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New Photo of LG G3 Shows Black and White Models

The hypebeast, my friends, is in full force as leaks regarding LG’s fabled G3 continue to mount. Over the weekend, PhoneArena posted yet another photo of the handset and details regarding its construction.

The photo captures the G3’s brushed plastic removable backplate, stylization that can be seen in previously leaked images. It also suggests the smartphone will come in black, white, and gold, which may not quite rival the Galaxy S5 for colors, but still represents an improvement over the G2’s selection

In addition to providing the picture, PhoneArena’s tipster was able to “confirm” the G3’s 5.5-inch screen size. LG essentially confirmed as much already in announcement for their new 5.5-inch Quad HD LCD display. That may be disappointingly large to some, but as we wrote last week, it’s likely the new norm.


We’ll learn more about the G3 on May 27, when LG official unveils it. Stay tuned!

Via: PhoneArena


  • Andromeda Sirius

    I think the hole on the left is the heart rate sensor, a copy from Samsung. Lol.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I’ll hold off a full “*sigh*” until it’s officially announced, but so go my hopes for a non-plastic design *partial sigh*

  • Skrewee Lewee

    I wonder if my Note 3 is gonna be mad that I’m downsizing?

  • Liderc

    Maybe the flash is killing this pic, but man the back looks bad/poor quality. LG and Samsung both need new design teams, seriously.

  • BobbyG

    Too bad I put a case on all my phones

  • heldadavid

    The UI is much better. I got a chance to play with the G3 at the Godzilla Premier in LA last week. Notification bar is less cluttered and overall less touchwizzy. The camera is possibly the best I’ve ever experienced.

    • flosserelli

      So is the back plastic or metal?

      • heldadavid

        Still plastic, but feels really good in hand.

        • flosserelli

          I knew it. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Frankiie

    i wonder when all these “too big for my girlie hands” comments gonna stop, it is really annoying.

  • ROR1997

    Like I said before, i think the plastic back is a wireless charging back, and it launches with an aluminum back.

  • MacNificent

    “Can we all just get along?”
    -R. King

  • mcdonsco

    I picked up a used g2 in lieu of the s5 & m8 while I wait for this to launch…can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Quick question, why are we addicted to freaking PHONES? Can’t figure that out…though I am.

  • Captain Spaulding
  • Guy Pierce

    Eat your heart out iPhone users!

  • Dave

    I’m a little concerned about brushed plastic, but I’d probably just spray it with 2 coats of PlastiDip paint, best phone finish IMO. Great grip without the bulk of a case, pretty impressive scratch resistance, and can be removed and recoated in minutes.

    • epps720

      First I ever heard of PlasiDip paint. I’m assuming you remove the Note’s back cover and spray the stuff on it, that way you don’t risk getting it on the camera or speaker grill (if it’s on the back). Assuming this also can’t provide protection to the sides of the phone.

      Rumor is this phone may have the same self healing material as the LG Flex.

      • Dave

        You can get it at Ace, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores. Think of the texture of plier handles that get dipped for grip. Stuff is crazy durable, some people spray their car rims after they’ve lost their gloss and you get a nice deep gray to charcoal color.

  • Jon

    What’s with the weird filter on the photo? Come on LG! We know you are leaking these photos daily. Why not just stop trying to make them look like some Mr. Blurry Cam photo and be on with it and give us some high res photos that are clear and legible without some faux photoshop filter?

  • shooter50

    Couldn’t ask for more.If you haven’t owned a G2 or Flex you have no idea how good LG can be.

  • Nikuliai

    Now LG… THIS is sexy! my hands are itching :B

  • Josh P.

    Slippery phone is… slippery.

    • flosserelli

      And you know this phone is slippery because you’ve held it, right?

  • Allen George

    I’m hoping that back is actually metal. It looks like it *could* be but here’s to hoping!

    • mcdonsco

      *except* from what I understand it would not work with wireless charging and thus the phone wouldn’t have wireless charging. That’s one of the things I LOVE about my g2.

      • epps720

        that’s one thing I wished I had on my AT&T G2

  • Ron

    I use and iPhone, and my next phone will be an iPhone, but you should all buy the LG G3

    • Mark Aaron Collado


    • Stew G

      You use what?

    • joemama

      And u are a girlyman.

  • shamatuu

    my main issue is that will it updates in a timely manner? So far i’m not
    convinced i should get any LG’s phones even the flagship phones from

    • mcdonsco

      Even on Verizon the G2 was running KK well before the Note 3 and they were released in the same month.

      G2 had KK about what, a month ago and only now is the Note 3 able to but still not via OTA.

    • CoreRooted

      It seems that those days are long over. As @mcdonsco:disqus said, the G2 got updated to KK fairly quickly and before the Note3 (even the VZW G2). I can’t see them leaving the G3 behind. Also, the TMO G-Flex got it’s KK update really quickly.

      • shamatuu

        good to know. Than i might pick it up.

  • jmsbwmn

    Headline should read “models”. The way it reads now is confusing. As much as I love the content of this blog, the grammatical errors kill me…

    • GrammarHammer


  • Jes

    Hopefully, they solved the GPS locking issues the current G2 has.

    • mcdonsco

      I’ve heard of this but have now owned THREE G2’s and have never experienced a problem with GPS???

  • thompson

    The back buttons look better, but I still don’t like the buttons on the back. Moving the speaker to the back is also not ideal.

    • Bob G

      Ever tried the back buttons for at least 2 weeks?

    • Matt

      I’m cool with it if that means it’ll get the bezels smaller.

      • BK

        Agreed. I’m less concerned about the speaker placement than the overall quality and volume of the sound the produce. Front facing speakers make sense, but I’ve got no real complaints about the rear facing one on my Moto X

        • Dave

          Front speakers and a 5″ screen make a large phone….can’t imagine them with 5.5″

        • thompson

          Not so much front facing, just wish they had kept them on the bottom like the g2. I hate cupping my hand around the back, that’s been a deal breaker with Samsung.

    • CoreRooted

      The back buttons are fine. Once you have used them for a day or two, you realise that they are just as easy as side buttons. For me though, I rarely have to use them. I control volume with my headset and with KnockOn/KnockOff, I don’t really need to ever use the power button.

      • thompson

        True, the screen knock feature beats any physical buttons. Either that or some kind of active display for when I just pull it out of my pocket to check the time/messages real quick.

        • CoreRooted

          There’s quite a few custom ROMs that have that, plus third-party apps. Personally, I don’t bother with them. But they do exist. Rumour has it that the G3 will have that option also.

  • DavidGLamb

    All new Moto X+1 with a Snapdragon 600! I love my Droid Maxx, but it’s just not as fast as my brother’s Note 3 http://sn.im/28wjrxn

  • Garrett Sechelski

    The more I see this phone, the more I want to own it. Motorola is going to have to impress me to keep me…


    WTF FTW!

  • uvuyv

    If it had a 6″ display the phone would be too large. Not with a 5.5″ display.

  • jabarri2

    NO! maybe its just me, but that looks so cheap and ugly, i really want this phone to be worth buying!

  • BK

    I really hope this phone sells ridiculous numbers. LG seems to have listened to just about everybody’s wish list, assuming the software is on point.

    If this phone can’t sell, then I have to wonder where Android is going to go.

    • Foramex

      It’s heading smack-dab to a new era of Samsung Fan Boys.
      This breed will join the AFBs, paying no attention to specs and just buying based on brand and some non-innovative non-sense specs.
      However, you can be optimistic seeing what happened to Apple when only the FBs stay.

    • michael arazan

      Not my wish to remove their skin for vanilla android and keep the camera software

  • am

    How long after this is announced will it pop in the stores? Especially verizon (next year) lol.

    • Jkdem85

      hey Verizon had the M8 in store before anyone else

      • LionStone

        Yup and I picked up my DNA one week after announcement.

  • Chippah

    Needs FLAT GLASS in order to fit Tempered Glass screen protectors,
    Unlike the G2.
    Come on LG!

    • Tucker Nebel

      • Chippah


        • Jkdem85

          It’s like a joke or somethin….home run chippah

          • Chippah

            fawk yea! double guns

          • Jkdem85

            HALAREOUS tssss

        • Jkdem85

          the boys will just keep praising Samsung though….Roland and the white glove service.

          • Chippah

            Booby is the techno expert, pffffftt Fawkin fatty

        • Tucker Nebel


          • Chippah


          • Tucker Nebel


          • Jkdem85

            do you know who you’re dealing with here? This is Lyle Chipperson mafia hitman

  • that looks like it will slip right out of my hands

    • Chippah

      Buy Grip tape butter fingers Mcgee

      • haha nice, yeah I never dropped a phone before (fingers crossed) but it just looks like its rounded and slick. it does look very nice though.

        • Dave

          PlastiDip…..works like a charm. Nice grip and works great with no case.

  • xsoldier2000

    DO WANT!

  • Ben Murphy

    Oh happy day!

  • Tucker Nebel

    Moto X+1 all day. This, along with most others, are just too big.

    • Foramex

      No, it’s not. Actually with minimal bezels it’s actually the same size.
      Also iPhone was once considered the perfect size.

      • Tucker Nebel

        It is to me. I went from the X, to the S5, and then to the Note 3 and I had to go back to the X. I like being able to reach my whole screen with my thumb. I don’t like having to use 2 hands.

        • Chippah

          Thats great, FOR YOU Kid’s gloves……

      • hkklife

        I went from many Palm & Win CE PDAs to a Treo 700p to a 755p to a Centro and vowed never to go down in size when “upgrading” devices again. I could go from the Note 3 at 5.7″ to a G3 at 5.5″ but I would never go below 5.2″ or so comfortably, especially with onscreen buttons. But on the same token, I would never go past 5.8″ or 5.9″, especially considering I always have a case on my devices.

      • calculatorwatch

        I’m sorry but you’re fooling yourself. Even of it had 0.001mm bezels there’s no way a 5.5″ device is going to be the same size as the 4.7″ Moto X, or even the 5.2″ one, because that too will have minimal bezels.

    • The Narrator

      If you want 2013 specs, sure 😉

      • Tucker Nebel

        Haha I’ll take it as long as phone is unique, functions well, and gets timely updates.

      • Craig P

        All new Moto X+1 with a Snapdragon 600! I love my Droid Maxx, but it’s just not as fast as my brother’s Note 3

        • Dave

          I returned my MotoX after my 18 month old Note2 was still faster and got much better battery life. Hoping for better out of the x+1 or whatever.

    • shooter50

      Moto X +1 pleaseeeeee

  • Foramex

    Sorry HTC One M8 I will miss your front facing speakers but I must move on:)….can’t wait, G3 here I come…

  • Chippah

    You mean charcoal Metallic and silver?

  • Foramex

    This phone is a winner

  • 15 more days!

  • bogy25

    Oh, it’s my new phone in BLACK how nice

  • Ray

    My next phone and it should be yours too

    • Foramex

      Hell yeah it would

    • j

      The only reasons it wouldn’t be my next phone (jury is still out of course):
      1) It’s too large due to screen size increase.
      2) It doesn’t outperform the G2 in gaming, and general UI performance due to the high resolution bump (hoping the soc bump will be more than enough to handle it)
      3) Has worse battery life due to the resolution bump.

      I won’t go backwards or compromise on performance, and the G2 is neeeeaarly max size I’m comfortable with.

      • Foramex

        1) You never tried it, screen size can be misleading.
        2) You have no idea, it’s not official.
        3) You have no idea, no battery tests out yet.
        4) You smell like rotten apples.

        • j

          hence the use of future tense genius.

          • Foramex


          • d-rock

            Wow!! Are you serious? He’s not complaining that these are problems. He’s just saying they are potential problems that would stop him from getting the device!!

          • Foramex

            Actually he’s saying it quite matter-of-factly.

          • calculatorwatch

            Actually he’s saying it quite hypothetically. Perhaps your reading is not so good.

          • CSick

            Go back and read the first sentence of his post, before the list.

          • GrammarNazi

            Actually, that’s a conditional tense. Now I’m off to downvote myself.

        • expara

          The G2 already put the biggest screen in the smallest frame so there is no way this won’t be at least half an inch bigger. Regardless I would get one but I just got my G2 since ATT is basically giving them away now.

      • G3

        I don’t want to be owned by “j”. Reasons:

        1) Tiny princess hands
        2) Plays games all day to avoid reality
        3) Weak pencil necked doofus.

        • j

          Nothing to do with hand size. I can use an HTC One Max one handed no problem.

          • Don’t let these trolls get to you. Just super G3 fanboys. Move along

          • Foramex

            Your comments clearly show you’re a Moto FanBoy. Haters gonna hate.

          • Right. That’s why I said that this phone looks phenomenal… And just because I own a Moto X, doesn’t make me a Moto fanboy. That is such a misconception amongst actual fanboys.

          • Jane

            But no disagreement with 2 & 3 though. I admire your honesty

      • NeilGeorge

        So how do you know the battery life is going to be lousy?? It comes with 3100 (i think).. So right now unless you own one.. your assumptions are wrong..
        Yes it can be the same performance as G2… The UI has been modified and it looks sexy as hell..
        Screen Size.. that is to their own..

        • calculatorwatch

          How about we wait until the phone is released before dismissing people who point out possible (hypothetical) issues with the G3’s design which are by no means assumptions?

    • Yee Haw

      It will be mine too…as long as it is running an 805 and not the old crappy 801.

      • Macalee Harlis Jr.

        why is the 801 crappy? because it is old-er, or are there problems wit the chipset?

        • Yee Woo

          older. no problems i know of.

        • Dave

          Probably the same guy who sees no benefit in a 2014 vehicle over a 2003. Yeah, the 801 is so last quarter….LoL.

          • Macalee Harlis Jr.

            2003 to 2014 is a big jump lol Im sure we would see the difference there. But I really wanted to know if there was something wrong with the chip since they are released within months of each other or if it was just personal preference

      • Guy Pierce

        The 801 has been brilliant. Calm down sir.

      • joemama

        The only thing “crappy” is your statement really.

    • Would be if I hadn’t already gotten a Moto X. This phone looks phenomenal.

      Random question: I’m having some issues with my headphone jack on my X all of a sudden. It takes multiple plug-in attempts to get it to recognize that there are headphones/speakers plugged in. Anyone else seen or have this issue?

      • Ray

        Aww how cute :}

        • Or ignore my question and be condescending. Whatever floats your boat.

          P.S. Who the hell uses brackets in there smiley?

          • Ray

            I ignored it because I don’t own the phone Google is your friend not me.

          • Then ignore it, don’t be a prick.

          • Ray

            Well don’t post irreverent stuff on random ppls post. it’s pretty easy to write a comment that isn’t attached to someone else’s.

          • It wasn’t off topic moron. I addressed your point from the get go. Then decided I would ask a quick question since this is a hot topic. And you know what, I got some good feedback. Not from you of course, but that’s okay.

          • LionStone

            Well you ‘were’ off topic

          • Kevin

            Have you tried using Moto Care on your phone?

      • NeilGeorge

        I have the same problem with the GS4.. dumb question sorry.. tried different headphones?

        • Yup. Same issue happens consistently on two different headphones and a stereo. Will probably contact Moto soon.

      • PocketLint_IsNot_YourFriend

        I’ve had this happen twice with my Razr Maxx and it turned out to be pocket lint. I carefully poked around with a paper clip and got it out. It was a tiny piece of lint but big enough for the audio jack not to work properly.

      • EnterTheNexus

        Same happens on my G2. I don’t know why, even if I move it at the slightest it “unplugs” even though I clearly have it plugged in.

    • PoisonApple31

      An endorsement from a dude who dresses up just to take a selfie. No thank you. 🙂

      • Ray

        Just like you dressed up in your shining coat of clear paint to take your pic when we know your a rotten apple

    • Not digging the finish on the back of the G3. Looks like they used this.

      • Like_a_Guest

        + a “Royal Coffee”/”Luxury Marble” color option!

      • Dave

        I’ve taped off my shiny Galaxy devices and used PlastiDip spray. Great tackiness and gives excellent scratch / nick reaistance. Easily removable and recoat is quick.

      • expara

        Who cares what the back looks or feels like, 99% of people put a case on it on day one.

    • Kevin

      This looks like a really nice phone but not everyone wants a Tablet.

  • MikeD675

    If it is physically the same size as the G2, it will be fine.

    • callumshell1

      Pretty sure that’s impossible givin the .3″ increase in screen size and the G2’s already minuscule bezels.

      • Carlos Lopez

        i also doubt it though they did say they cut the total bezel on the phone by about half

      • mcdonsco

        Hoping that the huge reduction in bezel size of their 5.5″ they showed off can keep it close…I really love the size of the g2 and i also hope somehow they managed to keep it close to g2 size.

        Looking at my g2 now seems they could go up to around 5.4 through bezel reduction alone…the rest of the size increase will be from that .1 remaining.

        Crossing my fingers.

  • The Narrator
    • T4rd

      Funny since he’s HTC’s mascot. =p

      • The Narrator

        He’s nobody’s mascot. He’s RDJ.

        • T4rd

          I’m sorry you feel that way. 😉

          • The Narrator

            He ain’t no puppet, yo 😉

          • T4rd

            He’s a great actor, I love him.. but you can’t ignore Iron Man 2 & 3.. enough money will make anyone a puppet.

          • The Narrator

            That’s why I choose to not include IM 2&3 with my collection.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m assuming I would understand the disappointment with 3 if I watched either of the others, but I thought it was pretty good.

          • TopXKiller

            3 wasn’t too bad until the ending, that took a **** on everything

          • Tony Byatt

            $50 million for one movie in 2013…

            Call me Pinocchio…

        • JSo

          He’s the Avengers mascot

  • Zac S

    Looks like an M8 where the bottom camera is turned into a back button. Do not want

    • Bob G

      WTF you talking about, Willis?

    • joemama

      Crossed-eyed are we?