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Yahoo Updates Mail App With New UI, News, and Yahoo Today Feature

Who ever thought Yahoo would be a company to make waves on Android? In a few short months, the company has acquired the contextually-aware Aviate launcher, launched the ambitious new Yahoo Screen, and released Yahoo News Digest. Talk about ambitious. But Yahoo refuses to slow down, which is good for us. Today, the company announced that the new version of its Yahoo Mail app is coming to Android.

If ever an app was representative of a company’s broader strategy, it would be the new Yahoo Mail. The revamped client incorporates Yahoo’s core strengths – news, weather, sports, and photos – are built right into the app, with all features being only a swipe away. The News tab displays top headlines, while the Today tab shows the local forecast, sports scores, videos, and images from Flickr.

Thankfully, that cohesiveness does not come at the expense of usability – replete with a hamburger slide-out menu and tabs, the app conforms to Android design guidelines beautifully.

The new Yahoo Mail is available for download through Google Play. Yahoo states that the News and Yahoo Today features are not quite ready, but will roll out to all platforms over the next few days.

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Via: Yahoo
  • Andy

    The ap may work well for the mobile crowd but it has been a mess for those of us still using desktops/lap tops. It is slow and clumsy to use and down all time. The old system was not great but it worked well enough that I did not complain. This one is a disaster. As soon as I get the time, I will be switching to another provider.

  • JeffColorado

    Never again Yahoo. You were just awful. Even Microsoft is better.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    My heart bleeds for this app. 🙂

  • When my gf works from home she has to use Yahoo messenger to stay in contact with other coworkers ever since she downloaded her Yahoo crap on the good PC it’s making it lag slow.

    • Kayungjoo

      You’re stupid

      • So is your mom for not swallowing you but hey who am I to judge her

  • Themanhere10

    It seems Google play is down… Anyone else?

    • Nope just downloaded an app and updated a couple. I’ve read elsewhere that people were having problems with Google services but it’s not affecting me.

  • Yahoo is the Spam God from hell..

    • MH

      Dont forget Malware

    • JeffColorado

      It was like they were trolling me. I would tag things as Spam, and Yahoo would just ignore it and send it to me anyway.

  • BK

    This almost makes me wish I hadn’t given up on my Yahoo account in 2009.

  • Sporttster

    Biggest question: will it be more stable than the mess it is now???

  • JSo

    The only thing Yahoo does for me anymore is collect spam.

    • Aaron

      Thought I was the only one

    • Dave

      so true

    • MH


    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Yeah, if they left up Yahoo Pipes, they could shut down the rest of Yahoo for all I care.

    • michael arazan

      My Yahoo account is my default spam account that I sign up for stuff for and access sites that I know will have a ton of spam for doing. I have nothing important their or linked to it. Plus I still like to use Yahoo answers sometimes, but now most people answer questions there that offer no help and don’t even relate to the topic. Might as well call it Yahoo Troll Answers, or Ask A Troll

  • Shane Redman

    Only thing I use Yahoo for is Fantasy Football

  • YanYang

    First lol