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Flappy Bird to be Resurrected on Google Play This August

In either the greatest news or worst news to ever make waves, Flappy Bird is officially coming back to Android. According to a CNBC reporter that spoke with Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, the game is set for re-release onto Android this August, complete with new features. 

After being removed from all markets back in February, the reason being the developer stated it was “too addictive,” countless clones of the game hit Google Play; many of them not being nearly as polished as the original. Dong stated that the game had received 50 million downloads in its short time on Android and iOS.

According to CNBC, the game will bring new features, which include a multiplayer mode. How exactly that will work, we don’t know, but it could be a race-like feature. For example, you could have two birds going head-to-head through the pipes or something along those lines.

Regardless of what the new features will be, we know millions of people will be both ecstatic and disgusted once it arrives.

Via: The Verge | @Kelly_Evans
  • LionStone

    Never played it… Clumsy Bird however

  • Chippah
  • Pastor D
  • rothbriele

    Also, there were like a thousand imitations of the same game play being launched. Frustrating as terrible. Obviously, some imitations of activities are reasonable, but these imitations were of the same actual game play, but with Flappy Fowl changed with some other personality.


  • ManwellC

    Should have cashed in while he could. Your 15 Minutes are up.

  • realfoxm

    I really hope this game doesn’t get over-hyped as much as angry birds did. Maybe in 3 years we will see flappy birds available in arcade claw machines.

    • Chris

      It won’t. The developer would pull it again before it gets that far

  • DKDigitally

    Flapthulhu is so much better anyway!

  • Deez

    I really don’t get why this game gets any press at all.

    There isn’t anything better to write about?

  • Dave

    Sorry Dong, your fame has expired.

  • BK

    Unless I’m missing some joke, I think it’s spelled “resurrected.”

    • BK

      Nice…caught that one quick!

  • Matt G

    It was a publicity stunt. The game was about to die so he did this. Then In August people will be talking about the game so all these old players of the game will start playing again and new people will download it

  • I’m so over the whole Flappy Bird fiasco

  • Marcus Allen

    Whenever you want to play flappy bird on android and you downloaded it before you can just go into your app history and download the app

    • Cesar

      Except, it won’t show up in your app history because it’s been pulled from the Play Store…

      • grumpyfuzz

        Except it does..

      • Marcus Allen

        You can’t search for it but as long as you didn’t delete it in your search history you can download whenever. it was all a lie. Not attacking man all love

        • Chris

          Or find an apk

  • OF


  • T4rd

    Don’t see how this matters much on Android.. you can still get the apk anywhere and even sign into Google Play Games to compete with friends in Leaderboards.

    • Maxim∑

      on iOS you can go to your downloads history and still download the game even though it was taken down from the app store.

      All you could do is ask a friend to sign in, download flappy bird and sign back out
      Boom you save 12,000$

  • JSo

    Does anyone even care anymore? It had its 5 minutes of fame.

    • The Narrator

      He’s broke and needs money

      • michael arazan

        Should of took the money and run, then came out with clones of Mario and Luigi having to clear the pipes on an endless run in the 2nd Version for more bank.

    • Christopher Moore

      What made me mad were people hiking the price of devices on ebay and Craigslist for this silly game. Al

      • EvanTheGamer

        Ludicrous is what that is. Just craziness.

        Also, there were like a million clones of the same gameplay being released. Annoying as hell.

      • Cowboydroid

        Why on earth would you get emotional about that?

        • Christopher Moore

          How would you like it if Best Buy got millions of One Plus One’s and then charge you $100 more because of the popularity of the device? While not illegal it’s still morally incorrect. They’re taking advantage of the situation.
          No different than people buying 20 PS4’S and then reselling them for profit. Again not illegal but it’s not right.

          • Cowboydroid

            I wouldn’t give a dam, because I base my purchases on what I value, which is how everyone determines their purchases. Pricing is morally agnostic. They’re taking advantage of supply and demand, which is what determines price.

          • Christopher Moore

            I don’t see how it’s supply and demand when people are side loading this goofy game for free and then turning around and selling it for $100 over the true market price. Only a thief would do that to a innocent person that’s not familiar with side loading.
            I side loaded this game, played for 5 minutes and then uninstalled this garbage.

    • P Griffin

      I dont care. I am going to take my millions of dongs elsewhere.

    • RosinaBroadgym

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  • Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!

  • CaptainCaleb

    I bet the guy that paid $12K for an iPhone with Flappy Birds installed is feeling pretty butthurt.

    • T4rd

      I saw some people trying to sell Android phones on Criagslist at a premium with Flappy Bird installed, lol. The person buying that got extremely ripped off, hah.

      • SplashMTN

        I saw other ads telling people not to but phones with flappy bird installed. The guy was offering to show people how to sideload it too.

    • brkshr

      as he just wipes away his tears with $100 bills…

  • TopXKiller

    Cash rules everything around me C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla-dolla bill y’all

    • ^Best comment to describe the entire article

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Man had a master plan for his crappy game. Now he’s really about to be paid.

    • imhowie

      Crappy game? Let’s see you develop a game by yourself that is a fraction as successful? Just because you don’t enjoy a game doesn’t make it crappy. You probably just weren’t any good at it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Oh shut up. The point of him being popular was being paid off a crappy rushed game because it was addictive.

      • Maxim∑

        I agree a game as simple as that can take quite a bit of time, manually making textures etc… But the guy who says a bunch of BS on twitter then releases it back on the app store’s deserves to be criticized

        • zurginator

          Except 99% of his ‘textures’ (2D games call them sprites) were ripped from previous SNES games.

          @imhowie: While I wouldn’t consider the comment you replied to a critique, it doesn’t take someone who can do better to critique. That’s why we have Food critics, game critics, art critics, and music critics. Rarely can any of them actually make something in their respective field.

      • Chris

        Defend the developer all you want.

        Over hyped is over hyped..