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Listing for Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted With Model Number SM-G906K

Despite the ardent denial of Samsung executives, potential evidence of a beefed-up Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared today in the form of a product listing on Olleh TV, a Korea-based telecom. The Galaxy S5 Prime featured the model number SM-G906K, which is consistent with Samsung’s naming schema (T-Mobile Galaxy S5 is SM-G900T, for example).

The listing was fairly bare – it didn’t include specifications, and the picture handset was concealed by a cover. Unfortunately, that means there is no telling whether the Galaxy S5 Prime features the long-rumored metal backplate and QHD display.

It seems we will have to wait until the Galaxy S5 Prime nears release before we can glean that kind of information, but as always, there is no guarantee the smartphone will launch stateside. Specifications are a huge selling point in South Korea, so companies often release upgraded versions of US counterparts there in an attempt to continually boost sales.

Still, here’s hoping Samsung will make the Galaxy S5 Prime official soon.


Via: SamMobile | Olleh TV
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  • Anthony Johnson

    If it will make up of a metal plate then I think it is no more remaining water or dust resistant. Well, I already have Galaxy S5 from almost 1 month and fully satisfied with its specs and features. I like its touch wiz finger print scanner and heart rate sensor that I used during regular workout in a gym. And yes I am pretty much impressed with its 2800mAh battery backup that after full charged on qi charger runs throughout the day.

  • jimbob

    Can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Note Nexus Droid Prime Zoom Beam Mini Tab to be released!

  • lol

    It does not matter because if you are going to get a case, you don’t need the back metal cover. Also, metal are very fragile and one scratch it is over. I like the plastic feelings because it gives me a good grip. Metals are slippery and gives me worry carrying it around. I like the S5 and I knew that the Galaxy S5 Prime was going to comeout because my dad works at Samsung. I am not joking. I prefer S5. I saw the Prime, it’s pretty good but prefer S5. I am not lying or bragging. I am just telling the truth

  • shamatuu

    i might get it if this doesn’t lag at all.

  • JMonkeYJ

    “*glean* that kind of information” rather than “gleam”

  • Dave

    Exynos Octa or SD805? Didn’t the rumor mill say that the Acts smeared the 805 in benchmarks? I thought I read that recently….not positive though.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Fairly certain the g2 is better

  • Hugh Hansen

    No possibility that it’s just the Note 4?

    • PoisonApple31

      It has a 5.2″ screen according to SamMobile.com – so not the Note 4.

  • Guest

    As a loyal Samsung customer, I would say their purported release of the Galaxy S5 Prime is a slap in the face to every loyal early-adopter Samsung customer.

    For those who are power-users, many of whom likely read this and other tech blogs, what Samsung is doing here is essentially telling those who want the “best of the best” to hold off on being an early adopter of their products because they will release another “me too” product a short time later, when others like LG and Sony who are pushing the specs envelope come out with devices that beat your product on paper. Talk about a great way to kill the buzz for when your “next big thing” is released… I hope many hold off on buying it with the thought that something better will come along from you two months later.

    Well done, Samsung – you’ve managed to piss off a portion of your customer base and give further validity that you are a “me too” company who will react to its competitors rather than be a proactive, innovative company who will push the bar higher. Demand more from yourself, Samsung – if you truly had the pulse of your customer base, you would know that your devices are sorely missing the mark in a lot of ways.

    • Scott Tucker

      If you’re a loyal Samsung customer, you’d know they have a track record of doing this.

      • 213ninja

        maybe it depends on your carrier. i’ve never had this happen to me on VZW, i went from Gnex, to S3, to Note2, to s4, to Note3 and didn’t notice anything as significant as this prime situation.

      • PoisonApple31

        You’d know that if you lived in Korea. Otherwise you wouldn’t know that Samsung does that.

    • Arthur Dent
    • Dave

      They have become the new Motorola from 2009-2012.

    • Tock Stucker

      Hey I’m pissed because a better phone is being released 3 months after I bought my phone. I completely ignore the fact that there is pretty much a ‘better’ device available on the market every 3 months and I could wait forever.

  • Guy Pierce

    Don’t buy this version. I have knowledge of the next model already. Introducing the “Galaxy S5 Millennium Prime”! It will come with slightly better specs and the same ol’ battery. You may also want to wait for the “Galaxy S5 Millennium Prime “Mini””.

    • 213ninja

      you mean same ole battery “spec”….not the EXACT same battery, since that would enable you to share it among devices and not force you into purchasing all new battery related accessories…..

      • Guy Pierce

        I just got word that it will indeed be a different battery with the same specs and will not have wireless charging capabilities.

  • David N

    It sounds like how Samsung sold the s4 LTE -A phone only in Korea. That’s my guess. A Korea only exclusive

  • Foramex

    Samsung’s way is to misguide people.
    Look at other companies, they have separate branding for low class devices and the flagship class devices.
    For HTC: One/Butterfly series for flagships, Desire series for low end segment.
    For LG: G series for flagships, L series for low end.
    For Motorola: X series for flagships, G/upcoming E series for low end.
    For Apple: Just one Flagship, iPhone.
    But for Samsung: Flagships Galaxy, mid tier Galaxy, low end Galaxy!
    I mean, they have a Galaxy of Galaxy phones!

    • PoisonApple31

      There is this wonderful tool called the internet where people can do research on the device they want if they so choose. It’s really not difficult to use a search engine.

      • LionStone

        Yea and when they used the internet and saw the president of sammy say there wasn’t a prime and now there is, that’s kinda messed up because those people took his word, bought the S5 and now feeling bummed and betrayed.

        • PoisonApple31

          Yeah, because everyone felt so betrayed by the S4 that had a Snapdragon 800 with LTE-A after buying their S4 with a Snapdragon 600 at launch. Oh wait, Korea only? You mean the market where phones get released with upgraded hardware all the time?

    • jbegs

      iPhone 5s and (low-end) 5c

  • Foramex

    Brushed faux aluminum plastic?

    • LionStone

      Much more elegant and innovative way to give it some texture, rather than… dimples. The way it’s done on the G3 is pretty nice, I guess without holding it yet.

  • Guest

    Those words sound like they dont go well together, Galaxy and Prime

    • Dave

      Posting as a guest doesn’t go well on this site!

    • Mikey Styles

      How bout 2 words that didn’t end up being good together……Galaxy & Nexus, for VZW customers that is lol.

    • michael arazan

      I remember all the Nexus Prime rumors from 2011

  • Nathan Bryant

    If this is true, then it’ll need a better overall design. A bump up in the screen doesn’t make it any better then what’s out now. The faster processor is just manhandle the screen so it really levels it all out for an even playing field.

    • 213ninja

      agreed. it needs to take a massive dump on everything in site, in every spec category possible. otherwise, it’s just going to make EVERYONE angry, not just the early s5 adopters.

  • Foramex

    Waiting for this beast to come out.

    • Mike H.

      Ha there is a point to where the bezel is too small. The g3 looks too small and my big hands will have a harder time. :/

  • Sucker of the Year

    But I just got an S5.

  • That picture was a mockup used by Spigen before the S5 was announced.

    • Ubi2447

      Yeah, I remember this photo from before the release of the actual S5.

      • Chris

        Yeah the haters just start talking and talking. Bunch of chicken heads!
        Educated much?

  • Raw Hide

    Does it come with that cheap cheesy looking pleather back? If so, I’ll pass.

    • The Narrator

      Most likely

    • 213ninja

      the black pleather is actually nice. it’s grippy and feels good in hand. if it’s not gonna be metal, i’ll take it.

      the white pleather isn’t even pleather, it’s just plastic that looks like pleather, which is just dumb. i actually swapped backs on my white note3 and got a black QI enabled joint.

  • The Narrator

    Now we know that Samsung just wants to sh!t on people

    • 213ninja

      We all know that you just want to sh!t on Samsung!!