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Video: Meet the Moto E, Official Video Unveils Motorola’s New Phone (Updated)

So much for waiting until the official announcement. Motorola, posted a video to YouTube to introduce the new Moto E a few hours before announcing the phone to the world at a press event in London. (Edit: The phone has been officially announced in India.)

As you can see from the video, the phone has a “sharp, scratch-resistant display,” includes “water-resistant splash guard,” runs an “all-day battery,” is guaranteed to get the latest version of Android, and can be customized with Motorola Shells, just like its other brother, the Moto G

No pricing has been handed out yet for the US, but in India, we are looking at Rs. 6999, which converts to around $116 USD. That’s not official for the US, by any means.

(Edit:  Here are the official Moto E specs from Motorola.)  The specs were outed over the weekend, thanks to a Brazilian electronics retailer. We are looking at a 4.3-inch display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 5MP rear camera, 1980mAh battery, 4GB of storage (micro SD slot too), 1GB RAM, dual-SIM slots, WiFi/3G/Bluetooth, and runs Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.”

We will update you with all things Moto E as soon as we have them.

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  • Droid Ronin

    That 02 70 on the clock screen…I wonder if that has any significance.

  • M3D1T8R

    If only the micro SD slot had made it onto the moto x.

    • Kevin


    • Al-Burrit0

      Seems like the micro SD slot is making its way back. Z2, S5, and M8 all have expandable storage. We’ll just have to wait and see from the rest…

  • NexusMan

    Very nice ad.

  • djdsf

    Cheap enough to be able to replace the 18 company phones that we have which all require GPS. Glad to see we won’t be forced to hand out GS3s any more.

  • The Narrator

    Cool, but this is definitely for the non tech savvy folks.

  • valapsp

    super nice commercial. I’ll get on of these for my mom.

    • chalker

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. She needs something better than that Samsung flip phone she has that’s total crap.

      • valapsp

        she has sony ericsson k770i fyi 😀

    • sc0rch3d

      thinking about this or the moto g LTE for my little one’s first phone. nice move MOTO

    • Guillaume

      Getting a moto G for mine ^_^


    Ad agency:
    “moto e: for everyone, everywhere.”

    We like it, but think it misses the mark. Can you say something about price, durability and battery life?

    Ad agency:
    “moto e: everlasting moments for everyone, everywhere”

    This doesn’t work for us. It’s getting too cute. Can we just speak to the features?

    Ad agency:
    “moto e: built to last everywhere and everyone.

    It’s not really built, and we’re not selling it everywhere, nor can everyone afford it. NOT APPROVED.

    Ad agency:
    “moto e: made to last anywhere and anyone.”

    Thanks for your effort. It’s close to something from one of our internal powerpoint presentations, so we’ll just go with that. k thx bye.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Might buy this just as a backup phone. Since it’s kitkat and the display isnt all that, I bet it still runs pretty damn smooth

    • Eddie e

      The display is only 4.3″, at 540 x 960 pixel, that’s 256 ppi. You couldn’t tell a difference if it was 256 or 450 ppi on a screen that small or even a much bigger screen. If the hype was true why would “high end” Apple have such low resolution screens on their iPads?The iPad and iPad Air have a 9.7″ “Retina” display (i.e. a marking name that means nothing) with a screen and a resolution of 264 ppi. that’s TWICE as big as the Moto E with the basically same ppi. The non-Retina iPad mini has just a 163 ppi on an 8″ display… and you think 256 ppi on a 4.3″ display isn’t “all that”? My old Motorola Droid X2 with 256 ppi side by side with my iPhone 5S with 326 ppi looks every bit as sharp, as clear and as good.

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        That wasn’t meant to bash the phone. I was just saying that because it’s not a 720p or 1080p panel, the processor doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to push a bunch of pixels, and with kit kat optimized for lower end hardware, the phone would still run reasonably smooth, without the chop and lag you’d expect from a $129 device. And for the record, I think Apple’s Retina displays are not all that. The brightness is great, but it doesn’t display the full gamut of colors, and there is a noticeable drop in resolution looking at text on an iphone compared to my G2.

  • abhi098

    It is the most powerful phone iunder 10, 000 rs in india. This phone will be blockbuster like moto g. Motorola is back.

    • guest


      • ruchir chhabra

        got my mom a moto g and she loves it. Moto E is a cheaper alternative and would work great for my parents.

  • Nikuliai

    btw is moto streaming this thing or am I just losing my sleep for nothing

  • T4rd

    Think this is the latest I’ve seen an article posted on DL. You all have now set the expectation of posting news 24/7. =p

  • Count Sana

    motorola is always making the best commercials! 😀 love it!

  • Junaid Ansari

    I’m glad this phone is coming but will it be international? There is one thing I really dislike about companies is when they make it “Available in US” but ship it out to carriers outside of US, like here in Canada. You can get a Moto G but it has to be with a specific carrier and its more expensive (Like 250$ expensive). I only wish they make this available international to anyone for relatively the same price. Motorola is for sure doing great things and I hope they continue to do so in the future as well!

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s releasing in 40 countries in over 80 phone carriers.

  • Great commercial! Can’t wait to see the price.

    • NeilGeorge


  • Anurag Poddar

    This phone has been launched first in India. At a price of Rs. 6,999 (around 115 usd)
    Follow Motorola India on Twitter!

  • ramifications

    Looks really great for those who need a good phone on a budget or as a replacement/spare phone! The commercial highlighting the features was decent as well.

  • Guillaume

    interesing, caught that during the video http://i.imgur.com/RmPQPyv.png
    current 4.4.3 ? my nexus 5 does not approve 🙁

    • kieraeastedi321

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    • Suman Gandham

      Lol, fail.