of pure android more available to a wider audience. It’d be in their hands in stores, which is how a lot of the public buys, and at the same or lower costs as the other subsidized phones. Here’s hoping for customer’s sake it also means more VZW options that will get timely updates, zero bloatware, & A+ customer service; something that’s lacking for almost any option that doesn’t start with i*. Plus they could still make the full retail unlocked versions available.

      • Blue Sun

        I totally agree with everything you said. Except I don’t think Verizon will be participating on timely updates or keeping the devices bloat free.

        • buckley101

          I think part of the silver program requires no bloatware. I really hope this anyway

  • Ray

    I wonder if we will still be seeing any new nexus tablets

    • Blue Sun

      Nexus 8 in 45-ish days I hope.

      • Ray

        Yeah hopefully

    • Godzilla

      My belief is that the nexus name will remain for tablets only.

  • Arty McBert

    It would be kind of dumb to call next year’s Nexus the “Nexus 6” considering the Nexus 7 was already taken if they wanted to make a sequel to that. Anyways, this doesn’t really surprise since Google has become worse since 2012 and are less consumer friendly than ever before. I’m glad Motorola will soon no longer be a Google company but also dismayed that it will be in the hands of a Chinese vendor. I hope Lenovo doesn’t ruin it, although I would have liked it better if it spinned off into its own company. Motorola should give Google a middle finger by making a successful Windows 8.1 Phone.

    • Feed Jake

      Spin off into their own company? Like when they were Motorola… Tried and failed.

    • John

      Wait what? Calm down.

      How is Google not consumer friendly?

      • Arty McBert

        “How is Google not consumer friendly?”

        Gee, I don’t know, how about when they forced Google+ on YouTube users?

        • Alan Paone

          That thing that dramatically improved the quality of youtube comments?


            there are other ways of doing such a thing or just leave it as is…… its the internet, not kindergarden

            if google really wanted to do such a thing they would create a new service like viemo with “real” comments.

          • Liderc

            Only a troll like you would want youtube’s comments to remain the way they were. You get your kicks off trolling people, you must live a sad, sad life.

          • bryoneill11

            Everybody wants youtube comments to remain the way they were. The only people who like the garbage that is right now are google employees and people with dictatorship tendencies. Youtube was the first thing to express ourselves without any consequences or repercussions. Thats why companies and governments hate it so much. It really was a platform for the people. I hate the day that people like you came and ruin the internet with your troll argument, every time someone disagree with your point of view. Let the people express themselves!!!

          • bryoneill11

            No… That thing killed youtube comments. Theres no one reading comment by comment on youtube like they used to do, just for this g+ implementation. People like you kill chats by in the day and people like you are ruining the internet today.

    • Kenton Douglas

      they didn’t have a choice. if they kept Moto (and Nexus) they’d risk losing their ecosystem. All of this is a result of the ‘free for all/do anything you like’ Android strategy.

      • You have a source on this? Something official?

        • Kenton Douglas

          No, nothing official – it’s just a conclusion looking at the state of the ecosystem with Samsung (and the Chinese majors) as dominant players. If you take out Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo, and Huawei there isn’t much left! These already run their own services inside China and are more than capable of extending this internationally. Samsung have been building up the capability to fork Android for some time …

          • WallBreaker

            Um……Samsung is Korean not Chinese.

    • LiterofCola

      Lmao @ windows phone

      • Arty McBert

        You should give it a try, it’s really not as bad you think it is.

        • Alan Paone

          It’s worse.


          I’m good. Android or nothing.

          • Godzilla

            This, I have played with every damn phone almost, noting compares to android for me, even in touchwiz form android is far superior.

        • AMTrombley89

          The only thing I like about WP is the LOOK of their keyboard, that’s it. And I’m pretty sure I can get an Android one that looks the same way



  • Oscar Garcia

    This sucks. They could have done that with the GPE devices without killing the Nexus program but they’re Google, the always-killing-what-you-love machine.

    • Kenton Douglas

      just shows how the Andriod strategy has failed. Google are beholden to the OEMs. They didn’t like the association of Google with Motorola, or the Nexus devices – especially in terms of device prices. Therefore, they had to get rid of both or risk losing their wider ecosystem on which their advertising based model is dependant – it doesn’t work unless they have scasle, ie. massive distribution.

      • Oscar Garcia

        I don’t know, I have the feeling that this is a Samsung move. LG seems pretty happy to collaborate with Google, and Motorola (Googlerola or not) seems decided on attacking with their low prices. HTC is rumored to make the last Nexus and Sony could benefit from the Nexus program as LG did because they don’t have a big US presence. I just hate it because Nexus were getting better 🙁

        • Kenton Douglas

          You’re probably correct … it’s Samsung

    • “Google Play edition” doesn’t work for carriers and other stores selling them.

      • Oscar Garcia

        Maybe, but they could have applied everything that’s rumored for Silver with their GPE phones and still keep the Nexus as their own brand, as the Google vision of Android.

        • Why though? What’s so special about the nexus. Wouldn’t it be cool if each manufacturer has their own version?

          • WallBreaker

            you miss the point, Nexus devices are unlocked, 1/2 the price of most unlocked phones and you don’t have to sign a stupid contract. Not to Mention the phone Rivals some of the top devices today in many aspects. Not to Mention no Carrier Branding and instant updates.

          • Unlocked phones are $1600? My lg g2 can run CM and other custom ROMs. Verizon is the biggest market and they are missing out on it. Why not have more options from different manufacturers? Silver will have near stock and fast updates as well…

          • WallBreaker

            no you dork. most unlocked devices are $650 – $750.

          • Name calling when you said nexus was 1/4 the price of other unlocked devices……. U messed up bro not me

          • WallBreaker

            that was I typo I fixed it 20 seconds later.

          • Oh lol I reply thru email and that’s what I saw. But still 400 vs 600… Its tough but if the $600 phone had no compromises, I’d probably go for it. Especially if I could resell later and use it for a year or two. I’m on Verizon so I have no options anyway

          • WallBreaker

            I somewhat agree. I have a problem with switching phones. I always want to try out every new flagship, last year I got to use every single flagship for at least a month, from the moto X to the Note 3 even apple’s 5s. The nexus 5 was the last flagship that I got to use and is currently my daily driver and the first time I actually have no desire to switch ot trade it.

            Except unlike the others that I just swapped and traded with people the nexus 5 was the only one I actually bought brand new. And after owning a nexus 7 and the Nexus 5 I really would hate to see them go. There only seems to be 2 categories when ti comes to phone design. 1 Cheap Glossy Plastic, or 2 Metal/Aluminum. Only the Nexus 5 has a nice soft touch plastic that doesn’t feel cheap and feels great in the hand as I use my devices naked.

            Also I usually always flash roms but the N5 was the first time I didn’t for 2 months, until recently. But I guess I understand what you mean, the camera and battery were its downfall and it would be great to see a premium Nexus type device.

          • My experience with the N5 was rough. It looked great but when my friend let me compare it to my g2 it wasn’t as fluid for some reason. He was stock I was cm11 nightly.

            But I must say if the g2 wasn’t able to flash a custom ROM I wouldn’t be so down on the nexus

          • WallBreaker

            Yeah the G2 was one of my favorite devices that I got to use. Thats weird that it wasn’t as fluid, mine was very snappy and smooth, but the rom I am running now makes it even faster, check out Slimkat Rom its based on Nova Launcher, great rom. I do miss the Battery Life on the G2 I would get 1 1/2 2 days easy.

          • Slimkat for g2? I’m in limbo cuz I heard cm11 nightly for g2 kinda stopped. And idk what to do next lol

          • WallBreaker
          • After finals I shall try it!


      nexus isn’t that special. get over it.

    • They want to make different phones and price them at their own choosing. Can’t do that with GPE

  • Tyrone Biggums
    • VBM

      I read “near stock” and felt like Bender here.

      • Nikuliai

        Nexus is near stock

        • nosedive94

          How is the Nexus near stock? It’s the vanilla version of the AOSP. If you mean the fact that it comes with Play Services and whatnot, that’s got nothing to do with the rest of the way the phone functions.

        • VBM


          • Nikuliai

            Vanilla is basically another stock rom, take AOSP and add stuff with some UI changes (GEL), I’m not saying that it will be good, but right now is not really a reason to overreact, it’s just a guided Nexus for every manufactor, and they win the possibility of making the UI better, which is best for everyone

  • Techtechtechy techtech

    If the phones end up in US carrier stores, would they be available for unlocked sale in the rest of the world? Or are we going to have to wait as always?

  • Alec
    • The Narrator

      Yep, if they lose the affordability, they lose everything.

      • Alec

        Yeah, that’s the biggest problem. I don’t think any of these mainstream companies besides Google want to make a product that hardly makes any profit based off the price. At least there’s still companies like OnePlus and Motorola. We’ll just have to wait and see like always.

        • RaePooletik321

          my mum
          recently bought Kia Rio Sedan from only workin part time online. blog here

        • cold_truth

          because Google makes money on ADVERTISING.
          While MANUFACTURING companies make money on HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.
          Google isn’t interested in Amazon-like “Android” manufacturers (cheap/FREE hardware and Ads), they would COMPETE WITH GOOGLE.

          Motorola is sinking and WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS under LENOVO (what prevents it from making excellent devices right now?) ownership.

          Is it what you want? Cheap plastic “smartphones” that become dumber and dumber? Moto X>G>E.
          Motorola is a sinking cash-less company that stopped patenting innovations and simply LOWERS PRICES on their mid and low end MEDIOCRITY.

          • nosedive94

            I can’t help but agree. Although I think Motorola can resurface with the X+1 and Moto 360.

          • Snusmumrikanos

            You realise writing like that makes you sound mentally ill?

      • buckley101

        That’s not necessarily true. If they lose affordability then there is nothing else affordable. You’ll be forced to buy a phone of which are all the same price and probably end up buying the Nexus anyway. Google wasn’t making money off their Nexus line. This was in the plan since the beginning

        • michael arazan

          Google also knew they needed developers too when the Android Market started, and a great cheap device would be perfect to get them on board and develop with a top pf the line device to create apps.

          I wonder what this means for the 2 Google devices that were suppose to come to Verizon this year, was waiting for a phone.

          • HarvesterX

            Best post I’ve read all morning. This was EXACTLY why the Nexus program was started. I remember Google mentioning it way back in my early Droid days.

            Android was just a baby and desperately needed to populate the Play Store to compete with Apple who had a HUGE lead in number of apps… The Nexus was aimed towards app developers…To showcase Android to them so that they could start developing for it.

            Good post.

        • Sili v

          The qualcomm 810is a bandaid in response to being caught off guard by Apple A7 last year. The 810 will probably perform worse than the 805. Possibly Qualcomm 810 will be inferior to the A7 and 18-24 months behind the a8 as far as technology. Not to mention no true 64 bit os or apps. Qualcomm got fat and lazy.

          • buckley101

            Define perform? On a benchmark with heavy memory transfers then a 64 bit architecture will perform better, but since I’m not compiling large amounts of code and running CAD drawings on my phone, it isn’t going to perform as well in practical use.

            They were probably caught off guard but a 64 bit architecture is a marketing gimmick. Qualcomm even criticizes the market for moving to 64 bit and increasing the number of cores. 64 bit processors have better throughput but slower latency than a 32 bit processor. Heavy memory applications benefit from 64 bit architecture, but in a phone, I’ll take a 32 bit any day. A 32 bit register is theoretically twice as fast as a 64 bit register because you only have to access half the number of bits. Since I’ll only be doing 1 thing at a time on a phone that isn’t running a heavy memory application, I’ll take the faster speed of the 32 bit architecture. It’s sad the market is being pushed like this because more cores and more bits is better.

      • Alan Paone

        They might get back the cachet they had with the Galaxy Nexus or the nexus One, they were the best phones out there at the time, really going head to head with the iphone. The nexus 4 & 5 weren’t necessarily the best phones on the market, just the ones us geeks preferred. If they give up on the price and come back with really great, no-compromise phones, we lose the affordability, but get phones we really want. There’s a pretty good chance that they’ll bring the silver program to affordable phones too, I’m pretty convinced that ‘silver’ is more about the trained salespeople, recovery apps and personalized support.

      • Jared Denman

        Not necessarily true. The silver line in my eyes will give us the options of affordability or flagship quality.

      • Android_Silver_S5_G3_M8_Moto


        What’s the point of one Nexus phone for Google?

        1. it doesn’t sell [tens of ] millions
        2. it doesn’t make tons of money
        3. it doesn’t showcase hi-end Android hardware
        4. it creates unnecessary competition among Android vendors for the right to be the next Nexus manufacturer from the branding point of view. But: 1. and 2.

        5. it can’t compete with Chinese mid-n-low end products
        *Probably Nexus death has something to do with the recent Google-Apple no-license PATENT truce).
        I mean NO NEXUS = no patent dispute)

        • teqnick

          Only Samsung galaxy nexus was part of any patent dispute with apple, apple don’t see nexus as a competitor in their space, its the galaxy line

        • MJ

          The point of Nexus phones? It’s good for the customer??? All five points of yours has no benefit for the consumer.

          I have a Nexus 5 because it has stock Android, no bloat, no carrier branding, can be unlocked and rooted by standard methods, great 3rd-party ROM support, and affordable.

          There is no reason why Google can’t have the Nexus and Android Silver programs at the same time and market to all customer needs. When it’s time to replace my Nexus 5 I will take a long look at FireFox, Sailfish, and Ubuntu phones. Oppo and OnePlus are still options but I don’t need to be on Android (just Google needs me to be on Android).

          • Dapper Dan

            Google doesn’t need you to be on android. They make money on any platform. Google makes money on, basically all devices.

      • No, I don’t think so. Nexus lovers will still buy into the Android Silver brand. Besides if its in carrier stores it’ll be subsidizes by the carrier and cist around the same anyway.

        • WallBreaker

          you miss the point of people buying a nexus. People buy it for the price, the fact that its unlocked and 1/2 the price of most unlocked devices not to mention you get specs that rival most smartphones today, instant updates, and you don’t have to sign a dumb contract.

          • You have a point on everything except the “specs that rival most smartphones” part.

      • mike choas

        Technology has changed gradually with #ERA, so never depend on anyone and see this http://bit.ly/RMIIq0

    • WallBreaker

      I don;t know why your crying this is nothing but a rumor. In fact EVERY single article about the Nexus dying is nothing but rumor, only Android silver ahs been confirmed, but it replacing the Nexus is purely rumor.

  • grant swanson

    oneplus one.



  • Akiih

    Damn. Price has to increase then too.


      who says?

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Say it ain’t so 🙁


      it ain’t so.

  • Sean

    I won’t believe it before it’s confirmed by Google themselves.

    • Marikel

      Honestly, coming from @evleaks it’s hard to not believe it. He has been wrong before, but this seems in line with other rumors saying the Nexus line is being scrapped.

      • WallBreaker

        evleaks has been wrong before.

        • Marikel

          Did you even read my comment?


      there has been a number of rumors in the past few months of the nexus branding getting killed off….. its gonna happen. get over it.

      • Electrify85

        We’ll find out for sure at I/O next month.

      • WallBreaker

        that doesn’t mean anything, this tech news sites take one rumor and run with it because its click bait thats their job to get people to read. 95% of these Nexus articles are pure speculation. Someone mentions Android Silver and assumes the Nexus is dying, yet no one is taking into consideration that Android silver is a an addition not a replacement.


          You don’t know what’s gonna happen eirther.