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Cider Compatibility Layer Allows Android to Run iOS Apps

Ever see a killer iOS app that you wish was on Android? Although the Play Store has essentially reached parity with the App Store when it comes to top apps, iOS is still the undisputed champion for music creation and drawing tools. But don’t run out to buy an iPad or iPhone just yet – students at Columbia University have  managed to construct an iOS compatibility layer called Cider, which allows iOS apps to run on hardware running Android. 

Sadly, the software isn’t perfect. The iOS apps don’t have access to hardware like GPS, and many run quite slowly. That said, Cider is an impressively broad solution to app cross compatibility. With a bit more development and tweaking, it could very well serve as a viable replacement for an iOS device in a pinch. Or it might languish like the Android for iPhone project. Either way, the proof-of-concept is pretty darn cool.

Via: Columbia
  • Sam

    Gimme d download link plž

  • Chris

    @Kyle just a heads up that the applications do have access to GPS functionality.

    Quoted from the video description:

    “Second, I wanted to let everyone know that we do actually support GPS, and location services. The functionality was added after our paper was published, and we forgot to mention it in the video! Yelp was actually using location services :-)”

  • Doğancan Pusat
  • Christopher Moore

    I see fire and brimstone shooting out of Tim Cooks ass about now.

  • dat vertical video though…

  • 5n4r35

    Seems a lot like Wine. Only thing is by the time Wine worked well enough I learned of other native apps that ran better.

    • Bluewall

      This pretty much accurate

  • Robert Boluyt

    Do you want to get sued? Cause thats how you get sued.

  • Alec

    I know this sounds unholy, but would this work within a VirtualBox Android machine?

    • JLIT99

      iOS applications are coded in C, so you would need to be on another ARM device to work (unless you add in machine translation which will make this slower).

  • JLIT99

    I really hope this gets released.. a small minority of apps are not released for Android or are a really bad version. It would be nice to try them out properly.

    And, Apple’s official apps would be nice to use as well 😉

  • dan0matic

    The notes on the youtube page say that GPS location services are working.

  • Justin Foster

    Cider bears the scent of a burning lawsuit from Apple.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    big story, but who cares?

  • BobbyG


  • The Narrator

    iOS has a lot of great apps, this is cool.

    • Maxim∑

      Only if you enjoy playing games under 10FPS with GFX artifacts everywhere

      • The Narrator

        I don’t always play games, but when I do, it’s like that.

        • JoshGroff

          Infinity Blade, here I come!

  • XboxOne

    Now you Fandroids can get great apps!

    • Alex James Simon

      But can iOS do this. 😉

      • The Narrator

        clean up dat notification bar!

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          oh god thats one of my pet peeves

      • Max Katzmann


      • aBabyPenguin

        How do you get a gorgeous homescreen like that?? I have been trying to figure out how Kellen makes his awesome homescreens.

        • Alex James Simon

          1.) I’m using Apex Launcher over Nova Launcher do too the fact you can change icon size in free version
          2.) To get the Text use “AmazingText FREE – Text Widget” (my font settings, center alignment, Font size 50, change color to white)
          3.) Download Bleach (Icon Pack Theme) it’s free
          4.) Apex Settings 7×5 Portrait grid (to get the square icon layout), Dot indicator, and dock turned off, but place a app drawer icon and theme it, icon size 120%, hidden text.
          5.) Wallpaper I got from “Premium Wallpapers HD” really good selection of cool 1080p wallpapers and modern app layout.

          • Guest

            I’m also using “Jack’s Music Widget” and the “Bright Weather” Widget

          • Alex James Simon

            Sorry for the double post, the delete function doesn’t actually delete your post only your name from your post…

          • Alex James Simon

            I’m also using the “Jack’s Music Widget” and the “Bright Weather” Widget

          • aBabyPenguin

            Woot! Here’s what I’ve got so far, thanks man!

          • Guest


          • Alex James Simon

            Awesome, what icon pack is that?

          • aBabyPenguin

            Lumos by Kovdev
            I saved up some Google Opinion Rewards money for it 😉

          • Alex James Simon

            Ok, cool thanks, and that is the only way I get my apps now, its like getting them for free 😀

          • aBabyPenguin

            Right?! Haha love that app.
            Also here are my other two pages. Loving the new look, thanks again!

    • Chippah

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      Fawkin Home run !

      • XboxOne

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        • Chippah

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  • Chippah
    • XboxOne

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    • Defenestratus

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      • Chippah

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    • Guest


    • Jason Kahn
      • New_Guy

        it just keeps getting closer to my screen!


      Whaddahya hard as a stone ah sumthin?

  • Droid Ronin

    Apple will be firing C&Ds out the wazoo when they see this.

    • hoosiercub88

      I don’t know that there’s really a case here. I mean, there is no direct infringement, and I don’t know of any good way to get an iOS application onto an Android device.

      • ih8ih8sn0w

        use itunes to download the app, the ipa (iphone app, it is like apk for android only apple extracts it to your iphone/ipad/ipod when installing it) is stored in the same folder as your music (as far as i know, if not then do a complete hdd search of .ipa) usa a usb to connect your android device to your pc, put the ipas in a folder on said android device then let cider do the rest.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I have a lifetrak which does not have a android app. So yes this would be cool. Until there R415 new model comes out. (I can’t wait)

  • hfoster52

    I smell lawsuit….

    • Guy Pierce

      Lawsuit for the posted logo for sure!!!
      (Apple) It’s an Apple with arms and legs and is just to similar for our liking.

  • Ray

    Oh no take it down before Apple see’s it

    • New_Guy

      Honestly, DL should have probably resisted posting this one.

      Cease and desist letter in 5…4…3…

      • michael arazan

        Now this is Innovation! Kudos to the Dev

        As long as you have to buy the apps from Apple, they could care less, until they make their own cross platform app and then send the cease and desist.

        Also reported that iTunes is losing a lot of money due to all the Music streaming apps like All Access and others.