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At 9am Tomorrow Morning, Motorola is Killing the Flip Phone

Motorola is hosting a press event tomorrow morning at 9am in London, with the plan reportedly being to introduce the world to the Moto E, a low-end device which should be priced even lower than the Moto G. Motorola’s goal will be to kill off dumb phones once and for all, allowing the entire world to access an extremely low-priced smartphone with connectivity to the world wide web and Google Play. 

Of course, with a price tag that could be around $99 (or even lower), Motorola had to cut a few corners in the specs department, without sacrificing overall performance and features. The device is reported to feature a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, dual-SIM slots, 4.3″ display (probably not HD), 5MP rear-facing camera, 4GB of on-onboard storage (expandable with microSD slot), WiFi/3G/Bluetooth, and runs Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.”

To add to the excitement, @evleaks posted yet another render of the Moto E – this time in White.

Since the event is taking place on London time, most Americans may be snoozing when the device is announced at 9am in the morning, but don’t worry, we will have all of the information available for you when the device is announced.

Motorola Moto E

Via: @Motorola | @evleaks
  • Tony Quintus

    And here I am about to buy a Vintage deadstock Razr V3 to keep in my pocket when I have no need to carry around a giant tech slab.

  • ccccc

    and yet it won’t kill them off b/c people like my dad refuse to get any kind of phone if it is not a flip phone. i wish some company had the balls to sell an android flip phone here in the US.

  • SueSault

    What no one has noticed is that OLD people cannot use “smart” phones (but can use flip phones). It is a physical problem. We tremor (and hit the wrong “app”) and our skin is dry (and licking your fingers every time you need to “swipe” gets ugh! and you soon run out of spit.)

    Ah youth – it invents its own toys!

  • jobu

    The perfect dual sim Europe (or Canada) summer vacation phone. Hope its not qhd resolution though. Also good for other more nefarious purposes.

  • edmicman

    Except that there’s still people (my family members specifically) that don’t want or need to spend money on a monthly data plan. At least for now – there’s still a price premium on having smartphones vs dumb phones.

  • MI95SHO

    Most people I know with flip phones still, don’t have them because they are stuck in the ways of the flip phone or smartphones are to expensive…They just don’t want to pay all the data usage fees and upcharges to have one.

    • Midwest Monk E.

      Some people have to have the latest thing even if they end up making people feel bad to make themselves feel better for their never ending quest to unfulfilling materialism. But, to each their own, I guess.

  • SF

    Sooo… Are they also going to offer it with a dirt-cheap data plan? Otherwise I don’t quite see how this replaces a cheap phone. The main problem with smartphones is not the unit’s price tag, it’s the $50 or more one has to give out every month just to be able to use the functionality.

  • starnovsky

    Flip phone: can last on a single charge for a week, can be used by elderly, can be thrown on concrete floor and then glued back together like nothing happened. Moto E?

  • Nate595

    If the Kyocera Event didn’t kill the flip phone at a $20 price tag I don’t think this will either. Some older people just have no interest in smartphones, this’ll probably still be a big seller though.

  • You’d think that moto would have been smarter in realizing that people with dumb-phones have a problem with the mandatory extra cost of the data plan associated, not the cost of the smartphone (ebay, craigs, etc). Truly idiotic on Moto’s part. I hav unlimited & a dumb line.

  • Rodeojones000

    Somewhat off topic, but anyone else bothered by the screenshot above? There’s a clock widget and it also shows the time in the statusbar. Why does anyone need two clocks on their screen?

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Was hoping for an X+1 announcement…

  • ScottMTuggle

    I’d rather have a flip phone than this. http://num.to/8845-7247-2991

  • Raven

    I think the 4GB onboard memory is a ridiculously low number, even for a budget phone with a MicroSD slot. 8GB should be the absolute minimum even allowed on an Android device with 16GB being the recommended minimum and 32GB being recommended normal size.

    • Nikuliai

      And then I noticed someone who has never used a budget smartphone

      • Raven

        But, I am someone who has tried to help people with cheap tablets with only 4GB and 8GB of internal storage and nothing is more frustrating than running out of space for installing apps. People can handle slow processors, low memory, and pour resolution, but when they CAN’T install something that they really want to that really ticks them off and sours them on the whole Android ecosystem. It is funny how their reaction is almost always I should have bought an iPad instead of I should have bought an Android tablet that wasn’t a cheap POS.

  • Johny M

    Is that a bezel on the bottom or you just happy to see me.

  • Jeremy Gross

    its funny how this phoen has expandable storage but moto x cant

  • Tune My Heart Lord Jesus

    My wife’s flip phone cost <$20 and will likely outlast my S4, though I kind of wish it wouldn't.

  • paul_cus

    I’d rather have a flip phone than this.

    • Kazahani

      The spec war has polluted your mind. This hardware will run 4.4 smoothly. Especially if it has a lo-res screen.

      • paul_cus

        It’s called sarcasm, homie.

        • Kazahani

          Yeah I should have picked up on that. I’m not usually “that guy”.

  • Danny Dodge

    The moto g is better and on boost and another carrier for 99 already

  • Daniel Russell

    If this Moto E can get Kitkat why can’t my old Droid Bionic?

    • Marikel

      Because Texas Instruments is no longer in the SoC business and doesn’t support the Bionics processor and the Bionic is WAAAY past it’s 18 month Android support window. Why would they bother updating a phone from 2011 in 2014?

      • Daniel Russell

        1. I was just kidding. I don’t actually expect my Bionic to get KitKat.
        2. I completely forgot that it had a TI processor. Good point.

    • JLIT99

      It can. Go ahead and install CyanogenMod 11 on it.

  • Pratik Holla

    If all you need is a device to check email, get navigation, call/text and check the news this is more than enough. And at 99 dollars, its a steal. And the specs are MUCH better and cheaper than the junk that Samsung has been selling for its ‘low end’

  • joe23521

    Phone prices are not keeping dumb phones alive. Data prices are.

    • joe23520 (beat you by 1!)

      Because smartphones cannot exist without a cellular data connection??

      (newsflash…they can!)

      • Graham Green

        My girlfriend is stuck on a feature phone because her carrier (Sprint) won’t activate a smartphone on their network without including a data plan. She has no need for a data plan but would like to be able to access the internet while connected to wifi at home, in coffee shops etc.

        • Michael Nyitrai

          Agreed, before going to a smartphone years ago i was desperately looking for a smartphone with Wifi Only so i didnt have to pay for data charges. that aside, i actually pay less nowadays with a smartphone and full features than i did years ago with a dumbphone on Verizon, Thank you straight talk

          • You’re welcome.


          • ctrl-z

            H20 wireless prepaid. Just turn off your non-wifi data access. All the minutes go to talk and text and you can still hit the net with wi-fi.

        • Graham Chartruse

          Unfortunate as that may be that is an argument about why Sprint sucks, not about how smartphones cannot exist without a cellular data connection.

          • Graham Green

            Except that as far as I can tell this is the case with all carriers, the major ones at least; Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile.

      • chris125

        Not in the US… Which I feel is dumb, but more $$ for carriers

        • Welcome again.


  • Tony G.

    alonzo mourning is going to be so pissed!

  • For the lazy: 9am London => 1am Pacific and 4am Estern

  • WHY

    Motorola’s strategy: to kill itself.
    There are 10+ China-based companies that CAN saturate the market with $20-300 smartphones.

    WHY MOTOROLA does this?

    • JLIT99

      Motorola IS now a Chinese company.

      • They mean the crappy Chinese OEMs. 😛 Lenovo isn’t exactly “crappy”.

        • JLIT99

          Of course not. The ThinkPad range is pretty solid.

          • Dan

            Motorola Thinkpad X is my next phone 🙂

    • Because Motorola is better than those craptastic Chinese OEMs.

      Because Motorola has legal access to Google Play.

      Because Motorola was (and could still be) a Google favorite.

      Because Motorola knows how to make a GOOD cheap phone when the Chinese OEMs just crap them out because they’re cheap and that’s all they care about.

    • calculatorwatch

      “We’ve done additional optimizations on top of that such as optimizing the entire Linux user space to move it to an ARM instruction set, cache optimization, Dalvik just-in-time optimization, and we’ve changed the file system {…} It’s full hardware-software integration to deliver best-in-class performance.”

      This is what Moto has that allows them to both: 1. outperform all those other low end smartphones with similar specs, and 2. compete in the high end market by making phones with lesser specs that perform as well as those with the best possible specs

  • MikeSaver

    @The Narrator:disqus yeah WTF Disqus? first no more downvoting, now no more replying.

    • Saver of Mike’s

      …and suddenly everyone on the interwebz got along.

      (Then they went and fixed it…)

  • The Narrator

    Why can’t we reply to people anymore lol

    • TopXKiller


    • Guy Pierce

      I also like the new featured comment feature.

  • MikeSaver

    its not just about that phone price though, there’s that monthly charge for data that keeps some away from the smartphones

    • Why only save the Mikes??


      Motorola should drag their feet and make products virtually no-one will ever buy in order to cater to them?

      Nah…you didn’t mean to imply that, did you? I’m sure you understand that other companies can still build flip-phones if they want to lose the time and money.

  • Guest


  • jbegs

    That’s fine to kill off the “dumb” phone but what about those people who can’t afford a plan that includes data?

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Then don’t buy a plan that includes data. Simple

      • jbegs

        I’m sure the Wi-Fi in some of these areas isn’t there either. The article mentions the point of using data though.

        “Motorola’s goal will be to kill off dumb phones once and for all, allowing the entire world to access an extremely low-priced smartphone with connectivity to the world wide web and Google Play.”

        • jpleads

          I’m sure they don’t even have water in some areas either. That doesn’t mean progress should stop.

          • jbegs

            I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It just doesn’t seem like some of these areas will be able to fully utilize these phones. And if some of these areas don’t even have water (or running water), shouldn’t they be more concerned with that first?

          • jfinallygetssome

            If they don’t have the ability to have WiFi…well…you can finish that thought. (most of the modern world now has that capability, in case you’re wondering…those that do not probably have more pressing concerns.)


      • Jason Jacobus

        Will Verizon allow the Moto E or Moto G to be activated without a data plan?

        • Dan


      • Graham Green

        As stated in another thread, my girlfriend is stuck on a feature phone because her carrier (Sprint) won’t activate a smartphone on their network without including a data plan. She has no need for a data plan but would like to be able to access the internet while connected to wifi at home, in coffee shops etc.

    • JLIT99

      Buy it off-contract like we do in Europe.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Anyone else but me find it strange (and very frustrating) that a low-end smartphone has expandable storage but I can’t have one on my high-end smartphone that’s not made by Samsung?

    • thunderbird32

      To be pedantic, Sony’s and HTC’s (the m8 at the very least) phones also have expandable storage.

      • Kazahani

        Erroneous Apostrophes, wahooo ^^

    • Stinky pits

      Expandable storage sucks …

      …on any smartphone made in (or after) 2014.

      • Danny Dodge


        You may as well say “limited storage rocks”

        • What really matters is that companies start following Google’s suggestions. People need to be expanding base on board storage in keeping with Moore’s law. There has been nearly 3 generation that all have 16GB standard storage. It should have doubled twice in that time…

          • morgan boyle

            Moore’s law does not refer to storage space.

          • Yeah… It does. It is the observation that the number of transistors you can place on an integrated circuit doubles every 18 months (for the same cost) when all other things are equal. That is why we see the same price drop when it comes to flash storage.

          • Nikuliai

            Moore’s law is over, get over it

          • MicroNix

            So because Google doesn’t like SD cards we shouldn’t use them ever again? WTF? Who died and made Google infallible?

          • MacroNix

            Google was the first to publicly talk about what an inelegant solution they are for the “problems” they “solve”.

            Calm down. No-one said Google was infallible, and no-one made any claims that We shouldn’t use them “because Google said so”.

            If you have to make arguments based on false statements: Don’t make them.

          • Danny Dodge

            If we had 64 and 128gb phones with a contact stable 4g connection that even reached underground places and on air travel etc, and lots of stable secure cloud server space as standard, I’d see a case for not selling phone’s with sd slots… But I’m sure most people would still want them anyway if the option was there. The sd card slot will only go the way of th floppy disk drive when replaced with better physical media, not with better Internet and more storage (though it would help) as physical storage will always have its benefits

          • Danny Dodge

            There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have 64 and 128 gb models as standard and a budget 16gb model released later fit those who don’t care about storage tbh, especially with app sizes, photo /video sizes and screen resolution increasing rapidly.
            App sizes on the iPhone 3gs were so piddly that 16gb was too much, most were in kb or less than 3mb and I had about 400 apps and music and photos loaded onto it.
            Today on a 32gb note 3 with all my photos and media on a SD card, I have a comparatively limited selection of apps and very little space left.
            Memory is just not expensive and so they should stop being greedy when pricing up storage.

          • Danny Nailed It!

            “There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have 64 and 128 gb models as standard”

            Bingo. With this and “Universal” high speed data; the problems SD Cards are used to work around no longer remain. Ergo; SD Cards are not the solution. The energy spent haranguing Google and OEMs about them would be much better placed haranguing your local Muni and/or carriers regarding the lack of easily accessible high-speed data.

        • Danny GotHit

          Where are my photos? Where are my songs? Which are getting backed up?

          SD cards are an inelegant solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.

          • Lucky Armpit

            It IS a problem. Phone manufacturers, except for a very limited few, have moved away from local/expandable storage in favor of “cloud” storage. That was all well and good until carriers realized they weren’t making any money on talk/text anymore and moved to tiered data plans with overage charges. So now that means it’s a hit against my data cap every time I want to view a document, play a song, or back up my data. Why would I ever do that when I can simply pop in a cheap and reliable SD Card which gives me instantaneous access to my photos, documents, music, and backups. Fill up a memory card? No problem! Pop in another one and go on your merry little way.

            I know EXACTLY where my photos, songs, and backups are when they are on an SC Card. It was a perfect solution. If no SD Card slot, then at least offer me a phone with an option of 64GB internal storage. 32GB just ain’t cutting it anymore. 16GB is laughable.

          • Stinky pit strikes again!

            ” It was a perfect solution. ”

            For the wrong problem.

            Data caps are your issue…not lack of SD cards. 🙂

          • MicroNix

            No, the issue is that I shouldn’t have to pay $50-$100 for an extra 16GB of storage on my device when my $35 – class 10 32GB SD card works just fine for photos, videos and music. Not to mention the fact that when I get a new phone I just pop it out of the old phone and into the new one. Google just needs to pull its head out of the cloud and understand not everyone wants a bigger data plan just so they can stream what they can have locally on SD. Its one policy that is wrong yet so many sheep just follow because Google says so. Taking away options is NOT what Android is all about.

          • MacroNix (Because it’s bigger)

            So you’re saying data costs are too high…or that the transfer of data over cellular is not fast enough.

            Got nothing to do with SD Cards not being the solution. The are a band-aid at best….and a bad one at that.

          • Midwest Monk E.

            Why should people be forced to move to the cloud?

          • Danny Dodge

            Easily transferable files between devices without needing a consistent and speedy data connection to access? How do I access my mountains if music and emulated game roms while on the metro train? Simple, pop in an SD card.

          • Danny Ford

            Nothing you just posted is in any way *solved* by the use of an SD Card. (explanation: the problem still exists, it is simply avoided/worked around)

            Problem: needing a consistent and speedy data connection to access

            Solution: Consistent and speedy data connections.

            Problem: How do I access my mountains if music and emulated game roms while on the metro train?

            Solution: Same as the first.

            The SD Card is a stop-gap/band aid that, by and large, most people no longer need.

          • Danny Dodge

            YOU no longer need, but “people”, well, statistics speak for themselves.

          • Angie, 21st St.

            Yeah, those SD Card-less phones are just selling like *crap* aren’t they? (sarcasm)

            Refusal to see the truth and facts before you do not in any way impact their validity. We’re done here.

          • Danny Dodge

            How many people commented on the nexus 4, 5, HTC one, lumia icon, lumia 930 etc etc pages that they wanted to get one but wouldn’t because of the lack of an sd card slot?
            How many people on xda speaking about their note 3, galaxy s4 ect go on about how useful the sd card slot is and people with phones that dont have them mention that they want one?
            Not that it matters, but the numbers are high. What matters to me is that they are important to me and I want them on phones and tablets that I buy. You don’t and so that’s enough for you to be pleased with phones that don’t lol

          • Midwest Monk E.

            Why should people be forced to move to the cloud storage?

    • MistaButters

      Motorola had to be realistic on this one. There is no way they could kill the flipphone offering only 4GB of internal (which is probably under 1GB with software) and no expandable.

      Hopefully we will see SD return this summer.

  • zepfloyd

    “Motorola’s goal will be to kill off dumb phones once and for all.”

    Is this is a good thing? (serious) Or does Android run the risk of being diluted in to a less than premium OS, that will have to keep legacy code and options around for things that can’t handle the future. What does it mean for apps and developers? Chasing the low end just feels like a race to the bottom, that allows naysayers to say you have a million plus activations a day, and yet drastically smaller returns on investment.

    • Nick

      That’s the beauty of android, it can simultaneously be both premium and budget friendly. It’s like the foundation and framing of a house, what gets put into it determines whether it’s premium or otherwise. Google creates value not from phone sales, but through user base, and the more people using android (no matter the version) the better. Certainly the challenge is for Google to continually develop android into an efficiently scaleable OS so that manufacturers can focus on hardware and minimal software tweaks across their product offering. You then leave it up to developers to decide what devices to cater to.

    • Google actually tested Android 4.4 on a custom Nexus 4 with qHD screen & dual-core processor to make sure low-end phones run smoothly.

  • KingofPing

    Still wishing there was more onboard storage. “Insufficient memory” is an error I had hoped we all were well past…

    • Nikuliai

      it’s a low end device… it was never past there

  • RoadsterHD1

    Funny thing is that dual-core and 1 gig of ram use to be high end,

  • LosttsoL

    …and Moto, please demonstrate a working model of an X + 1 !!!

  • RoadsterHD1

    Problem with killing off dumb phones for good is some people are still not comfortable with smart phones because they do not know how to use them.

    • Scott

      Don’t you think that at one point people didn’t know how to use dumb phones either? And those weren’t exactly very intuitive to use to begin with.

      • BillySuede

        this. adapt or die.

      • RoadsterHD1

        True but a smartphone is a far cry from a dumb phone. Smartphones have a ton more stuff than a dumb phone. Those same people that use dumb phone probably don’t even own a PC. Think about it. The advertising to make people consider switching would have to be extraordinary.

        • breadable

          Maybe the manufacturers and Google should look at what confuses these no techie people and work to adapt their smart phones to their needs. Meet somewhere in the middle.

          • RoadsterHD1

            That is an excellent suggestion. I wish Moto and Google could read your words.

    • Midwest Monk E.

      I know how to use one but I have know need or desire for one.

  • breadable

    After killing the flip phone I’m hoping soon they will revive the qwerty smartphone

    • BillySuede

      for emerging markets, maybe. you’d be hard-pressed to find enough of a demand to make it worth it for an oem to go back to qwerty-phones. at this rate, with the increase in screen size, a qwerty smartphone would essentially be a mini-laptop.

      • Viet Hoang-Tran

        I think the demand exists. I think the fallout is that no one is measuring the demand nor are they accurately targeting the QWERTY market.

        I speak for myself but as a business/tech user, I prefer qwerty for accurate fast typing which is necessary for working remotely with systems and work emails that require accurate communication.

        The market is clearly saying that consumers aren’t that concerned with bulkier or larger phones given the adoption of phablets. The lack of adoption of the LG QWERTY also demonstrates that people are expecting specs and performance when it comes to a QWERTY device. This leaves an empty gap where the Droid 4/Milestone used to be, an environment where a powerhouse QWERTY device can excel and perform.

        • calculatorwatch

          The problem from my perspective is that no one is willing to innovate with phone design anymore. Everything is just bigger screens and smaller bezels and phones that are as thin as possible. That’s fine but I miss the days of clever feature phone designs like the LG EnV and Samsung Alias and convenient QWERTY keypads like one on the Palm Pre.

          Once people realize that there’s only so much you can do with a slab of screen I hope manufacturers will start innovating again with ways to fold bigger screens into smaller form factors, and bring back the slide-out/ flip-out QWERTY keypads in interesting new ways.

          • Viet Hoang-Tran

            I agree. Its something like the red ocean blue ocean analogy. All the companies are doing the same thing. Slab phones. And if everyone is doing it, some companies will fail. There is now an empty blue ocean for the all these other market segments like QWERTY phones that are not being fulfilled.

            Maybe the Google ARA project will allow an add-on QWERTY and I can give up on the expecting a manufacturer to build it.

      • Joe

        I want a mini laptop.

    • Viet Hoang-Tran

      DROID 5!

      • rals

        no. No more Droids. Verizon has destroyed that branding.

        • Viet Hoang-Tran

          They can call it Milestone 5 if they want.

          If I had a Moto X with my Droid 4 keyboard, I’d have the phone I want. If they gave me the Droid Maxx battery then even better!

          • michael arazan

            My Droid 1 still alive and kicking. rocking out as a music player alarm clock

        • They can call it something else. I have the XT860 4G (the Canadian version of the Droid 3) and it’s fantastic. So I say they bring back the Droids, but maybe call them something else…

      • RoadsterHD1

        My wife owns a droid 4 and I want to upgrade her to real high end Smartphone but she has to have her physical keyboard. Come on Droid 5

    • MistaButters

      Moto Q.

      I reaaaaaallllly doubt it would happen, but boy I’d love a qwerty again.

      • jonzey231

        Loved my Q!!!

    • Jon

      I hope so. I really like using the physical keyboard when it comes to a local terminal or SSH session. Of course, there’s the whole more screen real estate thing.

      • Viet Hoang-Tran

        I completely agree. SSH, Remote Desktop, emails, documents. Its the computer I need in my pocket. 😀

    • Rodeojones000

      Really? To each his own I guess.

      • breadable

        Exactly. That’s what could be great about Android. Steve Jobs thinks we should all adapt to one device built by designers but I’d rather have several choices driving different designs. My choice would be to have a physical keyboard on my next phone. Sure not all android phones will go qwerty, but couldn’t we have one or two with top tier specs?

    • paul_cus

      Not going to happen.

    • Darrin W. Crenshaw

      My dream QWERTY:

      A slider version of the 64GB OnePlusOne lol.

  • will see how it goes, based on the prize, but i can see myself getting an emergency phone

    • Detonation

      There are plenty of low end touchscreen prepaid phones than can be had for cheap (as low as $20) if all you need is an emergency phone. Don’t get sucked into the hype.

  • KleenDroid