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Google Glass Says “Thank You, Mom” in This Short Film

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so as a way to say “Thank you, Mom,” the students from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts put together this short film that was filmed entirely with Google Glass. It’s pretty awesome. Your day will be better by watching it.

It’s called “Seeds.”

  • Trevor

    Nice video. I like it.

  • yummy

    Some super sick mofos got put in charge of indoctrinating humans to some stupid android glasses what a crock. Shove it down there throatsAND make them cry. B b bravo you sick deranged glass people . you wonder why regular people shun you. Morons

  • Scott Smith

    I don’t suppose this is actually a true story, is it? It would be even more awesome if it was. The editing and mom’s acting seem a little too produced though for it to be real.

  • master94

    That was beautiful, So desi to beat up your child when they come home as a joke. I miss my mom, she is in India, I think Ill go visit her now, thanks to this video.

  • Thanks Google…….Co-worker just asked me why my eyes are glassy. DAMN!

  • viewthis66

    that was sweet. very nice.

  • C Lu

    Those kids need to find a real line of work.

  • Ray

    Cool video

  • GODDAMNIT GOOGLE. Got all this weird water substance seeping out my eyes and onto my keyboard.

    • Robert Young

      got a brutha feeling some type of way… damn you google!

  • fd2blk78

    So he had to travel across the world wearing those dipsh!t looking glasses? Must have edited out all of the people pointing and laughing.

  • ih8legal

    Very Nice video. You wouldn’t even know if it was Glass if you didn’t see the end.

  • Arty McBert

    Is this going to be filled with some dumb self-righteous political agenda like the last one where a woman wearing Glass gets beaten by her husband out of nowhere? That was really bad, and as bad as wife beating is, most men aren’t cruel, merciless woman beaters like how most feminazis like to portray them.

  • The Narrator

    eating with hands yay #firstworldproblems

    • NeilGeorge

      That is how they eat over in South part of India..

      • The Narrator

        Yes- I know. Something I don’t look forward too on my travels lol

        • NeilGeorge

          lol.. I have not been there in 18 years..

  • Mordecaidrake

    That’s actually a pretty kick ass video.

  • JSo

    That Google Glass battery must last forever.