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Minor DROID MAXX, Ultra, and Mini Updates Approved and Rolling Out for Verizon Customers

The DROID MAXX, Ultra, and Mini are all receiving updates today on Verizon’s network, however, it’s nothing to write home about. The same changelog is featured on both support pages, being “Device roaming enhancements and bug fixes.” Not major at all. 

The new software version for the MAXX, Ultra, and Mini is 19.6.3. Must be easy for Verizon when each device runs identical software.

Have a look at the updated support pages down below.

DROID MAXX and Ultra



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  • jake

    Bring back the blue icons and status bar and now my messengeing stops working everytime I open up messenging it gives me an unexpected error and closes out I tried restarting the phone resetting the phone etc etc nothing works had no problems with my Droid Maxx prior to the update now oh boy I love this phone now its a pain in the arse most everyonei know text I can receive text but can’t open them very frustrating

  • Christopher Jalbert

    Droid MINI soft keys are broken. I have no navigation with my phone until they work again.

  • cooperboy

    Downloading now! Wallet with NFC at last!

    • TedKidd

      Hunh? I’ve had wallet/NFC since I got it in Feb…

      Anybody know how to tether? Gnex had it, RAZR did it with foxfi…

      I don’t have unlimited, shouldn’t I be able to use my data x devices? ( #verizonsucks)

      • Michael Luscher

        If you have the More(Previously Share) everything plans, tethering just works.
        I use it on my DROID Maxx…… Stock 4.4/19.6.3 i.e this update

  • Jared

    Just pulled it

  • Rich

    Nothing for me either

  • James Christopher Brown

    Im still waiting for the Update, No notification and it wont pull either. Moto Fail.

    • wjogert

      Battery status doesn’t work since the update. Power cycle phone and it still tells me that it has been on battery for over 2 days.

  • Mr F

    Lenovo has they’re work cut out for them when it comes to topping the Maxx.

  • Axelback

    So, we got a minor update, and the soak test for 4.4.2 started last week. Does this mean we are getting 2 updates for these phones this month or what?

    • tehcodeman

      The soak test was for this 4.4 update, not 4.4.2 (unfortunately).

      • Axelback

        Well that sucks…..I hope that this update fixes the battery issue with the Maxx.

  • B!

    I’m so torn. I miss Motorola phones; the DROID’s in particular. I just wish they had a better camera & micro SD slots. I left the Maxx for the Note 3 but I really miss Motorola’s interface. I hope Lenovo does something with Motorola the Google didn’t.

    • Matt

      Same here :/ I got the Note 3 and traded my Maxx in. I miss Motorola’s interface so much it’s unreal.

      • B!

        I really hope they go back to the late 2009 Motorola. They dominated the android market. All, I repeat, ALL android phones were inferior to the Droid until the Evo came out. The good thing about that phone (for the time) was its display size.

  • jonnyrazr

    What a jip! Let’s get on with the show! 4.4.3 and then some…

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Is anyone having Motorola Contextual services crash on them? I haven’t updated yet and I am wondering if this will fix the issue.

  • Kane Desousa

    Dat bokeh

  • Sean Plantz

    Got the update.. Yeah, it’s not 4.4.2, but it does do a lot more than the changelog suggests, on top of the white icons, I am noticing better performance overall, and less wake up lag that hit usually when I would be playing music, while not introducing any new bugs that I can find. The phone (maxx) has been awesome for me and this made it better. Can’t wait to see what 4.4.2 or whatever is next will bring.

  • Mini

    Anyone come across the OTA for the Droid Mini? I can find the Ultra/Maxx version, but no the Mini. 🙁

    • jared

      Where did u find it for maxx

  • RoadsterHD1

    WTF its not 4.4.2?

    • Michael Luscher

      ……Might as well just wait for 4.4.3?

      • RoadsterHD1


  • tehcodeman

    Another thing: For those already rooted on 4.4, you can use SuperSU’s Survival Mode to retain root through the OTA update.

    • beng8686

      Did you accept the update being rooted and wp disabled? Or do we have to flash back to stock to install it?

      • tehcodeman

        Yep, I was already rooted with write protection disabled. Enabled Survival Mode in SuperSU and took the update.zip through recovery as normal.

        • beng8686

          Sweet thanks for the info!

  • tehcodeman

    Everyone seems to be missing this over at the XDA forums as well, but the “OK Google” hotword detection now works again for those of us on the GEL launcher. Moto’s always listening Touchless Control is great but much. much slower than the integrated Google Search hotword detection. So glad they finally fixed what 4.4 originally broke.

  • z32589

    Not meaning to troll here, but this is why I switched to T-Mobile. Update frequency is not Motorola’s fault. Moto probably had this update ready 2 months ago. Verizon disgusts me.

    • T-mobile gets updates first?

      • z32589

        T-Mobile does not place the same level of scrutiny on their device manufacturers when it comes to software operating on their network.

    • michael arazan

      Sprint is pretty fast, my friend’s GS3 just got 4.4.2 , and I just got some 100+MB update Friday night for my vzw GS3

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  • Jason

    So wait… this is not 4.4.2? WTF? Still sitting on 4.2 to avoid these supposedly “infamous” 4.4 bugs/annoyances (ex: camera), and keep root w/o the crazy JCase method. I’m appreciative for his discovery, but can’t help thinking that method would put me in a bad position, come time to take the next update (this or 4.4.2). Thoughts?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If you want to keep root, don’t update until a new root method is found for the current software, or until you can 100% positive that root and system write will be available after the update.

      Fwiw, JCase just put out a video showing a Moto X running 4.4.2 that is fully rooted and has write_protect disabled. How long we will be able to benefit is up in the air, considering that 4.4.3 is just around the corner, and whatever method he used is likely patched.

      • Jason

        Yea, I agree, that’s what I’m thinking. Thanks for mentioning the JCase video. that’s good to know, but I’d like to see what that process is, in thinking ahead to 4.4.3 as you mentioned (though an official update is probably going to be a while).

        I just want to be on a version that can sustain root and not have bugs (like 4.2.2 is now). At that point, the process for root isn’t as big a deal for me.

      • jumnhy

        Can you link to jcase’s vid? I’m surprised I haven’t heard about that yet. I’m assuming this was on a locked bootloader?

  • normmcgarry

    It also changes the icons to white, at least in the soak test version.

    • Sam Vinnik

      Which icons do you speak of?

      • cadtek91

        In the notification bar.

        • Sam Vinnik

          The ones on the right?

          • tehcodeman


      • Kevin

        I’m guessing the battery, time and signal bars.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        The icons in the status bar on the initial 4.4 build were still blue, rather than the required white.

      • Guest

        See below.

      • normmcgarry

        Status bar:

    • Nathan D

      Awe, I really liked the white battery percentage on the blue/black background. :/

      (with this app installed & enabled: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.kroegerama.android4batpercent)

    • Michael Luscher

      Does it fix the hideously crunchy 4G LTE graphic in the pull down shortcut menu?
      The white icon’s look nice
      What’s it done for Battery life? Mine hasn’t been quite the same since the 19.5.3
      Google Wallet hasn’t been screwed with? #FDB Verizon…..
      Any performance improvements?