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Are These the First Pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime?

A “Prime” or premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumored since before the regular GS5 ever arrived. Even with denials about the phone’s existence by Samsung executives, evidence continues to pile up suggesting that the phone is real and could be here this summer. Pictures posted today by PhoneArena claim to be the first of the phone in yet another leak that should frustrate anyone who bought the regular Galaxy S5. 

What do these pictures show us? Well, it looks like some sort of a Galaxy S5 variant, only with a slightly different USB port cover and metallic rim around the device. The backside also has a squared-off camera housing that appears to connect the lens with the heart rate monitor into a single housing. The backside still carries the dimpled exterior from the regular Galaxy S5, only it looks slightly more robust, potentially thanks to a larger battery. I would argue that it looks much shinier than the regular GS5 as well. It’s tough to tell if it is metal or not.

The version of Samsung’s TouchWiz looks identical to that on the current Galaxy S5. We are even seeing the fingerprint scanner setup as the unlock method for the home button.

And that is really all I’m seeing. Assuming these are real, the differences could be very minor on the outside other than the metallic additions. On the inside, we are expecting Samsung to use a Quad HD (2560×1440) AMOLED display and an upgraded Snapdragon 805 processor.

Current rumors suggest that the model number for the Galaxy S5 “Prime” is SM-G906. It may come in black, white, gold, blue and pink.

galaxy s5 prime1


Via:  PhoneArena
  • looks like someone glued fagazy metal pieces n a dif backside to a reg s5…lol

  • 213ninja

    stainless outer bezel and real leather back ftw?

  • tharealoc

    The dimples are crooked…

  • Colts5609

    Still holding out for the Samsung Continuum 2. Phones need stock tickers.

  • Genaro

    wtf those dimples…

  • Kim R Leonard

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  • HarvesterX

    Test (discus isn’t letting me post saying my account has been disabled..which is strange… hMmm ok this post worked
    I was wondering why someone would have blocked me lol.

  • Pennmarq

    Have an s5 and seriously disappointed with battery life. Now Samsung puts more ‘features’ so you can turn on power saving mode earlier and not use any of the ‘features’ old or new. Samsung should put research efforts into producing a decent battery and then give new battery to s5 owners as an apology for producing rubbish. But as we can see from the comments Samsung do not give a toss about their customer base.

  • Sam

    Just bought the HTC One. Going to sell it to get the G3. Too much of a spec whore to pass on the Quad-HD display.

    • 213ninja

      not the one m8 prime?

      • Sam

        Touche, that’s a good point. Forgot about that.

  • kazulk

    looks like a normal s5 with the wireless charging cover on it

  • Al-Burrit0

    Seriously this is what Samsung calls premium? I wonder how much they’ll sell it on contract.

  • No_Smoking

    I just bought the S5 for 99 on Verizon. While its a little annoying that a new one is coming out, its the nature of the beast. I’m really happy with the current S5, but I do have a few “complaints” about it.

    The first one is how the camera protrudes out slightly. So when I set it down the weight of the phone rests on the cam. Also makes it an area that’s bound to get scratched up. If this Prime version is real, the cam looks flush with the battery cover, which is a plus in my mind.

    The second gripe is the port cover, it is a major pain trying to plug it in at night before bed. Its almost impossible actually (for me). lol it is even a little hard in day light =P

    last is volume and power button placement. For me when I hold the phone, my thumb rests on the volume rocker so I am always hitting it on accident. The power seems off placed, it feels like it needs to be a little higher up, closer to the upper corner. Its minor, but still a little annoying.

    Over all, I do like the phone though! =)

  • Tyrone_83

    Can this phone hurry and come. I want ditch my garbage Alcatel M’pop so bad.

  • mizo

    Is that a speaker grille on the bottom beside the usb port??

    • MichaelFranz

      that was my question……one thging the S5 sucks at is speaker sound. I have to cup my hand around the backside so the sound bounces off of it. Its no HTC one, but even my droid maxx had better sound from a backside speaker

    • 213ninja

      i’d guess yes, it looks like the one on my note3…

  • Sean Rowe

    Seems like I’m the only one planning on holding out until the new MotoX device comes out in late summer…G3 doesn’t entice me much…

  • parth

    htc one m8 prime is releasing with snapdrrragon 805

    • parth

      snapdragon sorry

  • finesse

    All I hear abouy is samsung lag this, touchwiz lag that. Honestly, the ‘stutters’ arent that big of a deal. Nothing is perfect. The htc m8 has no lag? Cool fine. But will that 0.3m/s difference of opening a app change my life or your life in anyway no. Most of if not every stutter issue on samsungs have been rectified on 4.4. So cut the slack talking about lag a look at whats more important like the fact that this gs5 prime lookd thicker than the og.

    • Ben Edwards

      But my apps open faster than yours!!!111!!! Rah blah blah blah!!!

  • joejoe5709

    Does it include a laser?

  • bassman418

    Galaxy note 3. IMO still the best phone out there to date.

  • hyperbeatser

    dat button tho

  • nyn8tve

    Oh wow it looks just like the other 18 galaxy’s.. whoo hoo

  • master94

    Looks like plastic to me.


      samsung loves dem plastics.

  • Spider_rico

    So the prime is like getting band aids with the neosporin already on them??


      Every cut. Every time

  • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

    Oh. My. God.
    It’s CHEAP and UGLY AS HELL.

    NO. No. No.
    It is even uglier than rubber-ish Band-Aid S5.

    Who are the SAMSUNG’s designers?

    • wmsco1

      Godzilla movie makers

  • Ubi2447
  • Ali-Jacob Ishaque

    As a current Galaxy S5 owner, I could care less about this coming out. It literally looks just like the regular S5 except for a few different things mentioned in this post. Would I really cause that big of a gripe against a slightly bumped up processor and higher screen resolution?! No. Who needs a higher resolution on a 5.1 inch screen?! It’s not even noticeable unless you have some special lens to see it up close. To the everyday consumer and even enthusiasts, no one would even notice. Plus it’d just kill the battery even faster. And with a slight bump in processor, I doubt the performance of the device would be any better if it’s still 2GB of ram. I think this was a real bad move of Samsung. They should’ve either released this and ONLY this for the S series or not even have done this. While it does not piss me off, it will piss off other S5 owners. /end rant


      You live in denial. People like you are the reason we struggle to move forward

      • Ali-Jacob Ishaque

        You must be a Samsung rep that comes up with these horid decisions. As if we aren’t moving forward. Look at technology around you. I doubt your smartphone was here when you were in high school and college. Its just my damn opinion and last time I checked, I’m entitled to say whatever the hell I want.


          “oh I dont want higher res screens. I dont want a faster processer…. my little mind can’t handle change!!!! wah wah wah

  • wmsco1

    It was said prior to CES that the new screen wasn’t going to be ready for flagship release. And a possible release after with the new screen and 4k technology and 805 processor. So this is no surprise to me. But what did surprise me was putting out two new phones with same name by estimated time of June or mid summer. So a upgrade within the same year would piss a lot of people off with good reason.

  • Godzilla

    Looks thicker for sure. My guess is a 4000mah battery in that puppy.

  • roxyperez001

    No i can’t believe it because i saw first picture in http://goo.gl/JrekFi

  • roxyperez001

    Nice post

  • William Oh

    Form factor looks better than the GS5 but these leaks look very greasy.
    If there is a flush aluminum back cover I’m all in.

  • PoisonApple31
  • There’s video of it now. Or maybe its the S5 Active?

    • PoisonApple31


  • Kol Niklauson

    I’m just hoping these are really bad pictures

  • Looks like a speaker coming out of the bottom too (right of the USB port) which is on the back left corner on the S5 “original”.

  • jer85008

    Look….another Samsung phone I’ll never buy.

  • Ant

    Does anyone remember when samsung denied a premium s5 even existed a little while ago?


    • flosserelli

      Well of course. Would you really expect Samsung to launch the S5 then say “Oh but we have a better version coming in 3 months”

    • dizel123

      No, I don’t remember it. I wonder why they didn’t mention that in the article. Oh…wait…

  • Mark Aaron Collado
  • Ant

    The Galaxy S5 aka The Metallic Bandaid

  • UncleFan

    OK, now I’m really ANGRY. Not because the Prime exists, but because it’s obvious that they screwed up the design of the regular S5 to accommodate the 5.2 inch screen of the Prime. They made the bezel of the S5 much bigger than it needed to be just so they could share more parts with the Prime!

  • JCastag

    I have the Note 3 and love it, now that I removed TouchWiz and installed Resurrection Remix.

    I picked up an HTC One this week though, and love it. I am done with Samsung until they stop with TouchWiz and use premium materials on their devices. They have the most expensive Android devices, so it’s unacceptable that they have the cheapest feel. Enough.

    I am not saying everything has to be metal, but they can certainly stop using Fisher Price plastics on their phones.

  • Skwisgaar

    G3 is aesthetically SO much better looking than this. Suck it Samsung.

    • f10

      LG = Samsung Wannable! Suck it fanboy!

      • The Narrator

        Keep thinking that, sheep

        • 213ninja

          i don’t think that comment makes this guy a sheep. doesn’t every OEM want to be the best selling OEM on the globe? didn’t Samsung jacking some design cues from Apple help propel it to #1? you know these companies all steal ideas from one another….

          ebay has deals on butthurt suppressors. i got mine just for this site 😉

      • Skwisgaar

        Sorry…but you losing your sh*t cause I said something negative about your precious Samsung would make you the fanboy, now wouldn’t it?

  • flosserelli

    Still fugly.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Dimples? No thanks… Where you at G3!? 10 DAYS…

    • Vasboz

      Dimples help with HOLDING the farker when WET. Get it real peeps… Use thy brain.

      • Magistos

        Also, the first thing I do is put a new phone in a case, usually an Otterbox Commuter, because I am a complete clutz. It has saved my phone plenty of times. Further, I rarely see a phone without a case, so I have to wonder why the angst over something that people rarely even SEE?

    • Vasboz

      Also… but STUPID and OBVIOUS don’t like dimples change the back plate.. you CAN do this. It’s a 1ST world privilege for a 1st world PROBLEM. Which you guessed it… isn’t really even a PROBLEM. Grow up.

      • Tyrone Biggums

        Someone’s bitter… Cheer up Brah. Its a phone!

        • Vasboz

          Haha.. that’s the issue with the interwebs not bitter i know it’s a phone I work in the industry I don’t like seeing purely emotion not factual information from fanboys 😉

  • Tony Byatt


  • George St. Martin

    If this phone is real, it will be a South Korea excessive. Samsung does something like this every year. This isn’t news anymore.

    • Kane Desousa

      You mean exclusive…?

      • George St. Martin


  • cleefson guerrier

    Hopefully they have a prime GP edition

  • A higher quality S5 is already announced, it’s called the LG G3 😛

    • flosserelli


    • HTs

      Cheap wannabe.

      • RockMarz

        ocheap what

      • Yeah, the S5 Prime is a cheap wannabe of the G3, that’s why the G3 is the clear winner.

  • Ray

    Awful Home button no thanks

  • Kane Desousa

    If you have an s5 and you’re not upset about this you’re in denial…

    • I always thought that I wouldn’t care less if a ‘Prime’ version of the GS5, but after seeing this I’m actually pretty irritated

    • dizel123

      If you have an S5 and you’re upset with anyone but yourself you’re an idiot.

      • 213ninja

        yeah, “prime” definitely made headlines before the s5 dropped. i agree. i’d have waited it out (being a phone dork spec junkie).

    • michael arazan

      It could only be Barely a spec bump, unless they release some ridiculously large @ss battery in it

    • Vasboz

      You guys are IDIOTS. Why would you be upset? Like the phone isn’t good enough. First world effing problem for farks sake!

    • 213ninja

      only the spec heads. some people were able to get the s5 for $50 bucks if you found the right deal (best buy). this prime might not even come stateside (has that been confirmed?), and if it does, it will likely be priced higher…

      i know folks who got an s5 that couldn’t care less about this phone if it costs more than what they paid for the s5.

      spec heads and tech dorks like me, that’s another story….i’d be in hardcore remorse, but i’m not most.

  • EraserXIV

    I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • K

    Pass. May be packing beefier specs but dat back…then come the people arguing” yeah, well you’re just going to put a case on it so what’s the point of great design?” I don’t use cases :p

    I think the extra bulk on the back could also be built in wireless charging.

  • The G3 it is.

    • spudskier

      Why is the G3 that much better? Serious question

      • PoisonApple31

        Good luck getting a serious answer.

      • Maxim∑

        Because Samsung/Apple are too popular so they get extra hate

        G2 is an excellent phone unlike the GS4 so we ASSUME the G3 will be the same. And it probably will

        • Guest

          Say that again!!

        • Vasboz

          If the G2 was BETTER than the GS4 it would’ve sold more. Your stupid logical never ceases to astound. Shut up and get real.

          • BillySuede

            to be fair, sales doesn’t equal better. marketing has a lot to do with that. that being said, it’s not lg hasn’t been around for a while and isn’t a known brand. their problem was they had a really bad reputation with their phones for a LONG time which set them back in the public’s eye.

            heck anyone remember the lg phone that was verizon’s first touch-screen phone? i believe it was called the voyager? man, that phone was a disgrace…

          • Vasboz

            I agree BillySuede to an “extent” but if the Galaxy series were lemons no amount of marketing would’ve saved them.

            Yep, LG used to have “some” cool phone’s I remember as a teenager/young adult growing up my sister had the LG Prada. There’s always still something to be said about a flip phone that you can’t do with any other when hanging up on a call! Classy. Boom.

          • BillySuede

            oh. no doubt about that. if the phone sucks, no amount of marketing will help past the first wave of sales and potential subsequent returns.

            people who are tech-savvy tend to overestimate the importance of these arguments in relation to the ‘real’ world and the fact that people just want the latest and greatest phone that simply works.

            it wasn’t too long ago when htc was king of the hill and samsung was the snot-nosed up and comer. the difference is that samsung got their ducks in a row more efficiently and quicker than anyone else in android-land. lg has finally gotten serious and with some luck and some solid quarters, it won’t be long before they start potentially start stealing some sales from samsung.

          • Vasboz

            Yep and I remember as I’ve been now working in IT for 8 years since graduating Uni in Computer Science and at my first real job when the HTC Desire came out it was king dingaling with the scroll wheel!

      • The Narrator

        The G2 was pretty much the top phone of 2013, and everything points to the same for the G3.

        Oh and their software isn’t laggy like certain competitor’s.

        • George264

          It also came out 4 months before the year ended. That gave it advantage over phones that came out in Febuary. I think the argument that a phone released 6 months after another phone could be put on the same scale.

      • Andrew Bockus

        Serious reply:
        LG has typically listened to consumers about what they want while also continually being a tad bit innovative while Samsung has repeatedly continued to stick to a bloated TouchWiz experience that consistently tends to lag and provide tons of gimmicky features that are extremely useful (most of them anyway). LG has also been pushing the boundaries of their devices in terms of processor, screen, and have really stepped up the battery in their G2. The G3 is rumored to have a 2k display, like the rumored GS5 Prime, but chances are it’ll have a metal body (unlike Samsung) and a very nice sized battery to power that great display. Plus, HTC and Samsung have always come out with phones towards the beginning of the year where the intermediate-high specced processors are the best available, where LG seems to always wait until the better ones are out – such as the new 810 that is rumored to be in the G3 compared to the 801s that are in the One M8 and GS5.

        I have the M8 myself, but I’m excited just to see what LG brings to the table with the G3.

        • Kane Desousa

          The 810 is definitely not going to be in the G3. MAYBE the 805.

          • The Narrator

            Recent info points to the 805. LG was the first to use the 800 last year, so they’ll do the same again.

          • maroon1

            810 won’t come until 1st half of 2015

            LG G3 will most likely use 801 like S5 and HTC one M8

          • RaePooletik321

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        • spudskier

          Thank you for the thoughtful answer! So will you stick with the M8 or pick up the G3? I’m getting rid of my Droid Razr Maxx HD (tired of Moto) later this year and the GS5 Prime, M8 and now the G3 are on my short list

          • Andrew Bockus

            I’m not really sure – I love the premium metal feel – I’ve had way too many phones. I currently have a Nexus 5, I had the Moto X and sold that for the HTC One M8. I’ll leave the previous 10 smartphones I’ve had out of it…but overall I love the look, feel, speakers, and screen of the M8. If the G3 has a nice metal body, better camera (duh), SD card slot, and bigger battery (probably another duh)…then I’ll have a look at it and might switch!

          • spudskier

            Fair enough. Battery, camera and display are my hot buttons… Iv’e heard the M8 camera isn’t great and coming from a moto camera that takes an eternity to shoot photos, I need an improvement.

          • Vasboz

            After a great Camera go the Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5. I personally dont’ like Sony’s interface or lack of home button, so Samsung wins for me and the 16mp shooter is fantasitc. Had the HTC ONE and was always underwhelmed with the 4MP photo’s….

          • Adam Elghor

            Also historically it has been much easier to unlock the bootloader in LG phones than Samsung or even HTC, allowing people to really customize their phones with things like ROMs and mods.

          • This is factually incorrect. The S5 boot loader is not locked and HTC has a web page specifically to help you unlock the boot loader on your device. Can we please stop making up BS and presenting it as fact? Is does no one any good except.maybe the ego of the one boasting. It is OK not to know something. But if that’s the case, keep tour trap shut. Making crap up is a disservice to those that need to make real decisions. Enough already… What you are saying has no foundation in fact AT ALL.

          • michael arazan

            It’s True, the new M8 came with S-off open and not locked on all carriers, even Verizon

          • Woe, Is [S]unjay

            Sony makes it the easiest. The unlock tool is on their website.

          • Vasboz

            Forget about modding, buy the right phone to start with no need. I’ve modded my S1, Atrix, S3 and HTC ONE. Big mistakes.. each time after that “dream” of the perfect phone. I’ve got it now with my S5.

          • Big EZ

            The Moto X is, IMO, the best phone currently available. The G2 is the only other phone as good. Don’t judge the new Motorola by the Bionic and Razr line of old Moto.

          • spudskier

            I’m tired of Moto, played with the X and it has the same lag issues as my Razr maxx hd. Phone: “I know you just turned me on, now I’m going to update every app you have. YOu really won’t be able to do anything else with me while I perform these tasks so you’d better plug me in and come back tomorrow” … Me: F&*#

          • Big EZ

            That’s any phone if you have auto updates on. I’ve played with my wife’s X a lot, and it doesn’t lag. My Note 2, however, is another story.

          • George264

            I went with the M8. So happy I went for it. Best phone I’ve owned, barely touched my X and 5S since.

          • HarvesterX

            Good choice. The M8 and G2 are the two best smartphones out right now

          • Vasboz

            Have you ACTUALLY used the G2? Or the M8? Having used the M7 for a while.. knowing HTC still stuck with their ULTRAPIXEL will mean that photo’s will STILL SUCK. The G2 power button behind is totally unnaturally it’s just WEIRD.

          • WallBreaker

            simply go to “my apps” in the play store menu and click “stop all” problem solved. Maybe you should be using an iphone.

          • michael arazan

            I’m waiting for the X + 1, hope the rumors are true, been 2 1/2 years since I have bought a new phone.

          • Big EZ

            I hope the 5.2″ X rumors are true. Even if it is I think they’ll keep, and update the 4.7″ X. The G3 is going to make it hard to wait on the new X though, especially if it has a microSD slot.

        • Quantum Fisiks

          LG listens to customers. Not American ones then. LG is taking it’s time releasing the G Pro 2. Saying Americans don’t want big phones. Then what is the G Pro, Note line, Flex, HTC M8/One/Max, Samsung Mega, LG G2, and other 5.5-7 phones? I still have an LG Optimus G that has not received the Kit-Kat up date. It’s what they based their Nexus 4 off of. The phone had potential. One update in it’s whole life cycle and it’s still has what is now considered low leveled premium specs.

        • maroon1

          Many sources are saying that LG G3 is going to use snapdragon 801

        • linknpark

          touchwhiz is not laggy anymore my friend. if lg listened to consumers , the n their sales would have spoken for itself, bloat you call it? no wonder millions around the world still buy it and prefer it to any other android phone on the market. we dont need a few of the goodie 2 shoes to come and act like they know it all. it is your opinion and just that. millions dont agree or care what you think or say because they know which is the best and the sales have proven that. LG makes nice phones but will never beat samsung in sales or being the number 1 android phone . still not is and never will be.

          • HarvesterX

            All the top 10 lists of the best smartphones out right now all put the G2 either in 1st or second place, and when it’s second, the HTC One (M8) is in first, and vice versa. The G2 is ranked higher than the S5…what does that tell you? Having used all three one way or another I agree.

            If it makes you or anyone e else feel better I’ll happily just day the S5 is the most beastly boss around. Doesn’t hurt me any lol…it’s all good. 😀

        • LSH99

          I thought it was pretty well established that the G3 is plastic with a “brushed metal finish” (i.e., it only “looks” like metal).

          • Vasboz

            Metal = Less impact absorbent upon a drop/fall. In the end you’ll have a more damaged and heavier phone. Way to go.

        • Vasboz

          I had the M7. Crap phone. Sense = washed out and bland. yes it looks “crisp” but again work for a living driving and you’ll realise Car Mode STINKS in Sense as black is even harder to see in day light then white on black dials.

        • Vasboz

          Anyone actually tried using a power button underneath? I did with the Motorola Atrix and it was near the front still painful to be pressing “into” yourself… not natural at all. Power button underneath is disgusting… watch how many camera shots will be blurred due to someone eating KFC then trying to use their phone LOL…

        • BillySuede

          isn’t the prime supposed to be metal as well? given that the prime is supposedly going to be the main competitor to the g3.

      • maxx1987

        i’d say because bigger screen, smaller footprint, better UI, cheaper price 1 month after release =)

      • Vasboz

        Serious reply the G3 isn’t “that much better”.

        I work in the IT inudstry and manage 50 phone’s in our fleet of which 85% of them are iPhone 5’s. Why? Because from a business perspective and for many end users they “just work” with minimal administrative support.

        What am I currently using? A Samsung Galaxy S5

        What have I owned in the past?
        – All started with a work iPhone 3GS and I then bought myself a Dell Streak (back when 5″ phone’s were “oh my god….”) and loved the experience with Android 1.6 but didn’t like the lag.
        -Work then gave me an iPhone 4 and on my personal plan I happened to get my hands on a Galaxy S1. What I liked about the S1 immediately compared to the Dell Streak is the physical Home button. People often overlook these, but it makes all the difference especially when at home at night trying to turn your phone on to wake the screen is a breeze with a home button as you know exactly where it is with your fingers.
        -Then after this I have had a Motorola Atrix whilst having the iPhone 4 work phone alongside. The Atrix unrooted was not the greatest phone only ran gingerbread… but I rooted it to Jellybean and to this day it was still one of the most responsive Android’s until I got my hands on the S5.
        -I then owned a Galaxy S3 due to my personal contract expiring and whilst it was initially an awesome phone the bugs it had (MicroSD killer) and lag (due to insufficient ram) were bottlenecks… phone had soo much potential to be awesome but lacked in a few departments.
        -After the Galaxy S3 I had the HTC ONE for about 11 months (provided by my new job) and since then I no longer had the iPhone 4. and whilst the HTC ONE was a great phone to look at, I found Sense a little dull,boring and just a dark overlay to what should be a bright and exciting interface for me to use. Have people actually tried “driving” mode on the HTC ONE? Who said it will be easy to see BLACK dial keys…
        – After the HTC ONE I gave that to a staff member as my personal contract was expiring so I picked up a White iPhone 5S and had this for 3 weeks. Whilst I had it you realise just how much Android is ahead of Apple in “flexibility” but the I found I was using the iPhone 5S for more productive things oddly enough.
        – I then got my hands on the Galaxy S5 and am as happy as larry with this phone. I don’t plan on switching it now for a while as technically speaking I don’t know how much more I “need” on a phone, and it has all these great usable workable features.

        People need to realise a few things in life, one this is specificationis on paper and yes I initially had a lot of doubts about the Galaxy S5 but…. and here’s the big one.. actually try USING the phone for a few days and you’ll realise that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is actually a big leap forward compared to the S4 or the S3 4G.

        Touchwiz has matured and Samsung is here to stay. People bagged out the back case looking like a “bandage” but hold one, feel it, look at it in the flesh and you’ll realise it was actually the smartest thing they could do with that back case. It is designed that way so that even in “water” you have GRIP. I know it’s probably something that sounds too obvious or maybe it doesn’t but that’s my theory behind the underlying reasons for their back case.

        Overall I’d say the Samsung S5 (and Nexus 5 for that matter) finally have the Smoothness of an iOS device but with all the power of Android.

        I’ve used a few LG’s and I find their interface unnatural, backward and just gimmicky. Yes touchwiz in its early form was gimmicky but it’s matured into a powerhouse.

        Moreso to Andrew’s “reply” it’s not about specs and LG being innovative. Look at APPLE? They add all these innovations once they can find a matured approach. My Motorola Atrix had a fingerprint scanner, did it work? YES. Did it work well? NO. Was it integrated into the core OS? NO.

        This is the importance, less on specs as these days all phone’s will look great with their screen but more importance on actual functionality and usability.

        • spudskier

          Thank you thank you thank you

    • Ubi2447

      I’m thinking the same thing. I just cannot get behind the way the Samsung acting towards it’s customer base with the merely few month old S5 and now releasing this prime variant. I feel like Sammy is putting out the prime to compete with LG and not to benefit it’s customers necessarily. Not to mentioned how bewildered I am at the choice to put this dimpled back on the device (if this is indeed the final design). I have an S3 and am now looking at either the LG G3 or the M8 Prime. I’ll have to wait to hear the final specs of both but it sounds like the G3 is the winner. I like metal but I don’t need it. I want a 2k display but I need future proof internals and a good camera all running around a non-bloated UI. Sense really looked good this go around but the M8’s gimmicky camera was an enormous turn off. It sounds like they may keep the Duo but stuff a high Mp camera in there (dont remember the number but I think it was above 13). The G2 had a crazy over done UI with menus upon menus, but the G2 has some software features that I loved and found super useful. I look forward to hearing that the LG UI has been refined more.

      • Mike H.

        Keep in mind there have been no reports showing it will go outside of Korea.

      • finesse

        @ub2447 . I had an s3. I now have an s4. Looking back at it, the s3 was slow laggy and lacked refinements. The s4 however,extremely fast responsive, some stutters, no lag, if your on 4.4. Now I dont know what your definition of lag is but if were talking about how long it takes for an app or the settings menue to open, its not a problem, your not going to die, you dont have to wait 2 seconds or a year, you wont notice it unless you really are using the phone for ui tests. Day to day usage, its perfect. Now apply what I just told you, to a faster and a even more refined device. The gs5. Hardly any ‘stutters’ if not, none. Simple great ui refinements. The dimpled back feels really nice, use it for yourself its not hard pastic like they make it out to be, lag? Part of the past. For the gs5 lag means load, processing. Now apply that to an even fast device with better processing?
        Lesson here? Use it for yourself. People have different tastes. Different opinions. Lg g3 will be a great phone, but dont let these novices fool you into thinking its the best thing since sliced bread over an s5.

        • Vasboz

          A lot of people replying here don’t actually work in the industry for starters and their just FANBOYS. Wait till it gets released until then it’s “hear say she say…”

    • Joe

      Haha sick as foo! Yeah we’re tired of Samsung LG’s time to shine…

      • Vasboz

        Yehh sick as foo go jump off a bridge? LOL see your logic and statements are invalid due to #fanboism

  • The Narrator

    Does it look like an S5? Yep, that’s a bandaid prime for sure.