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Google Wallet Update V2.0-R163 Adds Multi-Account Support, Cards & Accounts Quick Menu

Since it is Wednesday, and Google took most of last week off from updates, we are seeing all sorts of Google apps receive love this morning. First was Google Camera, but now it is time for Google Wallet. In the update, which brings the app up to build 2.0-R163, we are seeing sections of the app move around, but more importantly, Wallet now supports multiple Google accounts.  

After updating your Wallet app, you should see a new setup in the slideout navigation menu. First, a new pull-down for multiple accounts is featured. In previous builds before this, in order to change accounts, you had to enter the Settings menu, then tell it to change accounts. If you attempted to do so, the app would remind you that this action would cause a complete factory wipe of your information until another account was selected. But now, you can quickly jump between multiple accounts, as long as you know your PIN.

In terms of minor adjustments, the Wallet app now has a “Cards and accounts” section in the slideout menu, a section that was previously tucked into Settings.

That’s all we have seen thus far, but will update as we have more. Google has not given us an official changelog yet.

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Cheers @BiggiePhat!
  • Shame Google Wallet isn’t available in my country.

  • Suman Gandham

    It would be nice to have a broader selection of colours and designs for cards… or maybe even the ability to upload custom card designs.

  • technician

    download not working

  • Hothfox

    I wish more websites I do shopping on accepted Google Wallet for payment instead of exclusively Paypal.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      I do too. But Unfortunately, Paypal offers cheaper rates to the websites per purchase (and a few other things that GW doesn’t have), so it is somewhat unlikely that will happen until more people adopt GW or google updates their pricing and features.

    • SteveTheMan

      I wish when I did work for Paypal I didn’t have to get paid via Paypal.

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  • You guys are on it today.

  • Jared Denman

    Your links are screwed up. Clicked on play store and it routed me to mediafire.

    • Justin

      Its a trap!

      did the same thing to me, they will fix soon i bet.

      • Sorry about that. Fixed.

        • Chris

          Kellen do you know where I can get a download to that HTC font for my S4? I’ve been looking for a while now.

  • garbagedick

    i’d love an ability to “star” loyaly cards so they show up on top, i have a lot and its a pain to thumb through them each time

    • I’d love a homescreen shortcut for a given card. Or a lockscreen widget for a given card. Or a widget where you can scroll through your cards and pick one to open right away. Or all of the above.