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Samsung Gear 2 Discounted to $269 Through eBay

Since Samsung has already taken full control over the smartphone market, they decided for 2014 that it was time to make the wearables market theirs as well. So even though they released the original Galaxy Gear at the end of 2013, they introduced three new Gear devices alongside the Galaxy S5. One of those is the Gear 2, a device that just so happens to be 10% off through eBay this week.

For $269.99, with free economy shipping, you can pick-up Samsung’s latest smartwatch that originally retailed for $299. The Gear 2 has a camera, AMOLED display, tracks fitness activities, is capable of placing phone calls, and comes in a variety of colors, three of which are included in this deal (silver, gold, or orange).

Keep in mind that this device only works with Samsung devices like the Galaxy S5, Note 3, Galaxy S4, etc.

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  • Shawn John

    Take away the “2” and I might purchase one, $69 seems the right market price.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    It ain’t WEAR tho!

  • anon
    • Ryan O’Neill

      That last sentence tho.

      • Guest

        Who likes their own comment lol

        • kieraeastedi321

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  • Chippah

    Bring on the LG and MOTO Round!

    This thing?


    • Chris

      Haters gonna hate! Keep it coming come on.
      At the end of the day nobody cares about your dumb negative comments. Its not going to either affect Samsung or their sales. I really feel bad for all these people that have all this hate and anger in them. Ever considered a psychologist?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s really not that serious. He just doesn’t care. It’s not hate….he just doesn’t care about it and is letting it be known

      • Carlos Lopez

        I dont mind samsung but its not hate, you people that think every criticism is hate are really stupid. Also lets take a piece of advice from tosh for once

    • Tucker Nebel

      You sure do love posting that same picture don’t you?