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Press Render of HTC One (M8) in Blue Leaked

A new render for the One (M8) from HTC has hit the web, this time in Blue. Quite fancy, is it not? No additional information is known as to which carrier it could end up on here in the States, but if history is to repeat itself, it could end up at Best Buy locations on-contract through Sprint’s network.

We have already seen one additional color for the M8, Red, as it was making its way to Verizon. That device has yet to become official, though. 

As with most other colors that are released after the device is made available globally, it will undoubtedly feature the exact same specs as the original colors – nothing too special.

Out of the three new colors we have seen, which do you like most? Blue, Red, or Pink?

Via: @evleaks
  • Granpa0

    So nice. Why can’t HTC just put a decent camera on the thing and take my money?! As it stands however, as an owner of an M7, I’m not buying another HTC device with another ultrapixel gimmick camera. Worst camera on any phone I’ve owned in years.

  • Cael

    This blue is the best color

  • Ryan Christopher

    well looks exactly like the render i made

  • George264

    Can’t decide if I like this more than the red, but my god this is a gorgeous color. I’d trade in my gunmetal in a second if I could.

  • Cesar

    Of the three, I like the blue one best. Gunmetal is still my favorite though.

  • tylerc23

    Looks like Sense 6 will get an update to add new Color Customizations

    • grumpyfuzz

      Exclusive to the blue HTC m8 😛

  • Marikel

    I like the blue BlinkFeed. I can’t set it blue on my M8.

  • Guy Pierce

    This color on the G3 please!

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Dont worry the blue will rub off from being in your pocket. Just like The m7

    • Maxim∑

      seems to be a shiny coating on the M8

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Mine only came off from the corner dings. But over all it looks Sexy. Everyone who sees my phone asks/compliments me for it

  • Ok. “Leaked”. No. This is marketing.

    And while I understand this is an official color, I can photoshop an M8 to be any color.

    Enjoy the pageviews tho. Really.


    • BK

      Who knows how many “leaked” items are intentional? The point is, this render was not officially publicized. And considering the track record of the source (evleaks), I’d say this is the real deal and worth posting.

      • His “leaks” are also fed to him! Not all of them, but he’s a marketing tool that phone manufacturers use, as well. Give him something and pretend it’s a leak, it appears on 1000 blogs like this one, etc. Stop being basic, bro.

        • BK

          What’s your point? Whether the leak is “authentic” or not, it’s information. Evleaks has a track record of publicizing correct information. well in advance of official press releases. I don’t care where the information comes from, I care that it’s accurate. This blog is about Android information. And you’re calling me “basic”?

          • I’m not saying it’s incorrect. It’s just sad that we (as a culture) are marketing for these companies for free. This site posts ads as content (for free). We give it pageviews so they profit off of other ads. It’s kind of a silly little cycle.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Is that your point? That sites like Droid Life posts content that we want to see for page views and Ad Revenue? Do you not know how the internet works? You’re complaining about how the internet works. Get over yourself

          • That’s not the only way the internet works and I wasn’t so much as complaining as scoffing at the term leaks. This is how internet comment sections work so please stop telling me how to post and get over yourself.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Stop complaining

          • OMG A LEAK!!!!!! Keep playing your charade, bruh.