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Dead Trigger 2 Celebrating Mother’s Day With Discounted Premium Pack

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A premium pack is currently on sale for 50% off through Dead Trigger 2, one of the better zombie shoot ’em ups available for Android on Google Play. The pack includes a SCAR-H, Golden Desert Eagle, a ton of Gold coins, and Turret Chickens. If you have been meaning to turn your mom into a zombie slayer, I suppose now is as good a time as any. 

Madfinger Games, the creators of Dead Trigger, are hosting a special online event, where players and their mothers can have a chance to be featured on the Dead Trigger Facebook page.

The details are as follows.

Make a weekend photo of your gameplay with your mom and share it with us and your friends. Post it everywhere you can and send us a link to: [email protected]. Your photos will be posted to our Facebook where millions of Madfinger fans will watch it!

If you want to a famous zombie killer, this is your chance.

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Via: Madfinger Games
  • Notting Hill

    No. Just no. I’m not buying in game objects with IAPs. The game used to be paid, and it was great, then they did the whole freemium crap and now its just blatantly trying to steal from you to advance to other levels. So, yeah, NO.

  • huskerhog

    The Play Link goes to a free game.

    • Nathan D

      Yeah, but it’s filled with IAPs.

  • Green

    I’ve always wanted to be a zombie slayer. 🙂

  • Chippah

    Double Guns! PEW PEW!