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NVIDIA Mocha Tablet Appears in Benchmark – 7.9″ QXGA Display, Tegra K1 Processor, and 7MP Camera

Details of a possibly upcoming tablet device codenamed Mocha from NVIDIA have hit the web, yet it is still unknown whether this device is merely for internal testing or public release. What we do know is that information spotted on GFXBench, points to a tablet device with a display size of 7.9″, rocking a QXGA resolution of 2048 x 1536. 

Along with that gorgeous resolution, the tablet is powered by a Tegra K1 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, features a 7MP rear-facing camera, 4.8MP front-facing camera, 16GB of on-board storage, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi connectivity, and runs Android 4.4.2.

While it does sound like a sweet competitor to the iPad Mini, we have to remind ourselves that this may only be a reference device for manufacturers, and not an item set for public launch. NVIDIA is known for doing these things, which reminds us of the reference smartphone they released last year that had great specs, named Phoenix.

If Mocha does get turned into a purchasable product through a different OEM or NVIDIA themselves, would you want one?


Via: liliputing | TabTech
  • Umar Ghouse

    Hell yeah I want this! I wanted their last reference tablet (the Tegra Note 7/HP Slate 7 Extreme), but this sure makes me glad I didn’t have the cash back then 😀

  • Ikben Zeker

    Damn i need this thing, will it only come out on tablets? I hope they would atleast have some smartphone or phablets

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  • Kyle Cordiano

    Their Tegra Note 7 is a rocking beast, plus they are super speedy with updates. I’d buy from them again.

  • Sean Lumly

    I saw the results on GFXBench and it listed the Mocha at 30fps on the GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan 1080p offscreen test. This is about 250% faster than the closest Android competitor (ie. Asus Padfone and Galaxy S5)! This is an incredible performance result, and if true, is a game-changer that should enable a whole slew of new effects. This is indeed packing the computational muscle of the Xbox 360, but in a mobile form factor, only with far more memory, and far better compression and thus bandwidth advantages. Yes, Titanfall could run (and run well) on this device.

    The thing to understand is this: Nvidia may be the only Android chip maker that is actually building an SoC specifically designed for tablets with large batteries. The other tablet manufacturers seem to be limiting their tablets to smaller smartphone SoCs. They perform well, but given the huge 30Wh batteries in tablets, chips could have larger, more power-hungry GPUs and thus perform far better. In short: tablets, can handle more power hungry chips. Nvidia has played this one well.

    So for Android tablets, the Tegra may be the way to go for performance junkies. I have no doubt that SoCs like PowerVR/Mali/Adreno will compete on perf/watt and perf/mm2, and certainly can scale to be as large or larger than the K1, but they are likely going to be put in mobile phones, giving the Tegra a serious die-size advantage and thus a significant performance advantage for tablets.

    The Mocha performance is nothing short of impressive. I hope many manufacturers consider this component for their tablet devices. My dream is a QHD tablet with a chip like this (or similarly large Adreno/Mali/PowerVR), in a 5.7″ to 7″ form factor.

  • Karan Shrof Karan Shrof

    looking forward for information on this tab, if they can provide good storage capacity than it will be on my list at top position

  • Steven02

    Please have google play!!!

  • KFB5479

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  • I would buy this in a second! Will it have a stylus? I wanted a Tegra Note but the screen was a letdown. With this resolution and this processing power, this tablet will be a beast. $299?

  • javier rodriguez

    please have front facing speakers like the TN7 does I need a nexus 10 replacement and despite all of these rumors I am not holding my breath

  • Kaleb Crans

    Please release this with more than 16gb. of storage, please.

    • The Narrator

      and 3gb of ram

      • renz

        2GB is fine…as long as the device using stock android

  • silver_arrow

    The difference is people are actually willing to buy a tablet with a Tegra processor in it. I can’t recall any phones released in the last few years with a Tegra chip since One X

    • TynanDeRosa

      Blame Nvidia, their whole burning bridges didn’t help anyone.

      • silver_arrow

        Trie… And i mean they still don’t integrate LTE into the chips… Seriously…

        • Isn’t that what the Tegra 4i is supposed to do?

      • what bridges did they burn? i don’t know what you’re referring to

        • Matthew Merrick

          Developer support, or should I say the lack thereof. Also not providing drivers for OEMs to update to new versions of android even though the chips have MORE than enough processing power.

          • Adrian Meredith

            considering they have already released the k1 kernel driver I’d say they are at least improving in this area. Bear i mind also the the gpu driver is now the same as the desktop one.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    NVidia…if you by some chance in hell read this…don’t be stupid and only release a 16gb version.

    • TegraTeam

      We will keep that in mind! 😀

      • Maxim∑

        you must be real

        • Highly unlikely lol

          • John Davids

            When will then be now?


          • Kevin

            How soon?

          • Sir!

          • John Davids


          • Kevin


          • Guest

            How soon?

    • The Narrator

      Don’t release any version at all.

    • JP

      Also anything over $249 for the 16gb version would be a death sentence.

    • rabi143

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