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Google Retires Personal Voice Recognition From Google Search

Back in 2010, Google introduced Personal Voice Recognition through its Search app as a way to learn how you – as a unique individual – speak. The idea was pretty simple – Google had created a Search app that accommodated all sorts of speech models, factoring in variations in pitch, pace, gender, and age, but realized that it could get even smarter.

It was an opt-in service that was tied to your Google account. By opting-in, Google would associate recordings of words that you asked it to automatically build you a custom a speech model. The more you used your voice to search on Google, the smarter and better your speech model became.  

Today, Personal Voice Recognition is officially dead. Actually, according to Google Support, it died in Google Search v3.3. Since we are now on v3.4, it died some time ago, though none of us realized it. Google notes that any “existing Personalized Voice Recognition data has been removed from your” Dashboard and is no longer associated with your account.

Google did not say why they are no longer using this custom speech tool, only that it has been retired. Since it was introduced in 2010, it could be that their voice technology has improved enough to no longer need individual and personal data to create a great voice search experience.


Via:  Google Support
  • Jason Brown

    im pretty impressed by how well their “contact” search feature works.

  • morgan boyle

    Yeah, im pretty sure, it was just another way for google to get more specific data to make their system better. I also think this is why they launched Google Voice. what better way to get voice data then to listen to our voice mail!

  • gordonlorine

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  • Stephen D

    “Actually, according to Google Support, it died in Google Search v3.3.
    Since we are now on v3.4, it died some time ago, though none of us
    realized it.” I think this is why…

  • MikeSaver


  • jeradc

    Note that they dont say they completely deleted the voice data, they just disassociated it. I think they could have done better…

    • Chris

      Not Has it

  • Ah i attributed that to why it worked so well over time. But I haven’t noticed it work worse, so I assume their tech just doesn’t need it.

  • fartbubbler

    so sad.

  • yodatom10

    Always opt in but if its no longer needed so be it

  • brkshr

    I think they used it as a way to improve their speech recognition. Their speech recognition is pretty damn good now, so maybe they don’t need our data anymore.

  • Tripod4

    I was wondering about this. Google now recognition has been working flawlessly for me though; even correcting itself when it realized the words it was transcribing didn’t make contextual sense with each other.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I don’t think that damn thing ever worked! LOL. Whatever Google. Let’s move on

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  • rfranken

    am thinking they got rid of it because privacy is the soup of the day, and this required them to store things we said.

    • Wesley Stout

      That would imply they are concerned about such things 🙂

      • Even if they aren’t (I think they are on some level), I think they understand consumer frustration regarding privacy concerns.

        • Wesley Stout

          Very true and they are likely concerned as you put it at some level.

    • miri

      It was opt-in…

  • sski66

    Seemed like a good idea @ the time, as a matter of fact it still does. I guess we can’t be too surprised, Google kills stuff all the time.

  • Brady Wassam