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Moto E Will Cost $129 in the US

That title is no joke. The Moto E from Motorola costs $129 in the US. That’s $129 for a full-blown smartphone. Sure, it doesn’t have top tier specs, but if you need a replacement phone, are desperate for something new, need a phone for a child or are deciding if a smartphone is right for you, it could be a great unit to help you get your hands dirty. By all means, the Moto E is what all entry-level smartphones should be like.

To catch up, be sure to check out the full Moto E specs. Then check out the official introduction video

You can pre-order today from Motorola’s site and Amazon. Units will ship from Amazon on June 3.

Amazon Links:  Moto E (Black) | Moto E (White)

Any takers?

Via:  Motorola
  • M3D1T8R

    Well $129 is okay I guess, though I was hoping Moto would break the $100 barrier with this one. May end up at under 100 in a couple months I suppose. Still an unmatched phone for this price.

  • mcdonsco

    Verizon? If it does work on vzw, does it have to be pre-pay like the g?

  • RoadsterHD1

    does the G have 4GLTE? and the E does not?

  • Voltism

    There is what, a 50 dollar difference between this and the moto g? Unless you are truly desperate I think moto g is the way to go

    • flosserelli

      For many people, $50 is a huge difference. This phone is primarily aimed at emerging markets, or people that simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone. Imagine if you are on a fixed income, or you have lots of kids who want their own phone. Another $50 a pop would add up quickly.

      • Nikuliai

        Hell, 1 time $50 will add up quickly on a kid, they throw liquid on it, drop it, place many things on top of em… it’s a pretty damn tough enviroment for a smartphone, this is a pretty good option for kids (especially considering it has the splash resistant coating and gorilla glass)

    • Grayson

      If someone makes a lot less money than you, then $129 for them might be like $499 for you, and while 40% more might not seem like much when you’re looking at what they can afford, in terms of what you can afford it would be like choosing between a $499 device and a $699 device.

  • Ethan T

    Can a phone like this be used on a prepaid dumbphone contract with cellular data completely disabled? I have an HTC One M8 with all the bells and whistles, but several of my friends have dumbphones because they don’t want to pay $30/mo for data when they have wifi most of the time, and I’m sympathetic. They use AT&T’s prepaid service, which has no monthly fee and you only pay for occasional phone calls or texts.

    It seems like this would be the perfect device if you could make normal phone calls, send texts, use wifi for data, AND completely disable any attempt to use the cellular data connection, since data eats away at your prepaid balance incredibly fast. Does anyone know if this phone can be used that way?

    • SplashMTN

      I’m guessing they could just disable mobile networks from the settings and use it like that.

  • Droid Ronin

    Hmm…or pay another $50 and get a Moto G?

  • gcforreal

    appreciate the effort to make a. Good performing low cost device but Verizon sells the moto g which is superior for 100 even I know its locked to their network but still and even the unlocked moto g is 180?right so I just don’t understand the need for an inferior device that saves you 50 bucks max?…and those wanting to use it as a media player just get a Verizon moto g for 30 bucks less …it is nice to see companies providing more bang for your buck though

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Because some people don’t have that extra $50. In other countries, that extra $50 could be a few weeks of work or more.

  • Jason Downing

    You always carry a purse around Kellen?

  • Jérôme Besnard

    For that price, it’s just missing the front camera for Hangouts

  • MistaButters

    That’s an amazing price to get all those holding on to Gingerbread phones and flip phones to switch. Still think I’ll go Moto G for my mother though.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    My N5 screen just cracked yesterday. Looks like I’ll be buying this until muster up the cash for a new phone.

    • Blue Sun

      And that is where this device will get a lot of use in the US. A great in between device.

  • jothen2002

    Not available for Verizon???

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    That Snapdragon 200 puts in work.

  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
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  • ki11ak3nn

    If my Father-in-laws phones breaks or he loses it again, I’ll probably get him this. It’s perfect for his needs.

  • Jkdem85

    This won’t make a big dent in America. Most people will just stick with subsidized phones. The average consumer will rather spend 99 bucks for an iPhone or a5 / g3 / m8 on contract rather than this. Yet in the rest of the world look out! With that said I thought it would be even cheaper.

    • Hothfox

      This isn’t aimed at the people who want the subsidized smart phones anyway. It’s aimed at the people who currently have a basic device and want something a little bit “more”. This would be perfect for my mom who currently has a flip phone. She may find it useful for navigation and looking up information on the fly.

      • Jkdem85

        its based on replacing or killing the flip phone, which is still a major element of verizon / at&t ‘s business. These phones are all built on subsidy. With that said it’s also obviously going after the international market primarily.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      My brother works construction and he got a smart phone, which he loved, but after breaking two of them, he went back to a feature phone on straight talk because he kept cracking the screens on site. He’d rather just spend $50-$100 to replace a phone when the screen cracks and be done with it. This phone is aimed at people like him, that would like to use a smart phone, but don’t, because of any number of reasons making the cost too high.

    • Nikuliai

      2 of each 5 people have a smartphone, android controlls 81%, their strat is focused on the other 3 of 5, in emerging markets and most of all, to compete with Nokia entry level, this is not a phone for the US, but it will change things there either way

    • gintoddic

      true, I have not seen a single person with a Moto G in the US, these things sell elsewhere.

  • gintoddic

    If this is the way manufacturers are going I don’t need insurance anymore. I rather buy this thing instead of paying a $100 deductible as well as a monthly insurance payment on my bill to replace a broken phone.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Moto G LTE is roughly $100 deductible + $108/yr for insurance. For the additional cost, I’d definitely go with that.

      That said, for a super-cheap phone for a child (heck, even for a wifi media player), or as a backup device, the Moto E looks great.

  • hoosiercub88

    Well, here in the US.. this doesn’t make any damn sense…

  • Guest

    Rather just spend a bit more and buy a G

    • hoosiercub88

      Or less, if you’re willing to settle for the Verizon version here in the US.

  • Joe

    Not sure if this is new. Motorola just added Moto Care Accident Protection for two years (Moto E & Moto G). $59.99 It displays as an option in my cart.

  • TaekOne

    This would be perfect for my mother-in-law. She still has a QWERTY phone (not sure of the manufacturer) and she’s wanted to test out the smartphone waters. Not sure if she’d like paying for a data plan, however…

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Have her get Straight Talk, AIO, or T-mobile to test out the waters?

  • d-rock

    This isn’t much different than the prepaids you can get at Walmart. I don’t see this as really a big deal. It won’t perform well under a load, so it won’t be anything a smart phone power user would want….It’s just the next generation of cheap prepaids.

  • OMJ

    Assurion and other phone insurance companies now hate Motorola with the burning passion of 1000 suns. No reason to carry it if you can get a decent smart phone for this cheap.

  • Paul M McLean

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  • StankyChikin

    Wish it had a front camera.. I’d buy one for my son.

  • Aaron

    Anybody else notice that this is $100 cheaper than an iPod Touch? And that’s with expandable memory and cellular radios.

    • Steele

      What you said sounds slick until you realize that the iPod Touch has a killer display, way better processor, comes with some pretty nice headphones, and is a lot more appealing to look…

      Don’t be sucha hater.

      • Steele

        *look at

        And also has a waaaay better camera

        • Aaron

          But this is actually a phone that you can use as a multimedia device, versus the iTouch which will only ever be what it is. And it is cheaper.

          Don’t be such a fanboi.

          • Tee

            The iPod Touch is a media device too. It’s exactly what it is. The only thing that the Moto E can do that an iPod Touch can’t is make calls.

            Comparing the two devices is kind of stupid to begin with to be honest, and I merely pointed out that for the 100 dollar difference Apple actually packs a lot of quality features in which doesn’t seem like such a huge ripoff when you take a look at what you’re getting for that little bit of extra scratch.

            As far as fan boy goes that just sounds stupid. I own more than a few Android devices. My current phone is a Nexus. I do own an iPad though. I also own a Windows 8 tablet. Zomg I am soooo fanboy.

            Fan boy is dissing another company by name for no reason, comparing 2 devices that aren’t even in the same category, and showing a total lack of appreciation for something sident than what you use because of blind devotion – like you did. You sir are the definition of fanboy genius.

          • Tee

            *something different

          • Aaron

            For one, genius, I am not the one who got all defensive and butt hurt. Fanboi is defending another company even when they haven’t been slighted, and showing blind rage against anyone who makes a statement contrary to what you believe.

            Second, all I did was point out that the E could function in a similar fashion as the iTouch with additional features added. How does that make me a hater?

            And lastly, since when is $100 just a little bit of “extra scratch”?

      • Arty McBert

        Nice headphones? Nice? Are you deaf or a paid Apple employee?

        The ear buds that come with any iDevice by Apple are always abysmal. Apple earbuds are famously terrible and are probably only tolerated because most kids don’t feel like spending money on some actual headphones (a good pair of Panasonic in-ear earphones can be found for $6 on Amazon) and because they’ve become status symbols.

        • picaso86

          Thank you for this comment sir…

        • Tee

          If you look at any reliable site that sells the Apple headphones you see that on average the headphones have at least a 4 star rating by the reviewers/consumers, so it seems as if people tend to like them.

          Sure there is some a negative reviews too, but the positive reviews outweigh the negative by a lot. I just chalk it up to bitches just bitching.

          Besides that at least the iPod comes with some headphones. The Moto E won’t ship with any. None.

          I won’t mention that the headphones was a pretty mute point to pick on from the things I listed…

      • Carlos Lopez

        That’s not being a hater thats just criticizing the ipod

    • Tomek G

      and it is a phone, makes calls!

      • picaso86

        Just pop a T-Mobile sim card and you are in business.

        • Tee

          Nah uh.

          No LTE means that the Moto E will work like total crap on T-Mobile ‘ s network. Their alternate networks suck. I have T-Mobile and if I’m not on LTE it is just too poor of a signal to do anything.

          I din’t think that will fly at all.

  • cgalyon

    I think it’s a great move, though the Moto G is sometimes very comparable in cost, isn’t it? The other hurdle will be whether or not it can be used on one’s carrier. Nevertheless, I think it’s good that Motorola is doing this. I believe it’s a solid business plan as contracts (with their subsidies) are being increasingly rejected by the public. Without a subsidy, a $400+ phone is much less palatable for rapid upgrade cycles or in the event of handset damage.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Reminds me out my droid eris

  • flosserelli

    I wish this had been available when my son got his first phone. It is perfect for kids, or anyone looking for their first smartphone without investing an arm and a leg.

  • Sam

    If I was in the market for a budget phone, I’d probably cough up the extra cash for the Moto G, but for those who can’t this seems like a very reasonable price. It’s certainly more appealing than the Samsungs and other phones at this price range considering software support is guaranteed.

  • Derrick Jefferson

    I’m gonna buy this phone next time I crack my screen… Its cheaper!

    • jpfrasier

      Yep, I bought my wife the Moto G two months ago when she cracked her screen. It might be worth it to buy the E as a backup.

    • The Narrator

      Nokia has cheaper options, unless you absolutely need android.

      • guest

        *absolutely want android


    • michael arazan

      Going to buy this for my bro so he can stop using the windows phone he got for free from a friend when his phone broke.

      • kieraeastedi321

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      • Brandon Sobotta

        Get over it.

        • guest

          wow, what a stupid comment. I think droid life should feature you for worst comment of the day. i hope your thoughts aren’t as meaningless as you’re words

          • kevin

            your not you’re

          • guest

            it actually works both ways if you re read it

          • hadders

            Nope… Your way doesn’t work… “I hope your thoughts aren’t as meaningless as you are words” does not make sense.

          • michael arazan

            He actually prefers an Android phone over windows

  • Dr. Steve
    • Anyone else focused on the guy in the background?

      • jtc276

        I’m too busy crying because NBC canceled Community.

        • Troy & Abed

          So. Freaking. Much. This.

  • Rechie

    No contract $129?

    • NickMotoX


      • tomgillotti

        They really needed to clarify that in the title!

        • BobButtons

          Agreed. Full retail should be the norm. They (not just DL) always discuss contract price as if that’s the price of the phone. Contracts are moving towards the exception so it should switch to starting with the retail and later mentioning the contract price for those who want it.

          • Franz

            I absolutely agree. Many times you read a title like this “HTC One is $200.” Then you actually open up the link, scroll down a bit, and see the 2 year contract there.

            While DL readers and the overall tech community know that HTC and Samsung flagships are never that price off-contract, and that Moto G and E are obviously always off-contract devices, it should still be made clear in the title for consumers who are doing research.

  • Maxim∑

    Slightly higher than I thought it would be

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      you should wait for
      $79 Moto K
      $59 Moto F
      $39 Moto T
      $19 Moto J
      from Motorola which would complement Motorola’s bankruptcy filing.

      Huawei/ZTE/Lenovo/Oppo/OnePlus/Blue/etc can satisfy the market’s needs in low-end mediocrity without Motorola, which once was a leader and innovator.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Innovation is not simply bringing some random new feature tot he masses, or making something difficult simple.

        Creating a device with this level of polish and performance for that price is an innovation all of its own. I don’t see anyone else coming even close.

        They are rapidly regaining their good reputation, and have become the undisputed leader in quality, low-cost devices.

        They won’t be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon. Lenovo ownership will only help them push the boundaries even further.

        • Tee

          Moto will become synonymous with being a cheap phone brand at this rate. People will see you with a Moto and be like, “Oh, Moto huh? Aren’t those like the Fisher Price My First Smartphone or something? Did you get it at Cricket?”.


          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Cheap =/= bad. Affordable, high quality products are a great way to make money. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. They are a for-profit business after all.

            Listen to them talk about their products. They are dedicated to getting the *next* billion users. Even if every one of them get a Moto E, they won’t have to worry about going out of business anytime soon. Plus, if you can show people that you can build a great low-cost device, then you have a better chance of them purchasing your more expensive devices. They don’t have the luxury of a wide-open high-end market to break into, so trying to compete there without a solid reputation for quality is a fool’s errand.

            Think of how many devices there are at the high-end. Now think about how many companies are actually proud enough of their low-end devices that they will hold a press conference for them. That is the difference between a cheap company, and a company dedicated to bringing quality affordable devices to the market.

          • Nicholas Ruiz

            Great post.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I know plenty of people with the Razr M or HD models and they love those phones even though I’d say there were better options at the time. Keep in Mind, Motorola still has the X for a higher end device. Sure, the specs might not match the Snapdragon 801, but Motorola has still done things with the X8 chipset in the X that others could do with the Snapdragon 800 or 801, but haven’t.

        • picaso86

          I remember the Razr flip phone that was a big hit and Motorola is doing it again with Moto G and E.

          Thanks Moto! 🙂

      • Higher_Ground

        “Huawei/ZTE/Lenovo/Oppo/OnePlus/Blue/etc can satisfy the market’s needs in low-end mediocrity without Motorola, which once was a leader and innovator”

      • Franklin Ramsey

        How is Motorola not still an innovator? Last year they bring us the X8 setup which allowed features the flagship devices still have trouble matching. All from a device which, based on the CPU, had lower specs than those same flag ship devices. It also gave us the ability to customize our phones at a level that hadn’t been seen. Follow that up with a quality mid range and now quality low end device, and they are covering the three major areas people keep saying phones should be made for, all while promising support for those phones. How is that not innovation, when no one has done it before?

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Good deal! I’d order one for a replacement, I’m sure battery life is better than my old nexus.