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Video: This Could be Verizon’s First XLTE Commercial (Updated)

Verizon is going to announce XLTE on Monday, according to our sources. We know that the point of this rebranded LTE network is to brag about Verizon’s use of AWS spectrum that will double bandwidth in cities across the US. It should be awesome for Big Red customers in major cities, especially since its network has been struggling as of late to keep up with the strain that has been placed on it thanks to a growing number of connections.

In yet another sign that XLTE is all-but-confirmed, we have what may be the first commercial for the newly rebranded network. Thanks to a clip posted to Vimeo by the art director for McGarryBowen, a major marketing firm that does all sorts of work for Verizon, we get to see how XLTE will be introduced to the world. Assuming this commercial made the cut, we will see Verizon talk about opening up space, giving you more bandwidth, and allowing you to no longer wait in line. 

Update: And it’s been pulled.

Via:  @ChadMobley [h/t @evleaks]
  • Ryan Dombroski

    Here is the video if anyone still wanted to see it – hasn’t been taken down fro here yet


    • cizzlen

      Mah nigga

  • dazoe

    If this is their response to t-mobile without increasing their data caps than i’m 1000% jumping ship…. Realistically we all can not use the potential of our phones to watch tv/videos with data caps topping out at 10/2? GB What a joke if so

  • Brandon Diehl

    I’m pretty sure XLTE is live here.

  • Brian

    I’m horny

  • 4g63mark

    I love that Verizon is leading the way yet again for faster data. I wonder how this news tastes to the people who left Verizon just to get a GSM phone…… There was a time when I was close to Leaving Verizon, but then came LTE. I’ve never thought of leaving since.

    • hkklife

      If you’re off LTE and in a 3G area or in a non-AWS market, you still are conceivably better off with a GSM handset (assuming decent coverage there, of course). HSPA trounces CDMA EVDO and EDGE still beats 1x on VZW. Not to mention the greater flexibility and variety of handsets. But I agree, its still good to see VZW not resting on their laurels and pumping $ back into their network.



      • 4g63mark

        I remember that Verizon had very unimpressive 3G, and HSPA was better. But I can’t recall the last time I was restricted to 1X……. Honestly everywhere I travel as well as my home town is completely blanketed in Verizon LTE. I wish everyone could experience what I do. My $230 bill for 3 lines of unlimited makes me 100% happy right here with Verizon. Plus we have lots of options for unlockable bootloaders running stock Android.

        • MasterEthan

          I have to agree here. I pay $170/mo for 2 lines of unlimited and to some it seems like a lot but the “unlimited” is a factor in paying that much. The major difference is really coverage. I never see 1X and rarely see 3G, even traveling on road trips I see LTE most of the trip on the drive (1-2 day drives).

  • Saw on another site that this new network will be starting out with the Sammy S5 and the HTC One M8. {{-_-}}

    • PoisonApple31

      I think the Galaxy S4 was the first phone to have band 4 LTE, or maybe the first to have it activated on Verizon. My Note 3 is already getting it where I live right, and I am not near a big city. Last speed test I had about 70 mbits down and 25 up. About 3-4 times as much as what I have gotten previously in my area.

  • Haven’t read the article yet. I bet the unlimited data is history. {{-_-}}

  • Nate

    I’m dropping my unlimited data for a 2GB plan with planned 2 GB overage. I used to use 15-20 GBs in a month on Verizon LTE. Til I moved to Straight Talk and was limited to 3 GBs. Now I rarely go over 2 GBs. I’d rather have unlimited calling and texting than data. Since I was always going over my usage. Plus WiFi is in most places I go..


      most people dont want to cry about the data. they want to set it and forget it.

  • Telco Tommy

    Verizon blows.

    • NexusMan

      Where I’m at, Verizon always was and continues to be the best.

      • SomeDooD

        The best network, the best butt-rape.

        • NexusMan

          A matter of perspective. Verizon’s service is worth in $$$ more than T Mobile, so for Verizon’s prices to be lowered, T Mobile’s need to be too.


        it mau be the ebst, but pricing, and customor service sucks

        • NexusMan

          Best all around for me. Granted I have a discount, but I am paying a few dollars more than T Mobile. And I have received excellent customer service from them for almost a decade. Not to mention they are rated top in customer service year after year.

  • jer85008

    Too late big red, left you for T-Mo a month ago and never looking back.

    • Davis Darvish

      I left big red two weeks ago after 14 years of service. tmob is where im at.. Honestly I prob would have stayed on Verizon had they at least provided decent service in the Portlan Metro area but the inability to make calls at work or at home made it useless.. now to sell my grandfathered unlimited data plan on ebay so that I can make lots of money…

  • Rashad

    Sorry This video doesn’t exist.

  • gambit07

    Yes, let’s see who can get to the stop light fastest!

  • Rowan Roy

    Telecom major
    AT&T is in talks to acquire satellite-TV provider DirecTV for about $50
    billion, according to multiple media reports. The reports also suggest that
    DirecTV could continue to run under its present management, led by CEO
    Michael White, operating as a unit of AT&T

  • phnman

    The congestion will only be Half better

  • trlovejoy

    Hey, props to Chvrches for the background music. 🙂

  • pyro74boy .

    When Verizon makes me lose my unlimited LTE data plan they will lose me as a customer. I heard that you don’t have to change plans to get XLTE speeds so I sure hope this is true because if this is just a trick to get people to lose their unlimited plans then many people like me who still are lucky enough to have unlimited data plans are going to be very upset over this. The ONLY reason why I’m even still with Verizon is because of my unlimited data plan and the second Verizon starts to play games with me T-mobile here I come.

    • The Narrator


      They won’t miss you. Go ahead and join T-Mobile.

      • pyro74boy .

        You want to make a bet that they won’t miss me? I almost left them a few times and they bagged me to stay with them and gave me a deal that I could not turn down. So think before you speak.

        • The Narrator

          lol and you fell for it. Whatever you say, bud

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not under contract and they gave me a bunch of free mins so what is it that I fell for? NOTHING. You make me laugh.LOL

          • Alexander Z Great

            You sure make plenty of friends on here..lol

          • Anthony_Armando

            They offer that sort of promotion to almost everyone that is off contract and threatens to jump ship. It is one of Verizon’s retention promotions, give the customer a bunch of extra minutes they likely will never use if the customer agrees to remain for another year or more. It isn’t bad if a person was bluffing Verizon, not planning to actually leave, and hoping to get something out of it. However, if there are several reasons in favor of jumping ship to another carrier (better phones, lower monthly bill, comparable coverage area, etc) and all the customer got out of it was extra minutes that they may not really use over the course of the extended contract, then the person is better off leaving.

            When my contract expired I contacted them about the fact that I may leave and they offered me 300 extra minutes if I extended my contract an additional year, I told them thanks but no thanks, listed my issues with Verizon as a customer (told them as a share holder I was happy though!) and that if they don’t become more competitive they may lose me as a customer. I Have remained off contract since.

            I recently got a new job which may have me anywhere in the state and in remote locations alone at all hours, so I am basically stuck with Verizon unless I am willing to take a chance with coverage. I recognize that without more customers some of these other carriers cant expand their network, but I don’t want to have signal issues while working. For now, Verizon has me, but I hope the T-Mo/Sprint merger goes through and the network is drastically improved so that I can jump ship.

        • Scott Tucker

          You. You’re cute. Are you 12?

      • BananaBob

        They will miss him, and i when they keep screwing their customers and continue to take losses to T-mobile. That’s why they keep mirroring what AT&T is doing. yes I love Verizon’s service, but one day enough is enough!

    • hoosiercub88

      I don’t imagine that you will, I’m in the same boat. T-Mobile and other carriers aren’t an option as nobody works as well near me as Verizon. Especially everyone’s golden child T-Mobile, which is only EDGE in every direction of me for over an hour.

    • teebone

      Why on earth would they make you lose it??? People need to realize that they make quite a bit more on the sale of the 600 to 700 dollar phone than the reduced version for 199!!! I have no issue with paying full price for the phone I want. Hell I always sell my current phone for 300 minimum and BAM, got a new phone for about the cost of what it would be if you upgraded to a non unlimited, 199!! I’ts a no brainer..they’re not going to make you go away from it!!!


        its verizon. anything is possible.


    Which phones will this work for?

    • Ray

      phones that have band 4 i believe

      • J PARKER

        Okay so most phones that came out in last year.

      • James Heyneman

        Looks like the LG G2 should be good to go in that case.

  • The Narrator

    Now Verizon can claim back the “Largest and Fastest* network”

    • Ray

      Isn’t it really just their opinion anyway i doubt anyone would go to a carrier that said “Smallest and Slowest” network

      • The Narrator

        Not really, I do believe they have the largest network of all the carriers. Unless AT&T magically caught up

        • BananaBob

          still the Fastest in most cases. maybe not in congested cities, but when i’m pushing out 70+mbps with VZW, I don’t see any other carrier coming near that from what I know. People on AT&T and Tmo brag when they get 20mbps

          • teebone

            Yeah tell me about it. I get 50 down in a small town in the middle of nowhere lol Tmobile and ATT have barely 2G service here lmao!!!!! What a joke!!!! And they wonder why VZW has the most customers!!

      • flosserelli


          jellous much?

      • teebone

        You mean like att and tmobile lol

    • teebone

      They never lost it bud. The places I go tcrap and attsucks don’t have ANY service, you saw that right, NO service where I frequent. In a small town I visit family, with VZW, I have 4G LTE 40 to 50 down 10 to 15 up!!!! The other 2 is nill…lucky to have 2G. And that is why they are the biggest and the best network. Just look at the 4G LTE maps side by side, there is no comparison. Now granted some of the other companies that people use might work better for them where they go but the map doesn’t hide the facts 🙂 VZW s the bomb baby!!!!!! lol

  • MettaWorldTroll

    “Use your data twice as fast now, so we can charge you twice as much later!”

    • lasthought

      that unlimited though 😉

      • The Narrator

        nothing lasts forever 😉

      • MettaWorldTroll

        Won’t last much longer! 😉

      • cwillen

        I bet their workaround for that is that the XLTE will be a different tiered plan than LTE. So if you want your account to have access to the XLTE network, you’ll have to amend your account (i.e. forfeit you unlimited).

        Before I left VZW they tried everything under the sun to get me off unlimited.

        • Joe Butler

          Yeah, but people said the same thing when LTE came around, and that didn’t happen.

        • teebone

          Not going to happen..I had no such issues. When I would come in because of an issue with my billing or whatever they’d just say OMG, you use a lot of data lol. I would just answer YEP!!! 😀

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Why does the whole “It’s faster so you’ll use more data” thing still sticking around. You’ll use more data if you choose to use more data.

      • MettaWorldTroll

        I never stated that you’d use more data…I stated “Use your data twice as fast…” (means you have 2x the speed) and “…we can charge you twice as much later!” (Because, well…Verizon.)

        • The Narrator

          So having faster speeds uses more data? I don’t think it changes anything if you do the same things, it’s just faster. Maybe i’m just confused.

          • MettaWorldTroll

            Once again, I didn’t say that. Never mind.

          • The Narrator

            we’re all confused

          • lgreg64

            i got it

          • You can’t fix stupid, so don’t even try.

          • cns2007

            I have never understood this logic either. When I had 3G, I averaged about 1.5GB a month because of lots of wifi around me. Now on 4G I still average about 1.5GB. My surfing and streaming habits didn’t change because my connection was faster.

          • Jonathan Figueroa

            On my Droid X (3g) I averaged 4-5gig. On my Galaxy Nexus and current HTC One M8 (4g) I average 17-18gig. So with XLTE I might average 25gig! Yay unlimited data.

          • michael arazan

            When I was on 3g with a D1 I averaged 2-5 gb a month, with my Gnex and LTE, i started using 10,20, 30 up to 50 and 60 but that’s when I was uploading 1080 HD video to my drive account on LTE, it’s faster to upload with LTE than my home wifi.

            LTE alloud there to be no more buffering of video streaming on the net and YouTube which means I could watch more videos instead of giving up with 3g speeds and constant buffering. Plus now with more streaming services and cloud storage I use average 30 gb a month, especially with all access and google drive where I store videos.

          • You don’t do the same things, if you stream video you will automatically stream higher quality video which uses more data, and because everything will load 2x as fast you will have more time to do, watch, and download if you are just killing time.

      • You will use more data. If you have an hour bus ride to work, you’ll view web pages faster, load videos faster, download apps faster, etc. The faster you load those things, the more things you can do in that hour, hence you’ll use more data.

        • Rachel David

          The ONLY reason why I’m even still with Verizon is because of my unlimited data plan and the second Verizon starts to play games with me T-mobile here I come.

          • 4g63mark

            You should just go to T-Mobile now. I’m with Verizon because of unlimited data, best coverage, and top notch customer service…… You’ll get what you pay for.

          • Matt Hunter

            I left crappy verizon in November for the nexus 5. Now I’ve got a phone that’s %1,000 better than any of Verizon’s, actually gets uupdates, a carrier with better service in San Diego, and I pay 1/2 as much for unlimited everything. Yeah it really sucks over here at T-Mobile… I miss the days of contracts and paying 2x as Mich for shitter service and bloated crap phones.

          • 4g63mark

            I’m glad you’re happy with T-Mobile down there, but 4.5 hours north in Santa Maria, nobody has T-Mobile because nobody gets service with T-Mobile. Santa Barbara has spotty coverage, then there’s almost nothing till you get up to the bay area…… Ya get what ya pay for bud. And even then the price is only 15-20 dollars cheaper than Verizon. And the Nexus 5 is not better than Verizon phones. We We have the G2 that phone is based on with tons of ROM support, a bigger bigger battery and way way better camera. My developer Edition Moto X is also quite a a bit better than the Nexus.

          • Matt Hunter

            I pay $63 for unlimited everything. Last I checked Verizon doesn’t offer an unlimited plan but if you want over 5 gigs you’re going to pay out your ass for it. Combine that with the lack luster 8mps Verizon provides and the 34mps of unlimited I get with T-Mobile just gets better and better. On the phone remark yeah… Have fun with those Verizon locked bootloaders, shoehorned Roms that don’t work well with CDMA radios, and the bugs that come along with all that. I’ll keep my Google phone for $350 outright no contract.

          • 4g63mark

            There’s too many things to pick apart apart from that comment. My Developer Edition Moto X doesn’t have a locked bootloader. I’m on the same Eclipse ROM that’s been running flawlessly since day 1. 8 mps? I get 30’s and 40’s all over town. Ya probably Otta do your homework bro. Your opinions are clearly based on ignorance

          • RaePooletik321

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          • Matt Hunter

            Yeah you’re right paying 2x as much for a phone that’s called “developer edition” is really cool! Toss in the crappy proprietary CDMA radio and wow… You’ve really got yourself something. BTW Verizon in major cities SUX and I can assure you I get better coverage and faster speeds with T-Mobile here. Its all good bro, maybe once the OnePlus one goes public you can get a really good phone for a decent price… Oh wait you’re one Verizon!! My bad never mind.

          • 4g63mark

            It’s hard for me to take you seriously when you have no idea what you’re talking about. My Developer Edition Moto X was $379 brand new straight from Motorola. As for the rest of your comment, I feel I’d be wasting my time trying to educate you. My My best advice is learn the facts before forming an an opinion. Not just for this topic, but for everything in life.

          • Matt Hunter

            $379? Oh so you bought the phone when exactly? It really sucks for us on T-Mobile being able to get flagship phone the day they become available for $350 +/- $50! Regardless you are still paying 2x as much for a monthly service that even Verizon admits is sub par in major cities. I’m glad that you enjoy waiting for last year’s phones to drop in price. Maybe you can pick up a OnePlus one when that drops too $199 next year… Oh wait that CDMA thing again! Nvm maybe not so much. You should get an iPhone.

          • 4g63mark

            Sorry bro, but when people come at others in the way you are, it’s called trolling. Either that or you’re just a young kid. I’ve made made my points. All the information you need is available right at your fingertips. You really should have known it before you started, but that’s besides the point. If you truly like T-Mobile you should stay with them. I’ll stay with Verizon because the phones, coverage, service, and price are all to my liking.

          • Matt Hunter

            Actually bro, I’ve read your profile and you’re clearly a troll. I should ha e known better… Oh well live and learn. I should have known a guy with a Mitsubishi engine as his name would be a little slow. Your points are invalid and your device repping for Verizon is comical. Thanks for the laughs!

          • 4g63mark

            Hahahah. . .. .. . Sure thing kid. Instead of sweatin me and my profile, maybe you should learn a few things before you embarrass yourself online…….. I would challenge you to race either my DSM or my Mustang, but since you can’t afford Verizon service or a phone over $350, it’s safe to assume your car is nothing special and and you can’t afford the gas to drive up to Santa Maria.

          • Matt Hunter

            You’re the one running dated phones on Americas slowest most congested LTE network but hey… Im sure your 4g63 is real impressive.

          • 4g63mark

            Like I said, if you’re happy with T-Mobile, stay with them. You don’t need to keep sweatin me, my cars, my phone, and my service.

      • BananaBob

        You think that having say 3G and 4G uses the same amount of data? Def not.. My data usage at least tripled since I got LTE. Especially my 4G speeds are very fast.
        Say a simple speedtest at 3G speeds will use about 10-15MBs. On LTE you’re looking at 50-100mbps. The data being transferred to and from your phone throughout the day will be alot more from the faster the connection, because it can fit in more processes and load things much quicker. Even if you are not using anything. Apps, etc. Other programs are still constantly connecting to your data, especially with all the bloat that Verizon and Samsung load on the phones.
        If you travel 100 miles at 30mph, or 100 miles at 80mph. Yes it’s same distance, but you’re using more gas at 80mph. Makes sense that it would work kind of the same with data speeds

    • teebone

      Not for us unlimited folk 😀