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Epson Now Supports Android 4.4+ Native Printing

Today, Epson announced support for Google’s Cloud Printing, which was introduced and remains exclusive to Android devices running Android 4.4+.

With a compatible printer and the Epson Print Enabler app, users can wirelessly print documents without the need of a dedicated printing app, which allows professionals to stay busy while on the go. 

Epson’s Patrick Chen, product manager of mobile connectivity, states in the press release that support for the feature will go back to compatible printers from 2008. That’s a long time ago.

We applaud Google’s introduction of Android Printing as a huge milestone that makes mobile printing easier for both users and app developers. That’s why Epson is proud to embrace Android Printing with support for both new and legacy printers as far back as 2008.

Now with just a few taps, Kit Kat users can print to Epson printers from a number of pre-installed Google apps today with the promise of print support from a whole new generation of apps available on Google Play.

All set to print your important docs? Head on over to Google Play to pick up the Epson Connect app.

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Via: Epson
  • Raven

    Google’s Cloud Printing is great. I am glad they created a standard. I have already been printing to my cheap Samsung color laser printer (CLP-315W) for several years now since my Droid 2 from their app. Great to be able to print web pages and PDF’s right from your phone or tablet.

  • Fatty Bunter

    I’ve been doing this for a couple months now. I guess this means you can print to ANY epson printer now, including the old ones

  • JetRanger

    I have never needed an app to print to my Epson WF-3540 printer that I’ve had for over 6 months now. It’s Google Cloud Print enabled out of the box. Registration with Cloud Print is done right from the printer’s control panel. Once you do that it shows up in the list of printers anytime you hit “Print” from any app on your phone. In fact I can print to it from any PC, anywhere in the world, as long as the device I’m printing from is using Chrome.

  • sagisarius

    They’re all kinda coming around to this one at a time. I think Brother might be the only home laser printer brand left without a print services plugin.

  • C-Law

    O Brother, where art thou?
    I hate using their app to print. The Brother I have is wireless but doesn’t support Google Cloud Print so Im hoping native printing plugin will fix my issues

    • sagisarius

      Ha, I know right? I love brother printers, but I got so sick of waiting I finally just bought a samsung printer for cheap.

  • Antonio Stephens

    This reads kind of funny. With an app but without the need for a dedicated app:
    “With a compatible printer and the Epson Print Enabler app, users can wirelessly print documents without the need of a dedicated printing app…”
    At any rate, aren’t I just swapping one app for another?

  • Brian Wolfman

    Hasnt my HP had this for a while?

    • michael arazan

      Yes for about 2 years at least. It came as an app on the GS3 pre-installed.

      But the article refers to KitKat

      • Brian Wolfman

        Ive been using my HP with my kitkat G2 for a while too, ever since kitkat was flashed to my gNex

  • Danmheadache

    Does sharp have this cloud printing service?

  • KleenDroid


    • michael arazan

      If it fit in my pocket it would be amazing