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Deal: New Samsung Galaxy S5 Through 1Sale Listed at Only $579.99

Daily deals site 1Sale, is currently offering folks the chance to purchase Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy S5, for 18% off the suggested retail price of $699.99. This markdown brings the off-contract total of the phone to $579.99, which is a good deal considering you can purchase the device elsewhere off contract for nearly $700. 

1Sale states it is a GSM-unlocked variant, model SM-G900T, meaning if you do purchase, it should work just fine on T-Mobile’s network, 4G LTE included. However, make note, it will not work on any CDMA networks, such as Verizon and Sprint. Please keep that in mind if you do plan on purchasing. In the specs section of the listing, 1Sale lists the compatible bands, but does not include T-Mobile’s, which is rather odd. More than likely a typo, but buyer beware.

The condition is new and factory sealed, coming with a full 1-year warranty.

If the Galaxy S5 is on your shopping list, and you don’t feel tempted to wait for a possible Galaxy S5 Prime, then go grab it.

P.S. They also have the XHose for anyone interested. (non-Android related.)

Via: 1Sale
  • gordonlorine

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  • Augustin

    Can this phone be used on Straight Talk? (AT&T Network through Straight Talk)?

    • greyhulk

      It’s basically the unlocked T-Mobile variant. It will work on any GSM carrier with full band support.

  • Craig

    I bought a tablet from these bozos over a year ago and it took 6 weeks for delivery. Customer service was clueless when I called them. Think about it like this, if you wait 4 – 6 weeks from today you will likely find everyone selling this phone at $580 or less.

    • needa

      when they were new, i was able to get a couple of things from them rather quickly. then as they grew and started hosting more than one or two deals… they started slowing down. from experience with woot, i have come to find that they don’t really know a lot. a lot of the sales are done through the company that is giving the deal. and they are beholden to that company to ship the product.

  • shooter50

    no one waits 2-4 weeks. dead deal

  • Aooga

    It’s just the tmobile version. SM-G900T as it says in the description. Pretty good deal considering tmobile sells it for $670.

  • Maxim∑

    so whats wrong with it? random 120$ savings, how did they get the phone at a lower price

    • flosserelli

      I have ordered other items from 1Sale, and 2-4 weeks is right. Don’t expect them to be in a hurry.

  • Jesus Elle

    that is one ugly phone

    • Jprime

      it really is. its 2014; i cant understand how this design is still around.

  • The Narrator

    Deal: Save that for the G3

    • moew

      He meant LG G3 and not galaxy gee three

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  • MettaWorldTroll

    IN FOR THE X-HOSE!!!!!

    • jimt

      Your are really better off with a “Real hose” . The hose is like 1/2 inch to begin with and then restricted on the output to like 1/4 inch so it takes at least 4 or more times longer to water an area as it would with an unrestricted 5/8 in hose. Just be aware. I also had one pop like a balloon and flood the yard while I was out. Not a fan.

  • Qbancelli


    • Yeah… Retail price through the carrier is $599. $20 savings is nothing.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        No it’s $639.99 on T-Mobile.

        • Wow T-Mobile is a rip off, it’s $599 on Verizon. Guess T-Mobile has to make their money somewhere.

          • greyhulk

            Considering that the T-Mobile version has an unlocked bootloader, it’s more than worth the extra $40.

          • LiterofCola

            Big whoop