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Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Kit Kat OTA Update is Live (Updated: With Changelog)

The Kit Kat (Android 4.4) update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon that was only available via PC yesterday, is now rolling out over-the-air (OTA). A handful of readers have been able to pull the update within the last few minutes, so if you held off from updating yesterday through Kies or Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant, now is your chance.

We are still waiting for Verizon to post the full changelog. Once we have it, this post will be updated.

To pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software updates>Check for updates.

Update:  We finally have the full changelog from Verizon. The update is quite large, so the list of changes pushes onto to three full pages. The official build number is VRUCNC4.

According to the list of changes, users will see improved multitasking performance, improved screen responsiveness, built-in printing support, improved visuals, updated Multi Window, Emoji in the Samsung keyboard, a boatload of new bloatware apps, Tap & Pay support, and more.

vzw note 3 kitkat1vzw note 3 kitkat2

vzw note 3 kitkat3

Cheers Jason, @tone7881 and @bravsfn1!
  • User9987

    Basic Visual Voicemail seems to now be included. YOu have to subscribe to Premium to get the voice-to-text feature. Once I set it up (the basic), my notification went away.

  • Brian H

    I am nervous to do this update, mostly because I see there is more touchwiz apps and so far touchwiz apps have been using 98% of my ram and it causes so many problems already.. We have flashed the phone 5x and verison says its just how the note 3 works.. I dont agree. it shouldnt be slower then my droid bionic.

  • Stephen Spyda Griffin

    I don’t see anything in the changelog about a fix for the antenna or connection. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about how their note 3 can’t stay connected to wifi or 4g. I have this problem too, did this update fix or at least improve that for you?

  • aarongon089

    my Galaxy Note 3 is now completely glitchy now that I downloaded the new KitKat update from Verizon . does anybody know how to undo and update

  • Ajax

    After the update I tried to open apps and I got nothing but a blank screen. When I tried to restart my phone it would not completely shut down. Is anyone experiencing anything similar?!

  • Dan Archibald

    Not sure if anybody noticed this but it says also “more ways to tap and pay”

    other than isis, i do not see any other way to tap to pay. google wallet still doesnt let me do it

  • nativeangel218

    Samsung Apps logo disappeared! Its gone after kitkat update! How do I get Samsung Apps back?

  • John T. Wildman

    Lol..ok, have it! Like I said before..I’m exited why? People get their panties in a bunch for this? Seriously folks don’t get caught in the hype of the latest and greatest..hardly worth any excitement! It’s KitKat, but was hardly worth getting upset over not having lol

  • huskerhog

    My battery is certainly running down faster since the KitKat update.

    • Matt Krall

      I am getting the same results, it doesn’t last like it used to with 4.3.I am lucky to get a half of a day’s charge.

    • Andrew Bonner

      I just got low battery notification at 16:00. Usually I don’t get it until right before I go to bed.

      The last few weeks I’ve been using Waze on the way to work and have been tracking my %-left. I had 90% consistently. Today, my first commute with 4.4.2, my battery was 82% when I got to work.

      Also have really really crappy reception at work, where I could get it before.

      This needs to be fixed quickly.

  • Barb

    Was able to download OTA yesterday and honestly haven’t noticed any huge difference for the better. The status bar is white…yippee. Not! I use the clear ram ( long press home button) a lot to keep things cleared out but since the update constantly has a significant higher Ram. Frustrating, but what’s even more frustrating is the messaging and the keyboard. There is a delay in opening messages and before the keyboard pops up, & the keyboard itself is laggy and doesn’t respond a lot to corresponding keys pressed. The auto spell is way off on what I’m typing. As far as running faster, well not here, it’s the same as the 4.3. Turned off all useless apps from vzw. Another issue when I take pictures a little triangle pops up asking permission for gallery to use Picasa and to Request sign in. I’m already signed I and don’t want my pics using other means or apps, & so how to get rid of that idk…but it’s annoying. I like the idea the camera app is in lock screen although what’s the point if it keeps asking for permission. I wish I can uninstall the update. Everyone is different and what they prefer but for me it isn’t worth it. All I get from vzw is to factory reset…I think that’s there excuse for not wanting to actually fix the problem. Not resetting phone just to have same issues and take another few hours setting up how it is now. Update is useless IMO.
    See another comment but not to say “phone is running faster” lol. Take care all…just sharing my experience so far with 4.4.2. Note 3 vzw.

  • avanthomme

    My phone seems noticeably quicker and more responsive. I also like the new font implemented throughout the phone, most noticeably in the pull down notifications.

  • gordon brown

    that’s a good news for Note III users.
    How To Install Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S5

  • B.G.

    It’s still telling me I’m up to date with 4.3 MJE… F@#$ it.

  • Arturo De La Garza

    Mine downloads the software update and then starts installing in recovery mode but then i get an error message with a dead android with an “!” over it. Please help!!!!! or any advice would help on why it is doing this!!!!

  • Britt Dietz

    For those who want to keep ROOT with the KitKat update… use SuperSU and enable ‘Survival Mode’. Works perfect, updated to KK and still have full root!

  • Britt Dietz

    Verizon has posted a PDF with the changes in the update: http://www.verizonwireless.com/dam/support/pdf/system_update/galaxy-note-3-05-13-14.pdf

  • Giovonni Fareed

    Are we going to get root or naww…why the hell do we need to hack are way to root…update the damn phone and let us be…

  • shaun

    I t was worth the wait. I love the new update. Estimated download time was 12 minutes. But it did it in like 6 mins. I love how much faster my note 3 is and I haven’t had any problems so far with my sd card.

  • asherbc

    Updated yesterday and I’ve been struggling with Visual Voicemail. Called Verizon and was on the phone for a long time with no success. So far its my only issue.

    • sinister1

      I had the same issue with the visual voicemail, they texted me today and said “the issue has been resolved”

  • Mr. Investigator

    Finally got my 4.4.2 on my Note 3. Few bugs with Visual Voice Mail and some email accounts. Will have to spend time tweeking it to repair it.

  • Colin Huber

    Anybody struggling with a Visual Voicemail notification that keeps coming back?

    • viewthis66

      I am. I keep trying to follow the steps to deactivate but it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t even use that feature. It’s turned off on my acct.

    • arborgreen123

      I keep getting it, as well

    • Corey Rader

      Me too, is there a fix, I use google voice

    • Stojr

      Try deactivating google voice from your PC/phone (dial the *71 i think) then go to the phone and use the notification to dial your voicemail. Once complete re-enable google voice (your PC will tell you what numbers to dial on your phone when you click re-enable on this phone)

    • isaac

      Me too I need help

    • Jul

      Log into your Verizon account on line. Select your device and go to “change features”. From there you’ll see the different voice mail options available to you. Mine showed none were selected which I found odd because we were using the basic voice mail option on our phones. Once I selected the one I wanted, that annoying notification finally went away. This worked for two of our three Notes. Haven’t done it on the third one yet but I suspect it will work on that too. If you do go with that 30 day free trial on the premium, you can cancel that anytime on the device by hitting the menu button at the bottom left when the voice mail app is open.

    • Andrew Bonner

      Go to Apps, tap-hold on Visual Voicemail, drag to top of screen where it says “Disable App”


  • jboogie1289

    Seems like it’s using more RAM than before. I restarted the phone and it’s already @ 1.3gb used (when I used to clear it, it dropped below 1.0gb). Battery seems to last a lil longer or maybe it’s just me. More responsive also, maybe not faster but more responsive. I’m liking it overall.

  • Marc

    I know this is probably a small club, but is anyone else having trouble with connecting to the samsung homesync after the update?

  • EvanTheGamer


  • crazed_z06

    Unlock screen is much quicker..

  • DJyoSNOW

    Now I can check out more apps…Google camera.

    • crazed_z06

      Tried it. TW Camera is much better. The Google Camera takes like second to save each photo. 🙁

      • jboogie1289

        But the Samsung cam doesn’t give you the option for lens blur. Not noticing much on the UI side of the update.

  • Twofourturbo

    Anyone test out foxfi with the 4.4 update on the Verizon note 3?

    • bassman418

      I have always used the stock WiFi tethering. Works perfectly.

    • Seedster

      Just downloaded the OTA and can confirm FoxFi is still working 🙂

      • Twofourturbo

        Awesome, thanks for the update

      • Mark N.

        Did it prompt you to turn the Mobile Hotspot on from your phone settings?

        • Seedster

          Yes, which immediately fired up FoxFi as well.

          • Mark N.


      • Jimmy

        I can agree that FoxFi still works. I had the error message prompting me to contact Verizon, I hit cancel, resarted FoxFi and everything is good to go. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Android 4.4 OTA KitKat

      • Brian H

        its been 7days can you still confirm

        • Seedster

          Yes I used it yesterday

    • Robert Garfinkle

      Why do you need foxfi?

  • BillySuede

    ugh… failed update and it’s temporarily unavailable. anyone know a workaround? :/

    p.s. my rooting days are over so don’t even mention it

  • BillySuede


  • Mudokon83

    *closes eyes* come on s3, come on s3…

    • crow57

      Your wait is over. Samsung announced yesterday no more OS updates for S3 or S3 mini. Ever.

      • Mudokon83

        That was for 1gb international versions only. Verizon S3 has 2gb ram and will get the update still.

        • crow57

          Ah, OK. I stand corrected, thank you.

          • Mudokon83

            No problem! Trust me over the weekend I saw the article and ran around online to verify it wasnt for the Verizon S3, so I was in the same boat.

      • Eric R.

        If the phone can run 4.3 it can run 4.4

  • Zach Cline

    Just got the OTA about an hour ago.

  • joe
  • Paul Christopher

    Phone definitely feels quicker. Not sure how I feel about the camera thing on the lock screen (I like the functionality, but not sure I would’ve implemented it as they had.). Other than that there really isn’t anything else I’ve noticed yet. I just updated maybe 15 minutes ago

    • crazed_z06

      Camera.. lock screen?

      • Paul Christopher

        The direct access to the camera on the lock screen. Bottom right corner

        • As in like iOS’s lockscreen? … 🙁

  • Tom

    Just pulled the update…downloading…it’s almost half way through the year…I guess better late than never is Verizon’s motto. lol

    • Tom

      Talk about a huge difference in speed…woah…unlock is noticeably quicker. Access to any where on the phone doesn’t take an extra second to get there. I don’t mind the quick access to camera. That’s actually nice to have. The 4g icon doesn’t bother me at all. My wife’s M7 does the same thing. It must be a kit kat thing. I’m happy.

  • crazed_z06

    Font Phone does feel a bit smoother and the font has changed in the notifications….

    Google Wallet is still worthless. No tap and Pay as far as I can tell.

  • Tim Coleman

    My note 3 is notably faster, also love that they got rid of the ongoing bar in the notifications, looks fresher and new!

    • The Narrator

      that only lasts for a few days

      • EvanTheGamer

        The Negative One has arrived.

        • The Narrator

          That’s every phone. Just more so on Samsung ones.

    • DERP

      Lol. Another “my phone is so much faster now” update comment.

  • Jonik Cannon

    Good, now i don’t have to punch a random Verizon Rep in the face…..

    • PoisonApple31

      If anything you’d think they’d want to punch you in the face, asking them about updates to phones!? Corporate doesn’t loop the retail service reps in!

      • Jonik Cannon

        lol true but i cant help but to hold them responsible anything Big red does and/or doesn’t do, they must know it comes with the job

        • PoisonApple31

          Well played sir!

  • Tone


  • flosserelli

    1. Android 4.4 Kit Kat
    2. More bloatware

    • PoisonApple31

      This update is 4.4.2. You really need to try harder.

    • michael arazan

      Wish I knew what the 100+ MB update Verizon pushed to my GS3 friday night was


  • flybass

    no perceptible difference in performance. Only brings squished toggles and white battery.

    • crazed_z06

      there’s a location toggle now.. hmm

      • PoisonApple31

        I’m dumb – I didn’t even know that was there, or that my GPS toggle was missing.

    • PoisonApple31

      Not sure what’s going on there for you. Huge difference in responsiveness here, it is noticeably quicker.

      • 213ninja

        it feels quicker to me as well.

    • Scott Niemczyk

      Only thing I noticed is it unlocks a lot quicker and the white icons. My constant weather notification doesn’t stay at the top of my notifications, which is kinda annoying

      • 213ninja

        i’m experiencing the same regarding ‘ongoing notifications’ getting mixed with the rest of my notifications. i’m not saying i need a whole section for ongoing, but having them at the top is ideal (for me anyway).

        • Scott Niemczyk

          I agree. Below the update it seemed like the constant notifications were seperated from the rest. Now the top notification is the last used one which is kinda annoying. Maybe the app developer will release a update to fix this

        • duke69111

          I have the same problem on the G2. It must be that way by default in Kit Kat. It would be nice though to always have them on top.

      • Colin Huber

        I noticed the 4G LTE icon stays up now, but grayed when on wifi.

      • avanthomme

        It’s much quicker launching apps and swiping through screens and pull down notification. Also, touch screen seems more responsive.

  • bassman418

    Anyone on NC2 gonna try this?
    Any difference between NC2 and this NC4?

  • Guy Pierce

    @Samsung – Please update UI is still looks like Gingerbread!

    • 213ninja

      i was hoping for the s5 touchwhiz updates……well, not after seeing the s4 and realizing it wasn’t gonna happen, but…..that’s what one would imagine they’d push to the older phones instead of maintaining 100 variations.

    • SylvieGrayyod

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  • crazed_z06

    downloading and installing now.

  • Willo

    How big is file? Should I wait for wifi?

    • crazed_z06

      4G LTE is fine if you got a good connection

      • flosserelli

        And unlimited data

  • Nick Hebert

    that was odd …now redownloading for attempt #2

  • 213ninja

    why is this a completely separate blog post? couldn’t you just take the post from yesterday and UPDATE it, and move it to the top? now we have 2 places to discuss the update, which makes for some confusion and double posting, etc.

    • NickA

      Oh no, what will we ever do!!?? I know dude, quit your job, start a blog of your own and then you won’t have to worry about how other people publish content.

      • 213ninja

        oh that was you under the desk on the DL show???

    • Bionicman

      nope im happy they made another post. and im really glad verizon finally is doing ths OTA since they pulled it from Kies last night

  • Nick Hebert

    i got an error upon entering recovery…just rebooted..lets see what happens next

  • groovycannon

    It’s about time…

  • Les

    Down loading as I type this, 63% done. Great news.

  • Shawn John

    If they didn’t hack up the official update with their branding and bloatware maybe they could push these out in a timely fashion…The graphic should read, Downloading Bloatware update.

  • viewthis66

    downloading now! i still wish it had the new touchwiz packed into the update.