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“Flounder” may be an HTC Nexus, “Molly” Appears Again as Android TV

htc nexus one

Ever since Google and HTC teamed up to produce the Nexus One, a group of Android enthusiasts has begged for the two to come together again to add to the Nexus family. After watching HTC mature over the years, really refine their style, and ultimately put out some of the best hardware the smartphone world has ever seen, I can’t say that I blame anyone for asking for HTC-Google Nexus part 2. Thanks to information spotted in a massive Android 4.4.3 changelist (KK-MR2), this collaboration may be happening under the codename “flounder,” a name which was first outed yesterday

So here is what we know. On lines 239-245 of that changelist, we see two references to “project device/htc/flounder.” I don’t know that Google could have made it any clearer that this device is made by HTC. We made the case yesterday that “flounder” was more than likely a new Nexus based on the fact that the name falls in line with Google’s use of fish names. We also noted that you should keep an eye on “volantis” as its product or software name.

You can see the mentions below:

project device/htc/flounder/
f6f0fe7 flounder: fix KGDB port
d9a03bc flounder: take out conservative cpufreq governor a.o. extraneous stuff
091c1c1 flounder: add Power HAL

project device/htc/flounder-kernel/
6090a06 flounder: update kernel prebuilt

Also, a reader of ours pointed out that this AOSP page lists both “flounder” and “tegra” in the same line, which could point to the device running a new chip from NVIDIA, maybe the K1. This page talks about 64-bit and ART as well.

And that’s all we really know.

On a related note, the name “molly” has been outed (again), with lines potentially pointing towards it being a Google or Nexus product that will fall under the new Android TV line. You can see below talk of “SET_TOP_BOX” – what else could that mean, right?

project device/google/molly/
60f0dd6 molly: keystore: add keystore hal
1dcb7b7 molly: correcting too wide permissions for certain devnodes
eadd23b molly: set permissions for nvhost-msenc
c554447 [molly][drm] Implement rules for Discretix module
787e5e7 Fix the file permission for mbtchar0
fe0c51a Update releasetools.py to support separate prod and test key bootloaders
e610c57 Set BT minor code to SET_TOP_BOX instead of HIFI.
5d64459 molly: Do not init p2p for wlan0 interface
c0626ba Disable throughput hinting for gpu frequency scaler.

I should point out that I first outed the codename “molly” back in October of last year, thanks to sources of ours. At the time, we had no idea what the product was, as information was scarce. Clearly, it wasn’t ready to launch, but with these new mentions through AOSP, we could be close.

You ready for Google I/O?

Via:  Android 4.4.3 changelistXDA
Cheers Andrew!
  • William_Morris

    Love my Moto X. Waiting for Moto Nexus.

  • RXG9

    Please have a removable battery.

  • coolsilver

    HTC – Flounder: Under the Sea… Swimming with the Fishes…. yea that is a little foreshadowing there Google.

  • Milische

    I’m looking for molly. I’ve been searching everywhere, and I can’t seem to find molly…molly…molly.

  • Birtzer

    If HTC is going to make a new Nexus they better keep the height down and the camera pixels up. The M8 was a huge letdown when I held it. That wasted HTC logo space(and added height) and camera were the deal breakers. Give me a M7 with a K1 and even the camera off of the N5 and I’m jumping up and down. PLEASE, NO MORE PHABLETS!

  • Endless

    I hope its not phablet size


    Just give me AT LEAST a 3000mah battery….

    • EvWi

      Seriously, the battery on the Nexus line is underwhelming to awful. I have an N4 and while I like the phone the battery is really rough.

  • Kevin

    the only real question is will it be on Verizon.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      The only thing a lot of readers here care about

  • How unfortunate that flounder and HTC would go together….

    • Higher_Ground

      unfortuante code name indeed – likely to be a flop 🙂

  • sagisarius

    I guess that kind of confirms that whole rumor about the next Nexus tablet being made by HTC.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Like the drug Molly? Lol

  • jeff manning

    Will buy just bc of nvidia

  • Marko Šaric

    Alcatel nexus! Jokes.

    • Frisi

      You deserve more likes… or upvotes…

  • Sean Bello

    What a hideous device

  • Hershel

    many of you kids are too young to remember that HTC made the very first nexus phone.

    • trixnkix637

      Many of you are too young to remember the OG Droid & OG G1.

      • EdubE24

        Many of us are here due to owning one of those devices. And now are addicted to Droid Life and buying phones!!

        • HarvesterX

          Damned OG Droid … I was happy with nifty feature phones before then…

  • Bigwavedave25

    WoHoo! Throw Back Thursday for HTC!!! …wait, today is Friday.

  • Derek Duncan

    As long as they ditch the 2nd camera and up the pixels while keeping OIS I’m good.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    Popped a molly, i’m swettin. WOOOOO!

  • nyn8tve

    Totally keep the nexus one design but bigger screen and bring the light in button back… So awesome

  • Marc

    If the next Nexus will be manufactured by HTC I will most likely get myself a LG G3… Was really excited for the potentially last Nexus device!

    • Hershel

      you tend to forget that HTC made the very first Nexus phone.

      • Marc

        You are absolutely right. But I was really excited for a G3/Nexus cousin.

        But in that regard it also makes sense to choose HTC to close the circle.

      • Marc

        No, you are right, but I was really excited for a G3 Nexus.

  • jimt

    I could not and would not leave my Nexus 5 for a 4mp Nexus 6, sorry.

    • Hershel

      no one said anything about the camera

      • jimt

        HTC can not seem to get more than 4 mp into a flagship phone. if they ditch the Ultra Pixel camera we will think again. I would hate a 4 mp Nexus 6, not happening.

  • JSo

    If the next Nexus looks like HTC’s current phones, I wouldn’t want it. But Google usually has a hand in design so I trust them. Since I already have a Nexus 5 and not planning on upgrading anyway, I’m less interested in the phone and more interested in the software.

    • Hershel

      HTC made the first nexus

      • JSo

        I know that. I’m just saying I dont like the look of HTCs current lineup.

  • Guest

    Would make sense with the rumors of android silver and “premium nexus” devices

  • Evan Wickes

    taken from KK MR2..
    3802: 1ae78f3 [molly][drm] Upload Discretix files for PlayReady
    3811: f0b7ba7 Update molly build script to remove HubBroker and add CastV1

    • crashinghero

      Grasping at straws, but… if Android TV licenses PlayReady for CableCard applications, this could be huge. WMC and Tivo are the only two ways I know of to use CableCard, and each have their drawbacks; Tivo requires either a monthly subscription or a high priced lifetime subscription which is tied to the individual box, and WMC is great, but development is basically done and it’s starting to get long in the tooth.

      With all the talk about the “Battle for the Living Room” on various news sites, it’s pretty shocking that a major player hasn’t tried to revitalize the use of CableCards as an option. I was really expecting it with the XBox One, but it never came to pass. With Google Fiber giving experience with cable TV interfaces, plus the acquisition of SageTV some years ago…

      All I can say is, if we can plug a CableCard into the Android TV, it’s an instant game changer. Now, PlayReady has DRM applications beyond CableCard, so this could be nothing, but I’m definitely hopeful

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    YES!. PLEASE! I still have a thing for the Original Nexus. Kellen i’ll buy that off of you right now.

    • nikko

      I’m sure he will jump on that…u were prob 16 when that phone came out…keep calm lose the erection

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Your point is going over my head. Pun intended.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Google should combine the HTC M8 and the LG G3 for its next Nexus phone.

    • The Narrator

      Not if the G3 is already brushed metal.

      • Jared Denman

        Its plastic made to look like metal. I’m calling it now!

        • The Narrator

          Or the same metal found on the G Pad.

        • moew

          Or the same metal found on the G Pad.

      • flosserelli

        I will be surprised if the G3 is real metal. I think it will be plastic that just looks like metal.

        • The Narrator

          So far it looks like metal from all the pictures.

          • flosserelli

            A very convincing facsimile, but still plastic. I have not read anything that confirms or denies either one, but my money is on plastic.

          • The Narrator

            Doesn’t make a difference to me anyways

          • moew

            So you are saying it’s plastic, but have no clue if it’s plastic. However you will lose money if it’s not plastic.

            I heart logic like this, I’ll bet you are an iphone owner.

          • EdubE24

            No but I am…And I’m rolling with plastic!!

          • MacNificent

            Good choice!
            But I prefer to roll with organic raw and fronto leaf!

          • EdubE24

            Both good choices playa..

          • flosserelli

            1. I think it will be plastic that has a metal-like finish, similar to some Samsung phones.
            2. “My money is on plastic” is a figure of speech.
            3. I have a Note 2, but thank you for playing.

          • moew

            Here, I’ll repost your post because you think it will be plastic but have no idea if it will be plastic.

            [i]flosserelli The Narrator • 2 hours ago

            A very convincing facsimile, but still plastic. I have not read anything that confirms or denies either one, but my money is on plastic.[/i]

            Thanks for your contribution! Now if they can make a disposable phone out of sushi, THAT would be impressive!

          • EdubE24

            Sh*ts about to get real…

          • moew

            I hope so EdubE24, I’m getting very hungry, and a phone made of sushi, well… really awesome sushi…. is EXACTLY what I need right now.

            Although, how would I post a foodie pic from my foodie?

        • Bigwavedave25

          Agreed, ala GNote2 without the clear coat… faux metal look. Especially if the battery is removable, the back will be plastic. To easy to permanently deform on removal otherwise.

      • athom07

        G2 is not as good looking as HTC One either version. The front is nice but the buttons (and not to mention the UI) are gross. If you are a man out here making love to women, you need to have a HTC One or Moto X.

        • Dusty

          Your first statement is an opinion. Not that i disagree but that’s up to each user. Second, LG’s UI wouldn’t be running on a nexus device so…. your comment is irrelevant =)

    • Hershel

      not LG

  • That or Google is getting into drug trafficking.

  • TopXKiller

    ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つMOLLY ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Guest

    I want LG to make the next one. They have been on a roll. You want a 4MP camera in a Nexus? Other than aluminum and front speakers the HTC One to me doesnt impress.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo


      • Arthur Dent


      • Hershel

        IN THE NAME OF LOVE…..

    • John

      Agreed. Also IF HTC makes the next Nexus it wont be metal to save money.

      • BrushedPlastic_is_theNewPREMIU

        metal cases ARE not that expensive, BTW. They cost ~$3.

        They are slightly more expensive and – what’s more important – more sophisticated [than plastic ones] to manufacture.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          $3? What are you even talking about?

          • Y


      • Jared Denman

        I hope they aren’t metal. I like my wireless charging

      • Blue Sun

        I don’t want it to be metal because I don’t think Qi charging would work. I’ve already bought 2 Qi charging stands & would hate to not be able to use them.

    • Android_Power

      Nexus’ end nears.

      The logic behind this is simple: 1 Nexus creates VIRTUAL competitive marketing advantage for 1 OEM.
      Android Silver: 5 PURE Android devices are the future “nexuses”.

      SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 Prime, LG G3 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime are probably Android Silver devices.

      • Hershel

        get over it

      • Alex

        Don’t forget the Optimus Prime

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I like the past 2 Nexus devices but no massive reason they need to stay with LG. The nexus is affordable but isn’t exactly the greatest phone. Tiny speakers, ear piece quality isn’t that great on calls and mediocre camera. Otherwise, great device.

      • flosserelli

        You just named 3 things that most people consider very important when buying a new phone. Which is why Nexus remains a niche phone.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I know. Which is my point. it’s a passible device hardware wise for the price. But software wise it’s great, which doesn’t have much to do with LG.

      • SmartphonumAffordulum

        Nexus WAS NEVER SUPPOSED to be a premium smartphone.

        It’s an AFFORDABLE device powered by pure Android . Mid-priced. Low-BOM.
        Is it aimed for developers and enthusiasts? Don’t know.

        Android Silver (if real) is going to be PREMIUM pure Android, pushed by Google.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Not sure why you felt the need to make that distinction.

        • Hershel

          settle down

      • moew

        You just named 3 things that most people consider very important when buying a new phone.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Scroll down the chain

    • rawr

      And since Nexus has a lack of branding usually on the front, just an empty black bar instead of a logo black bar. Doesn’t make sense for Google to throw this sinking ship a bone.

  • flosserelli

    To this day one of my most revered phones was my Nexus One. I would love to see HTC do another Nexus.

    • Hershel

      No one anything about the camera….. so don’t cry just yet.

  • Mike Aurin

    HTC Nexus One M8 Incredible Thunderbolt with Beats Audio

    • DanielMena9

      well … not after yesterday’s rumored Beats buyout from Apple

      • flosserelli

        Beats is overpriced crap anyway…just like Apple.

        • DanielMena9

          I’m actually thinking that is why this venture makes sense. Similar corporate culture.

          • flosserelli

            It makes total sense to me. Both companies make heady profits off consumers that are ate up with brand image and form over function. The “I don’t care what it costs, I gotta have it” mentality.

          • EvWi

            Unsubstantiated, over generalized logic engage!

        • Jprime

          i love android, only buy android phones, etc. but apple makes the best stuff…I have never seen a person with an iphone run into half the problems I have on various Android devices

          • KingofPing

            …you haven’t encountered many iPhones then – or have encountered them only outside the corporate work-place. They’ve been a nightmare since the 4S, especially with Wifi. we’ve had more returns/exchanges than I can count but have yet to have had an issue with any of the higher end android devices we’ve seen on the networks.

    • The Narrator

      Beats is garbage. It’s funny seeing iSheep praise it now.

      • EdubE24

        After owning multiple pair of earbuds/headphones I’ve found them to be the best sounding. To each his own I guess…

      • EvWi

        I mean they’re not great, but they aren’t garbage either.