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Google Now Bill Reminders Rolling Out This Week

Yes, Virginia, there is a an omnibenevolent computer intelligence which grants us mere mortals the gift of autonomous reminders when we need them the most. It’s called Google Now, and it’s getting even better starting this week with bill pay reminders.

As Android Police reports, any emails about upcoming bills sent to your Gmail account will populate Google Now as a card. You won’t find ways to pay the bill yet directly from the card, but it is rumored that actionable integration may come down the line. The card still contains useful information like the amount due, the date due, and a link to the original email.

In addition, this may be an early iteration of bill pay – code in Google Now’s APK suggests future versions will summarize more about bills, like minimum payments, last month’s due, and more.

The feature began rolling out to users earlier this week. Is it working for you yet? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Android Police
  • michael arazan

    How about using Google now, now to take a death certificate picture and closing/ discontinuing all the bills at once tied to it.

    After my grandfather passed, took me a year finding and locating and contacting places with bills in his name, along with some credit agencies they were passed on to, every single one wanted a copy of the death certificate as proof, took forever when sending info through the mail and getting back confirmations..

    Maybe we need a federal death certificate website to upload when people pass so we have faster ways for companies to see a person has passed so friends and family can get all their affairs in order and organized.

  • Vermin_Cain

    Are there anymore discussions about how much better Google Now is than Siri?

    • AbbyZFresh

      More like how Google Now is beginning to have too many cards.

  • col3rsc

    Yes. I owe Wells Fargo $4.12.

  • 213ninja

    can i set it so that google pays my bills?

    • CoreRooted

      From their own accounts no less… I’d sign up for that service. LOL

    • michael arazan

      Probably through Google wallet, I just have it set up in my bank account.

  • Suralin

    Looking forward to this update. I keep forgetting to pay my insurance bills until it dawns on me that I may have forgotten. I mean, I normally pay everything on the 1st and 15th, but it’d be nice to have a reminder.

  • BillySuede

    i’d rather pretend those bills simply don’t exist. that’s one card i will not be enabling… :p

  • Ray

    Were born into debt now google will remind me of this…Sometimes i just want to run away

    • Rachel David

      Hopefully you can input your bill info into Google Now.

  • Colton

    The Google ecosystem rules.

  • Alex9483

    None of my bills are tied to my Gmail account. Hopefully you can input your bill info into Google Now.

    • Can always set up email forwarding for anything that has the word “bill” in it, I guess. Or anything from specific billing emails.

  • zmr333

    I feel like I missed the “Virginia” reference.
    Nonetheless, this is pretty cool.

    • Kyle Wiggers
      • Ray

        We were suppose to have read that article previously? your reaching

        • Guest

          Most people have heard of “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

        • Dan

          Good god! That is a famous letter that is reprinted and read thousands of times each year. “Yes, Virginia..” is a famous quote used in American culture. I guess not only are we “born into debt”, but we are also ignorant to past traditions.

          • Ray

            Apparently not famous enough

        • areffes

          You’ll be amazed how often that cultural reference is used. Now that you know about it, you’ll see it all the time…promise!

          • Ray

            You’re right I probably just never paid attention to it before.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That parking location isn’t exactly the greatest. It gives you the “general area”. I’m not parking in the forest Google. Not sure that feature was meant to help me find my car in an airport parting lot

    • enigmaco

      I tried it myself it worked good once a few times it said I was parked on the other side of town for some reason at least it still has the beta tag on it.