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How Hot is This Moto G Ferrari Edition?

Motorola fans in Mexico will not only get the new Moto E and Moto G 4G LTE, two phones that Motorola introduced yesterday, they are also getting an exclusive Ferrari Edition of the Moto G. If that sounds odd, it’s not. Motorola has partnered with Ferrari for years on phones, including one last year that the hypebeast train tried to lead everyone into believing was a DROID ULTRA or Moto X.ย 

With the Moto G Ferrari Edition, you are getting the “iconic” Ferrari logo on the back cover, along with exclusive content and special accessories. The device comes with 16GB of storage, Kit Kat, and a double Kevlar cover (pictured above). It also has red accents around the camera lens and speaker, plus a “Ferrari” logo on the front chin. The price isย 4,999 pesos.

Yes, please.

Via: ย Motorola
  • Adamania

    Gorgeous looking phone. If only it was on an American version. That would go great with my Puma shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Teaser38

    This is a $400 Moto G, which is not as bad as the $4K Lamborghini Antares.

    Also considering the Moto G LTE is $300 in Mexico and when subtracting sales tax (15%), they get hosed for an extra $40.

  • el chapo guzman

    It’s aimed to get the “Los Zetas” cartel members to buy since they use the Ferrari logo to identify themselves.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is HOT. I love it.

  • brkshr

    I find it funny that these super expensive brands use the crappiest handsets for their branded phones

  • kinda wish the moto x had the kevlar back option….kinda surprising they dont

  • real sick…but why a moto g and not x…and why the fuq…..mexico…..

    and peopel talking about logos…its a ferrari logo…the top logo in all of logos…so shut up comparing it to verizon logos smh

  • Id spend 2real sick…but why a moto g and not x…and why the fuq…..mexico…..

  • Me

    Would have preferred a Ferrari moto x edition

  • David Dudovitz

    Moto G meets Droid DNA

  • Detonation

    So when it’s a Verizon logo, everybody here has a fit. But put a random car logo that’s just as large on a device that has nothing to do with cars and people love it. Makes sense.

    • It does make sense. People LIKE Ferraris. People TOLERATE Verizon.

    • Just to clarify what Thand said, Ferrari is definitely NOT a “random” car logo.

  • hkklife

    That looks bad-ass! Now, let’s get a “Ferrari Maxx” version stateside of the G LTE with LTE, 16 or 32GB internal storage + microSD slot and a juiced up battery and sell it for less than the X full retail!

  • A Prius in a Ferrari body. How nice… NOT!!!!!

  • KB

    Think I’ll hold out for the Yugo edition

    • lgreg64

      AMC Pacer edition, mostly glass that wraps around the edge.

      • michael arazan

        Also known for being a death trap

        The insurance was more than the car payments because of all the glass on it

  • MikeD675

    wow that looks awesome

  • Octopus


  • i don’t understand the deal with putting logos of things, mainly cars, you (probably) don’t own on objects that have almost nothing to do with whatever logo is on said object.

    we call people who buy these items: tools

  • Guest

    For all the bitching bout logos, yet you’re hot for this with giant logos front and back?!? SHM. I love DL, but sometimes the writers and community just dont make sense

    • Nikuliai

      You may not like logos, but this phone is sexy either way (and I’m not buying it since I have a wooden X)

  • TSY87

    hansel. Thats how hot.

  • Vermin_Cain

    “How Hot is This Moto G Ferrari Edition?”

    Unless you own a Ferrari, NOT HOT ! By the way, what’s 5,000 pesos, 12 US dollars?

    • Mark Mann

      368.22, I just had to find out what the premium was for a logo and different build material

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Could never understand “ferrari” editions of electronics. Nothing about this should make it more expensive. -_-

    • smh

    • Jordan

      Yeah, if anything this is extremely trashy looking.

  • so hot i bet it could burn rubber…

  • droidify

    So let me get this straight. The uber-wealthy Italian status symbol Ferrari, teams up to sale a budget smart phone in Mexico. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

    • The Narrator

      They aren’t Chinese yet.

      • Bob G

        Shhhh he doesn’t know his brain doesn’t work yet.

        • droidify

          What part of Chinese/American did you not get? If the sale was final I would have left out the American part.

          • Big EZ

            Yes, but since they are still an American company you should have left out the “Chinese” part.

    • Mercedes

      Moto G and FERRARI?
      Moto X/E/B/C/D/K/J + Ferrari would NOT sound/look/work any better!
      It’s not hot at all.
      It’s 100% marketing BS.

      Why does Ferrari participate in such things I don’t know.

      • michael arazan

        For Mexico, you would sell more if it was a Motorola El Camino SS

  • Lawrence_Hart

    It’s $387. I think I’ll stick to my Moto X.

  • The Narrator

    Not a fan of the phone itself, but man, I’d buy this in an instant as a collector item.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m wondering when they will add Kevlar to the list of options for the Moto X.

  • hyperbeatser


  • Shane Redman

    it’d be better if they threw in a car….

    • T4rd

      I’m sure they will if you throw in another 250k or so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The Narrator

        Alotttttttttttttttttt more than that, lol ( For the Enzo)

        • NeilOMalley

          A California is only 192k and a 458 is 229k.

          • The Narrator

            Yeah, I meant to add Enzo, which is what I want more than anything else.

          • T4rd

            This is a budget phone, so I was talking about their budget Ferrari. =p

        • T4rd

          Good thing I just said Ferrari and not Enzo, then, eh?

        • jab416171
          • Droidzilla

            This is all that is good and right on the internet. Thanks, Alot!

        • Droidzilla

          Poor Enzo. All of that cost, all of the sacrifices made in the name of speed, and it’ll still get spanked around the track by a Nissan with four seats, AWD, and everyday drivability.

          • The Narrator

            gotta love ricer’s

          • Dr. Steve

            LaFerrari would smoke a GTR around the track without batting an eye.

          • Droidzilla

            If Ferrari can’t beat a mere GTR with a $1.4 million price tag and no holds barred, they should just close their doors. It’s embarrassing that every car Ferrari produces doesn’t smoke a GTR in performance, given the way Ferraris are made (with tons of sacrifices for racing specs) and the price tags. I would be ashamed to own something that’s little more than a glorified handbag, i.e. something to be seen in and not something made for a purpose. The fact that the GTR at under $100k and with full amenities smokes so many Ferraris and Lambos is a disgrace to the supposed pedigree of the Italian exotics. Unless, again, it’s only for “look at me” points; which is stupid for performance cars. Put up or shut up, and the Italians have been behind the curve for some time.

          • Dr. Steve

            True story. Italian sportscars, or rather not GT-Rs are a different breed though. The Ferrari’s and Lambo’s are for dudes who are making up for something and need to show it to the world. The GT-R is just a hyperbeast for people who want to go fast. The details are what separate the two. For my money I’d get a fleet of GT-R’s with some work from Hennessey done before I’d get a Ferrari. But you throw the McLaren P1 into the mix and now I don’t know. I digress, this article is about a Ferrari Moto G, which is stupid.

          • Droidzilla

            This comment makes me want to go and create 100 fake Disqus accounts just to upvote it more.

        • Haha yea, 250k will get you a 360 spyder, maybe.

  • Danish

    Would be hotter if it didn’t have FERRARI plastered on the bottom.

    • michael arazan

      Or Ferrari Hand-Tooled leather on the bottom